Sunday, April 16, 2006


Headaches again---severely poisoned in my truck as I drove this morning.  It's clear that someone didn't like the entry that I just wrote.  Truth hurts.  Truth is that I see the hand of Satan on the current Pope, as it energizes him to do the evil one's work.  I cannot abide the current state of heretical christianity.  Makes me sick--literally.  I know it is McNamara, SLI, and Opus Dei behind the suffering I have endured for years at their sick, dysfunctional, powermongering, corrupt hands and minds.  I don't have to really do anything though but survive--I  intend to see the collapse of institutional Christianity in my lifetime--Praise God---maybe then, the truly spiritual people of the world will have a place to worship.  I had an interesting talk with God last nite re: the evil inherent in the SLI, but I am not in a position where I can do anything, but get up with the severe headaches these people have caused (do I think they care if I go blind?  Hell no, they have a sick, heretical view of suffering, and the biggest delusion of all is that I am ever going to have anything to do with them again.  I am all right, just not in the way you could ever imagine it, you whitewashed, habited and mitered sepulchres of evil


Severe headache all day after being poisoned again while driving my truck.  I could hardly move at yoga, my knees are stiff and pained, but its the headaches and prresure behind my eyes that are the worst.  I know for a fact that it is their stupid ass drugs causing my pain.  I don't think they give a damn about me going blind.  Stupid, heretical christians---they will all think about what a great offering it is for God.  One day I will be free of those bastards, and I will do everything in my power to unveil the corruption, powermongering, and emotional/psychological dysfunction that is in institutional Christianity.  Actually, I won't have to do much.  Looking at their current Pope, I can see the hand of Satan on him, energizing him, as he does the evil one's work (interesting prayer last night with God about the evil inherent in the SLI, but too sick to go into it).  It won't be much longer.  All I have to do is survive.  Admittedly, surviving is all I can do.  My house is filthy, but I am too sick to clean.  Have to try though.

Saturday, April 8, 2006


Very clear that I am being doped again---with anti-depressants I think.  It is destroying my body.  I can hardly walk.  I fell in the bathtub on my hip, and I cannot walk up stairs without a handrail.  For that matter, I cannot get in my own truck without pulling myself into it with my arms.  My legs are totally dead, and my knees, calves and feet feel numb (my thighs have no sensation at all--I keep slapping them to make sure that they are really there).  I am walking like a 80 year old woman, and I know I am more autistic because I cannot stand the noise and tune out reality (and it takes too much effort to talk to people--I feel like I am at the bottom of a deep well and I just want to curl up at the bottom, rather than crawl up the long haul). I am suffering from ever more severe headaches, and I think the fluid in my brain is getting worse, because I feel the pressure behind my eyes and I just keep shutting my eyes to try to rest them.  I am so upset.  They tell me that soon I will go blind, yet they keep giving me this dope that my body will not process and which causes severe rigidity and pain in my entire body.  They tell me to lose weight, then make me so weak and sick that I can barely walk from the parking lot to my truck, and can't even climb steps.

 I watched a show last night about a 3 1/2 year old girl who was beaten by her step mother until she finally died of brain edema (all the bruises caused excess fluid in her brain)  I cried and cried because I identify with that little girl, and her total helplessness to articulate her suffering, defend herself or get justice.   Her body just couldnt take it anymore, and just quit on her, and that is what is happening to me.These asshole psychs are destroying my body.  I can tell my eyesight is much worse than it has been since I returned to work.  I can feel the pain and pressure behing my eyes, even though I am taking double dosages of the medication. 

I forced myself to work out yesterday, and I had to lift myself by my arms onto the Precor machine, and then try to work out.  I couldn't even work out hard enough to get a sweat.  The body is so dead and unresponsive, it just won't move.  That is how I fell in the shower.  My brain gave a command to turn, but my body just wouldn't move, so I toppled over, right onto my left hip.  I'm lucky I didn't break anything, but I'm very worried about my knees.  My right knee is severely swollen because it is tweaking out from all the goose-stepping, and locked rigidity.  It just can't lift and bend, so it tries to compensate, and I am afraid it is going to blow out, one of these times when it is trying to do something that the poison I am being forced-fed just won't allow it to do.   I can barely eat.  My mouth won't open.  I have to push the food against my face, then try to open my mouth and chew slowly, because my jaws are locked and will barely move.

