Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The most horrible of thoughts

The most horrible of thoughts has now crossed my mind--have those sick-ass Jesuit bastards impregnated me? And if so, with what? A Tall White hybrid--one of the Amalekites that God has condemned to the ban of destruction. The reason I am suspecting it--not yet fully ready to embrace it, is because of all the references I see to pregnancy lately. At first, I thought that Faction 2 had done their bit to help along the Merovingian bloodline, and that Wm. & Kate were expecting, but then today, I saw a post about a pregnant man. There is a transgendered man, who did have a successful pregnancy. For the past couple or three days, I have been ravenously hungry, eating more than normal, and am constantly nauseaus. However, i feel so bad all the time, and so alienated from my body that I no longer have a can sense "normal" or "change" in my body.

I have dreamed of my eggs being fertilized and grown by the evil, rotten demons before. In the early, California days of my abduction, I have dreamed of having abortions--very real and powerful dreams. I woke up, feeling that I did have a real abortion, and now I think I spontaneously miscarried anything in my body. Now, I am absolutely flabbergasted at the audacity of the evil, rotten sons of bitches who would put a developing embryo in my body. I am sure it is one of my eggs. The question is, WHAT, not who, is the father. I think the answers goes back to the post of the sperm whale beaching on Spain, and the change in skin color that I experienced. I think some evil son of bitch is trying to get a alien-human hybrid of a baby with yellow skin (purposely Mongoloid) that they can use to create an avatar, much in the same way as Barack Obama was bio-engineered to be the Muslim avatar of his generation. It is clear to the whole world how that turned out.

The bottom line is that any endeavor these negative KaBalists initiate, will always be marked by the death and destruction that is the resulting trademark engendered by their own spiritual death. I will NOT knowingly allow any genetic offspring of mine to be used by those sons of bitches. Nor will I carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. I guess they forgot. I am pro-choice, and respect a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy. I can think of no more valid reason that by the medical and bodily rape those bastards have committed against my body, unless it is God's own commandment to completely ban the Amalekites. As far as I am concerned that goes for any alien-human hybrid monster. There was no love involved in the conception of this child. It was created to serve evil, disguised as spiritual good. BULLSHIT!!!

I suppose it is one last ditch attempt by the occultists to force on me a feminine identity--something I lost last year, and will never get back. How could they be so goddamned stupid? Answer--they are just desperate. I may be a FREAK--hell yes, thanks to you sons of bitches, but female, no, and I will not carry your satanic spawn in my body.

I pray to God to abort this evil monstrosity.

unbearable suffering

unbearable suffering--more thatn anything else i long to knowck out to sleep. tried drinking some vodka. let me sleep for abou 20 mins. try to watch tv to take mind off suffering but nothing works. cant explain how every desperately ill i am. know too much estrogen, can barely walk or hold head. so autistic, i just want to shut eyes. such suffering just want death. i know this is frying my brfain. i know fucking goddamned sirians n jesuits dont care. Juar long for death. pray for death. anything to end misery and hellish siuffering. going to take vicodin try to knoc out--early still, but too much pain and sufferin

I woke up in extreme pain and suffering

I woke up in extreme pain and suffering. too sick to read "morning paper". the fuckers have cut so much on my neck that i cannot hold it up. every muscle in body spasmed and paineful. neck is worst though. there is no way i can function like this. house is a mess, need to get service guy here to fix abathtub leak, but too sick to even clean house. arms are numb. think i am going to have to spend all day in bed, wishing for death. no doubt stupid fucking jesuits behind this shit. want their girel child saint. i cant even shut my mouth--cranial facial alignment so off. i know only option is a gender change. just spend my time visualizing it. when time is ready it will happen. in meantime i have to endure suffering. endured severe suffering before--just have to offer it up for good, and curse the religious fascist pigs responsible.. doesnt matter. they have never gave a fuck about me. everything i have had to figure out on own. sitll the same. going to lay down. try not to take vicodin. a ll i can do.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spent most of day sleeping

Spent most of day sleeping. Too ill to function. Feels like the Jesuits/Sirians cut off part of my jaw line last nite. My bite s alloff, and i cannot shut my mouth. So i have a lot of csf fluid on brain stem. feel it too. very sick can barely hold head up. Need about 15-20 X more testosterone that i have, but sons of bitches wont accept that. they just keep cuting and cutting. cant bear to look at self in mirror. dont recognize face or skin color. while rereading my posts it looks like the KaBal edited out referenced to my RED skin tone. Why?

Are they just racist pigs? nevertheless, when I am healthy, i have a base skin tone that is RED, not jaundiced yellow.

I picked up a copy of playgirl to try to become comfortable with thought of having penis. not as uncomfortable an as i thought it would be, once I started looking. i recognize the men's bodies--with muscular legs, and arms as my own. I especially miss the way the back/sacral area runs in a direct line. it is the removal of that lower back/pelvic girdle config that has had such a deletrerious effect on my energy level. I just have to get my mind used to the thought--that is all--I have to see it in my imagination. i am never going to feel like myself again, until i am in a high testosterone male body. end of story.

Monday, August 29, 2011

So fucking miserable on whatever stupidass drug I am on

So fucking miserable on whatever stupidass drug I am on--I can barely drag myself to do anything at all, and am severely depressed and autistic. It doesn't help my mood to realize the Jesuits and their stupidass Catholic posse is stalking me again. What the hell do they tell those poor, ignorant housewives? Do they tell them Ratzinger is an anti-Christ, or that the Jesuits are occult fascists, plugged into a machine? As for me, I literally am repulsed by these naive patriarchal women who don't have a clue. If I were healthy AND DRUG FREE, I could free up the energy to actually feel sorry for them, but I am so goddamned sick with these psychotropic drugs that I just don't care. The Jesuits and Templars of Faction 2 are spiritual brothers really--they worship an occult MACHINE, and have no regard for human free will--especially that of a woman's. No doubt they are cooperating closely on the assault of the American people. I fear that sooner or later, they will be successful. I try to stay on top of things, but I am so fucking depressed, it is getting harder and harder.

The depression is situational--it is the drugs and my own misery with this body that has me barely functional. They chopped out a set of ribs for the second time, and once again, I literally am barely able to move in my body. I suffer from constant stomach pain, and bowel movements a 1/2 dozen times a day. I eat, I shit. I should have known the goddamned Jesuits were back in the mix when D. asked me about my eating habits. FUCK THAT SHIT. My eating habits are the same that they have always been--it is the goddamned drugs that are fucking me up! It is always the same old shit with those morons. They are the ones who blamed my eating habits for the weight gain I experienced years ago when they forced me on their goddamned lithium. I may be on lithium now, but I don't know. I will know if my brain starts rushing when I try to sleep. My brain is too fucked up and autistic to sleep in this state. Yet, I don't have enough energy to do anything and the goddamned estrogen makes it nearly impossible to concentrate long enough to read.

For me, the question is clear. How much do I have to suffer in this body, before I admit that I am never going to be happy, energetic, and alive again, until I am getting enough testosterone for my body to be functional, and that will not happen until I have a complete gender change. In the meantime, I hate the carcass I am in, I wonder which gives me the creeps more--the Nazis, the Templars, or the Jesuits--I think they are all cooperating now, and their agenda for me, is once more, "saint", which is another way of saying "mind-controlled". The sons of bitches seem to have no idea how much I despise them-- their lies, their fascism, their apostasy. I try to tell myself to stay positive, that I am doing important work, but really I just want to fucking pass over to the other side, but I am here, and I have got things to do--just not very well today.

