Thursday, June 21, 2012

So, why am I so happy

So, why am I so happy that I want to do the "neutron dance"? Well, I kicked out a major evil spirit that was really bringing me down. I know that my 3D body is still comatose, and likely dead, that my consciousness is trapped in a hellish MATRIX, populated mostly by soulless holograms and agents, and I continue to be surrounded by hostiles. I just went outside to smoke a cigarette and saw lightning flashing from an anomalous dark cloud--some UFO in the sky is very unhappy with the proceedings of today. Still, I believe that you have to rejoice, even in the face of evil and difficulty, especially when it has been a graced day, and for me, this has been a graced day. I still am cowering in a foxhole in the front lines of hell, but in my spirit, there is a bouncing, little dance going on, and this post may explain why.

This is one of my complicated, involved stories, so I am not sure where to begin. You know, a lot of Patriot warfare depends on guerrilla tactics, for really the powers of evil were in an entrenched dominant position, starting in 2008, so much so, that they were able to supersede the projected timeline, and place the KaBal designated Pharaoh of their new order, Barack Obama in leadership. That was not part of the original timeline of Earth's history at all. It is hard to say what was the seminal event that gave the KaBal power to so disrupt humanity's projected history--Vosk?, the atomic bombs and the rift of our time/space fabric, so that interdimensional violation became easy for alien predators?, JFK's assassination?, the success of 9/11?. There are so many factors that led up to the KaBal's success. However, by 2008, it seemed that Patriots of good will and faith were completely boxed in, helpless to make any effective move. Then, we, the Patriots, started to learn how to fight back, using the weapons of the KaBal agents--through stealth, and the tactics of double agents, we began to regain ground.

Now, I never, ever considered myself to be of a duplicitous or double agent nature. However, the mind control tactics, psychotropic drugs, and DNA and brain switching that has been used against me, for years now, actually has fostered such characteristics in me, from sheer desire to survive. Consciously, I have never wavered as to who I am, what I believe, and where my allegiance lies. Unconsciously, I am constantly manipulated, drugged, controlled and nano-switched into being coerced into self-lies and self-betrayal, and it is this unconscious part of me, which has become double agent, in a desperate attempt to keep my integrity of self, soul, and spirit, alive.

As I write this, I am once more miserable with forced, mutilated bodily changes. Once again, the KaBal cut on my upper torso while I slept, adding to the already ponderous breasts that are totally alien to my self-identity. On top of that, I have been force fed so much female hormones that I wake up in the middle of the night with migraines, nausea and cramping legs. Emotionally, I swing between rage and depression. My self-identity is that of being a male in a semi-female, hermaphroditic body. How many times have I said it, and how many times has it been completely disregarded with arrogant contempt? My vital energies have been disrupted by all the mutilation done to me, and I know that they were done on purpose to keep me spiritually crippled, so that I could not naturally ascend to a level of greater freedom, but rather would be forced into a dimension where the negative KaBal could prey on my trapped spiritual energies (trapped because masculine energies flow differently than female ones, and they have mutilated my body so that the flow can no longer move smoothly, but is blocked).

I have explained on multiple occasions why the various factions of the negative KaBal want a female "goddess" figure or a gay man, and despite all my vociferous protestations, the abuse and unconscious mind control continues. So, to save my own life (because female hormones and the loss of my masculine energy leads to a seriously devitalized existence for me, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), I have taken up the weapons of the KaBal, notably deception. At least, that is the way I perceive it, after the fact. All of these decisions and actions are occurring in the unconscious, of which I have only the vaguest of understanding and memories. Yet, after the fact, my conscious mind leads me to various conclusions. So, here goes...