These morons and sadists know that my brain doesn't work like their stupid ass models (what the fuck gives them the right to rape my brain anyway?  Don't you know what NO means? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NONO).  I dont't believe in the efficacy of pyschotropic drugs ever, but it is clear that this more than brain meddling.  They are creating tetany in my body.  Even at the point of greatest healing, I was nowhere near where I was in October.  My cervical spine has become an inflexible steel rod that creates a lot of muscular pain that I never had before, and try as I might, I could not loosen it up.  Now, of course, with my body so rigid, it is even tighter.  So now that my cervical spine has permanent pain and damage, they are going after my knees, which are already weak and arthritic.  Am I going to end up walking like a 80 year old woman for the rest of my life, unable to do even mild physical exercise, one of the few things in life that make me feel good.  The only thing that makes me feel good right now is getting drunk.  That is how it was when I was living with Joya.  Whatever damage their psychotropic drug does to me emotionally, getting drunk has some mitigating effect.   Somehow it makes me feel like a human being again, which the drugs take away.  I don't know Dawn Cooper.  I can see your little skeleton and my eyes shut to rest.  It's so hard to keep going.  I think that I was poisoned again today.  All my energy is gone.  I need to clean house, but all I want to do is lie in my bed.  It takes so much effort to move, and do even simple things (even turning my head to look out the window takes concentrated effort and willpower).  I'm so tired, God.  I desperately need to heal.  My body is not strong enough to deal with this.  I can't handle it.....

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Sick as a dog again

Unable to return for ONE day back to work without serious poisoning.  I am home sick, so stiff and nauseated I can hardly move.  More than anything else, I want to heal, but I cannot heal with these bastards constantly putting in poison in my system.  I have tried to get the energy to investigate how hormones work in autistic people.  There is one word I keep running into that describes my body whenever I am poisoned with psychotropic drugs--tetany.  It just means that the body becomes stiff and rigid because of lack of cellular communication.  That is my body right now.  I can hardly walk.  I am shuffling like an old woman.  Last night I had to physically pull myself up the one step to my apartment with my arms because my knees refused to move.  Even now my knees feel like they are swollen and numb, and I have 50 pound weights attached to each leg.  I just want to cry.  I'm told to lose weight, and I can't walk from the freaking parking lot to my car.  I am in a lot of pain, because these idiots have caused long term stiffness and arthritis and inflammation to my entire body---especially my cervical spine.  I don't know if I am ever going to be able to get it to move again.  My body is so stiff this morning I can't even lift up my head.

I have to ask myself do not these stupid psychs for the govt and Opus Dei, not know that an autistic brain is different, and you can't go messing around there with chemicals.  I think they do know; I just don't they care.  I am a dumb animal to them.  I can't be of much use to the NSA for much longer.  I no longer dream, and when I do, it is not of the lucid clarity I normally experience, but garish, broken cartoonish kind of dreaming.  Of course SLI & Co won't be happy until I'm one of their brainwashed Opus Dei fold.  Typical Christians---like the evil woman in Misery, they want to physically destroy someone's body so they feel so warm and fuzzy nursing the victim back to health and controlling their creativity.  What a sick group of people!  But today it is me who is hurting.  I do not know how much longer I can continue this.  But it is not much longer.  The suicidal impulses came back last night, but I know its the goddamned drugs.  But at some point I have to move to protect my body.  It's just that my body is already so wrecked---constant headaches, overweight, too much fluid in the body, and a brain that no longer functions right.   And I am powerless to change it.  I am not even allowed to get my health back.  A black, depressing day--I hurt.  I am going back to bed