Wow, I was cut on severely last night

Wow, I was cut on severely last night--the fucking Dogs/Sirians/Nazis who now are running our country have me firmly pegged as their new Isis, and they will do whatever it takes to force a feminine shape on me. The fact that my Spirit (energy) and Soul is decidedly masculine has no bearing for them, for they don't give a damn about anyone's spirit or soul, or for that matter, the temples that house them--the body. So, last night they chopped major muscle from my shoulders and arms, and have left me literally crippled, for they have cut essential nerves in my left arm, so that the arm is lame and in constant nerve pain, in addition to being Siriusly weakened. Worse than that, I have lost nearly all sensation in my left hand. Well, what can I expect from a bunch of Nazis?

As brief and scant as was the information in the previous post, I must have tweaked not only the upcoming Nazi plans, but also Nazi pride. I know my posts will never reach them. There is yet another occult KaBalist Nazi added to the White House roster--Alan Krueger. Check out this photo (not the ones presented on current events MSM):

I think that the American public can expect that Krueger will push the Nazi agenda--including a value added tax, which will once again force the lower income Americans to pay for the the huge bail outs, and obscenely increasing wealth gap in this country, which has weakened the country, since the unholy greedfest initiated in the 1980's, and ultimately will destroy it. This is a slow way of weakening/destroying America, since all their fast fixes keep getting snubbed.

Of course, the Nazis/Faction 2 are recovering vast sums of wealth from the Faction 1 coffers, but, "silly rabbits" aka sheeple, that is not meant for use to ameliorate the public debt--already borne by the shoulders of working Americans. Rather, it is to create a new clique of super-wealthy fascists who hope to be the financial kingpins in their new world order.

Because they keep cutting on me, and giving me the reptilian eyes of the dog Sirians, I can only assume that these Faction 2 think that I am one of them. Apparently, I unconsciously cooperated with them, at the time of the military coup--around 8/5. Why? I have a couple of different theories, but most importantly, I think it was for the same reason that I voted for Obama. I knew that a potentially fatal poison was lurking in the system, and would out itself no matter what. So, I had hoped that an early release of the poison would be less than lethal, giving the patient (the USA), a chance to recover. I also am hoping that all the good people who are absolutely blind about the evil depths of Faction 2 and the special forces miliatary will have their eyes opened, and give assist to the beleaguered patriots of this country.

God knows I feel beleaguered, but as long as the fleur-de-lis of Faction 2 and the Neptunian spear of a MACHINE-RA-enslaved special forces are the standards dominating this country, there is nothing that my Christian-identified spirit can do, but enduring the suffering and hardship caused by such an evil domination. You want to know who is running the country, people--Check out the following:

God save the Free Republic of the United States of America. Amen.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

No rest for the weary...

No rest for the weary...

While much of America has spent the day in relief and celebration that Irene petered out to a tropic storm that did minimal damage, I spent all day drugged up (I don't know on what). I was just doing a cursory reading of some posts, which is what I do most days--storing the knowledge in my head, so that it is available for crunch time--AND DAMNED IF I DIDN'T FIND ANOTHER CRISIS READY TO BURST! The jumping off point for all this new research are a couple of posts by a man who felt compelled to share his intuitive promptings:

Actually, I am not sure that this conspiracy plot is ready to burst, since I believe that the perfect occult day in September is 29/9/2011 which translates to 11.11.11. So, I was going to just marinate on what I had learned today, but no sooner do I lay down, than my little inner voice tells me to get up and write.

This is actually an involved conspiracy, and really I do need to ponder on it, soak it in, and make clear, logical connections in order to do it justice, but I don't feel up to such an involved post tonight. Still, I am going to outline the plot broadly, and fill in the blanks tomorrow--hoping that I feel better.

As, I have stated before, the occult factions of the Air Force and Navy, backed by negative Sirian elements, have joined forces to dominate the planet. Same old story. Depopulate the planet, and march on Jerusalem. America won't fill the role that they have scripted for us, however, and this country just refuses to roll over and die a cataclysmic death, so that all this turmoil, war and change can happen. We dodged one bullet with Irene (yes, we did), but the gun is still pointed right at our temple--more specifically, the New Jersey coastline, and even more specifically, I believe the coastal areas across from Monmouth.

WHO? The commanding officer behind this plot is General William Harry McRaven. Note all three names--it is important, though that is for tomorrow. General McRaven is the commanding officer of the Special Forces Joint Command in Fort McDill AFB, Tampa Bay Fl.

Check out the high ears, the elongated jawline, and rectangular, jutting chin--the good general is plugged into MACHINE RA, an occult KaBalist. He also is a former Navy Seal, and in charge of the Navy SEAL special forces. He was appointed to that post right after the military coup--in other words, the occultists moved to make sure that they had one of their own in that position ASAP. He also was the one who planned "Operation Neptune Spear", the bogus takedown of Osama Bin Laden's brother, who was in custody in a CIA safe house at Abbotabad" (sp?)

The unit emblem for the SEAL's is a Neptunian spear, and the underwater demolition specialists have an even more elaborate neptunian spear insignia. A while back, I remember asking, "Are the SEAL's even taking orders through the chain of command (a moot point, now that there is a military coup in operation), or are they Faction 2's private army?" Well, after exploring a little about McRaven, the insignias, and related, tangential posts, I have my answer. The SEAL's, under General McRaven are answering to their Sirian and Templar occult overlords, not the American people, and they are intending to deliver another massive blow to the NJ shoreline, and its citizenry.

WHAT? In a brief sentence or two, the idea is for the SEAL's to plant underwater nukes (of course the specialized team wears the Neptunian spears pins) off the shore from Monmouth. Then, wait, until a blue "UFO" or "comet" comes screaming out of the night sky--something that the citizenry of Northeast and coastal America can all see, as it goes crashing into the water, and hits the planted bombs, unleashing not only a massive tsunami that engulfs NJ, NY and neighboring states, but also steaming, cyanide poisonous gas. In short, this is another spectacular false flag attack on America, decimating the property and infrastructure of the NE coast, and causing massive fatalities.

For those who wonder how I came up with this scenario, I refer you to the video about the Blue Kachina star on Sorcha Faal's web. As I have mentioned in my most recent posts, Sorcha II is no longer presenting disinfo as an ally interested in alerting the American public, but as an adversary, notably the occult alliance of Air Force/Navy-Faction 2. Still, ally or not, I can pick out truths from lies. One truth about this video is that the producer, Marshall Masters, is hard core, rogue CIA. I know that because of his unconscious, smirking demeanor and the fact that he, along with Nancy L/ZetaTalk, jumped on the Nibiru destruction/pole shift prediction in 2003. I haven't even finished watching the video. After only 10 minutes, I was immersed and overwhelmed in a maze of tangential and supporting evidence links, that I hope to reveal tomorrow.

WHY? As mentioned before, the KaBalists hope to cause crippling damage to the US, and enforce martial law on the rest of the country, claiming that we are under imminent alien attack. Maybe the "screaming blue UFO" will be alien technology--a gift controlled by the negative Sirians to prop up their human henchmen. Obama will once again get his opportunity to ACT presidential, declaring that we must go into wartime production to defeat this unseen, deadly enemy that wills our destruction. The hope is that this production will boost the economy, as war expenditures always do.

