Monday, June 11, 2012

More past life karma coming to light

More past life karma coming to light--this time with a twist. Apparently, I am driving PF crazy, because sometimes in the interdimensional realm, I am happy, self-confident man, and other times I flip to an insecure, passive girl child or young woman. I know that I never come across as a confident, mature woman, because that is just not who I am. While it may happen only occasionally, I feel much stronger and more self-confident when I come across as an adult male. I am thinking that such a self-perception flip may have happened again last night, after a previous night, in which I was a completely confident and happy man, hugging and loving all over PF, while I entertained the crowd. I was a Black man, and while to me, skin color is not that important, PF finds me very sexy as a Black man, and to me, THAT is important. So why, after one night of triumph as a bodacious Black man strutting his stuff on the stage, does the following night find me shrinking back into the role of girl?

Well, the short answer is intense sexual guilt of a deeply moral man who got caught up in a "threesome" in which he had a largely involuntary role in taking advantage of a young Black girl in the late 19th century. There was a definite power imbalance in the relationship, and it also involved a hard core racist, plus there would have been sexual pleasure, so there was all kinds of yucky and/or conflicting vibes.

Once again, I have to beg the reader's credulity, but again, my research and intuition are solid, so bear with me, as I explain how Abraham Lincoln, Albert Pike, and a brief incarnation of PF (after her previous incarnation as Mary Todd Lincoln passed on), as a young Black woman were all involved in this mix.

I don't think I have ever wrote this before, but I learned a long time ago, that Abraham Lincoln, as well as George Washington are previous incarnations of me. I prefer not to mention my incarnations unless there is a point to illustrate, and such is the case with Abe Lincoln. Before beginning with this narrative, let me say that aliens have been seeding this planet with genetically manipulated humans and Martian hybrids, raised in incubators, and born fully adult, for years. I know that it happened during the Italian Renaissance, and I know that it happened during the time of ancient Israel, not to mention ancient Egypt. My theory is that an astrological/astronomical window opens and for a period, there is commerce between the aliens on Mars and Earth, but then "righteous" people find out about the travel, and the infrastructure is smashed, until the next window of opportunity allows for interdimensional travel between Mars and Earth. The aliens "adopt" certain countries, and the USA, with its strong freemason heritage was one of their pet projects. If you look at pictures of the presidents, you can see that quite a few of them had the Amon RA virus. Some presidents, such as James Garfield (damned there is a strong resemblance to my family in that President) may not have been either born fully human or on Earth, but rather as hybrids, raised from zygote to adult in a Martian incubator, in under a year.

Abe Lincoln was one of those anomalous, alien-patronized births. Now, I am not sure of his heritage, but PF has done extensive research on it, and published it on the Rumormillnews site. I think she was trying to understand her own incarnation as Mary Todd at the time, and I remember reading a couple of articles about it, but I don't have time to go back and find the exact article. Basically, PF wrote that Abe Lincoln was not raised in a log cabin in KY, but with an occult Jewish family somewhere in the deep South. It is ridiculously easy for the Mars aliens to pass off hybrids with complete and bogus histories here in 21st century America--imagine how easy it was in early 19th century America, with no centralized records and half the country in wilderness. The bottom line is that PF is fully aware of her past lives, and is an honest researcher, so that I have no trouble accepting her thesis, since it dovetails with my own hypothesis.

Among her articles, she also claims that Mary Todd was the one who murdered Abe Lincoln and presents a whole alternative view. The RMN site has a great archive search function. All of the articles were written within the past year. Happy hunting! One thing is sure though--the Amon RA cult was deeply involved in Abe Lincoln's birth, life, rise to power, and when he dared to show moral strength and defied their expectations, his death. They had Mary Todd strung out on opium, and between her addiction and her "nervous personality", she was easy to manipulate to pull the trigger. The catalyst may have been anger over Lincoln's affair that resulted in twin daughters, but John Wilkes Boothe was right behind her to do the deed if she choked at the last minute. Boothe was Amon-RA as well. My guess is that the Knights Templar, which are an Amon RA cult, was deeply involved in the South, and actually wanted the slavery to continue (cults do better in authoritarian, unfree societies), so that they were furious when Lincoln, just as Kennedy after him, forgot who was responsible for his rise to power in the first place.

