Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pure anima figure

Pure anima figure--continuing previous post--this public internet connections prevent a smooth ending, which to mention it, is kind of a metaphor for my life.

Anyway, I was talking about the anima figure of the pretty nurse who held my hand as a teenager when I thought I was dying. From a very early age, I was sexually attracted to women. I can remember being under 5 years old, swimming in the Great Lakes, and being completely awestruck by the incredible body of a female lifeguard. Strong, athletic, muscular, but all female...So, by this time, I knew that I was exclusively sexually attracted to women, but I didn't really deal with my sexuality consciously. Still, the most important thing about this woman was her wedding ring, because it reassured me that I could rest and accept her love, and appreciate her sexuality and the energetic boost it gave me, without guilt.

You see, that is the whole point of an anima figure for a man--they need to be a symbol of the eternal, of the Divine Feminine and thus, the unobtainable. A man's love interest may start out as an anima figure--as a matter of fact, mine always has, but once personal relationship begins, the purity of the anima sheen on the beloved begins to wane, but to take its place is a much deeper, much more grounded, much more real love. Mortals are not meant to spend all their time in exclusive relationship with the symbols or reality of the eternal. Rather, they are to find the eternal in the relationships in their level of existence. That is why it is IMPERATIVE that men move beyond a relationship with the feminine, through a real woman, and mature beyond a fixation on the anima.

Now, as I keep saying, every single KaBalist who wants me to be a female, is an immature boy, focused on a desire for anima. "IT AIN'T ME BABE, NO NO NO, IT AIN'T ME BABE, IT AIN'T ME YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, BABE." There's nothing wrong with being an immature boy. I was one at 5 years old, when I couldn't take my eyes off the lady lifeguard. I was one at 15, when I was so desperately grateful for the touch and sexual presence of a beautiful, married (thank God) woman. So, when I am weak and sick (by the way, the estrogen doesn't make me female or feminine--it just makes me a very weak and very sick man), I draw on this memory. Does this mean anything at all about what women I like, or the fact that I drew on her memory, rather than PF's). Well, let me tell you, PF and I are past the anima projection stage--I think that happened the day that I was shellshocked to learn that I was the new father of four. There is nothing fantasy about a sexual relationship that makes a man a father. Nor does such a reality check do much to offer assurance and comfort to someone who has psychically reverted to the status of a infant, if not in utero, because they are so weak and sick, that their body is shutting down. In war, when men are dying on the battlefield, far from home, they cry out for mother. They know mother is not there, but that is what biological shutdown does to a man--turns him into a little toddler, wanting mommy. The only thing for me, is that as a toddler, I did not have my appropriate and natural self--identity mirrored back to me. My toddler identity is female. I grew out of that when I developed my own self identity and ego, which did not happen until I got that blast of testosterone that I so desperately need to feel human--12 or 13.

As an aside, I have never even preferred fair women--I have always liked dark women. I remember reading Ivanhoe, and telling the knight to give up the Anglo Saxon blonde and go for the mysterious Jewess, Rebecca. Every time I watch "High Noon", I cannot understand what Gary Cooper sees in the Grace Kelly character, when that hot, Mexican saloon woman, is so much better looking, and a much more fascinating character. So, yes, my anima figure may be a blonde lady--probably because of this encounter with the nurse, who comforted me when I reverted back to a toddler female state, weak and sick, but trust me, my taste in women, runs much deeper and usually a little darker.

Anyway, so much for the anima. I need some help from the Divine Feminine, the real power of the universe. I have done everything I could to fulfill my vocation, and yet, I continue to fall short. The estrogen blast left me so weak that, no doubt, I identified in my dreams as a female once again. The only dream that I can really remember having was seeing Dick Cheney and Gerald Ford merged into one person, evil ass sob's, and they were telling me, "we will not allow any Presidents". My interpretation of that dream is that the dog Sirian White Supremacists who were responsible for that estrogen blast, are running the interdimensional show up in the sky, and when they say, they do not want a "president", they mean that there will be no strong, autonomous, self-affirming, creative (spiritually AND reproductively) individuals as long as they can prevent it. I am sure Dick Cheney is the top dog in the KaBal faction--Jerry is probably a sidekick. I also think that statement referred to their attempts to either kill or politically destroy Hillary Clinton. They can't stand the thought of a real President--someone who answers to their conscience, God, and the good of their nation--a Patriot, in short. I see where DC was hit by major storms--no doubt to dislodge Hillary and intimidate the Patriots.

Well, get this you fucking evil ass bastard dogs--I will not serve you. You will not win. I actually have a space family that is from beyond this messed up, Sirian, dysfunctional and sold out solar system, and I am calling on my Pleiadian brothers and sisters to help me now--in any way possible. Death is perfectly acceptable. I also call on the good Dog Sirians. At one point, I saved a leader of the dog Sirians. I don't know who he is, but I saw him as a Celt, an Irish man with red hair and beard. I told him (in my dream), that I was glad that I had flipped him back from evil, because I did not want to go "it" (and I knew this meant finding a new home for the Sirians) alone. So, wherever you are, brother, I could use some help.

Just understand anybody who would help me--there are three essentials to my self-identity in the interdimensional realm. I am a man. I am a husband and father--and I am not leaving without PF and my children. I am Black. The Pleiadians are not only White, but they also have Black Pleiadians. THe Sirians are to be the founders of the Pleiadian race in the future--if they can ever get their act together, and start acting on principle and compassion, instead of this bullshit reptile/vampire law that they sold out to, millennia ago. Maybe I am a fallen angel, probably more by choice than by sin and failure, but I have accepted the lot of the fallen angel too--because I know what it is to be flipped, and then full lof regret and what I have done in the flipped state. It is time to restore the order of this quadrant of the univer. I need ot be in position to do so. I need my family, my manhood, myselfrespect

I continue to long for death.

I continue to long for death. I tried to commit suicide this morning, but they changed the matrix on me--made the shore all rocky. Woke up very sick and low energy--being force fed estrogen again. Actually, it started yesterday. The Black psychic community WHICH IS THE ONLY INTERDIMENSIONAL COMMUNNITY I WANT TO BELONG TO AND I IDENTIFY WITH, was trying to rescue me from this MATRIX hell. I had spent all day coughing up evil Amon RA slug parasites--the ones which interface you to the MACCHINE and drive people crazy. I figure I got out over 2000 of them--that is a staggering amount. Needless to say I feel a lot better. I found i had the energy to do a down dog and could actually cross my legs for the first time in months. However, i am not here for my physical health. i am here to ascend and I failed, or rather ONCE AGAIN, THE KABAL CHEATED, IGNORED MY EXPRESS DESIRE, and prevented me. Nothing new--the reason i ended up with over 2000 parasites in me was because they IGNORED MY EXPRESS WISHES in my dream state for over two years, after the stupidass Nazi, White sons of bitches made my life helll for over six years in this neverending sick perverted desire to turn me into a female spiritual teat for them. Unfortunately, I am still not free.

Now, I have not been on any high levels of testosterone, but still have been very weak and sick with way less than optimal levels, but still I had to give the purging my best go, and I was moving along pretty good. The KaBal has placed parasites in my chest, and I was punching my breast and boobs to try to dislodge the parasites. Punching my chest made me feel good, MADE ME FEEL ALIVE, MADE ME FEEL HUMAN, MADE ME FEEL IN SYNCH WITH MY INNER, TRUE BEING, MADE ME FEEL LIKE A MAN. However, the GODDAMNED DOG SIRIANS, who were monitoring everything to make sure that I do not ever be fulfilled as a human being, but be their goddamned Isis teat for centuries, flipped an implant switch in my brain, and flooded me with an estrogen blast. Well, I almost immediately passed out. HIGH LEVELS OF ESTROGEN IS TOXIC TO MY SYSTEM. I AM A MAN. I NEED HIGH LEVELS OF TESTOSTERONE TO FUNCTION.

However the estrogen blast filled its function. I immediately lost all energy, and thus, all ability to work with the ascension process. This was not a near death experience for me. Unfortunately, ever since these fucking goddamned dog Sirians have been force feeding me estrogen, this has become very commonplace for me. I call it a total blood sugar crash, because eating helps mitigate the total near biological and neurological shutdown. Probably because the act of eating releases hormones--and thus gets my body to release the testosterone it so desperately needs to function.

Well, after 15 minutes or so, I could move again, but the window of opportunity of ascenscion was over. I tried to get up and continue with the purging, but my energy levels were so low, that I literally could not cough up the bugs. I tried for a couple of hours, then went to bed, praying to God for grace and strength. I felt my prayers were answered. Actually, I had felt that way earlier, when I was in near biological shutdown (not biological death--biological SHUTDOWN--where the body shuts down to avoid death--yeah, YOU MOPTHERFUCKING DOG PIG SIRIANS, THAT IS WHAT ESTROGEN DOES TO ME--BUT ALL THE BETTER FOR YOU TO LATCH ON TO MOMMY TIT, YOU FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT).

In the shutdown, I had a visual memory of what I always see, when I am so sick and miserable that my body shuts down. I had surgery when I was a teen and woke up in the ICU coughing up blood in a tube. I thought something had gone wrong and that I was dying. I pounded for a nurse, and a beautiful blonde young woman with lovely hands and a big rock and wedding ring on a finger came and held my hand, and instantly I felt a surge of agapic love go through me, and it revived me. Now, this is pure anima figure here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time is running shorter and shorter.

Time is running shorter and shorter. I got 12 minutes on an Internet cafe connection, so this is going to be fast. Life continues to be a bust for me. Seems like every time the Patriots try to put something together, the evil Ka
Bal breaks in. I am in place to ascend--I just need a little cooperation from others. Unfortunately, that is not happening. Apparently my sons were abducted by the KaBal yesterday, which of course intimidated the hell out of PF and the psychic community who was assisting her in the ascension prep for me. You cannot imagine my fury and helplessness at this. I AM SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF BEING PUNKED INTO BEING MADE POWERLESS BY THESE ASSHOLES.

