Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Life in the MATRIX just got a lot harder.

Life in the MATRIX just got a lot harder. The KaBal (as in the negative, rotten, evil sons of bitches who have abused me since I was a zygote, and who plan on destroying and/or enslaving the entire planet), have control not only over the MATRIX and the planet, but their control now extends over my computer. My music is tampered with, both the audio and visual. It is interesting to see what mind control mechanisms they use to control their hapless victims (that would be me), but I am not in the mood for scientific inquiry. The crummy, soulless parasites flipped me for two days, manipulating my imagination and repressed childish memories to keep me in an artificial, false state of unreality, so that when I traveled to the interdimensional realm, I had no genuine identity--nice reptilian princess--be the vacuous blank slate we need you to be, so that we can hook up the entire galaxy to an idolatrous "Matreya in the sky" using your "blissed out" brain vibes (remember the tv series "V", anyone?), to keep all the drones on the planet soporific and zombied out.

Well, I broke out of the programming today, somewhat, but I still am not as strong as I would like to be. I know that all of my problems stem from my childhood in which I suffered severe psychological trauma and abuse, and my relationship with my mother, who was the primary dispenser of the abuse. Unfortunately, the KaBal knows this as well, and they have the advantage of knowing exactly what happened to me as a toddler, while I am only learning as I go.

I am beginning to appreciate how powerful the imagination really is. For me, it has always been a tool, which I used to help me understand my world, conceptually and emotionally. However, I recognize now, that the more powerful a brain becomes, the more powerful the imagination becomes in shaping one's reality. For someone as imaginatively undisciplined as me, striving for a clear mind is a hardship. I just had no one to talk to as a youngster, so I developed my own little, very full world in my imagination. Unfortunately, the KaBal can turn my own imagination against me. Consciously, I recognize when it is happening, but unconsciously, I am not in complete control--a bad situation when one is surrounded by hostiles.

I did not write my mother today. After healing sex with PF, the whole mother issue disappeared. The problem was trying to get in the mood to have sex. Earlier today, I had had a flash of King George VI on his deathbed. Of course, Elizabeth would have been a princess at the time, so once again, I was zoned into the reptilian mind control program about being a reptilian princess. Somehow though, I think that I transferred my hostility to my mother onto PF. It is resolved now, and I hope that my mother stays psychically dead from my unconsciousness, but it is going to be a challenging month, for the Amon-RA alliance of Factions 1,2, and 3 are in dominating control now.

You see, I wasn't completely honest yesterday--partly because I did not know everything going on. Yes, PF and I helped to save a plane load of people, but we were actually trying to escape. Right now, there is currently an electrical grid around the Earth, which could become the most hellacious prison bars ever. It has always been there--it is an essential part of the MATRIX. Now however, it has changed contours, frequencies and control. Faction 2/3 is in charge of it, and these rogue, alien-controlled haters of life and humanity plan to set up a great spectacle of illusion, another religious mind control trap, for the entire planet. The knowledge of it has been circulating around the Internet for years--it is known as "Project Blue Beam", and it basically is a global holographic projection of "Matreya" (or as I call it, "Tom Cruise with a 'Jesus' beard"--remember the programmers are all gay), with a few raptures (beaming up to spaceships) and ecstasies thrown in. IT IS ALL A COMPLETE HOAX--much as Our Lady of Fatima was--the only thing is there is no solid theology behind it--just vapid, New Age brainwashing inanities. When I started this blog, my dream state was constantly being hacked, by KaBal programmers, who were trying to get me to channel for "Sananda" (bullshiteez for New Age Jesus, or Tom Cruise with a beard--remember Scientology is part of the KaBal). Check out this photo:


Unfortunately, you will have to tab down a little bit. I could not obtain a jpeg link--it would revert to something else. I had all kinds of problems getting the above link pasted. This Faction 2/3 crowd does not want their picture out and about. Oh, and don't spend a lot of time on this site--it is run by really poisonous haters, and even I, with my rhino skin for disinfo, have a hard time, even skimming the blog.

Not only would this electrical grid allow for massive holographic distortion of the Sananda/Matreya type, it also provides a whole host of opportunity for further control and manipulation of the world. Now, like all electrical networks, it runs on codes, which can open, control and change it, so that for example, instead of having blue skies, we might have purple skies, or instead of seeing clouds and chemtrails, we would have a great holographic picture of Tom Cruise with a Jesus beard. I hope that I am not freaking anyone out with my radical description of the effects of the MATRIX, but the world we live in is mainly holographic. Sometimes I wonder what the Earth and sky really looks like--does it look like the ruined "desert of the real" in the movie, "The Matrix"? I can only tell you that I have been on various Mars colonies several times now, and believe me, it looks exactly like Earth--sometimes, too much so. I knew that something was wrong, when I was vising my mother's home in Southern CA (really, Mars), and the above sky was as pristine blue and clear, as I have rarely seen in my entire life. Of course, I blogged about it, and the next day, the sky was all clouded and chemtrailed over.

Now, this holographic "pie in the sky" stuff is for the future--down the road a bit. The frequency codes of most value right now, are the ones to the bank accounts that is necessary to complete the global financial reset. Those are the ones that have been hijacked by rogue Faction 2/3 operatives--once again, by flipping Loretta/Watcher's mind, which is not only powerfully psychic and capable of holding the codes, but who also is the technical owner of the lynchpin accounts. Now, most days Loretta/Watcher is not healthy enough to know what is going on, but for a span of a couple of days, she regained both mental and physical vigor. I know, because I was talking to her. Furthermore, I know the source of her re-invigoration (which is gone, now, but I plan to write on that, too). I think Loretta/Watcher in her healthy mind, knew what a catastrophic set up it was for rogue Faction 2/3 to possess the codes to the electric grid around the planet (and remember people, the grid itself is NOT a recent Faction 2 addition--it has been there, and in control of the KaBal, since the Fall of Atlantis. The only change is in the keys or codes--not the grid itself), and she looked to get herself into a safer place.

Of course, her caretaker and professional partner, PF, went along with her, and so did I. Unfortunately, we did not make a successful escape. The rogue KaBal is once again in complete charge of the frequency codes/keys, and it is pretty frightening to consider the possibilities for which they could use them. Loretta/Watcher is very ill once more, and PF is under virtual house arrest from what I can tell.

Needless to say, I support PF in her decision all the way. I guess that I was not punished to the extent that she was, since I am not an interdimensional being. However, trust me when I say that my life has gotten a lot harder. My body is reeking of the Amon-RA virus, I am constantly harassed on every level by abusive satanists, I feel an extra wall placed between PF and I, when it would be really helpful to have the wall lowered.

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