Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How purchasing a new automobile led to interdimensional slavery, and how the same exact thing can happen to you, the "free" 3D people of the world, unless the evil, rotten, banking/financial structure that rules Earth is completely demolished, with full blown and unconditional debt forgiveness.

My life is kind of surreal right now. I have been working on a blog about my impending death, which I have not formally posted, because there are some pieces that I stull am working out. However, keeping that draft on notepad is confusing me, because I can't remember what I have written and shared publicly, and what is still in my private files. My brain no longer works as well as it once did, before the goddamned KaBalists destroyed billions of brain cells with drugs and physical nano-manipulation, so that I have lost my once incredible memory for words and facts and history. I struggle along as best I can, fighting against what I know to be an ever encroaching Alzheimer's, which for someone as intellectually identified as myself, is a devastating future.

Anyway, my life is surreal due to several reasons. First of all, which I may or may not have already shared, I know that conventionally, I am dead, or perhaps, more accurately in a coma. I think the battle with the "Insect Queen" left me comatose, but what is a man to do? She was one evil entity with the nastiest of designs on the humanoids of this galaxy, and once again, I answered the call of manhood and heroism, to try to save the planet, once again I was unsupported, except for PF.

Unfortunately, my body is in the medical care of Nazis, and they are keeping the body artificially alive, in hopes of using and abusing my consciousness and/or soul. So, they captured and transplanted my consciousness into a "skin job" (or machine with organic dermis) body, and an android brain. I am pretty sure that the mechanized replacement of my body has been going on for months now, as I constantly am losing digits, limbs, and organs, in my neverending battle against evil. However, I am sure when the android brain was implanted into, augmented, and/or "switched on" to replace or add onto my comatose brain. I do believe that it was relatively recent, because I could tell the difference in my meditation visual field--I began seeing "electrical activity" that was coming from the brain itself, and not retinal flashes, which, with all my opthamological problems, I have experienced before. It is like waves of electricity, or lines of light flowing down my darkened (eyes shut) visual field. For those old enough to remember, it was like in the "old days" of rabbit ears television, when the 2 inch band of static would just keep rolling down the screen, interrupting the clear field, whenever reception was poor. I also seem to see an aperture opening and closing in my visual field. My guess is that the Nazis have turned me into a network satellite, a hi-tech spy, of MACHINE-RA. Now, other than that, my brain seems to be working okay, which is to say that I can still think, image, and write. I still am disconnected from my "third eye" and the "silver cord", but that actually began years ago, when I think an implant was placed in my forehead to disrupt that. The biggest handicap that I can see to my current situation is, of course, that I cannot ascend, but there is a workaround.

However, for right now, I just want to write about my "new automobile". Since my life is so surreal--not living in any kind of connected reality, but only to an alternative MATRIX, populated mostly by soulless, skin job programs, I have cast aside the natural moorings to the MATRIX, formed through years of experience. I have nothing to live for now, but death, and my ticket out of this hell. So, when I get a telepathic message to go buy a new car, a "Hyundai" specifically, my primary objection was the thought of the marathon b.s. that buying a new vehicle entails.

All my life, I have been insistent that I would only buy an American vehicle. After all, I was born in Detroit, and spent the first five years of my life, there. However, the past few years has made it indisputably clear to me, that all of the major American auto manufacturers are deeply ingrained in the KaBal occult, in every aspect--values, agenda, and patronage. This no doubt is why Detroit is now in shambles, with the working class unions infiltrated and "owned" by the Mafia (don't forget that connection to the Italian KaBal--those mobsters aren't just "chump change"). Instead of fostering genuine worker rights and harmonious worker-management relations, they focus on supporting malcontented workers, and divisiness. However, my guess is that with the KaBal so heavy in that industry, that the very spiritual atmosphere is poison to the soul, and the poor workers--they don't know why they hate the damned place. They just want to "do their eight and hit the gate". That is what the KaBal does--it corrodes every place and every soul that it touches, even the most peripheral, and that is why the American auto industry is on life support.

Of course, I didn't know this for most of my life, so I dumbly bought American vehicles, thinking that I was supporting the poor, harassed American blue collar worker, when really, I was supporting a goddamned KaBal faction! I am NOT exaggerating this. My most recent truck was a Dodge Dakota, with the ram's head decal on the hood. Now, to me, to you, to 99.99% of the population, that ram's head decal was just a brand logo, with no meaningful significance whatsoever. Aaaah, but we are normal human beings, who, while we may appreciate our property, don't infuse it with negative, energetic chaining and binding power. The KaBal does. Because I drove a truck with that logo, the damned Mountain Goat or Ram faction, actually believe that they gave them slave rights over me!!!!