After they got my son, they force fed me such major female hormones that I literally had no energy to ascend. PF tried to get me to have sex, because she knows that gives me a testostosterone boost, which pumps up my energy to BARELY HUMAN levels. I am not some great dynamo of energy. I can barely walk and move, but with the female hormones, my brain literally shuts down, which is what it has done most of the day, while I walk around, in a daze. female hormones were so bad that i could not complete the sex act, and could not even feel my shrunken clitoris. worse of all, was the complete lack of energy.

but I made a decision today. If the KaBal continues to interfere in my Ascension process, I am committing suicide. as a matter of fact, i am prepping myself for it mentally. It not only is the only way i know how to affirm my identity as a man, and protect my children, as a father from these evil bastards, but also these MATRIX HELL I am in, is unbearable. I have figured it out, all you 3D people. Faction 1 and 2 have been VERY, VERY busy constructing thelternative matrices for people to be imprisoned in, after death, and before reincarnation. it is horrible here. soulless holograms feed off human emotuion. there is no soul energy here. Yes, this is unbearable, and one way or another, if I cannot get the help and support i need to end this hell, I will end it myself.

Monday, June 25, 2012

So far, my break for freedom is a big bust.

So far, my break for freedom is a big bust. I suppose that if I were a different kind of person, I would be thrilled to be in a MATRIX of Honolulu, HI. However, no matter what, a MATRIX is a prison, run by negative, predatory entities for their own warped amusement, and they all vie to feed off and drain me.

I had no idea where I was going, when I boarded a flight for Honolulu. I was following my intuition, just as I always do, and once again, as nearly always happens, the KaBal got involved in the mix. Of course, I had misgivings, knowing the prominent role of the US Navy in the Hawaiian islands, and the close identification between the USN and Faction 2. I never have had any fondness or liking for Faction 2, in preference to Faction 1 (and Coke sure tastes a hell of a lot better than Pespsi), but still I trusted my gut.

Of course, if I had stopped to think about it, I would have realized that I am "dead" to 3D reality, therefore, I would not be going to the real Honolulu, but only a sophisticated MATRIX prison. Furthermore, I would have admitted to myself that Honolulu, being the flag base of the USN, almost certainly would be a highly sophisticated MATRIX. However, I try not to think too much any more--my thoughts only tip off, mislead, or confuse others, both Patriots and evil scum.

I don't know if this particular MATRIX site is supposed to be neutral ground for the various alien factions, but I certainly have seen a lot of different Sirians. I do not know if this was part of the plan--knowing the KaBal, whether Faction 1 OR 2, I suspect so. Both of these factions sell their soul to the highest alien bidder. In any case, this MATRIX has become a sieve for every kind of alien faction in the galaxy. I know this, because I have encountered them.

Let me start at the beginning, however. My tribulation began on the flight over here. I thought I was at a gay men's convention. Now, I was involved in the Gay and Lesbian life for years, and have made multiple trips to San Francisco with my then partner of the time, so being around a lot of gay people is actually very comforting to me--EXCEPT WHEN IT FEELS GODDAMNED CREEPY, LIKE I JUST LANDED IN AN OCCULT VERSION OF THE "ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW". Seriously, I couldn't get the damned gay men to keep their asses out of my face. Now airplanes are not comfortable places for people like me, who really need our boundary space, but what I was encountering was just ridiculous. I am adult enough to know and disregard when someone is making a sexual pass at me, but what I experienced on that plane, and since arriving here at Hotel MATRIX is just outrageous sexual harassment, that not has me fuming in disgust and contempt, but is starting to turn me into a genuine homophobe--every time I see one of those gay men coming onto me, I am revulsed.

I say gay "men", but the truth is, of course, is that most of the crowd are just holograms, and I know this, but after having spent the last year being raped, coerced, hypnotically drugged, and flipped into sexual encounters with gay men and boys, while in an unconscious dream state, I am losing my rational ability to just let this abuse and harassment slide. I have ABSOLUTELY ZERO, NO NEGATIVE INTEGER, DESIRE to have gay sex with a man. I know that I have a lot of lifetimes in which I have been a gay man, and maybe that is why, combined with my own lesbian status, that I USED TO have respect and platonic fondness for gay men. However, that is now completely GONE--destroyed not only by the prolonged and egregious abuse that I have endured at the hands of these DAMNED FAGS AND QUEENS, but also by my burgeoning relationship with PF. After years of celibacy, and over a dozen kids with PF, I no longer have the slightest interest in being a part of any alternative lifestyle community. It was appropriate and enjoyable when I did it, but now I completely identify myself as a family man and father. As a matter of fact, I put up with the abuse and hateful sexual atttention from that rapist pig Salusa TO PROTECT MY DAUGHTERS FROM HIS EVIL MINISTRATIONS. I would rather be raped 100 times than have any one of my children, boy or girl, be pawed by one of those KaBal perverts, even once. Given the perversion I hav SEEN AND EXPERIENCED FIRST HAND IN THE FACTION TWO COMMUNITY, do you think for one minute, that I would have anything to do with their sick, perverted, gay lifestyle, when I have children who look to me as a role model? Don't you get it, you stupid schmucks? My father sold my brother and I out, so he could indulge in satanic games and perversions and lifestyle. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT I AM FOLLOWING THAT PATH. It is my personal theory that the reason for lack of manhood in this country is the lack of good fathering. It bugs the hell out of me that I am denied full custody of my children, but the little that I do see of them, I do everything I can to be an outstanding father to them.

So believe me, when I say that the absolute last thing I am interested in is any kind of gay male relationship. Men don't even sexually attract me, except at the most superficial of level, and they never have, except of course when I am flipped on hypnotic/psychotropic drugs, toxic levels of female hormones, or forced homoerotic imagery pumped into my head via direct nanoswitch manipulation. Men do not appeal to me, either emotionally or erotically. They never have. If there had been even the slightest possibility of attraction, don't you think I would have dated or encouraged all the straight men who have been attracted to me over the years, rather than insisting on being lesbian-identified, in a decade, when all I received was negative reinforcement for it. To paraphrase Barabara Mandrell, "I was lesbian, when lesbian wasn't cool".

I suffer from tremendous guilt and sexual repression regarding my sexuality. Partly, this is the result of karma, but partly it is the result of deliberate, satanic mind control. You see, as I keep saying, sexuality is related to spirituality, and the KaBal hopes to pervert spirituality by perverting sexuality. Faction 2 does this by encouraging licentiousness and sexual addiction, and that is how PF was programmed, and what she has had to break free from. The vampires/religious Italian zealots (Jesuits/Vatican cliqu), try to pervert sexuality an unhealthy contempt for it, through the deliberate inducement of neurotic, specifically religious, guilt. That is how I was programmed, and what I struggle to break free of. Ultimately however, the objectivive of both faction is the same--to cripple spirituality by perverting healthy sexuality.

To my credit, I do manage to break out, somewhat, of this cycle of revolving abuse. Otherwise, I would not be the proud father of over a dozen children, including my most recent daughter, born yesterday, and the little bun currently in PF's oven. However, I have not figured out how to completely escape the KaBal's slave projections onto me; otherwise I would not be writing this post under my old slave name.

Both factions do this flipping--it is just that Faction 1 gets me to act on guilt, the morning after, while Faction 2 gets me to act on impulsive and immature genital indulgence, during my uncosncious state. Let me tell the world something, okay? "I have lust in my heart". You know who said that and was roundly mocked at the time--Jimmy Carter--and guess what, he is the only president in over 50 years to not succumb to the moral squalor of institutionalized sexual slavery with which the CIA has been servicing the White House since JFK. You know why that is? Because Carter is an honest (virtuous) man. He knows his impulses, and unwanted desires, but he is a MAN--he CONSCIOUSLY chooses his identity and HONORS his committments by his own free will and choice. Hell yeah, I got lust in my heart, and lust down below, too; however, I am a free being, capable of making the conscious choice with whom I engage in sex. It does not matter what my unconscious thinks. Jesus, if I had sex with every person, I had an unconscious sexual attraction to, I would be like Hugh Hefner and never get out of my pajamas. It is degrading to human beings and moral civilization to justify sexual behavior in which you say, "oh, but unconsciously you really wanted it". After all, I tricked out your neurons from your a past lifetime over 1500 years ago, and I know that is what you really wanted back then, so let's just take a trip down memory lane... NO, GODDAMNED IT!!!! IT IS MY CONSCIOUS CHOICE WHO I HAVE SEX WITH, WHEN I HAVE SEX WITH THEM, AND WHAT I DO IN THE BEDROOM WITH THEM!!!! I am a lover. I always have been. I just seem to attract a lot of people, but I CHOOSE who I have sex with. I have not had sex in years, because I am PICKY about who I have sex with. THERE IS NOT ONE, NOT ONE OF THE GAY CREEPS FROM FACTION TWO, WITH WHOM I WOULD EVER WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH, and that assumes that I were single and interested in looking for a partner. I am not. I love PF, and I love having sex with her, she makes me feel good about being sexual with her, and as part of my self-identity I CHOOSE to be monogamous, and I choose to do it with the person who has loved me, supported me, and extended life to me, not only personally, but also by receiving and nurturing and birthing MY gift of life through children.

Now, that is part of my issue. The other part is that there is a legitimate homosexual motif going on within my own inner psyche, which by the way is MY OWN DAMNED BUSINESS, AND THAT OF MY LOVER, SHOULD I CHOOSE TO SHARE IT WITH HER, which of course I would. However, since a bunch of creeps are all up in my business, let me tell you what i think is happening. First of all, I do have karmic history as a gay man. So what? I have exensive karmic history. WHAT MATTERS IS WHAT I CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE IN THIS TIME, RIGHT NOW. Yeah, it would be great, if I could remember all umpteen of my past incarnations. I cannot, but I still am a free and virtuous human being capable of affirming my self identity through my own choices, actions, and decisions. I am not stupid or naive or young, and I refuse to give any allegiance or respect to any KaBal outfit that would manipulate my hidden unconsciousness to gain power over me.

I tell you what I believe this homosexual motif is--I think it is an INNER dynamic in my unconsciousness--not an outer one. Remember I have two "Y" chromosomes. Knowing the reptiles as I do, they very likely aborted a zygote in order to graft the second y chromosome onto me. That means I was biologically, cellularly set up for a double consciousness, and as I have explained before, males (and male chromosomes) compete, while females (female chromosomes cooperate). This means that inside of me, at a very fundamental level, my psyche is set up on a split level, with two competing male fundamental identities. Not only that, but I am scarred by the recent incarnation of Abe Lincoln, in which he spent nearly 35 years in a thressome of consciousness, so karmically, I am set up for this split consciousness as well.