Releasing the cyanide poison is a clear sign of aggressive malice and will definitely scare the wits out of most Americans, many of whom don't have much wits anyway, and this would make us compliant to all the rigors of marial law--including shutting down all those pesky alternative web sites which posts channelings from aliens. Hell, people who have posted about aliens, such as myself, might even get thrown into a concentration camp as being a danger to the country. The reasoning will be that, "yes, maybe those goofy UFO-cult types are harmless, but the country is at war, and there is no way that someone in possible communication with the enemy can be allowed to express themselves freely."

In his video, Masters talks of the blue comet, being a harbinger of an even greater comet of destruction and death, the red comet. I believe that the occultists want to create fear in the population about comet Elenin, which will be coming in November, and come up with an excuse to destroy it. I am not sure what Elenin is, but I am hopeful (and I normally cynical, so my hope has some basis), that it brings "good tidings" to this planet--so, of course, the occultists will want to destroy it, and the "Blue Comet" death attack will give them the reason they need.

Interestingly enough, McRaven, along with the the rest of his KaBalist colleagues has no allegiance to this country. As a matter of fact, their biggest concern is that they install one of the Windsor princes, William or Harry (remember the name) as king of Jerusalem. This is all related to the recent birth of the supernova in Ursa Major. I am going to go more into that later, but remember Jesus' words about stars in the heaven, "I saw Satan falling from the sky..." I do believe that this new star has given our universe another negative, luciferian archangel.

More on this tomorrow...

Well, I am not on crazy making drugs

Well, I am not on crazy making drugs like lithium, but I woke up groaning, and that is a proven indicator that I am on Depakote. I am a little more alive and aware of what is going on around me today, but still not able to fully engage reality. Of course, I am autistic, and while autism enhances my ability to live in my head, so that thinking is not so debilitated, it becomes difficult to concentrate enough to plow through the whole backlog of vids and posts I have bookmarked to read. It certainly is very difficult to get through routine chores. Whatever drugs I am on, I realize that for the past few days I have been suffering from the classic autism "gut" symptomology of being a "pooping factory". Yesterday, I had no appetite to go along with the lack of energy, so I did not eat as much as I normally do, so I know for sure that my excessive bowel movements are the result of these psychotropic drugs exacerbating my autistic gut.

Likewise my energy level is so low that I cannot do the routine tasks that need to be done around my house. Thank God, and everybody positively involved, that Irene has blown over with mininal damage, giving us a little respite. When/what will be the next great crisis? I don't know. However, I am not going to push too hard--God always seems to reveal the necessary insights to me, when needed, so I just need to stay healthy. I hate it that this is the second day in a row, that I have no energy for any kind of serious productivity and engagement with reality, but there is nothing for it, but to deal with it, and find something very low level that I can do to pass the time. Nothing like good ole tv, when I am too autistic to do anything else...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stupid moronic fucks got me on lithium

Stupid moronic fucks got me on lithium. I have been out of it all fucking day. yes, i go thru the motions, and even took two small bike rides but i dont give a fuck about anything. I know i am glad that diasater was averted again, but i am too goddamned drugged to care. tried to read. cant read. triey to watch tv. cant watch tv. worse of all is when i try to sleep and the GODDAMNED BRAIN RUSHES START UP AGAIN, and i realize thatr all that shit about what i eat making me fat is BOGUS BULLSHIT. it is the goddmaned lithium and estrogen that have turned me into a miserable fat snail, barely able to move, to clean house, to do fucking anything. but that is the way the goddamned luciferians like their people--so zombied out that they dont know what the fuck is going on, so goddamned miserable in their own bodies that they think nothing. going to have to tke vicodin to try to sleep. cant keep living this fucking way. no fucking energy,no fucking desire to live.

Absolute bulls-eye confirmation on previous post

Absolute bulls-eye confirmation on previous post re: my recently yellowed skin tone, Japan, & Maehara, and I do want to expound on that post a little further, but for right now, my attention is most immediately turned to the threat facing my own country. Hurricane Irene is every bit as potentially dangerous as the most dire predictions warn, and fully worthy of all the hype surrounding it--"Worst storm in 50 years", ect. For Irene is being created and frenzied by HAARP technology near Raleigh. As a matter of fact, I do believe that Seymour Johnson AFB is the implicated culprit, though the technology itself may be posted off base. One of their commanders, Col. Patrick Doherty is positively reptilian; the other ranking commander, a Col. Kirkwood, is 100% KaBal occult. The scary thing is that the ranking Master Sergeant is also an occultist. You see, (my impression is), on an AFB, the ranking Master Sergeant is the highest non-commissioned officer on base, and it usually goes to a mature, hardworking veterano of the service, someone who has proven that he is both earthy and grounded in the esteem of the enlisted men, yet respectful and appropriately deferential to the authority of commissioned officers. The key words in that sentence are "earthy" and "grounded", because the truest key indicator which reveals an occultist to me, is a marked alienation from this earthly, human reality. They are alienated in their own inner selves and spirits, and more engaged with the "etheral" (yes, I misspelled that on purpose) realm, than the earthly realm of 3D reality. So, I fear that since the ranking master sergeant is committed to the occult, this means that the entire base is probably compromised, and the good guys would find it extremely difficult to get on that base and shut down the HAARP technology.

Yet it is important that they do so, because otherwise the reptiles/KaBalist of SJAFB are going to be able to whip up that hurricane to truly monstrous strength by the time it lands and tears through the Eastern seaboard. That is the plan, now that the original landfall at Florida has been changed, since they no longer can set off phosphate mines. However, they can still do devastating damage and destruction, the higher they whip up the winds, and they want to cause as much damage as they can. Can they place nukes in key faultlines and/or mines and create a devastating earthquake? Maybe, but I would hope that the good guys have been working around the clock with a team of geologists to identity and secure such possible sites.

Still, they have other plans, for once again, Barack Obama is striding and speaking with purpose. Some group (s) or faction (s) is once again dangling the carrot of NWO world kingship to him, and he is, once again, ACTING as a man inspired. I can tell that from the tone of his voice, and the fact that he now is in FEMA headquarters. Somebody is trying to prop up his fraudulent ass a bona fide leader.

So, who is it? The Faction 2 Navy, allied with the cat Sirians, were so furious with him after he murdered the SEALs. Oh, but nothing is more frightening to occultist than a free, independent Human Being. Yes, it sucks that Barack Obama is such a lousy, two timing puppet, but it positively terrifying for them to think that a real patriot, committed to Judeo-Christian values and the well-being of this country, such as Hillary Clinton and the Patriot Leadership Team, could ever gain complete leadership over this country.

However, I can't be sure that it is the Faction 2 Navy which is propping up Obama, because the US Air Force/dog Sirians are up to their eyeballs in this shit. They are the ones whipping up the storm, and they are the ones abducting me at night, including last night. So is it the Air Force/dog Sirians which are primarily responsible? To be honest, my initial guess would be that they are cooperating together. As I said in my last few posts, on the really big operations, the competing factions will work together, until the ultimate objective, that of domination of the planet, is achieved. Then, they will go back to fighting like cats and dogs. Right now, they have a mutual enemy--the free patriots of the Patriot Leadership Team, and as much as they despise Obama, they realize that they have to prop him up long enough to win the DNC nomination, while they back a more amenable Republican puppet contender. Rick Perry seems to have learned his lesson--"Say it again, Ricky, the Federal Reserve is our friend, the Federal Reserve is our friend, the Federal Reserve is our friend"...