The Amon-RA cult is unforgiving to "traitors" to the MACHINE, and Abe Lincoln suffered the same fate as Kennedy, that is, he was denied immediate return back to the incarnational cycle, but instead was placed in the body inhabited by another consciousness. You know, I always assumed that the kill shot to Kennedy's brain was just fortuitous. However, I know the occult KaBal plans every last little detail, and they could have killed Kennedy in any multitude of ways, so now I think that MACHINE-RA/Amon-RA cult reserves a special punishment for those who they feel betray them. They deny them immediate reincarnation, and instead place their "stolen soul", their lost, wandering consciousness, in a body which houses another consciousness, which is antithetical to the original consciousness. Not only is it an antithetical placement, but the "jailkeeper", alive body is always one fully plugged into the MACHINE, and totally dominated by it, so that MACHINE RA can enjoy the advanced spiritual torture that it is inflicting on the "stolen soul" who dared to be free.

I can recognize this, because of my experience with Loretta/Watcher/JFK, as well as my own memories of life as Abe Lincoln/Albert Pike. Now, for a long time, I had wondered if I lived a past life as Albert Pike. I knew that I had a lot of White racist credentials hanging on to me, because the White supremacists would not leave me alone, and he is the most powerful and intelligent White racist of which I know. However, the thought never stuck, and once I fully vetted Abe Lincoln as a past life, I totally discarded the idea, because the timelines were overlapping.

However, today in meditation, it became clear that the two consciousnesses were shared in one body after Abe's "death". I have always hated the song, "Brown Sugar". Now, I am no prude, but my first impression of the song is that it is hateful to Black women, yet I suppose the song fascinates me on a certain level, as well. Somewhere, sometime, I had been in love with "brown sugar", and yet it caused tremendous guilt in me, as well. So, I figured that somewhere in a past life, I had sexually abused a Black slave or woman. Now, I have had Black lovers before, not only in ancient times, but as recently as George Washington, who fathered a child with a Black woman named "Venus" (hmmm, wonder who that was?), but there was something that I knew to be morally disturbing and conflicting about this experience, so I figured I had to have been a White racist hater, who while denying Black women their full humanity, still wanted to have sex with them. THis is pretty scandalous stuff, and the name that kept recurring in my head was Albert Pike, the racist, satanic, luciferian, freemason and intellectual.

However, I had to address the timeline issue, and that is when I realized that both Pike and Lincoln shared similar body type and facial characteristics. They both were giants of men, with strong bodies in an age when that was abnormal (alien, "Watcher" DNA input causing giantism?). Furthermore, it became clear to me, that just as with JFK, the digital pictures of Abe Lincoln on the internet are being tampered with--especially the nose. Why? Is it because Abe's nose would look like Pike's? I suspect that they are genetically related, engineered on Mars, the both of them. Indeed, they probably are brothers (boy, a high, piercing frequency just went off in my head).

So, here is what I think happened--both Abe and Pike were genetically engineered, though Pike may have been a hybrid born on Mars. When Abe refused to carry out the orders of the MACHINE and KaBal, he was murdered, but denied incarnational release. Instead, the bullet to the brain left him, unable to release into the next life, just as it did with Kennedy. His consciousness or soul was then stolen, and placed in the body with the consciousness of Albert Pike. Now, what happens when two separate consciousnesses share the same body, I am not sure--the metaphysics is way beyond my 3D ken. However, I have seen how distressing and degrading it is for two powerful alpha males, Watcher and JFK to co-exist with a elderly woman, in a frail woman's body. It is torture, I am sure, and certainly, as the deeply moral Abe Lincoln, it would have been distressing and degrading to coexist with the same consciousness as Albert Pike--especially once he started hitting on the Black servant woman, who probably was PF, after Mary Todd's death. This Black woman was almost certainly a hybrid born from an incubator on Mars. Her role was to provide conflict between Pike and Abe, and I am sure that she did. Now remember, Abe's consciousness, released from 3D restriction, probably recognized, however dimly, this woman as his lover of centuries, but almost certainly she was in a degraded, unfree status, vis a vis Pike, who would have had no love for her at all, but only lust. Abe would have been tortured by his own sexual pleasures and love for the woman, and enraged by the disdain and contempt that Pike had for her at the same time. Abe would also have been conflicted, remembering each time he made love to her, that this woman was the one who put a bullet in his brain, thus putting him in this spiritual/mental prison.
Love, hate, and lust all intermingling together, inside each person, and between all three.