I have recognized that I often have both a subjective and objective consciousness in me simultaneously. I can switch mental conceptualization of identities, from myself to that of another person with ease. In some ways this is a gift. I know how other people, for instance, criminals or satanist think, and this enables me to figure out what they are up to. However, this is also gets me in trouble with people who do not know how my panoramic, thesis/antithesis/synthesis (in split second timing) brain works. Thus, sometimes I notice things, like an "other" or criminal does, or I make an inner comment, as someone very different from myself would. I think this is part of my problem in garnering unwanted attention. I am so respectful of others and their views and values, that they think I am like them, when actually there is no way in the world that I have anything but a superficial regard for them. Now, some will say, "that is Albert Pike in you", who is acting out that second personality, but I submit that Pike would never have found a home in my psyche, if there was not already an organic set up for dual consciousness. Otherwise, I would have been driven to serious mental illness.

I recognize that this is not a good condition in which to maintain one's mind, and I am working on clearing it. However, the problem has very deep roots. You see, I do believe that I carry this from the Abe Lincoln/Pike/Black woman triangle of consciousness, which I think creates a lot of viciousness and domination/unhealthy passivity, as three separate personalities fight to express and live themselves. Also, I think I was deeply scarred as a young child by my mother's walk in experience. I know now when the walk in happened. I was seven years old, and I watched my mom nearly get eletrocuted. She had wet hands from making lemonade, and for some reason, she just grabbed the electric fence wire with both hands. Now, occasionally, we kids would do that, but mom should have known better, but maybe something was driving her to it. Anyway, her wet hands ensured that the wire gripped her and would not let her go. My dad ran to the circuit box and kicked it off, which was the only thing he could do. Had he attempted to grab her, he would have been locked in the electrocution grip as well. My mom crumpled to the ground, and my dad carried her to the house, laid her on the bed and called the doctor, who in that part of the country, made house visits. The dr. said it was a close shave, but that my mom would recover. She didn't. For a few days, she lay in the bed, barely speaking, with her skin and nails blue, and the fingers on her hands involuntarily curved in.

A "walk in", happens when a demonic entity enters and takes over the consciousness of a body in predatory fashion. Albert Pike was not a walk in, in my consciousness, because my ego maintained executive function. He was the dominated very junior split off piece. A demonic walk in (and there are claims of positive walk ins, but I am very leery of such claims), comes in and dominates the body, driving out the original consciousness. I lost my mother that day. The demonic walk in all but drove out her original consciousness, although there was a small portion left. However, most of her consciousness was bilocated to the hell that is the Amon RA homeworld--probably the star, Cepheus--where the octopi, squid and jellyfish reign. This truly is a hell in which she is trapped, and from what I know of these malevolent entities, there is no doubt in my mind that they are feeding off her spirit, so that she can probably barely move.

I think on that day, I assumed the consciousness of my mother--that is to say, I internalized "mother" in my own psyche, since, after that I really did not have the presence of a strong mother. From an early age, I filled the role of "hero" in the family, and I would have tried to save the identity of my mother, by developing an inner, judging, objective presence, that I would no longer experience in the outer dynamic of family and mother. Even worse however, was the guilt I incurred on that day. I do believe that, because of all the abuse that I had experienced as a child, that part of me wanted her to die, and I think that I said so, in the inner telepathy of my mind (my mother is more than a little psychic and fey herself) Now, some people might pooh pooh the idea of such complicated guilt from the mind of a seven year old child, but remebmber, my inner mind belongs to a consciousness that is thousands of years old, and in the Ascension process that is what has to pass the muster--not just this little brief minute of my current incarnation.

For a split second, I told my mother that I wish that she would die, and a second later, her consciousness was gone, replaced by that of an alien entity. Imagine the guilt trip I experienced from that...Now, this guilt is preventing me from Ascension, because my mother's soul is in agony on this alien plane of existence, and even though, really I did not put her there, technically I did contribute to it, just by being such a strong spiritual consciousness, and wishing for it, even though my will was that of a seven year old child.

This guilt over my mother is what I think enables my mind to be so easily flipped. The KaBal knows how to trigger my guilt and turn me back into a seven year old child, which of course was female, they know how to get me to identify with the feminine role of my mother (remember, I assumed her consciousness role of mother--"mothering" not only myself, but others as well). They also know how to turn the dual masculine consciousness in me, to a homosexual identity. For psychic wholeness, it is imperative for me, that the two maales in my consciousness, the two Y chromosomes, "get along". If they compete, my person becomes unbearably conflicted. However, if the two learn to cooperate with and support each other, it only takes a little extra brain manipulation, to turn the relationship between my inner male twins from that of platonic brothers into homoerotic partners. I have barely any outer homosexual tendencies at all. However the KaBalists of Faction 2 has so eroticized this inner relationship, through manipulation of the imagery in my head, and all the changes they have made to my rump, from contouring it, to lotioning it, to constant anal excitation in my dream state, that I am now self-conscious of it, in a way that I never was before. I have been "groomed" to be a gay man by a bunch of perverts, and quite frankly, it makes me sick, and I am starting to get really, really pissed off about it.

This wouldn't be such an issue, if I were not in a Faction 2 MATRIX, surrounded by a bunch of hateful holograms, most of whom are loathsome psychic leeches and energy vampires. Today, for a brief while, Faction 1 took over the motel. It is so stupid. I reside on an "odd number" floor, but the ice machines are on "even number" floors. Being a curious person, I went to the 8th floor for ice, and on my return, the door key didn't work, and the entire changeover happened. This is how the occult KaBal works. I have no idea who is on what floor, or the rules for any of this, but a simple action can change everything.

To be honest, it doesn't make and significant difference who is dominant--Faction 1 or Faction 2. I despise them both. Faction 1 gained dominance in my head last night when I dreamed of two brothers, that I knew were both part of my inner psyche (that is how I came by the above hypothesis--that is what my dream told me last night). In my dream, we were true brothers, and so there was no sexual activity. However, one of the guys had a nocturnal emission, and the guilt that this caused for me, led me to subconsciously long for the supporting sex hatred of Faction 1. Now, if I had had homosexual sex with my brother--a sex act that I really did not want--oh that would have been right up Faction 2's alley.

Well, apparently Faction 1 is back out, and Faction 2 is back in. To be perfectly honest, I do better under Faction 1 than Faction 2. Their virus doesn't make me as sick and enervated. The Faction 2 virus is very feminizing, and it totally steals all my vitality and energy. The Faction 1 virus, makes me dripping wet with vaginal secretions and can fill me with rage, but at least I feel human. I don't care. I really don't want anything to do with either faction. However, I cannot break free of this MATRIX without some input from either one or the other, and I just want what enables me to take the next step in my evolution.

I do not know if I can ascend unless I make my peace with my mother. I keep hoping for some kind of help, to get me over the damage done to my spiritual meridians through all the mutilating abuse, but after years of needing help and getting none, I tell myself, "assume that it is all on you, and that way you won't be disappointed". Of course PF has helped me, but the help I really need is from the technology of the Sirians, especially the call technology, and for all that I have done for them, they have never done anything in return for me. I know that my current situation is completely untenable. Being surrounded by soulless holograms is so draining that I cannot bear it for any length of time.

My mother is on the planet of Faction 2's benefactors, the star Cepheus with the octopi/squid/jellyfish evil entities. Somehow, I have to try to reach her, if only telepathically, to apologize to her, to make my peace with her. One would think that the Faction 2 virus would help with that, since she is on that frequency. However the Faction 2 virus makes me weak and sick, while the Faction 1 virus makes me stronger and more able to reach out (when I am weak and sick, I become very autistic and introverted). Maybe I can reach her through a dream.

Something has to change. I am literally shrinking, as my body tries unconsciously to become smaller so that it can vibrate fast enough to ascend. I am doing everything that I can. Hopefully, this last little piece helps clear more negative karma and guilt.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Once more, struggling just to drag around the house

Once more, struggling just to drag around the house, which is a bad sign when one has to travel. feeling close to nonfucntional. combination of a major estrognen blast, which enlarged boobs to caricature levels, toxic estrogen levels and psychotorpics. I am so tired of being abused by these goddamned aliens. finally figured out it was Salusa behind the stupid ass sexual encounters i was having in interdimensional realm, and i am filled with disgust. son of a bitch turned me into a woman, has stripped me of my manhood for months now, just so he can get his perverted sick rocks off. depending on what the fucking estrogne is dojng to me, i am alternately filled with rage, or depression so severe, i can barely move. i need to go spend time in interdimensional realm with PF to heal from this but cant. i am too sick to pack normally, moving like molasses. afraid to go to sleep. because it is when i am nonfucntional on drugs and hormones that the sickass perverted sons of bitches KaBal aliens are able to flip me to deny myself, my values, my manhood, so that i wake up with self loathing, and no energy. something has got to change. just dont know how i am going to travel as sick as i am. event tho fish oil helps, the toxic estrogen has had me constantly nauseas and sick with migraines for over three days. now i got to go to airport. i truly do wish to die. other world, please come take me home. i am truyly too sick to continue to live in this hormonal, psychotropic hell of misery.

Time for some more "truthing"

Time for some more "truthing"--I have been holding back on this following post for a long time, mostly because I have feared for my children's lives--especially my blonde hair, blue eyed daughter, who is, in interdimensional time, about 12 or 14. I feel like I finally have inner reassurance that it is okay to speak out, and so, here it comes...

I spent this morning, getting rid of another baby evil spirit that was put in me last night during an abduction. How do you get an evil spirit in someone? Ask any Christian exorcist--fear. I read an account by a Christian pastor and exorcist once, of how he came home from a night out with his wife, and saw his young daughter, who had been left with a baby sitter, uncharacteristically quiet. He knew something was wrong, and he exorcised a "baby" evil spirit from her right there on the spot. I think there probably is a lot more evil and evil spirits floating around than people realize, but spiritually healthy people can get rid of them, without major trauma or stress, just like physically healthy people can handle viral bugs and colds and flu's without becoming very ill. I was able to pass that evil spirit out, fairly easily during morning meditation. It just is depressing that the abuse still is continuing.