Still, I think that the occultist have yet another trick card up their sleeve. According to some psychic prediction, or perhaps Web Bot, there is supposed to be a huge hurricane that hits this country, and uncovers evidence of an ancient alien civilization. That is the real reason that Obama is preening at FEMA headquarters--he is waiting to enter stage right, and make some grand statement about alien technology, thus setting the stage for alien disclosure on his (ie. the KaBalists) terms, which of course, would be another mind-control lie. Now, do I think that there is some alien technology hidden underground or water waiting to be revealed? No, but I do think that some genuine alien artifact is in hiding, after being steathily removed by the KaBalists from Giza, or Luxor, or the underground pyramids of Libya (remember all those tunnels that were found after the recent fighting?). Perhaps it is at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base? It would need to be near mounds of ancient civilization, and I think both the Carolinas and Ohio could be the targeted spot. As a matter of fact, there is an ancient Indian mound about 50 miles away from the AFB...

The good guys and Easterners definitely have a busy day ahead of them. Fortunately, here in my desert home, I can take it easy. I need the rest. While today I am no longer suffering with such pain, the entire body feels exhausted and limp, as if I took a huge thrashing night before last, which I am certain that I did. I know that the Air Force/dog Sirians were involved, and suspect that my torture was used as a sacrificial offering for the success of Hurricane Irene, and the planned alien disclosure.

Last night, these abductors also changed the base color of my skin tone from ruddy red Caucasian to Asian yellow. Pisses me off, now that I can really see it. When I went for a bike ride in the bright sunlight, I could clearly see the change in my skin tone, especially in the least tanned areas of my body--the backs of my legs. The tip end of my fingers look positively jaundiced--they never get much sun, because they are always curled under my handlebars when I bike. To me, always having been either ruddy White or richly tanned Brown, my new skin tone looks sickly and less attractive. In the past (especially when I had my Mayan cheekbones), I used to be go into Indian casinos, and have all the Natives assume that I was one of them. I don't that I will be able to do that anymore. Seriously, it angers me that these idiots make changes to the most fundamental elements of my bodily self identity, without my consent. I really, really liked my God-given skin color, and now it is changed to reflect some factions vision of who I should be to fit into their purpose and agenda.

There is no doubt that the yellow skin color is latent in my genetic code. As I mentioned in the previous post, I wonder if some Asian from Japan emigrated into Spain and fathered one of my maternal ancestors, for my mother looks very similar to the Japanese people. Unlikely, even though that post about the SPERM whale beaching in Spain, was notable. More likely, it is possible that this component of my DNA is even more ancient than that--going back to the early pre-first exile days of Israel. I wonder how many tribes of Israel are represented in my DNA? So far, I am convinced of at least four, but more likely, six or seven, and depending upon how much intermarriage there were between the Northern tribes, possibly even more!

I am also convinced that my read of Kan/Maehara was correct. I know very little about Japanese politics, and I will be the first to admit that gauging truth/lies and emotional response from a different race/culture is tricky and challenging, but I have seen enough to convince me that my assessment in the previous post was spot on. I also checked out a couple of videos of the man who is his contender (I think his name is Kaida), and though the videos were in Japanese, and I had no idea of the substance of his expressed views, I saw what was missing in Maehara--honesty, sincerity, and a complete engagement with the reality (or question) at hand, rather than an abstracted, manipulative acting job. Oh, and by the way, Kan too, has all the positive qualities I look for, though again, I must insist their politics and/or political competence is not what really I am judging.

For me, the important question is, why is this man important to America's political reality. Yes, of course, we want honest and qualified leaders to win all the world's leadership positions, but I don't think that it was mere coincidence that Kan resigned day before yesterday, and my skin turned yellow during a nightly abduction that night (my time, of course). Maehara may not have been physically present during the abduction (then again, maybe he was--I am 50/50 on that), but certainly he was to be the prime beneficiary of the occult intervention by the Air Force/dog Sirians, and/or possibly the Navy cat Sirians. The occult factions are looking for a power base in Asia, and Japan has proven itself to be a big time financial powerhouse and contender. Japan also has (had?) an alien (reptilian?) base, underneath their territorial waters.

Now remember, in the Faction 2 struggle between Maurice Strong and Allen Stanford, as evidenced in the revelatory note chained to young Maddie's neck, the struggle was about who would control the financial markets of Asia. I submit that is what the Kan resignation and the Maehara re-emergence five months after he resigned in disgrace was all about--who controls the financial market in Asia?

Sadly, the Asians themselves are not the sole determinants in that answer, as the occult factions clearly keep butting in. I don't feel so badly for China, because they know what Maurice Strong is about, and they continue to offer him home and sanctuary. It is a use-use situation, with Maurice Strong hoping to capitalize financially, and the Chinese hoping to capitalize from his tremendous occult power and alien connections. However, the Japanese have been victimized, for decades, by these occult robber barons, and now a fifth of their country is in ruins, their livestock, fisheries, and farmlands irradiated, and they have to be worried about possible genetic complications for the next generation--all thanks to the machinations of these evil occult factions. So, yeah, I DO hope that Japan chooses a leader who genuinely loves their country and their people (what we here in the USA call a PATRIOT!), and not just power.

However, these occult factions also keep interfering with the sovereignty of the "land of the free", my country, the good old USA. So, I do have a responsibility to try to figure it out. T am not positive, but I tend to hold the position that currently the Templar/US Navy wing of Faction 2, and the dog Sirian faction/US Air Force (are they reptilian?--that would make them Faction 1--I am not sure) are working in cahoots to boot the Patriot Leadership Team and gain world dominion. After all, it was the Navy who initiated the military coup, yet it is the Air Force that is doing the torturous abductions of me at night. I believe that both the Templars/occult Navy and the luciferian Air Force are under alien influence, and sad to say, Admiral Mullen may have lost his integrity and personal sovereignty, too. It is really easy--all it takes is an implant in the brain, and they don't need the physical 3D body--an astral body will do just fine.

Well, there is nothing I can do except take it one day at a time. Today is a day of rest. I say my fave show at the moment, "Battlestar Galactica" has been cancelled, so I think I am going to lay in bed and read a novel. My prayers are with the people on the Eastern seaboard...

Friday, August 26, 2011

A day of terrible suffering and pain

A day of terrible suffering and pain after being abducted and mutilated last night. The parties involved (and boy, is that different), cut out parts of my neck and cervical spine. Since I have an arthritic neck, with a history of serious injury, the mutilation has left my neck unable to sustain its own weight without pain. I took two vicodin last night and still, I could not stop the pain. It was especially hard because I would find myself stop breathing, which is pretty damned scary--I think that severe case of apnea is related to the ALS with whichI have now diagnosed myself.

There's a whole new wrinkle in this abduction. Yes, it was done by the dog Sirian allies. I know this because I woke up from the abduction with lightning and thunder happening outside my window. Almost certainly, rogue elements of the US Air Force was involved. However, there was also a foreign national involved--from Japan, Seijii Maehara. This seems incredible at first, but let me explain.

Fortunately, I had someone with whom to talk today, visiting my therapist counselor. She basically is a sounding board for all the insane shit that happens to me, so that I don't go literally insane. Anyway, I was moving stiffly, and she could tell I was sick, but she told me that my face looked "yellow". After the night from hell that I had, I told her that it was probably jaundice, because the viral downloads had put so much toxins in my body that the liver was overwhelmed. However, when I went home and checked out my own face in the mirror, I was like, WTF? My face had lost its summer brown tan, and looked yellow, Asian yellow.

