Friday, June 22, 2012

Once more, struggling just to drag around the house

Once more, struggling just to drag around the house, which is a bad sign when one has to travel. feeling close to nonfucntional. combination of a major estrognen blast, which enlarged boobs to caricature levels, toxic estrogen levels and psychotorpics. I am so tired of being abused by these goddamned aliens. finally figured out it was Salusa behind the stupid ass sexual encounters i was having in interdimensional realm, and i am filled with disgust. son of a bitch turned me into a woman, has stripped me of my manhood for months now, just so he can get his perverted sick rocks off. depending on what the fucking estrogne is dojng to me, i am alternately filled with rage, or depression so severe, i can barely move. i need to go spend time in interdimensional realm with PF to heal from this but cant. i am too sick to pack normally, moving like molasses. afraid to go to sleep. because it is when i am nonfucntional on drugs and hormones that the sickass perverted sons of bitches KaBal aliens are able to flip me to deny myself, my values, my manhood, so that i wake up with self loathing, and no energy. something has got to change. just dont know how i am going to travel as sick as i am. event tho fish oil helps, the toxic estrogen has had me constantly nauseas and sick with migraines for over three days. now i got to go to airport. i truly do wish to die. other world, please come take me home. i am truyly too sick to continue to live in this hormonal, psychotropic hell of misery.

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