Despite my most ardent wishes, I cannot prevent abduction by the Tall White/Grey/reptile faction based on the Moon. They are the ones who continue to mutilate my body and force female hormones into me. They have been trying to get me to accept a "scorpion" or lobster-like creature into my body for the longest time. As I wrote in a recent post, this kind of alien creature residing in a human body, whether as symbiote (which happens positively among some aliens) or predator (which is what happens with most Sirians and 3D humans of the Amon RA cult), is fairly common throughout the universe. Now, I can only assume from the vaguest of evidence, that there is positive symbiosis that happens in the larger universe, but I do believe that it happens. However, in the humanoid world as I know it--both of the Sirians and the 3D humans, this symbiosis between reptilie/scorpion/crustacean/spider and humanoid is VERY predatory and negative, and results in a deeply damaged human being, and yet it is much more prevalent in the history of this planet's power elites, than most people would ever realize or guess. I know that past incarnations of mine have accepted this victimization, primarily for purpose of obtaining power. I think Alexander the Great took in an Amon serpent, Tigranes took in the spiders of Haley comet, Roman emperors such as Hadrian and Constantine almost certainly partook of some predatory arrangement, Mark Antony and Charlemagne probably did. So, I have a real history of selling out to this predatory fealty, which probably is why the KaBal will not respect my insistence in this incarnation, when I continue to assert that I want nothing to do with them. They figure that I have sold out my soul in the past, and therefore will do so again. I can only say what I have said all along, that I will not cooperate in any way with the KaBal.

However, I continue to be abducted against my will, mutilated, drugged, and overall, treated like a slave, so unconsciously, I crafted a plan to fight back. I have never been able to figure out what hold these rogue Faction 2/3 abductors have over me. However, a few days ago, during meditation, I gained an insight. In my meditation, I was surrounded by scorpions. Then, I visualized a scorpion inside of me, and in my meditation, I had a memory of this intense power coming from the scorpion inside of me--almost like another chakra center, just above my diaphragm. I think this was yet another memory of a past life that the abductors were using against me. As a matter of fact, I think the incarnation which they were manipulating in my unconsciousnesss, was that of the Egyptian "Scorpion king", of which very little is known, but my guess is that he sold out his soul to an alien spirit, embodied in a scorpion, for powermongering. Make no mistake--the power and well being that I remembered in my own meditation were real. I am sure that allegiance to an evil alien spirit is very seductive to beings intent on attaining easy power, riches, fame, or sex. However, the cost, that of one's very own soul, is way too high. Furthermore, I think that the Scorpion King may have been a victim of a powerful magical spell involving scorpions, for Isis (you know who), is very associated with power over scorpions in Egyptian mythology.

So, there was some powerful mojo associated with that scorpion entity in my unconscious, but my memory of it, during meditation, gave me some ability to fight back against it, at least unconsciously. I know that I had already rejected implantation by this scorpion at least once before, but the abductions and mutilations and coercions did not cease. So, unconsciously, I came up with a plan to accept the scorpion, and then fight back once it was inside of me, and I was consciously aware of it.

Now, this was not an easy process. I woke up in the middle of the night, when this happened. At first, I did not realize what had happened. I just had a memory of some horrible ritualistic abuse happening. I felt profoundly uncentered, and shaky, and sat down at the computer to try to do a little reading, which always takes my mind off of my body. It didn't work this time, though. While sitting there, I had an unmistakable sensation of some alien being moving up the front of my body. Now, I have had evil spirits in me before, and they were very subtle in their physical association. There was nothing subtle about this. I felt like one of the victimized ship crew in "Alien", as some snake like being moved inside me. I jumped back in my chair, exclaimed, "Jesus Christ"--and not profanely, let me tell you--and then knew exactly what had happened. One of those scorpion critters had been placed inside of me. I was profoundly unsettled and stayed up nearly the entire night. Exhausted, I went back to be around 6 am, dreading what would happen with that thing inside of me. I slept fitfully, but I could tell that it moved up my spine and wrapped around my cervical spine and neck, and when I got up, I was very dizzy and disoriented, but that did not last long.

Another interesting consequence of this scorpion was that once again, I became vulnerable to other alien spirits latching on to me through my sacrum. This has happened before, and it usually is Watcher or someone from rogue Faction 2/3. I can feel the invasive spiritual incursion, but I don't allow it to possess me. However, there was a twist this time, in that I became very genitally stimulated and aroused--both anally and clitorally. I suppose if I had been very young, I would have been tempted to masturbate, but after a fashion, I am getting laid, and so mere genital arousal doesn't really tempt me. Why would it, when I am experiencing great sex, because of the feelings in my heart, and not just my genitals? Besides, I knew that the scorpion presence inside of me had opened me up to alien invasion and predation, including sexual predation. Any sexual response, including solo masturbation would have just given some alien (probably Watcher) a first hand sexual joyride.