My mom actually has a little bit of a yellowish tint to her face. As a matter of fact, my mom is one of those Hispanic women who looks Asian. Even her eyes look like those of an Asian woman who has had cosmetic surgery. When I saw video of Japanese older women, after the tsunami, I was frequently reminded of how similar in appearance my Mom is to other Japanese women. I never really gave it much thought. I had always surmised her Asian appearance came from ancient Lemurian blood passed through her Mayan Indian DNA.

However, after an abduction in which my abductors wanted to leave their genetic tag on me (funny--those abducting assholes are the biggest racists around--everyone has to look like them), specifically, Asian skin color, I had to dig deeper. Clearly, Asians were involved in the abduction. Of course, the first thought was China. However, elements of our Air Force was involved, and it seemed a stretch that even our KaBalist Air Force would cooperate with a nation with whom relations are adversarially tense. Besides, China doesn't need to abduct me. You see a lot of my abductions are done to "scry" and "divine" for the KaBalists involved. I have been abducted by various parties, including Barack and Michelle Obama, to perform those tasks before. However, China has access to a multitude of Tibetan lamas and medium adepts that they can use for that purpose. They also have some of the most powerful psychics on the planet. So no, it wasn't China, so I started thinking about what has been in the news. Bingo! The Japanese prime minister, Kan, is resigning.

Now, the Japanese are a very interesting people, and the surname of their former prime minister, "Kan" is revealing in itself. The Japanese are the long lost descendants of one of the ("Sirian") lost northern tribes of Israel, similar to the Mongols. As I have posted before, the name Kan is related to so many other cultural variants of this ancient Israelite tribe--Cain, McConnell, Kahn, O'Connor, etc. It is also related to the surname, "Cohen". However, as St. Paul says, "not all who are descended from Israel belong to Israel", and the Japanese forgot and forsook their ancient Israelite identity, centuries ago. Still, the bloodline is there, and powerful, because it is highly attuned to the occult gifts. Yesterday, an interesting caption caught my attention, "A sperm whale beaches and dies on the coast of Spain". I think my mother and myself have this ancient Israelite tribal blood (which tribe I don't know), through a descendant who emigrated from Japan to Spain, seeded his sperm and died, far from his original homeland.

So, what Japanese person or entity would be involved in this abduction. It didn't take long to figure it out--the former foreign minister, Maehara. No doubt Maehara has that same occult gift to astrally project(what does "hara" mean in Hebrew? I just realized how similiar that name is to "O'Hara"), and no doubt he was involved in the abduction. You see, Maehara is one rotten, dirty politician. On March 6th, he resigned, ostensibly for taking a small campaign donation from a South Korean resident of Japan. That, of course is a bogus, paltry charge. However, I have learned when politicians resign for ostensible misdemeanors, the real truth is kept hidden, because it so horrific that no one wants the public to know. So, for example, Sen. Ensign of Nevada resigned last year, ostensibly for a sex scandal. The real truth though, was that he was aiding and abetting America's (alien) enemies, the Tall Whites, probably a result of greed and bad judgment, but nevertheless treasonous. I suspect the same is true of Maehara.

You see, five days after his resignation, the tsunami hit Japan. According to my memory of reading Ben Fulford's explanation of the tsunami, part of the reason, was Kan's resistance to the negative (Bilderberger) KaBal. Kan, to his credit, was trying to pull Japan free from the vicious vise grip that the KaBal robber barons had fastened on to the Japanese financial system (especially their pension institutions which were being sucked dry). For his patriotic efforts, he is getting shoved from office, and the man who was conspiratorially in, on both the great rip off of the Japanese people, and the devastating earthquake, is looking to take his place as a Bilderberger first lieutenant. Needless to say, the Japanese voters are as blind and sheeple as American voters.

Fulford was clear in his links of Maehara to the Bilderbergers, and went so far as to say that his forced resignation triggered the tsunami as an act of revenge for losing their "favorite son". Well, now Maehara, along with the Bilderberger KaBal is looking to set up Japan as a colonized outpost of the negative cabal. This would be disastrous for the Japanese people. It was disastrous for me. As part of the occult ritual of abduction, I am abused and tortured to augur well for the abductor's evil deeds. There is no doubt in my mind that Maehara was astrally present during my torture, and was the one who wanted to put a genetic "tag" on me to proclaim his ownership and superiority. Well, here is the real "blessing" that you will get from turning my skin yellow, Maehara. I hope that you and your Bilderberger buddies rot in prison for the rest of your life. My blessings are for the people and land of Japan, which you have victimized and terrorized through your evil deeds. May they get a genuine leader, a true leader that will fight the evil that is choking their land, their prosperity, and their future.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finally, a chance to write something personal--I have been going out of my mind the last three or so days, hating my body so much. It seems that every morning I wake up, and my muscle has shrunk, and my boobs and belly have gotten bigger. I CANNOT STAND THE SIGHT OF THESE GODDAMNED NAZI BREAST, much less the feel of them. Because my torso has been so mutilated, I have no chest on which to carry them. Thank God, I wear sports bras, because I would never find a conventional bra to fit. I am going crazy to be fit and strong and healthy. I want to have fucking muscles again! I want to be a man. When I see a man's strong muscular body, THAT IS ME!! I have been trying to wrap my head around the idea of having an outer penis, which seems extreme to me, but the other day I saw a picture of Putin outlining his wares through his jeans, and I realized that it what I wanted!!! No, I don't want a penis inside me. I want it on me. It doesn't seem so bizarre a thought anymore, especially when I have spent the last three days, feeling these goddamned boobs just swinging around and constantly getting in my way, feeling like alien implants. No, I don't think a penis would feel quite that bad--for starters, I would only have to deal with one of them, instead of two. I cannot live the rest of my life in this female body--not only can I not stand it, I have lost all of my innate energy. If I have to live in this body, my spiritual energy will never again peak high, and I will have to have these breast implants cut off. I cannot stand them.

Oh, and of course, I will have to find a lesbian partner.

My brain is completely fried

My brain is completely fried after last night's abduction. I know where my mind wants to go--I am very close to a major breakthrough, but I have decided to shelve those plans for today. My brain is not able to think well, right now, but I must write this post, because the information is important. Last night, I was abducted and implanted with some forehead and top of the skull implants that have left me very autistic and unengaged from reality. I feel as though I am walking around in a cocoon, and I find it hard to keep the eyes open--there is literally in indentation in my forehead where the implant was placed, and it puts tremendous pressure behind my eyes and forehead. I keep shaking my head, to get rid of the congested feeling caused by the implants or stents placed in the top of my head, but cannot. However, I remember the abduction last night, via dream imagery, and it explained a lot. I dreamed that I was surrounded by Air Force officers dressed in uniform, and they were saying smugly to each other, "Let's see if THAT plugs her into the machine".

Yesterday, I wrote of how the Navy has been infiltrated and compromised by negative Sirian aliens. Today, it is time to expose the infiltration of the Air Force by negative Sirian aliens. I am very, very close to understanding the whole schemata of the various Sirian factions works, but for today, I am just going to take a first step in outlining the basic dichotomy of the Sirian civil war, for which humans have been used as proxy soldiers for centuries. I am going to refer to these two Sirian factions as "dog and cat", not from any sense of disrespect or denigration, but because these separate factions clearly identify with either dogs or cats (why, I am not sure--I could speculate, but that is not a priority right now).

