Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time is running shorter and shorter.

Time is running shorter and shorter. I got 12 minutes on an Internet cafe connection, so this is going to be fast. Life continues to be a bust for me. Seems like every time the Patriots try to put something together, the evil Ka
Bal breaks in. I am in place to ascend--I just need a little cooperation from others. Unfortunately, that is not happening. Apparently my sons were abducted by the KaBal yesterday, which of course intimidated the hell out of PF and the psychic community who was assisting her in the ascension prep for me. You cannot imagine my fury and helplessness at this. I AM SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF BEING PUNKED INTO BEING MADE POWERLESS BY THESE ASSHOLES.

After they got my son, they force fed me such major female hormones that I literally had no energy to ascend. PF tried to get me to have sex, because she knows that gives me a testostosterone boost, which pumps up my energy to BARELY HUMAN levels. I am not some great dynamo of energy. I can barely walk and move, but with the female hormones, my brain literally shuts down, which is what it has done most of the day, while I walk around, in a daze. female hormones were so bad that i could not complete the sex act, and could not even feel my shrunken clitoris. worse of all, was the complete lack of energy.

but I made a decision today. If the KaBal continues to interfere in my Ascension process, I am committing suicide. as a matter of fact, i am prepping myself for it mentally. It not only is the only way i know how to affirm my identity as a man, and protect my children, as a father from these evil bastards, but also these MATRIX HELL I am in, is unbearable. I have figured it out, all you 3D people. Faction 1 and 2 have been VERY, VERY busy constructing thelternative matrices for people to be imprisoned in, after death, and before reincarnation. it is horrible here. soulless holograms feed off human emotuion. there is no soul energy here. Yes, this is unbearable, and one way or another, if I cannot get the help and support i need to end this hell, I will end it myself.

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