Now, a little bit of history on that truck. I never even really liked it. Never. I bought it ten years ago, in a year in which I made good money, and so wanted to get a new vehicle. I wanted a truck, but it was not a good year for attractive truck models. The only one that was not downright butt-ugly was the Dodge Dakota. The biggest personal objection I had to purchasing that Dodge, was the goddamned ram's head. To me, it looked like a representation of Baal, satanic. Now, I didn't know at that time, that I had been ritualistically abused, so I told myself that I was being superstitious, and tried to overlook it, except that I couldn't. Because, once I bought that truck, I went on a 10-year tear of the unluckiest, worst years of my life. Not long after buying it, I was railroaded from my job, then thrown in jail, then had my social security number blackballed by the NSA/CIA so I couldn't find employment, started getting sick and losing my health, lost trillions of brain cells due to drugs and manipulation, etc. Now, for the first couple of years, after the purchase, being of a symbolic turn of mind, I would look that decal, and say to myself, "are all my problems the result of this satan-looking head on my truck?" (because after all, the vehicle is the symbol of the self).

Now, let me just reiterate that I don't judge by ethnic group or Sirian faction affiliation, and I am sure that there are good Ram-identified Sirians, somwhere--I just ain't met them, yet! However, I have to say, that yes indeed, it was that Sirian faction of the ream's head that has made my life hell the past 10 years. You see, I think the scriptural references to the sacrificial ram, refers to the tribe of Judah, selling out their tribal brothers, and allowing their Martian stronghold to be bombarded by the reptilian spiders that creates the Amon RA bondage, with the notable, dented temples and one dead eye. I think the Ram faction responded by turning to the "Dark side" of evil, hatred, violence, and slavery over others, including sexual slavery (do not underestimate the insanity and moral depravity caused by the constricting pain of that reptilian spider virus). It is the Ram faction which has been responsible for so much of the suffering of my family in their genetic manipulation labs on Mars--and it has been going on for decades (with my extended family), at least, with dozens of my human hybrid cousins, nieces, nephew and genetic children, not to mention PF, raised as slaves, under the most atrociously cruel and barbaric loss of personal dignity and freedom imaginable.

So, when I received the telepathic message to buy a new vehicle, even though I have nothing but a line of credit--no income and no wherewithal to get any, I said to myself, "Let's go", because, believe me, I have wanted to get rid of that truck for years. About three days ago, I had seen a huge Dodge Ram truck with a massive ram's head decal pull up and talk to my evil neighbors, "Charles" and "Lou", who I have identified as belonging to the Italian faction of the Amon RA cult. Now, remember what I said, about the Mafia undercutting the autoworker's unions? The Italian clique of Amon RA are actually in cahoots somehow. My intuition tells me that it is an unequal partnership, but I do not know which one dominates, though I suspect that it is the Italians who dominate in the interdimensional realm, though the Rams have greater viability in the 3D world. Just guessing about that possibility --but I did "know" when I saw that Ram truck pull up and two shapeshifters get out to talk to the "Italian" alien shapeshifters, aka "Charles" and "Lou", that somehow those bastards thought they owned me, and I knew the culpable connection tying me to them, was that damned Dodge truck.

So, off I went to buy a new vehicle, and everything seemed to go much smoother than usual. Of course, my high credit score was helpful, but there was no doubt in my mind that the really big bonus was the "VIP" tag that follows me wherever I go. Never mind that the VIP tag attracts 10X more negative attention, rather than positive attention. It is a fact of life and I have learned to deal with it. So then, came the dreaded trip to the finance office, when one is worn down and sick, and I was even more so than usual, which should have been a tip-off to me, but I have been so low energy with my current viral affliction, that I barely paid it any mind.

I now know however that this particular dealership has vampires (real ones) in positions of high management. Now, let me say that I spent some time researching the Hyundai company itself, and my initial impression is that the founder seems to be a genuinely good man and entrepeneur. However, where evil has entered "the mix" of legitimate commercial transactions is in usurious financing, and of course, all large purchases require this. Now again, I have taken advantage of usurious financing for decades, and never really resented it (with one exception--when Chase really gouged me for a $400.00 penalty). However, the very framework of usurious financing is built on KaBal principles and values, the epitome of which is that anyone who owes you money, becomes your "slave". This might seem like Marxist, ideological hogwash, but it is very true, for the entire banking/financial industry as we know it, is founded on those principles and the "Magic" that enforces it.