This planet was colonized by three, possibly four, successive waves of Sirians in ancient history. I am just going to focus on the cat/dog split for now, because the dog Sirians have partial control of our Air Force, while the cat Sirians have infiltrated our Navy. The dog Sirians control the air, and are related to the pagan gods, Baal and/or Enlil, who was the god of thunderstorms and lightning. Enlil is also related to the moon. The cat Sirians control the sea, and are also known as the pagan Enki (which later was transmuted to Ea, which I believe became the "Yah" of the yahwistic narrative in the Bible). The cat Sirians are related to the constellation Pegasus, and the various fish gods and goddesses, from which Agarti (the Agarthans of inner Earth) and the Merovingian bloodline (which was engendered by a fish god) come.

Now, precisely why these two factions "fight like cats and dogs", I don't know why at this very moment. However, rest assured that the divisions are ancient and substantial. The other interesting thing that I learned about these two factions is that fight over the possession of Isis, or one of her antecedents. I wish I remembered where I read that (some mythology of gods of the air and sea fighting to possess the female "goddess"), but I know that I read it, because that is what started my whole train of thought. For of course, I am the prospective "Isis", and let me tell you, it is like being aggressively wooed and claimed by Count Dracula and Darth Vader. I manage to shove one psychic vampire off, and the other one thinks, "oh, that means that she must like me!".

I am not exaggerating. For a while, Salusa and the cat Sirians were "wooing" me, by cutting out over half my body muscle, and leaving me in a mutilated carcass that I despise, but Salusa disappeared, and now the dog Sirians are in full force. My initial impression is that the cat Sirians, or at least Salusa, are a little bit more humane than the dog Sirians. The humans associated with the dog Sirians are extremely alienated from reality and seem to lack the ability to relate and love. The people associated with the cat Sirians are more in their bodies and capable of relating, though some of them are really messed up, too (for the cats break down into 2 separate factions on their own, basically corresponding to the Templars/Amon RA sets, but that is for a later post). I did feel that Salusa cared about me in a way, and I am still not able to confidently gauge the extent of his guilt--was he amorally evil or was it just extreme cultural chauvinism and insensitivity that led him to destroy my body?

I am not sure, but this post is not about me--this post is about the conflict between the dogs and the cats, because this is impacting our human reality. You see, these aliens will play us off, one against another, utilizing us as proxies to fight THEIR wars, but ultimately, they will come together to attain their final objective--complete domination of this planet. A big part of that objective is the Sirian desire to resurrect Atlantis--which is between Florida and the Carribean, and the old Lemuria which I am guessing is in the south Pacific between Australia/New Zealand (they want to sink NZ and parts of Australia) and South America, or perhaps, Antartica. They also want to exterminate overwhelming numbers of the population--like over 5 billion people. They only a want a few of the "chosen ones"--the ones who share their "cat" or "dog" genetics left remaining, in order to start a new world cycle which needs to rediscover fire and reinvent the wheel all over again. The people of color are the ones slated for destruction. A large segment of the Chinese population will be left alive so that they can "feed" the reptiles, and keep them off the Sirian backs, and a mass exodus of what is left of North America and Europe will emigrate to an African continent which has been emptied by disease, plague and starvation. The new spiritual capital of the world is to be Jerusalem, emptied of all Jews.

I hate to sound grim, but this is just the truth, and people and nations from all sides need to understand this, because these negative Sirians are master manipulators, and know how to set us off, one sect/group or ideology against another, and it becomes a lose/lose for us, and a win/win for them. (They can always resume their cat and dog fight, once they are the undisputed masters of the planet). Because the Sirian war against the human race has been steadily increasing over the last few decades, the polarization has become intense. Everyone suffers from it, except of course the KaBalists who are "in the know" as to how the whole NWO plan is to unfold, and what will be everyone's proper role and function (since they fancy themselves on top and "living in my own time", they are quite complacent and smug about the future).

I bring all this up, because I think the negative Sirians pulled a master manipulation move when they set our military against the civilian Patriot Leadership Team. Again, I understand why the military did it--believe me, my stomach has been churning with revulsion over the zero character of Obama since 2008, but I think they got had. This is why they have made three major misreadings of the situation in the course of two months, whereas the civilian leadership team POSSIBLY made one in two and half years. I am not saying that I am vehemently opposed to the military coup. Clearly, there are individuals there, still taking care of long business, and maybe the crisis is such a dire mess, that the Constitution needs to be temporarily suspended. To be honest, it does not conflict with my intuitive perception of the way the future unfolds--which I choose not to divulge. However, it bothers me when I feel that the military coup was motivated in large part by ideological polarization and selfishness, spurred on by manipulative Sirian factions. It bothers me that the one person, Hillary Clinton, who has demonstrated unbelievable fortitude and stellar leadership for the past two and a half years, seems to have been basically stripped of REAL official function and duty (intuitive read). I do not make ideological calls on supporting or respecting men and women of leadership caliber. For instance, I have scant common ground with Speaker Boehner, but I respect his manhood, his patriotism and his leadership, whereas the former speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, with whom I share more of a similiar ideological outlook, I regard as a Jesuit/Vatican point person and compromised agent, who committed a heinous crime against the Constitution and American people by ignoring the proper vetting procedure for candidates to the Presidency.

By the way, the human being who wins big every time that this polarization re-enacts itself is Barack Obama. He was trained by Satanists for years, so he is a master at the manipulative technique himself. (Has anyone ever noticed that there are no photos of him in his early teenage years--he goes from about 11 or 12 years of age to 15 or 16 years. Where was he? Perhaps the Middle East, learning how to be a "good" Muslim, maybe some CIA Faction 2 brainwashing center--for he was a Faction 2 creation from the womb to the Presidency--or how about a spaceship--in any case, the gaps are disturbing, because who knows what was done to him in those missing years). Mr. Obama has played off the various sets and factions masterfully. At various points, he has sought the patronage and backing of the Templar Faction 2, Faction 1 (Rothschild and Rockefeller), the Vatican/Jesuit wing of the KaBal, and now he is committed to the Maurice Strong/Amon Ra wing of Faction 2.

This Amon Ra satanic faction is perhaps the most dangerous of the factions (they are a subset of the cat Sirians), because they ally themselves with the Amelekites, who are humanity's sworn enemies. They are hidden in southern Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan--and I imagine that their hiding places are becoming increasingly restricted. Anyway, anytime that the "good guys"--whether Democrats or Republicans, military or civilian, White or Black, allows themselves to become polarized into ideological rigidity, rather than personal existentialism, Barack Obama swells with hope that he can yet play off the American factions, one against another, so he comes out on top again--especially, if the Amelekites can prevail. The sooner that this country is restored to CIVILian government, the safer we will be from this pathetic narcissist's delusions of grandeur and hatred of America.

One last point--that gunrunning scandal was more than just an attempt to get gun control in the US. I think Obama and Eric Holder were acting on orders from top level Amon Ra leaders (Strong?). You see, the Chaldeans of Iraq are trying to horn in on the drug trade, by supporting the Sinoloa cartel, while undercutting the Zetas. Not only would this promote terror and drug addiction, which the Amon Ra KaBalists regard as a positive, it makes major money that can be funneled back into Amon Ra terrorist organizations such as PMOI and factions of Al Qaida and the Taliban. Their objective, of course, is just to terrorize the Middle East until there is enough unrest for war. There is no doubt in my mind that Holder is also involved with the Amon Ra wing of Faction 2, as is much of the Chicago Black community. Please, "good guys", work together to get rid of Holder, so we can rid of Obama, so that we can have an honest civilian govt. with Joe Biden as Pres and Hillary as veep, and FAIR elections in 2012. No, now is not the time to air dirty laundry--on any side. There is no way the American people can handle the truth right now. We need a stable, strong leader who has proven herself and earned respect, to slowly start revealing the crimes committed against humanity, for centuries by the satanists and negative aliens, who hopefully will "ascend" to SOMEPLACE ELSE in the next year or two. For God's sake, at least give her a little respect...she can handle herself in an election campaign just fine,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So, what really caused the East Coast earthquake?