Can you all see how depraved and diabolical such a psychological arrangement is?Putting two conflicting consciousnesses in the same body is a mind fuck torture of the highest order, and yet that is what the MACHINE-RA and cult of Amon-RA would take delight in, because their entire cult is founded on the abusive, dominating sharing of two consciousnesses--one, a serpent, which has domination over the human. Now, while the Amon RA devotees may enjoy the occult knowledge and power (such as interdimensional travel), they pay a high price for it--they lose their sovereignty as a human being,their freedom, and their moral authority--because RA and the serpents sure don't have a shred of morality (now, remember--there is a more positive serpent sharing faction, as well; it is the cult of RA, in all of its manifestations that is so evil--and that, by the way, includes the Arcturians, who while they may not share consciousness with serpents, they have subordinated themselves to them outwardly). This is why I can sense so clearly that those who are AmonRA devotees are afflicted with evil spirits--huge ones, not baby ones...

Now, I don't know how long that arrangement persisted, but I know that its purpose was not only to afflict Abe in the remainder of his consciousness of that incarnation, but also to set him up for a profound split in his consciousness in future incarnations. As a matter of fact, I have to wonder if such an arrangement--two consciousnesses in one body--is the culprit in schizophrenia or bipolar in future incarnations. I don't know enough to say, but I know that two consciousnesses existing in one body for decades, has to have a profound influence on the psyche. The incarnation that followed this one was Charles Lindbergh, and he lived a deliberately small, narrow life, rather than engage the fullness of even a 3D mind and psyche. I have learned that people who do so, are often afraid of their own deep psyche, and some even have hidden psychosis, which they desperately try to keep buried by living in as few mental rooms as possible.

I think I have a split consciousness that carries over from this incarnation. It is not schizophrenia, but Albert Pike, while he had a consciousness, really had no strength of soul to carry on in a future incarnation, so even though he dominated while alive in his body, I think he latched onto Abe's soul for future incarnations. Now, I think what is happening with my male/female flips is that Albert Pike needs to be completely exorcised from my psyche. He doesn't belong there. My incarnation of that time was Abe Lincoln, but this torture setup deliberately contaminated the history and future of the incarnation. Even though I was never him, he exists as a small, weaker, split off part of my consciousness, and his racist, hateful ass, keeps popping up to sabotage all my efforts at wholeness and relationship. Also, do not forget--the freemasons are NOT a benevolent, creative order. They worship RA and the serpents, and they have all kinds of Pike material with which to do ritual magic and keep him powerful in my psyche. I would not be surprised if some talisman, or even his mortal remains, are being used in magic ritual, to keep flipping me.

For the true incarnational lineage--that of Abe--is repulsed by Pike. So whenever, Pike raises his ugly head, Abe tries to disappear in penance, because Abe would NOT use a woman, in an unbalanced, domineering, racist, sexual relationship. When this hidden, unconscious dynamic between Abe and Pike flares (and race would set it off, and so would sex, and imagine race and sex being involved at the same time...), then that is when I identify as a female. It is my way of doing penance for the lustful, hateful patriarch that is Pike. It is my response to keep the domineering Pike back in his split off corner, rather than antagonize him, so that he comes out and says/does something, which truly goes against my own personhood. Pike was a bully, and since Abe was the weaker partner in this strange jail cell, it is ingrained in my psyche to mollify Pike (be a girl), rather than confront him. He is the hidden bully, and he can push multiple buttons of mine. Now however, that I know what is going on, I am motivated to get rid of his lingering influence. I want nothing to do with him, almost certainly his presence has something to do with the intense, judgmental state i which I can fall.

This post is starting to feel sloppy. I am tired. I will clean it up tomorrow, but knowledge is power, and I have got to get rid of this Albert Pike carryover--NOW!

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