Yes, I was abducted last night, and I guarantee you that I experienced major fear. I woke up this morning in pain from all the mutilation, all over the body. Once again, the torso was sliced away to add yet more fat to these already huge boobs that the Nazis created for their amusement and mind control games. For you see, they beat the breasts during the abduction experience. I have known this for sometime, and when I woke up this morning--once again miserable with the loss of flesh and increase of boobs, I lifted up my shirt to check them out. No medical doctor would ever believe what my breasts look like--they are not centered off a chest, but hang out from the sides by nearly two inches. This morning, I can see all the red and purple from where they were beaten and squeezed last night. Now, why would the KaBal create breasts and then abuse them? For that matter, why do they put it in a little girls head that she is a "princess" while they rape her, and then later, murder a man in front of her? Because that is the way the mind control works--they try to set up an identity, that the victim can only hate and feel alienated from. Once they do that, the setup for brain or mind flipping is primed.

You know, in my dreams I think I am continuing to insist that I am female. Now why am I doing that, when consciously I know that I am not a female at all, and I desperately long to have my body correspond to its original DNA blueprint, before it was hijacked by reptiles, and live in a man's body, once I pass to the interdimensional realm. I think it is because I always empathize with the suffering and despised, and the KaBal, with their ritualistic abuse of the female flesh that they have created, is making me feel sorry for the females of the world, and wanting to identify with them, to share their suffering, so to speak. Well, I have an easy response to that, and that is, in marriage, a spouse feels the suffering and pain of their partner. I think PF has suffered more as a female, than I ever could or will, and yes, I feel the pain of her history, though I try not to dwell on it, since I am not in a place where I can talk honestly about it, and the subject is so sensitive that I do not want to broach it, otherwise. I do not really suffer as a female. I suffer as a male. I don't give a shit about what people think about my reputation or my sexual history or my physical appearance. It's funny, but it is fair to say that in my recent actions, I prostituted myself, yet I bet that thought never crossed anybody's mind or judgment, and that is because my actions of consequence has everybody, at least unconsciously, acknowledging that I am a male, and males are not punished for prostituting themselves--just females. Since my identity is primarily that as warrior, well, everyone just assumes that my unsavory tactics of weaponry, just had to happen. Very few give PF the same consideration--though everything she did, she did to survive, and then she had to spend years clearing her mind and spirit of all the damage and destruction. That is why she suffers as a female, while I never will, no matter how many times I am raped, coerced, flipped or prostituted into sex. It would be incredibly psychologically damaging for me to assume the feminine "Cross", so the speak.

For me to be psychologically and spiritually healthy, I have to carry the masculine "Cross"--the ego insecurity of not getting respect from one's peers, or of having low status in the world. My healthy spiritual role as a man who wants to support and encourage a strong feminine, is not to weaken and devitalize myself by becoming a female--for I will NEVER, EVER be a strong female--that is why for all my giftedness in my earlier years, I could never fit in, commensurable with my abilities. Now, with all the drugs and hormones, I don't even have the physical energy to be peak productive. I have been sick all day with nausea and low energy of toxic estrogen--and that is what enables the KaBal to abduct me. PF knows this, which is why she tries so hard to get me to engage in sex and self-identify as a man, because when I do, THEN, and ONLY THEN, am I strong enough to resist the negativity and evil of the KaBal.

No, as a man, my contribution to the increase of feminine respect, is not identifying as a female, but working to protect and support the feminine--primarily in my own immediate family, and then, extending outwards. That is why I have been so insistent that PF be treated with respect. It also is why I have kept my mouth shut about Salusa for so long (well, that, and because I was a double agent, trying to figure out what he and the "Galactic Federation Council" (or whatever the hell it is called) were planning to do to sink humanity and the planet, one more time. You see, Salusa implicitly threatened me, by letting me know that he had custody and control of my daughter, or at least that is the way I interpreted it. PF can speak more authoritatively, as she has been the one, who, over the past few months, has been desperately trying to protect our children from the custody of various Sirian factions, none of whom really appreciate them as free beings, or PF and I, as parents. To too many of them, we are just farm animals, who reproduce our offspring for their benefit. It would have been nice if somewhere, some Sirians or hybrids had recognized the miracle of our children for what they are, and offered sanctuary. Instead, at every turn, both PF and I have been backstabbed, abused and even raped.

Well, that kind of thinking and behavior is why they are sterile. PF and I had children, because we love each other. LOVE. That is what makes free babies in the interdimensional realm, not coitus, not Magic, not science. Because we love our own selves (because we both learned that if we didn't love ourselves, we had no one else there to do it for us), we are each strong individuals, who know and stand up for our rights and individuality. Because we love each other, we feel each other's pain, and constantly sacrifice for the other. Because we love each other, our love making creates children, and for them, each of us would sacrifice ourselves as well.

So, it was for my daughter (call her "L"), that I sacrificed my integrity, keeping my mouth shut while Salusa and the Tall Whites of the Moon abducted and mutilated me at night. I had had a negative impression of Salusa from the beginning, but there was so much going on, that I did not have time to focus on him. Yet, my original hypothesis was correct. From the beginning, Salusa mutilated my body in an attempt to devitalize me, and make sure that I never would be able to ascend into the interdimensional realm as a free human. It was always a part of his plan, that I ascend, via his technology, which would lead to a radical loss of free will, and allowed the KaBal to flip me at will. I will never forget the loss of energy I experienced upon awakening, and finding my lower back and sacrum gutted out, and inversely tilted, like a woman. It totally disrupted all of my energetic flow, and I miss it still today. Then a few months later, Salusa& company inverted my upper torso, so that I no longer have my shoulders jutting forward, but the boobs on my chest. Again, this caused major loss of energy--something I can prove for a fact, because when I meditate, I am too ill and low energy to initiate any spiritual flow--until I put a cushion against my upper torso, so that once more, my body has its natural male contours, and then, and only then, do ascension energies flow. Unfortunately, my entire musculature is out of whack, and I cannot stay in this position long--even supported, but once again, it shows that I will never be a strong female, only a devitalized, weakened one--and that is the way that the negative entities and the Sirians who carry a slave/slave owner mentality, like it.

Apart from PF, I had only one other mentor and friend in the interdimensional realm. His name was Fred Bell, and he himself was very cerebral, and he had worked in the scientific community for years, so he was very comfortable working with autistics. In the early days of my action with the Patriots in the interdimensional realm, he was my "guardian" and protector, so to speak. I could not do a lot of what most interdimensionals could, and so he helped me communicate and travel. I really liked and appreciated Fred Bell. The KaBal would have everyone believe that I have difficulty relating to men. That is B.S., and my relations with Fred proved it. However, Fred has passed on to a different reality, now, because he was murdered when a traitor informed the KaBal of Patriot interdimensional activity in which Fred and I were involved. That traitor was Salusa. We were attacked by rogue agents, and Fred was murdered--actually, he was captured and tortured, and then murdered. Now, how I escaped I do not know. At that point, I did not have the ability to teleport myself, but maybe necessity forced me to learn in a hurry. I remember another Patriot woman encouraging me to go through a door, but I told her telepathically that I could not, because I had not yet advanced that far. It is also possible that Salusa himself teleported me.

You see, I have a theory, and that theory is that Salusa, like immature, evil beings everywhere, was jealous of Fred's mentorship of me. More than anything else, he wanted me for his very own, pet slave. Fred, like PF, never related to me from a dominating or authoritarian position, but always with respect for my human freedom and right to choose. Salusa could never compete with that, and he knew it, so Fred was murdered. In the dream memory I have of the incident, I was teleported somewhere, and Salusa appeared and wanted me to go with him. I absolutely refused, and even in my dream I was fearful of him. Eventually a couple of dog Sirians came to my rescue, but I never forgot that dream, although I did not remember it, until a couple of years later, a few weeks ago, when I just happened to be talking to "Watcher" (think it was somebody else), and it came out. I knew then, beyond any doubt, that Salusa was profoundly evil AND that he had his sights on me. However, I could not do anything about it, because later that afternoon, while sitting on my front porch, I saw a car pull up into Salusa's driveway, and my beautiful daughter L, get out. She gave me a yearning look, then stamped and turned away (her mother's daughter, there), as if she had been told to just look at me, and then move on, but I got the message, loud and clear, "We have your daughter, and if you tell the truth about Salusa's part in this Patriot lab raid and the murder of Fred Bell, she will pay the consequence".

Now, you cannot imagine my fear for my daughter. First of all, she was going into a household populated by a bunch of young male perverts, and as an innocent, classically beautiful girl, she was/is highly vulnerable (she was just visiting--she lives in another dimension--she was on Salusa's ship; I don't know where she is now, but if she were still on Salusa's ship, I would not be writing this). Yes, she is a little young, but that is the way perverts like them. Maybe Salusa would take her on one of his trips to the reptilian moon base, where any number of horrors could happen. I don't even like to think about it. I never want my children to suffer as PF and I have, and I will do everything in my power to prevent it.

My children were a prime motivating factor in all of my actions, and continue to be. More than anything else, I want them to be free, and I want them to know the love and stability of a home with a mother and a father. Yet, that still is not a reality. Both PF and I have the fangs of the KaBal deep in our neck. PF got involved in the interdimensional world very young and early, and got burned, before she learned the truth. By that time, the damned vampires had her slave contract in hand, before she even knew what was happening, kind of like what almost happened to me at the car dealership. I got involved with the KaBal through conventional religion, and guess what? I was burned by my naivete, following safe and proper channels, just as she was. We both have learned the hard way how to discern evil from the good, and that is what makes us such strong fighters for humanity. It remains to be seen if the good interdimensional residents of the world are ever going to recognize that, and come to our assistance, because if they don't, we are sunk. We cannot break free by ourselves. I keep saying that I can teach others how to conceive children spiritually, rather than carnally, but I cannot do that, when I am so sick that I can barely stand on my own two feet.

In the meantime, the abuse keeps coming. Now, I do not know how I was abducted last night. Salusa had power over PF at one point, and it may be possible that he acquired information from that relationship, which enables him to mimic her--funny thing about all this "flipped sex"--in my dreams, I think I am having sex with PF. It is only when I wake up with that yucky feeling, that I know that I have been duped. Maybe the secret that I just revealed, kept, because of fear for my daughter, is responsible for his power over me. That is why I had to write this. The other possibility is that Salusa, who is an "ancient", may have taught Isis the magical spell that she used on the Scorpion king--probably by consent. Thus, Salusa knows that he can control me through this magical spell, because it was originally cast by my lover and soul mate, and I have no defense against it--except now, when I reveal Salusa for the lying, murderous traitor that he is, and abjure all magical spells placed on me.