So, what really caused the East Coast earthquake? Or, why every citizen in the country should be shaking in their boots or rocking in fury...

You know, when I first saw the Drudge headline about the earthquake, I was stunned for a nanosecond. Then I turned on the TV, and realized that really, the earthquake had been quite mild (I lived in CA for several years, and have some earthquake stories of my own, let me tell ya), so then I was relieved to the point of taking it too lightly. Later, I read Sorcha Faal's most recent piece. For many years, Sorcha Faal was the best cointelpro disinfo analysis targeted to reveal the truth on behalf of the good guys. That is no longer the case, but the material presented is still helpful, so I read it like I read everything, carefully, and with discernment. This was no deft, tongue-in-cheek piece written by a strong, supporting, clear minded and fully aware ally such as Sorcha I. This article by Sorcha II (who I already have identified as a military man) was written by someone who really, actually believed it!

According to the article, the reason for the earthquake was because the military used nukes to bomb underground tunnels in Mineral, VA and Trinidad, CO. This was necessary because (negative KaBal) Langley was using the tunnels to evacuate important materiel to another location. The presented theory was that the "good military" was trying to stamp out the evil CIA. It all made perfect sense, on the surface, even to me. I thought,"oh, so that explains that weird earthquake that really didn't damage anything". However, I never stop questioning anything in my head, and when I read another article, I thought, "Whoa, now that is the REAL scoop".

The article doesn't seem to really make a lot of sense, except to those who know that the negative KaBal feels compelled to telegraph their intentions in advance, and that is what this posting does:

Basically, it is a numerological/geometric mishmash of the sort that the KaBal loves to flaunt as code for their next mission. What I picked up from the article is that the nuclear explosions in Mineral, Va and Trinidad, Co, were actually preparation to artificially trigger the expected massive quake on the New Madrid faultline. In addition to Trinidad and Mineral, VA, the writer mentioned Mineral Wells, MS. Now, I want to say that I have brief, but memorable personal history in both Trinidad, Co and DeSoto county, MS. I also have a strong connection to Tampa Bay, FL, which is a town I am going to bring up a little later. So, I am feeling this particular post quite powerfully. My mind isn't working too well, in fits and starts. That is funny, because it was working fine, just a few hours ago, when I was doing the research into horribly catastrophic and penultimate destruction that the satanists are about to unleash. Oh, I get it--the military got all the info that they needed from my head while I was figuring this all out, and now they just want me to shut up and go to sleep, while they handle the crisis they have helped to create and exacerbate. Fuck that! I did that once before and unleashed an anti-Christ and a military coup by a bunch of satanists, powertrippers and ingrates. Hillary Clinton never had the kind of resources the military got, and she was never so monumentally DUPED. This is not an error in judgment. This is the result of a fundamental flaw in the way the military mind and character is trained and formed. They are formed to OBEDIENCE, not to critical thinking. They are formed to take quick action, not to ponder and debate options. This is the THIRD TIME the military has FUCKED THINGS UP ROYALLY, and it is because they are infiltrated and controlled by satanic elements, and they are so blind and compromised by their training and obedience, they can't even see it!

The first time was when they released an anti-Christ from prison--Allen Stanford, the second time was the mess in Libya. Being dutiful soldiers of Templar Faction 2, they moved to elevate Kaddafi to his new apotheosis (I think the Strong faction originally started the rebellion, because Kaddafi wouldn't play ball with them. He was loyal to the Templar Faction 2 movement which guided him every step of the way--helping him to find water, etc). However, as I blogged about the can of worms that the unfolding scenario would create, the special forces on the ground made crucial adjustments. Kaddafi is dead, but now they say he is alive, because he came down close to being resurrected by the same negative Sirian aliens that are plotting to blow away the southeastern corner of the US, so that they can re-raise Atlantis. They came up with some actor for his son that doesn't even look like him (wow! I wish I could have conversation with "normal" people, and try to gauge if they really believe all this double and acting shit). However, this third time REALLY takes the cake.

Someone in the military--probably Dempsey, but maybe someone behind the scenes is taking orders directly from the negative Sirians. Because it is the negative Sirians who want the long lost Atlantis resurrected, and this is what the big blow out at the New Madrid fault line will do. Salusa, in his last post or two, wrote about "minimizing the unfortunate destructive changes the Earth must face". Guess what? I think Salusa is a mastermind manipulator who successfully plays off one group against another. Whenever someone becomes too independent and uncooperative with the negative Sirian agenda, he finds a more amenable patsy--and right now, THAT PATSY IS THE MILITARY. Actually, the military has a long and sordid history of cooperating with these negative Sirians, but right now IN THEIR STUPIDITY, THEY HAVE PLACED THE COUNTRY IN CRITICAL DANGER. Hillary never had the resources those military people do, and she never made a hugely critical mistake in nearly unleashing unimaginable evil, not once THIS IS THE THIRD TIME THAT THE MILITARY COUP, UNILATERALLY, HAS DONE IT. Why? Because they are political ideologues whose idea of unimaginable evil is universal healthcare and prosperity for the masses instead of a concentrated few, while they kowtow and unleash demonic energies all across the planet. Well guess what? I happen to support universal healthcare and some other liberal agendas. I just can't abide the horrible framework of lies that underpins the drafting of any legislation, and undermines the effective policy making of any type or stripe as long as this evil alien corruption rules our country and planet. We will never get rid of this evil alien corruption until we are united, and a goddamned military coup does nothing but foster division and fracture, while imposing a monolithic dictatorship. No wonder why they keep making stupid mistakes...

I think that is what I really wanted to say, because for the first time, the words flowed. So, let me move on, briefly (because the remote viewers already got the good stuff from my head), as to this colossal third mistake the military made. They nuked the ground underneath Trinida and Mineral, Va. Both of these are mining areas. My guess is that both these towns have phosphorus/phosphates under the ground. For certain, DeSoto county MS does. Funny thing about phosphorus--the Rockefeller driven agricultural "revolution" dictates that farmers use a lot of phosphates, but this actually depletes the soil and food of nutrients, including sulfur, which is partly why we, as a nation, are so unhealthy and obese (see what I mean about the difficulty of drafting any kind of health care legislation when the LIES still stand). The other interesting property of phosphorus in the ground is that it is HIGHLY COMBUSTIBLE. I copied a little bit from a web page (sorry to the source for not noting you), Phosphates is "flammable when exposed to air". This breaks it down into "URANIUM" which then produces "RADIUM". Another interesting thing about phosphate mines is that they make a strange, haunting noise when exposed to the air that is so deadly.

Viewers of the conspiracy site will remember the haunting noise that spooked the fans at the Tampa Bay baseball game. That was air rushing into underground phosphate caverns, people. Florida is full of phosphates, which is probably why people hear so many spooky noises there. The KaBal intends to blow up huge tracts of underground phosphorus. I am very worried about Tampa Bay and Hurrican Irene right now. My ex-lover lives in Tampa, and I spent a week there, marveling at the beautiful, clear and warm water. I am afraid that the KaBal intends to blow huge areas of Florida to bits, while under the diverting guise of a lashing hurricane force. I already told you why they would do it. It is the first step in the long planned evil Sirian dream of resurrecting Atlantis. Florida and much of the Southeast coast has to disappear.