Yes, "Magic" never really went away. The whole universe operates on the principles of forces, and when they are hidden to us, they are "magic"; when they are known to us, we call it, "science". Well, depending on how you want to look at it, the Italian vampire KaBalists are the galaxy's greatest magicians or greatest scientists. They have been using magic, literal magic, with spells and incantantions against me for years. I suspect that is what made me so susceptible to the finance officer. My driver's license went missing for a brief spell while I was at the dealership, and then, voila, the manager, a man named "Val" produced it. PF told me a long time ago (as a seeming aside, not serious schooling, but our unnatural circumstances puts us in that position) that anyone who has your identity card "can do anything to you". I believe that I was sitting in the dealership showroom and fighting spiders in the interdimensional realm, but more in a fantasy mode rather than an earnest one. That is what the "magic" of these aliens do. They hijack your interdimensional reality, and go in their and take a joyride in your mind. You see, all consciousness needs holographs or fantasy to embody their immaterial reality. However, those of good consciousness, of soul, may be living in a holographic or fantasy universe, but the energy of the good soul, provides for true reality, love. Evil aliens don't have that, so the interdimensional fantasy loses deep feeling, and deep meaning, and becomes a cartoonish caricature.

Now, I fight a lot of battles in the interdimensional realm and I have to say that I know the difference between a caricature of a battle and the real deal. I was lost in a caricature, and I think that is because a spell was cast, using my driver license while I waited. Remember, that I bi-locate easily, so even I was not aware of this interdimensional interlude that occurred while waiting to finish the transaction. Once inside the office, I was so weak and sick that I said yes to all the finance officer proposals. Again, I have done this before, without thinking too hard. I was offered a fair deal, or at least that is what I thought. To me, a fair deal means that I pay a reasonable sum of money in exchange for a product or a service. Aahhh, but I wasn't thinking that vampires were trying to enslave my soul by getting me to agree to pay them for insurance services, but that actually was happening. The insurance company was Landcar Insurance, based in Sandy Hill UT.

Anyway, I got very sick driving home. Because I had signed up for their services, the vampires thought that they "owned" me, and they put a noxious, sickening fume in my brand new car. I went straight to bed when I got home, and had more cartoonish caricatures of dreams. The phantom alien spirits believed that, since I had signed away on a financing insurance policy, that I was their slave, and thus, they were free to go in and use my interdimensional reality (my neurons firing away in imagination), as their own personal playground. It was crazy, so when I woke up, I realized what had happened, and had to end up cancelling my entire insurance policy which I have had for over 12 years. Yes, these large insurance, as well as large financial service companies are part of the same KaBal slavery scam. However, they are very smart about who they target. They hate negative publicity. Thus it was high number fraudulent scams, and poor nations and poor people (payday loans), who suffered most for much of the last century. There was nobody to really stand up and advocate for these victims while they were bled dry to feed the vampires. However, once that line ran out, the vampires starting draining middle America--the feeding tubes had been stealthily placed in there, starting with the Federal Reserve, but the actual bloodletting didn't begin, until the KaBal thought that they "owned" enough infrastructure and people (govt, Supreme Court, lawyers, CEO's businessmen, TV celebrities, doctors, recent college grades with 40K debt--anyone who felt so enchained to and by their financial attachments that they were willing to follow the KaBal lead, even if their conscience squealed).

I finally got the insurance policies cancelled, but not before I had to argue with two very nasty (real, and maybe even alien or hybrid) vampires. I have to thank PF. I was wearing the Indian medicine pouch that she made me, and from my conversation afterward, I guess that really bothered them. The floor manager, Val, who had scammed my license the day before, finally agreed to cancel ALL insurance policies, but the big heavyweight, Kevin, who was called in to deal with me originally, was the really hateful and resistant one--he may have been a shapeshifter, because he was way too obese for a vampire like him, to come to that body honestly.

Anyway, I dodged a bullet there, but the moral of the story, is that I, for all my intelligence, both of the occult world, and pragmatic smarts about finances, nearly got hooked into years of slavery and misery, because the entire system is rotten and corrupt to the core, and vulnerable to the excesses of abusive practice, because the entire usurious financial system is based on SLAVERY. It is just that most people are only vaguely aware of the spiritual claim made against their soul every time they use a credit line, or even handle paper money--the Federal Reserve notes in this country are purposely designed with occult symbolism designed to "magically" impart a slaver vibe, just by touch. It is not just me saying this--Jordan Maxwell and other alternative researchers have commented on it as well.

Now, I am a pragmatist. I don't expect to live in a perfect or purely spiritual world, or maybe I should say, "I didn't expect". However, the putrid death throes of the current global economy is overpowering everyone, and it just needs to be buried, sixty feet under, with a Chernobyl-like concrete bunker built over top of it. Again, this is not ideology talking--I am talking from personal experience and years of observation. This current financial system is not about prosperity, capitalism or convenience. It is about SLAVERY, even if you happen to be one of the lucky few who can claim "overseer" or "master" status. No more slavery, and this time, release the slaves so they have a decent chance. Give them their 40 acres and a mule. Debt forgiveness. Let's have a Jubilee, as ordained by God's Law, and move on to a fresh start. In the long run, it will be better for everyone, except the vampires of the planet.

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