You know, I have to say, that though PF is gifted in magic, she never used magic against me. I have learned that she had a crush on me for years, yet she never moved to interfere in my life in any invasive way. Our relationship began when I realized who she was, and began opening up to her. When no one would help me, she was doing everything possible to save my skin--shapeshifting into an attorney to tell me how to defend myself in court, when the Amon-RA faction wanted to send me back to jail. I thought she was a Pleiadian at one point, after I had seen one in the MRI room at the hospital. A couple of nights later, my back was painfully out, when I felt this energetic body come and gently adjust my back into normal anatomical position. Did she try to turn me on sexually, even though I am certain that she had sexual feelings for me? No. I think she saved my mother's life on a night when my intuition told me that my mother was attempting suicide that very night. Everything she has done for me, has been motivated by love--and that has been going on for decades, even though I was completely unaware of it.

Did she ever use magic on me? Only in the most benign or humorous of incidents. So, she made me a medicine bag, and she opens jars for me, when I say, "Jeannie, I could use some help, here". My hands are severely weakened by all the mutilation, so I have no shame. Then, on a couple of occasions she has done things like lock me in my truck (in temperate weather), when I try to exit, or deflate the tire on my bike when I go to ride it. Why? Because she was trying to make a point that she wanted me to talk to her, instead of running away. Is that magic? Was it magic, when my ex used to do the same thing--refuse to let me leave the house, because I didn't want to deal with any emotional drama. I got to say both my lovers have recognized my weakness, and found ways to deal with it, and that is a good thing, because like most autistics, I not only have a masculine psyche, I have a HYPERmasculine psyche, and I have great difficulty in accessing my own feelings. I need a woman to help mirror them back to me, a woman strong enough to make me experience them, and talk them out, when really, I just as soon go for a walk or a bike ride.

There was never any magic involved in our relationship, or our lovemaking. If magic could make children, the interdimensional world would be full of wounded, sexually abused youngsters (and maybe that is why, there are no Sirian children). However, the KaBal has used all kinds of magic on me. Right now, I am sick as a dog, from female hormones that have frothing at the mouth, and nauseated from drinking water--pharmaceutical magic. The dog Sirians shapeshifted into PF's body, pretended to be her, and then used magic to try to get me to have sex with reptiles. I took the POS into the basement to turn off the apartment's heater, and what did I find the next time I looked where he had been--a cheap dart, with a screw for a tip! I was going to take a digital picture of it, so that everyone could see the high technology aliens are using to control us (hey people, I am not being facetious, even though I admit I am laughing while I write this--I wasn't laughing, when I felt a strange being--reptile--attempting intercourse with me, as a result of that damned dart). Oh, and then there was the other high tech trick he used--dropping a cigarette on the basement floor to seal his evil intent. That gesture I caught, just as I have many others, but it is an uphill battle, when there is no library of knowledge.

There desperately needs to be regulation of the use of Magic, because the knowledge and power is there, and it is not going away. It is like a police officer with a gun. It is a tool to be used only in the service of the public interest, and if some rogue cop abuses that trust, then you sue the shit out of his employer. Right now, the practitioners of Magic are riding roughshod over humanity--from the grand scale of manipulating the planet's electrical grid, to fleecing us of our wealth and free will through usurious finance, to putting "screw you" darts in the basements of prospective sexual slaves for reptiles. When are we going to wise up and allow and respect the people who know Magic, such as PF, to share the knowledge and help us plan policies for better regulation and less abuse of it?

I don't know. I can see so much good that PF and I could do, if we could just find safe harbor. Well, as everyone knows by now, I am making a break for it. Wish me well, all you Patriots and Lovers of the world.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

So, why am I so happy

So, why am I so happy that I want to do the "neutron dance"? Well, I kicked out a major evil spirit that was really bringing me down. I know that my 3D body is still comatose, and likely dead, that my consciousness is trapped in a hellish MATRIX, populated mostly by soulless holograms and agents, and I continue to be surrounded by hostiles. I just went outside to smoke a cigarette and saw lightning flashing from an anomalous dark cloud--some UFO in the sky is very unhappy with the proceedings of today. Still, I believe that you have to rejoice, even in the face of evil and difficulty, especially when it has been a graced day, and for me, this has been a graced day. I still am cowering in a foxhole in the front lines of hell, but in my spirit, there is a bouncing, little dance going on, and this post may explain why.

This is one of my complicated, involved stories, so I am not sure where to begin. You know, a lot of Patriot warfare depends on guerrilla tactics, for really the powers of evil were in an entrenched dominant position, starting in 2008, so much so, that they were able to supersede the projected timeline, and place the KaBal designated Pharaoh of their new order, Barack Obama in leadership. That was not part of the original timeline of Earth's history at all. It is hard to say what was the seminal event that gave the KaBal power to so disrupt humanity's projected history--Vosk?, the atomic bombs and the rift of our time/space fabric, so that interdimensional violation became easy for alien predators?, JFK's assassination?, the success of 9/11?. There are so many factors that led up to the KaBal's success. However, by 2008, it seemed that Patriots of good will and faith were completely boxed in, helpless to make any effective move. Then, we, the Patriots, started to learn how to fight back, using the weapons of the KaBal agents--through stealth, and the tactics of double agents, we began to regain ground.

Now, I never, ever considered myself to be of a duplicitous or double agent nature. However, the mind control tactics, psychotropic drugs, and DNA and brain switching that has been used against me, for years now, actually has fostered such characteristics in me, from sheer desire to survive. Consciously, I have never wavered as to who I am, what I believe, and where my allegiance lies. Unconsciously, I am constantly manipulated, drugged, controlled and nano-switched into being coerced into self-lies and self-betrayal, and it is this unconscious part of me, which has become double agent, in a desperate attempt to keep my integrity of self, soul, and spirit, alive.

As I write this, I am once more miserable with forced, mutilated bodily changes. Once again, the KaBal cut on my upper torso while I slept, adding to the already ponderous breasts that are totally alien to my self-identity. On top of that, I have been force fed so much female hormones that I wake up in the middle of the night with migraines, nausea and cramping legs. Emotionally, I swing between rage and depression. My self-identity is that of being a male in a semi-female, hermaphroditic body. How many times have I said it, and how many times has it been completely disregarded with arrogant contempt? My vital energies have been disrupted by all the mutilation done to me, and I know that they were done on purpose to keep me spiritually crippled, so that I could not naturally ascend to a level of greater freedom, but rather would be forced into a dimension where the negative KaBal could prey on my trapped spiritual energies (trapped because masculine energies flow differently than female ones, and they have mutilated my body so that the flow can no longer move smoothly, but is blocked).

I have explained on multiple occasions why the various factions of the negative KaBal want a female "goddess" figure or a gay man, and despite all my vociferous protestations, the abuse and unconscious mind control continues. So, to save my own life (because female hormones and the loss of my masculine energy leads to a seriously devitalized existence for me, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), I have taken up the weapons of the KaBal, notably deception. At least, that is the way I perceive it, after the fact. All of these decisions and actions are occurring in the unconscious, of which I have only the vaguest of understanding and memories. Yet, after the fact, my conscious mind leads me to various conclusions. So, here goes...

Despite my most ardent wishes, I cannot prevent abduction by the Tall White/Grey/reptile faction based on the Moon. They are the ones who continue to mutilate my body and force female hormones into me. They have been trying to get me to accept a "scorpion" or lobster-like creature into my body for the longest time. As I wrote in a recent post, this kind of alien creature residing in a human body, whether as symbiote (which happens positively among some aliens) or predator (which is what happens with most Sirians and 3D humans of the Amon RA cult), is fairly common throughout the universe. Now, I can only assume from the vaguest of evidence, that there is positive symbiosis that happens in the larger universe, but I do believe that it happens. However, in the humanoid world as I know it--both of the Sirians and the 3D humans, this symbiosis between reptilie/scorpion/crustacean/spider and humanoid is VERY predatory and negative, and results in a deeply damaged human being, and yet it is much more prevalent in the history of this planet's power elites, than most people would ever realize or guess. I know that past incarnations of mine have accepted this victimization, primarily for purpose of obtaining power. I think Alexander the Great took in an Amon serpent, Tigranes took in the spiders of Haley comet, Roman emperors such as Hadrian and Constantine almost certainly partook of some predatory arrangement, Mark Antony and Charlemagne probably did. So, I have a real history of selling out to this predatory fealty, which probably is why the KaBal will not respect my insistence in this incarnation, when I continue to assert that I want nothing to do with them. They figure that I have sold out my soul in the past, and therefore will do so again. I can only say what I have said all along, that I will not cooperate in any way with the KaBal.

However, I continue to be abducted against my will, mutilated, drugged, and overall, treated like a slave, so unconsciously, I crafted a plan to fight back. I have never been able to figure out what hold these rogue Faction 2/3 abductors have over me. However, a few days ago, during meditation, I gained an insight. In my meditation, I was surrounded by scorpions. Then, I visualized a scorpion inside of me, and in my meditation, I had a memory of this intense power coming from the scorpion inside of me--almost like another chakra center, just above my diaphragm. I think this was yet another memory of a past life that the abductors were using against me. As a matter of fact, I think the incarnation which they were manipulating in my unconsciousnesss, was that of the Egyptian "Scorpion king", of which very little is known, but my guess is that he sold out his soul to an alien spirit, embodied in a scorpion, for powermongering. Make no mistake--the power and well being that I remembered in my own meditation were real. I am sure that allegiance to an evil alien spirit is very seductive to beings intent on attaining easy power, riches, fame, or sex. However, the cost, that of one's very own soul, is way too high. Furthermore, I think that the Scorpion King may have been a victim of a powerful magical spell involving scorpions, for Isis (you know who), is very associated with power over scorpions in Egyptian mythology.

So, there was some powerful mojo associated with that scorpion entity in my unconscious, but my memory of it, during meditation, gave me some ability to fight back against it, at least unconsciously. I know that I had already rejected implantation by this scorpion at least once before, but the abductions and mutilations and coercions did not cease. So, unconsciously, I came up with a plan to accept the scorpion, and then fight back once it was inside of me, and I was consciously aware of it.