Now, it really pisses me off that others are monitoring my sexual activities, including my interdimensional sexual relations. I don't know how that is possible, but I know it is happening. Whether it is a psychic invasion, or a literal peeping Tom show, I know that lot of immature Faction 2/3 programmers are getting their juvenile thrills by invading my privacy. They are only following the lead of their own inner perps, for each one of them has the same scorpion entity inside, which is enjoying (through the central nervous system, not the images and bio-chemical coding of the psyche/brain) THEIR sexual response. This is why so many negative occult people strike me as sexual perverts. They are inhabited by a consciousness which emotionally "slums" in, and feeds from sexual human emotions. This is why pornography is so dangerous and dehumanizing to the VIEWER. It is a setup for alien, evil spirit possession.

Now, once I passed this temptation, I wasn't bothered any further. Of course, I spent a day in mourning for my now completely irretrievable 3D life. Still, I knew that I could not engage in any kind of conscious sex activity, because with that scorpion in me, I was wide open to any spiritual consciousness, human or alien, latching onto my central nervous system, and this is exceedingly dangerous, as orgasm opens the brain up completely, and malevolent entities can then take possession of the human. Then of course, there is the whole yucky concept of an unwanted "partner" sidebusting in on my most intimate, vulnerable moments, shared with the person I love. No thanks. There is not much more violating than that.

Anyway, that is now over. The scorpion is dead. I killed it today, after a double dosage of Amon RA virus had me in the foulest and most angry of moods. I never suffered much from anger, on account of this scorpion, but that probably was because I never had much viral download. The KaBal probably was waiting until they had me completely hogtied, before the real hellish downloads began. Still, today, I suffered from the kind of rage that I have not experienced in a while. At the laundromat, I scared some little girl, because I was pissed off at her Amon RA father, who was a lowlife, using his child as an emotional prop (mind control b.s.) that I experience all the time. Look at how the father loves the little girl, often dressed all in pink. The implicit question is "Don't you want to be a little girl?" HELL NO!!!! I have my own little girls to love and cherish, as mini-individuals in their own right, not as props to manipulate someone else. The man didn't even have much love for his daughter, and kept telling her to shut up. Clearly, he doesn't have much dealing with her, and the whole prop setup backfired. This made me even angrier, but to be honest, possession by a predatory alien being undermines one's ability to love. This is why all my incarnations in which I have submitted to such invasion, I have been a powermongering monster. Really--is it so hard to understand that I am more proud of incarnations such as Jesus, George Washington and Abe Lincoln, than I am of Tigranes, Constantine, Hadrian and Charlemagne?

I cannot be too hard on myself. I know that I have been played by the MACHINE, in every single incarnation, and virtue is a hard discipline to live by, when one is perverted from the earliest of childhood years by a satanic, abusive family. However, it should be clear to all by now, that such is my goal, and I intend to stick by it. The vampire at the car dealership asked me about my surname, and I knew that he knew what a powerful occult name it is. So, I told him, straight out, "I am breaking the intergenerational curse". So again, I have laid out who I am. I want nothing to do with the negative KaBal, nothing to do with vampires, White supremacists, Amon RA, rogue Faction 2/3, goddess energy, MACHINE-RA, Greys, reptiles, jellyfish, octopi, or squids from the waterworld of the star Cepheus. I want to ascend as a humanoid Black man on the side of Good. As long as the KaBal continues to deny my free will, and abduct and abuse me, I will continue to fight back with every weapon at my disposal. As my fighting song says, "I learned a thing or two from Charlie, don't you know". Well guess what, you evil sobs--I never was in Vietnam. YOU are Charlie, and I have learned from your own tactics of lies, deception and deceit, and I will use those weapons to save my life and self-identity, and that of others. "You better stay away from Copperhead Road". Yes, you will get your pound of flesh--literally, you have stolen over a third of my musculature, but I will always fight back, and prevail.

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