Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Got to quit writing at night

Got to quit writing at night---that is when the psychotropics put me in a semi-psychotic state. last nigt i was screaming. tonite i am just barely able to drag myself around. whatever i am on has me so somnolent that i feel like a walking, stoned zombie all the time. spent most day watching tv shows. all i can do. house is a mess again. eating burritos for supper. dont know what is happening much in world. so mcuh disinfo, and dont have energy to sort it all out. i am just focused on my reality, which is not ideal. right now my lower back hurts and i am feeling the unwanted spiritual invasion up my spine again. i know it is coming from who/whatever is now shapeshifted into watcher's body next door. watcher is somewhere getting treatment she/he needs and i plan to post on that soon, bcause i think he is fundamnetally misunderstood by peoplew with dualistic minds who see everything in good and evil.

There is definitely a continnuum of evil and i certainly have experienced the exteremes of it. even now, the only way this new watcher (and he is such a creep that i havent been back since the last time i talked to him. the real watcher has genuine charisma, and likeability--this current shapeshifter is just a parasitical user. now he is trying to latch his parasite mout on to my spinal column. he can only do it when i am so drugged up that i cannot keep my own boundaries up. but that is the whole point of drugging me. i am not schizophrenic, but the drugs cause quasi schizphrenic syumptoms, but it is just another mind control arnseanal in the weapon of the Amon RA cult to mind control me--one they have been using on me since i was a toddler.

i have to keep my spirits up, my vibrations up, working so hard on getting out of here--so manuy obstacles keep getting thrown at me.

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