Now, this was not an easy process. I woke up in the middle of the night, when this happened. At first, I did not realize what had happened. I just had a memory of some horrible ritualistic abuse happening. I felt profoundly uncentered, and shaky, and sat down at the computer to try to do a little reading, which always takes my mind off of my body. It didn't work this time, though. While sitting there, I had an unmistakable sensation of some alien being moving up the front of my body. Now, I have had evil spirits in me before, and they were very subtle in their physical association. There was nothing subtle about this. I felt like one of the victimized ship crew in "Alien", as some snake like being moved inside me. I jumped back in my chair, exclaimed, "Jesus Christ"--and not profanely, let me tell you--and then knew exactly what had happened. One of those scorpion critters had been placed inside of me. I was profoundly unsettled and stayed up nearly the entire night. Exhausted, I went back to be around 6 am, dreading what would happen with that thing inside of me. I slept fitfully, but I could tell that it moved up my spine and wrapped around my cervical spine and neck, and when I got up, I was very dizzy and disoriented, but that did not last long.

Another interesting consequence of this scorpion was that once again, I became vulnerable to other alien spirits latching on to me through my sacrum. This has happened before, and it usually is Watcher or someone from rogue Faction 2/3. I can feel the invasive spiritual incursion, but I don't allow it to possess me. However, there was a twist this time, in that I became very genitally stimulated and aroused--both anally and clitorally. I suppose if I had been very young, I would have been tempted to masturbate, but after a fashion, I am getting laid, and so mere genital arousal doesn't really tempt me. Why would it, when I am experiencing great sex, because of the feelings in my heart, and not just my genitals? Besides, I knew that the scorpion presence inside of me had opened me up to alien invasion and predation, including sexual predation. Any sexual response, including solo masturbation would have just given some alien (probably Watcher) a first hand sexual joyride.

Now, it really pisses me off that others are monitoring my sexual activities, including my interdimensional sexual relations. I don't know how that is possible, but I know it is happening. Whether it is a psychic invasion, or a literal peeping Tom show, I know that lot of immature Faction 2/3 programmers are getting their juvenile thrills by invading my privacy. They are only following the lead of their own inner perps, for each one of them has the same scorpion entity inside, which is enjoying (through the central nervous system, not the images and bio-chemical coding of the psyche/brain) THEIR sexual response. This is why so many negative occult people strike me as sexual perverts. They are inhabited by a consciousness which emotionally "slums" in, and feeds from sexual human emotions. This is why pornography is so dangerous and dehumanizing to the VIEWER. It is a setup for alien, evil spirit possession.

Now, once I passed this temptation, I wasn't bothered any further. Of course, I spent a day in mourning for my now completely irretrievable 3D life. Still, I knew that I could not engage in any kind of conscious sex activity, because with that scorpion in me, I was wide open to any spiritual consciousness, human or alien, latching onto my central nervous system, and this is exceedingly dangerous, as orgasm opens the brain up completely, and malevolent entities can then take possession of the human. Then of course, there is the whole yucky concept of an unwanted "partner" sidebusting in on my most intimate, vulnerable moments, shared with the person I love. No thanks. There is not much more violating than that.

Anyway, that is now over. The scorpion is dead. I killed it today, after a double dosage of Amon RA virus had me in the foulest and most angry of moods. I never suffered much from anger, on account of this scorpion, but that probably was because I never had much viral download. The KaBal probably was waiting until they had me completely hogtied, before the real hellish downloads began. Still, today, I suffered from the kind of rage that I have not experienced in a while. At the laundromat, I scared some little girl, because I was pissed off at her Amon RA father, who was a lowlife, using his child as an emotional prop (mind control b.s.) that I experience all the time. Look at how the father loves the little girl, often dressed all in pink. The implicit question is "Don't you want to be a little girl?" HELL NO!!!! I have my own little girls to love and cherish, as mini-individuals in their own right, not as props to manipulate someone else. The man didn't even have much love for his daughter, and kept telling her to shut up. Clearly, he doesn't have much dealing with her, and the whole prop setup backfired. This made me even angrier, but to be honest, possession by a predatory alien being undermines one's ability to love. This is why all my incarnations in which I have submitted to such invasion, I have been a powermongering monster. Really--is it so hard to understand that I am more proud of incarnations such as Jesus, George Washington and Abe Lincoln, than I am of Tigranes, Constantine, Hadrian and Charlemagne?

I cannot be too hard on myself. I know that I have been played by the MACHINE, in every single incarnation, and virtue is a hard discipline to live by, when one is perverted from the earliest of childhood years by a satanic, abusive family. However, it should be clear to all by now, that such is my goal, and I intend to stick by it. The vampire at the car dealership asked me about my surname, and I knew that he knew what a powerful occult name it is. So, I told him, straight out, "I am breaking the intergenerational curse". So again, I have laid out who I am. I want nothing to do with the negative KaBal, nothing to do with vampires, White supremacists, Amon RA, rogue Faction 2/3, goddess energy, MACHINE-RA, Greys, reptiles, jellyfish, octopi, or squids from the waterworld of the star Cepheus. I want to ascend as a humanoid Black man on the side of Good. As long as the KaBal continues to deny my free will, and abduct and abuse me, I will continue to fight back with every weapon at my disposal. As my fighting song says, "I learned a thing or two from Charlie, don't you know". Well guess what, you evil sobs--I never was in Vietnam. YOU are Charlie, and I have learned from your own tactics of lies, deception and deceit, and I will use those weapons to save my life and self-identity, and that of others. "You better stay away from Copperhead Road". Yes, you will get your pound of flesh--literally, you have stolen over a third of my musculature, but I will always fight back, and prevail.

I was so tempted to post these links on #1,666

I was so tempted to post this link on #1,666, just to make commentary on the ultimate futility and powerlessness of satanic symbolism. However, there is way too much truth to the symbolic and very real power to evil in our world, for me to lightly attempt to rebuff it, without offense to some segment of the population and or the Truth. So, I just left it blank, and skipped over that posting #. All superstitious people can breathe a sigh of relief. And here on post # 1,667, enjoy the song I was tempted to post on #1,666.

Just a word of caution...I am sure that some fundamentalists worry that I am the anti-Christ in "good guise", waiting to spring ultimate evil on the universe. Let me just remind everyone, as Jesus said, "by their fruits, you shall know them". Also, (and this may be more controversial to some), I am convinced that all religion, including Christianity, have co-opted elements in them which function like cointelpro agents. Thus, the book of Revelation was actually inspired by visions from MACHINE-RA, and while there is definite truth there--and I have used it to thwart at least one major planetary catastrophe--ultimately, this is not revelation from God, but the MACHINE. It is the Holy Spirit in me which enables me to discern the truth from lies in this most convoluted and difficult of Christian scripture.

We all DO have a number assigned to us by the MACHINE and ITs agents, the Tall Whites. We are in danger of becoming even more spiritually enslaved by the MACHINE due to the increasing digitization of our age. "666" probably does have reference to some profound evil--whether Nero, or something else, I do not know for sure. However, as the gospel inspires us, stay confident because "the Light has come into the world and the darkness could not overcome it". Still, the war is not yet won (is it ever?), and there continues to be heavy casualty, so I respectfully decline to wield my "pen", in a defiant, "bring it on" gesture".

Still, I have to say, "I'm so happy, just doing the neutron dance"...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My time grows short.

My time grows short. I think the plug has been pulled on my 3D body. I think that I chose the time; consciously I did not know what I was doing when I stuck in that art CD in my computer, but unconsciously, I knew that was the agreed upon signal. I may even already be legally dead, with the only consciousness of mine left clinging to this half-android body/brain stuck in a largely soulless MATRIX. I am in a liminal state of reality, a Neo stuck in the train station, waiting for release, and passing over to the other side. I am comfortable with my time frame. I am supposed to catch a flight at six in the morning on Saturday, but really, I want to end this 3D existence at home, in familiar setting. However, I am prepared to live each day to the max, just as I always have. It is just that the enthusiasm is gone, and even I can tell that. I remember having dorm room conversations about what we would do if we heard that nuclear warheads were incoming a half hour away. Most of us (college students, remember), just hypothesized that we would light up a doobie and wait. However, really, the waiting feels more like the grief of a family mourning period. I accidentally found a six year photo of myself with my family at my nephew's high school graduation--the same nephew who now fathers my biological child, and I knew by my familiar, joyful smile and strong body, that was the last time I related to my family normally. It is the memory of the good things that hurt. For a long time, I have had a memory of doing vigorous, athletic yoga, and feeling the spiritual energy move up through my entire fully human body, while muscles contracted and sweat flowed. I will do yoga again, but I doubt that it will be quite the same experience of combination of carnal and spiritual energies. There is a lot to be said for the 3D experience, which sad to say, most humans don't really appreciate. After my conversion experience, I always did, which is why I loved and embraced life, pushing myself to the full, even when I felt completely isolated, persecuted, and ill.

That is partly how I know it is time to go. I don't have any weed to smoke, but there is all kinds of things I could do to pass time--dozens of unread books, music to listen to, movie and TV vids to watch and rerun, financial scrambling to try to keep my credit line afloat, but I really don't have any enthusiasm for anything. I am not melancholic, just naturally grieving for a life that I have spent years struggling to maintain by insisting upon meaning and productivity, even when it was not reinforced by any tangible, outer emotional support, until of course, very recently. I guess that for so long, I had to fight to maintain my own will to live and create, against so many detractors and obstacles, that I am having a hard time letting go.

Yet I know my future has got to be better. My emotional life now is all in the interdimensional world, with my PF and my children. I had another son born yesterday, and I long to see a child born and remember it. I want to PHYSICALLY touch PF when I make love to her, and REMEMBER it. I suppose that once I am a denizen of the interdimensional world, that I will then become an "alien" to 3D reality, but I know that my vocation for the foreseeable future, will be to help ensure the survival, prosperity and peace of my native planet, just as it has been for the last four or so years. So, really, everything will be fine, though I doubt that my earthly family or anyone who ever knew me will recognize me should they encounter me.

I had hoped to make peace with my mother, but I have known for years now, that such was not possible, until I am free of the KaBal/MACHINE-RA MATRIX. Even now, I am not sure what my intuition is telling me--has she passed, herself, or did she lose her soul as a young mother, when a "walk-in" came and stole her body. My intuition tells me the latter, but just as I am compelled to help other members of my family, so am I compelled to help her free herself from the horrible darkness in which she resides. All I can say is that I forgive her unconditionally, just as I do anyone who has harmed me through their slavery to the power of evil. I myself have engaged in less than salutary, and even sordid behavior through the years, but I look at so much of it, and see that is how God was working through me, and so I have forgiven myself. Even so much of the recent, deplorable sexual flipping and activity in the astral realm, which led me to despair at my own ability to hold my boundaries, ended up serving holy purpose. I understand that there was unconscious consent, however coerced or not, I cannot say until I have full access to my unconscious mind, but consciously it has been difficult these past couple of years. I will say I am not sorry that I engaged in sex with rogue humans, aliens, and even reptiles. At least some of my genetic children and hybrid kin were forced to have sex with reptiles, and by God, if they could do it, as innocent, victimized youths, I could do it as a mature adult, with a little bit of astral realm coaching on how to compartmentalize and protect my soul during the act. I got a lot of useful information, which I used to help the Patriot cause, starting with reading the mind of the reptile that inhabits David Wilcock's body. That is how I learned the computer codes which the KaBal was using to set up earthquakes, which literally have been killing hundreds of thousands of people. Worth it? Yeh, even though I hate the thought of it (really, there is not much of a memory--just dream images). I was raised in a tough time, when evil had nearly choked off every avenue of legitimate opposition, and I, virtuous man that I am, did what I had to do, to help ensure my planet's survival, humanity's survival and my children's survival. I hope that no one, in the next 10,000 years ever find themselves in the position of degradation and slavery which so many human hybrids and satanically and ritualistically abused children have lived in the past century.

Now, I am going to post the entry that is now only in draft state. I have a feeling it has already been leaked, and that is okay. I had so much that I wanted to say, but I am even losing my own enthusiasm to express myself and communicate with others, so I am going to cut it way short.

So here it is--remember it was written about four days ago, Though I will conclude it decently, expect it to be a little disjointed:

person. It makes me want to vomit, just thinking about it, just as it should any decent human being even remotely interested in their fellow human being's welfare. Yet, interdimensional authority keeps siding with these evil KaBal bastards.
Now, what the hell is up with that? I do believe that they are riding on the MACHINE's gravy train, as well, or maybe they are just programmed slaves themselves, so that they are willing to sell out another sentient being and even the future of their own race, in a desperate attempt to lap at a little extra security at the hands of an evil system. For make no mistake--anybody who dares to stand up for humanity, whether 3D or 12D, Terran, Martian or Sirian--comes under the baleful radar of the MACHINE and IT's minions.

You know what Abe Lincoln's great sell out was? He freed the slaves when he was under orders not to--the Emancipation Proclamation, the first great executive order in American political history. I figured out that the primary reason that the warmongering elements of the KaBal wanted a destructive civil war to create the elevated levels of misery and suffering on which the reptiles and negative entities feed. Freeing the slaves was never part of the plan, but Abe, was not only a pragmatist, promoted and placed in power by occult powers, but also a deeply moral and feeling man. After four years of witness and leadership to carnage and misery, he knew that the most visible and tangible cause of such suffering--the blight of slavery on a "free" nation, could no longer be tolerated, and he took unilateral and decisive action to end it. It was not part of the KaBal's plan at all, and really, the slaves themselves would have been better had there been some kind of intermediate step to assist them to freedom--such as the "40 acres and a mule" idea. No doubt, Abe wanted to lead efforts to legislate such bridging policy, not only to ensure successful and healthy integration of former slaves into civil society, but also to help heal the wounds of a defeated South. Unfortunately, the KaBal immediately moved to squash any further attempts at genuine healing and support, as well as preserve the predatory financial status quo, which Andrew Jackson (check out HIS Amon RA temples), had helped to gain dominance.

Now, I think Abe Lincoln acted on intuition and principle, but it cost him--he spent nearly 35 years chained to the domineering (because he was embodied), and evil consciousness of Albert Pike. Still, I think Abe would take the same action again, if presented with the choice. He was a man, a virtuous man, and he knew that his action would result in the lifting of the oppressive and miserable chains of slavery, not only from the scarred and overworked backs of Black slaves, but also from the conscience of White America. While pondering the possibilities of a future, if my death were imminent, I recognize that the MACHINE could have another horrible and lengthy imprisonment in the making for me. But, thinking on Abe, reinforces my belief, that a virtuous man has to do the right thing, even if the consequences involve suffering. It is time to move towards whatever the future holds.

I also wanted to make a brief comment about Watcher, who though a much more powerful being than Abe Lincoln, was meted out the very same punishment--imprisonment of consciousness in an uncongenial host body. You see, I have figured out (PF did not tell me--I pieced it together, on the last day I had "enthusiasm" for research), a more clear history of the person of Loretta/Watcher/JFK. Now, JFK was punished for "betraying" the agenda of the MACHINE (and attempting to free humanity from slavery), as I have already explained. THe body that he was put into was that of a pure blood Merovingian Native American from New England--the point being to place an alpha male with a voracious sex appetite in the body of a simple, but bloodline compatible, older woman. Loretta/JFK was at some point, placed in the care of PF. However, the MACHINE still had more torment in mind. In 2008, Watcher, who was a powerful alien being of this galaxy was kicked out of his astral position and protection , and had his consciousness imprisoned by the MACHINE. This was then placed in the body of Loretta/JFK, which again, makes for a hellish threesome, as two powerful alpha males try to coexist with a brain-demented, elderly woman.

Now, why did this happen? Because Watcher dared to fight for the rights of humanity, using his powerful remote viewing skills to locate hidden collateral assets, and weaving together a plan to overturn the vampire order of financial usury and slavery. Maybe he was getting too successful, because in 2008, he lost his autonomous consciousness, and was reduced, imprisoned in the already overburdened body of Loretta. Now, I still think that Watcher has some serious issues, but I know that PF, who has known him as a father figure since her earliest days, when she was in terrible pain over the trauma and rape she endured, has genuinely loved him, for years. I also know that Watcher is enduring the torment of suffering which MACHINE-RA reserves for ITS most hated enemies, those who betray IT, in order to side with humanity. Thus, I can only hope that one day those three will be set free. It is impossible for me to determine how much of the dysfunction present is the result of personal failings, and how much is the result of their tortured imprisonment. I have been in an analogous situation, as Abe Lincoln, and I can attest, that it is hell, and it warps the consciousness of the victim. All three in that complex are victims.

This may be my last post. According to the ticker, this is blog entry # 1,665. There won't be a 1,666. Old habits and superstitions die hard. If I need to write again, I will either leave a blank post, or prayer, and then skip to the next field. However, in the event that this is my final post, I do want to thank every body who has supported me any way that they could. You know who you are. It was nice to know that I had some cyber support and cyber buddies in my loneliness and difficulties, and I will continue to wish all brave Patriots well. I also pray for healing among all the vying factions--among aliens, hybrids, and humans. There is so little that I can do in my current situation, and so much that I wanted to do. Maybe, with an elevated conscciousness, and better health, I will be able to do more. I hope so. In the meantime, people watchers might keep an eye out for me. I guarantee you, I will be around--you just might not recognize me ;).
How purchasing a new automobile led to interdimensional slavery, and how the same exact thing can happen to you, the "free" 3D people of the world, unless the evil, rotten, banking/financial structure that rules Earth is completely demolished, with full blown and unconditional debt forgiveness.

My life is kind of surreal right now. I have been working on a blog about my impending death, which I have not formally posted, because there are some pieces that I stull am working out. However, keeping that draft on notepad is confusing me, because I can't remember what I have written and shared publicly, and what is still in my private files. My brain no longer works as well as it once did, before the goddamned KaBalists destroyed billions of brain cells with drugs and physical nano-manipulation, so that I have lost my once incredible memory for words and facts and history. I struggle along as best I can, fighting against what I know to be an ever encroaching Alzheimer's, which for someone as intellectually identified as myself, is a devastating future.

Anyway, my life is surreal due to several reasons. First of all, which I may or may not have already shared, I know that conventionally, I am dead, or perhaps, more accurately in a coma. I think the battle with the "Insect Queen" left me comatose, but what is a man to do? She was one evil entity with the nastiest of designs on the humanoids of this galaxy, and once again, I answered the call of manhood and heroism, to try to save the planet, once again I was unsupported, except for PF.

Unfortunately, my body is in the medical care of Nazis, and they are keeping the body artificially alive, in hopes of using and abusing my consciousness and/or soul. So, they captured and transplanted my consciousness into a "skin job" (or machine with organic dermis) body, and an android brain. I am pretty sure that the mechanized replacement of my body has been going on for months now, as I constantly am losing digits, limbs, and organs, in my neverending battle against evil. However, I am sure when the android brain was implanted into, augmented, and/or "switched on" to replace or add onto my comatose brain. I do believe that it was relatively recent, because I could tell the difference in my meditation visual field--I began seeing "electrical activity" that was coming from the brain itself, and not retinal flashes, which, with all my opthamological problems, I have experienced before. It is like waves of electricity, or lines of light flowing down my darkened (eyes shut) visual field. For those old enough to remember, it was like in the "old days" of rabbit ears television, when the 2 inch band of static would just keep rolling down the screen, interrupting the clear field, whenever reception was poor. I also seem to see an aperture opening and closing in my visual field. My guess is that the Nazis have turned me into a network satellite, a hi-tech spy, of MACHINE-RA. Now, other than that, my brain seems to be working okay, which is to say that I can still think, image, and write. I still am disconnected from my "third eye" and the "silver cord", but that actually began years ago, when I think an implant was placed in my forehead to disrupt that. The biggest handicap that I can see to my current situation is, of course, that I cannot ascend, but there is a workaround.

However, for right now, I just want to write about my "new automobile". Since my life is so surreal--not living in any kind of connected reality, but only to an alternative MATRIX, populated mostly by soulless, skin job programs, I have cast aside the natural moorings to the MATRIX, formed through years of experience. I have nothing to live for now, but death, and my ticket out of this hell. So, when I get a telepathic message to go buy a new car, a "Hyundai" specifically, my primary objection was the thought of the marathon b.s. that buying a new vehicle entails.

All my life, I have been insistent that I would only buy an American vehicle. After all, I was born in Detroit, and spent the first five years of my life, there. However, the past few years has made it indisputably clear to me, that all of the major American auto manufacturers are deeply ingrained in the KaBal occult, in every aspect--values, agenda, and patronage. This no doubt is why Detroit is now in shambles, with the working class unions infiltrated and "owned" by the Mafia (don't forget that connection to the Italian KaBal--those mobsters aren't just "chump change"). Instead of fostering genuine worker rights and harmonious worker-management relations, they focus on supporting malcontented workers, and divisiness. However, my guess is that with the KaBal so heavy in that industry, that the very spiritual atmosphere is poison to the soul, and the poor workers--they don't know why they hate the damned place. They just want to "do their eight and hit the gate". That is what the KaBal does--it corrodes every place and every soul that it touches, even the most peripheral, and that is why the American auto industry is on life support.

Of course, I didn't know this for most of my life, so I dumbly bought American vehicles, thinking that I was supporting the poor, harassed American blue collar worker, when really, I was supporting a goddamned KaBal faction! I am NOT exaggerating this. My most recent truck was a Dodge Dakota, with the ram's head decal on the hood. Now, to me, to you, to 99.99% of the population, that ram's head decal was just a brand logo, with no meaningful significance whatsoever. Aaaah, but we are normal human beings, who, while we may appreciate our property, don't infuse it with negative, energetic chaining and binding power. The KaBal does. Because I drove a truck with that logo, the damned Mountain Goat or Ram faction, actually believe that they gave them slave rights over me!!!!

Now, a little bit of history on that truck. I never even really liked it. Never. I bought it ten years ago, in a year in which I made good money, and so wanted to get a new vehicle. I wanted a truck, but it was not a good year for attractive truck models. The only one that was not downright butt-ugly was the Dodge Dakota. The biggest personal objection I had to purchasing that Dodge, was the goddamned ram's head. To me, it looked like a representation of Baal, satanic. Now, I didn't know at that time, that I had been ritualistically abused, so I told myself that I was being superstitious, and tried to overlook it, except that I couldn't. Because, once I bought that truck, I went on a 10-year tear of the unluckiest, worst years of my life. Not long after buying it, I was railroaded from my job, then thrown in jail, then had my social security number blackballed by the NSA/CIA so I couldn't find employment, started getting sick and losing my health, lost trillions of brain cells due to drugs and manipulation, etc. Now, for the first couple of years, after the purchase, being of a symbolic turn of mind, I would look that decal, and say to myself, "are all my problems the result of this satan-looking head on my truck?" (because after all, the vehicle is the symbol of the self).

Now, let me just reiterate that I don't judge by ethnic group or Sirian faction affiliation, and I am sure that there are good Ram-identified Sirians, somwhere--I just ain't met them, yet! However, I have to say, that yes indeed, it was that Sirian faction of the ream's head that has made my life hell the past 10 years. You see, I think the scriptural references to the sacrificial ram, refers to the tribe of Judah, selling out their tribal brothers, and allowing their Martian stronghold to be bombarded by the reptilian spiders that creates the Amon RA bondage, with the notable, dented temples and one dead eye. I think the Ram faction responded by turning to the "Dark side" of evil, hatred, violence, and slavery over others, including sexual slavery (do not underestimate the insanity and moral depravity caused by the constricting pain of that reptilian spider virus). It is the Ram faction which has been responsible for so much of the suffering of my family in their genetic manipulation labs on Mars--and it has been going on for decades (with my extended family), at least, with dozens of my human hybrid cousins, nieces, nephew and genetic children, not to mention PF, raised as slaves, under the most atrociously cruel and barbaric loss of personal dignity and freedom imaginable.

So, when I received the telepathic message to buy a new vehicle, even though I have nothing but a line of credit--no income and no wherewithal to get any, I said to myself, "Let's go", because, believe me, I have wanted to get rid of that truck for years. About three days ago, I had seen a huge Dodge Ram truck with a massive ram's head decal pull up and talk to my evil neighbors, "Charles" and "Lou", who I have identified as belonging to the Italian faction of the Amon RA cult. Now, remember what I said, about the Mafia undercutting the autoworker's unions? The Italian clique of Amon RA are actually in cahoots somehow. My intuition tells me that it is an unequal partnership, but I do not know which one dominates, though I suspect that it is the Italians who dominate in the interdimensional realm, though the Rams have greater viability in the 3D world. Just guessing about that possibility --but I did "know" when I saw that Ram truck pull up and two shapeshifters get out to talk to the "Italian" alien shapeshifters, aka "Charles" and "Lou", that somehow those bastards thought they owned me, and I knew the culpable connection tying me to them, was that damned Dodge truck.

So, off I went to buy a new vehicle, and everything seemed to go much smoother than usual. Of course, my high credit score was helpful, but there was no doubt in my mind that the really big bonus was the "VIP" tag that follows me wherever I go. Never mind that the VIP tag attracts 10X more negative attention, rather than positive attention. It is a fact of life and I have learned to deal with it. So then, came the dreaded trip to the finance office, when one is worn down and sick, and I was even more so than usual, which should have been a tip-off to me, but I have been so low energy with my current viral affliction, that I barely paid it any mind.

I now know however that this particular dealership has vampires (real ones) in positions of high management. Now, let me say that I spent some time researching the Hyundai company itself, and my initial impression is that the founder seems to be a genuinely good man and entrepeneur. However, where evil has entered "the mix" of legitimate commercial transactions is in usurious financing, and of course, all large purchases require this. Now again, I have taken advantage of usurious financing for decades, and never really resented it (with one exception--when Chase really gouged me for a $400.00 penalty). However, the very framework of usurious financing is built on KaBal principles and values, the epitome of which is that anyone who owes you money, becomes your "slave". This might seem like Marxist, ideological hogwash, but it is very true, for the entire banking/financial industry as we know it, is founded on those principles and the "Magic" that enforces it.

Yes, "Magic" never really went away. The whole universe operates on the principles of forces, and when they are hidden to us, they are "magic"; when they are known to us, we call it, "science". Well, depending on how you want to look at it, the Italian vampire KaBalists are the galaxy's greatest magicians or greatest scientists. They have been using magic, literal magic, with spells and incantantions against me for years. I suspect that is what made me so susceptible to the finance officer. My driver's license went missing for a brief spell while I was at the dealership, and then, voila, the manager, a man named "Val" produced it. PF told me a long time ago (as a seeming aside, not serious schooling, but our unnatural circumstances puts us in that position) that anyone who has your identity card "can do anything to you". I believe that I was sitting in the dealership showroom and fighting spiders in the interdimensional realm, but more in a fantasy mode rather than an earnest one. That is what the "magic" of these aliens do. They hijack your interdimensional reality, and go in their and take a joyride in your mind. You see, all consciousness needs holographs or fantasy to embody their immaterial reality. However, those of good consciousness, of soul, may be living in a holographic or fantasy universe, but the energy of the good soul, provides for true reality, love. Evil aliens don't have that, so the interdimensional fantasy loses deep feeling, and deep meaning, and becomes a cartoonish caricature.

Now, I fight a lot of battles in the interdimensional realm and I have to say that I know the difference between a caricature of a battle and the real deal. I was lost in a caricature, and I think that is because a spell was cast, using my driver license while I waited. Remember, that I bi-locate easily, so even I was not aware of this interdimensional interlude that occurred while waiting to finish the transaction. Once inside the office, I was so weak and sick that I said yes to all the finance officer proposals. Again, I have done this before, without thinking too hard. I was offered a fair deal, or at least that is what I thought. To me, a fair deal means that I pay a reasonable sum of money in exchange for a product or a service. Aahhh, but I wasn't thinking that vampires were trying to enslave my soul by getting me to agree to pay them for insurance services, but that actually was happening. The insurance company was Landcar Insurance, based in Sandy Hill UT.

Anyway, I got very sick driving home. Because I had signed up for their services, the vampires thought that they "owned" me, and they put a noxious, sickening fume in my brand new car. I went straight to bed when I got home, and had more cartoonish caricatures of dreams. The phantom alien spirits believed that, since I had signed away on a financing insurance policy, that I was their slave, and thus, they were free to go in and use my interdimensional reality (my neurons firing away in imagination), as their own personal playground. It was crazy, so when I woke up, I realized what had happened, and had to end up cancelling my entire insurance policy which I have had for over 12 years. Yes, these large insurance, as well as large financial service companies are part of the same KaBal slavery scam. However, they are very smart about who they target. They hate negative publicity. Thus it was high number fraudulent scams, and poor nations and poor people (payday loans), who suffered most for much of the last century. There was nobody to really stand up and advocate for these victims while they were bled dry to feed the vampires. However, once that line ran out, the vampires starting draining middle America--the feeding tubes had been stealthily placed in there, starting with the Federal Reserve, but the actual bloodletting didn't begin, until the KaBal thought that they "owned" enough infrastructure and people (govt, Supreme Court, lawyers, CEO's businessmen, TV celebrities, doctors, recent college grades with 40K debt--anyone who felt so enchained to and by their financial attachments that they were willing to follow the KaBal lead, even if their conscience squealed).

I finally got the insurance policies cancelled, but not before I had to argue with two very nasty (real, and maybe even alien or hybrid) vampires. I have to thank PF. I was wearing the Indian medicine pouch that she made me, and from my conversation afterward, I guess that really bothered them. The floor manager, Val, who had scammed my license the day before, finally agreed to cancel ALL insurance policies, but the big heavyweight, Kevin, who was called in to deal with me originally, was the really hateful and resistant one--he may have been a shapeshifter, because he was way too obese for a vampire like him, to come to that body honestly.

Anyway, I dodged a bullet there, but the moral of the story, is that I, for all my intelligence, both of the occult world, and pragmatic smarts about finances, nearly got hooked into years of slavery and misery, because the entire system is rotten and corrupt to the core, and vulnerable to the excesses of abusive practice, because the entire usurious financial system is based on SLAVERY. It is just that most people are only vaguely aware of the spiritual claim made against their soul every time they use a credit line, or even handle paper money--the Federal Reserve notes in this country are purposely designed with occult symbolism designed to "magically" impart a slaver vibe, just by touch. It is not just me saying this--Jordan Maxwell and other alternative researchers have commented on it as well.

Now, I am a pragmatist. I don't expect to live in a perfect or purely spiritual world, or maybe I should say, "I didn't expect". However, the putrid death throes of the current global economy is overpowering everyone, and it just needs to be buried, sixty feet under, with a Chernobyl-like concrete bunker built over top of it. Again, this is not ideology talking--I am talking from personal experience and years of observation. This current financial system is not about prosperity, capitalism or convenience. It is about SLAVERY, even if you happen to be one of the lucky few who can claim "overseer" or "master" status. No more slavery, and this time, release the slaves so they have a decent chance. Give them their 40 acres and a mule. Debt forgiveness. Let's have a Jubilee, as ordained by God's Law, and move on to a fresh start. In the long run, it will be better for everyone, except the vampires of the planet.