Let me tell you more precisely how they will do it. There are very evil human beings involved. While trying to figure out the "phosphate angle", I researched a fewcompanies, and I hit paydirt instantly. This part may be a bit sloppy, because my notes are a mess, and I don't feel like going back for verification. I uncovered a company called JDC Phosphates. Every single person on their board struck me as a satanist. I came across another phosphate company called CF Industries, which has phosphate interests in Florida and Mississipi. Nearly all of their board members struck me as satanists (one was 70-30 satanist). Then, I found another related company called Actuant, which "specializes in hydraulic and electrical tools, specialty products and services for energy related...." (sorry last word is missing, but you get the idea).

Now, I want to say most vehemently, I do not satanists under every bush or on every web page. I do have a highly accurate radar, and I am always rigorously honest and fair in my evaluation. I myself was shocked when I realized how overwhelming satanist these company and board people were. So, when I came across one photo that actually did not look overwhelmingly satanic to me, that of Bob Arzbaecher, I actually dug deeper. I saw a really good photo of him with a young man at a yacht club. I think the young man's name was Andrew Kerr--clearly satanic. In that photo, I knew that Bob Arzbaecher was a "passer", but there was no doubt he was satanist, as well. I kept clicking on links, and found that there were a couple of interesting boat capsizes/deaths in the July 18=July-23 period (and remember that July 18 through 23rd are high ritual days for sataniststhat need a human sacrifice--Amy Winehouse was such a sacrifice--I think her Dad is involved with some very negative people). Anyway, the July 18th capsize entailed the death of a man named Mark Morley, a rich heir from Saginaw. He was a satanist, too, as well as his dead girlfriend. Oh, and guess, who came to the rescue--why, Bob Arzbaecher. My guess is that Mark may have been a satanist, but he could not bear to see his country literally obliterated, so he was silenced, and his kids, who were with him on the boat at the time, got the message loud and clear: stay silent or die. (I'm so glad I am not a satanist. I would have died ten thousand deaths already). The July 23rd death is more mysterious--a boat from the Milwaukee Yacht Club (I think that club and the Saginaw Yacht club should both be seriously investigated) capsized offshore, but no victims were ever found. I have a sinking feeling the sailor (s) may have been offered as a human sacrifice on the night of 22nd (remember that was the night I was castrated--satanists love that date) in propitiation for success with the upcoming endeavor of the obliteration of huge chunks of the southeastern US.

So, getting back to the satanic endeavor...after Florida is essentially blown out of the water by phosphate conflagration during the hurricane, phase II goes into operation. They intend to combust the phosphate deposits in DeSoto county Mississippi--Mineral Wells. Now remember, these are huge deposits underground, and they release uranium and radon; also remember that a company specializing in specialty equipment is involved in this infernal scheme. They can literally blow up miles of lannd, covered by the Mississippi delta and the New Madrid fault area.

I have seen maps of the NWO America, as postulated should the Madrid fault line blows. It carves out most of IL and Indianan, most of KY, TN, and all of MS, LA, AR, and MO. The southern coastal states become islands.

One last thing, I want to mention regards George Soros and his recent purchase of land along the MS delta that was flooded earlier this year. Of course, the Mississippi was flooded on purpose, but why did George Soros start buying, "on the cheap", all that property, from the poor, struggling farmers who saw their entire years' planting, harvest, and income destroyed. Well, to understand why, you have to go back to 9/11, and all the corrupt Chicago insurance exchanges that enabled the KaBalists who conspired to attack America on 9/11. You see, I thought that Soros just wanted to artificially raise food prices in this country, just as he has done through his buying of food commodities, but I was wrong. Of course, Soros is a part of the Faction 2 conspiracy, and knows exactly what the KaBalists are planning, and that the land is designed to DISAPPEAR. he is betting that they can execute (literally tens of millions of people). He then will make an insurance claim for his property. Find out who is insuring George Soros' land purchases (and I bet there is a major run land property insurance along the aforementioned areas), and you can find out what other major conspirators are involved. Check out the work of the Abeldanger team, since they were able to forensically analyze the 9/11 RIP OFFs so accurately.

So, when do I think this apocalyptic conflagration will occur? Well, thanks to the military dictatorship, acting on bogus information or orders from a superior, who no doubt is under the influence of the negative Sirians, the nukes have softened up the phosphate deposits. (I think a geologist would be able to confirm that the nukes strategically caused fault lines to slip in critical places). I think Florida is targeted next (though I would worry about phosphate deposits anywhere along the Gulf Coast), Then, I think the "big boom" and Madrid quake could happen on September 5-7, as predicted by Richard Boylan, who is getting his info from negative aliens as well, but doesn't realize how duped he is.

However, I really suspect a 4 phase plan, rather than a 3 stage plan. Boylan predicts that the early Sept earthquake will take place in Appalachia, and I have remote viewer accounts of WV being ripped apart by natural gas explosions. What if Phase 3 is softening up more phosphate deposits by underground cataclysms in WV? You know, twice I ran across the town, "Mineral Wells, WV". Does the cabal plan to to set off mines/phosphates, or possibly a nuke earthquake there. Apart from a niggling feeling about Mineral Wells, WV (I actually wondered if that was the real epicenter, but I no longer think so), there is another thing that is really bugging me. George and Cindy Anthony, two prominent Amon RA satanists, are scheduled to go on Dr. Phil on September 13th. This has been planned since July. Now, there is no doubt in my mind they chose that day as a way to either celebrate a done satanic deed (anniversary of 9/11--of course they wouldn't choose the EXACT day), or to presage and gloat over an imminent satanic action. However, of one thing I am certain--that they know about this imminent plan, and they would not choose this date if a quarter of the country is destroyed, and the rest in mourning. So, I really think WV is next, and in mid to late September, DeSoto county. They could wait until Halloween...dunno, but IT IS IMMINENT.

There are a few other things I wanted to write about regarding this, but I am drawing a blank...maybe I will post more later.


ALERT, ALERT, ALERT! I sure hope this posting sees the light of day, because the information in here is CRITICAL. However, I plan to preface it with my own dismay at the current military dictatorship situation. I haven't said much publicly--on this blog--because I believe that the military's intent is to be save this country. In order to operate more efficiently, they bypassed the Constitution, and the former Patriot Leadership Team, most notably Congress, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. Now, Congress is completely in the dark, Joe Biden is the symbolic, acting "de jure" (but not de facto) President, and Hillary Clinton has been edged out from her former preeminent position (a preeminence that she she fully earned due to her leadership of the past 2 1/2 years) .

I know that the military is extremely frustrated with all the bullshit regarding Obama--a CIA satanist Manchurian candidate, who never met even the most fundamental prerequisite to be president, but who was pushed along by "politicking" from the dumbass, braindead, Jesuit and corrupt Chicago wing of the DNC. However, as the military knows full well, the Republicans are also beset by hardcore satanism, and unbelievable corruption. The atmosphere is so poisonous that even the best are tainted by it, but I still know a good and effective political leader, who regrettably has been tarred by the toxic miasma in which they work, when I see one. Clearly, the military does not; otherwise we would not be under an effective military coup, with the Patriot Leadership Team effectively dismantled or "vacationing".

However, the military leadership has their own problems--their ranks are as rife with satanists and traitors, as is the political branches of government. There are high ranking officers who cooperate with one or the other of the satanic factions--now mostly reduced to two separate wings of Faction 2--those of the Maurice Strong/Amon RA version and the Knights Templar version (might also have to do with a Sirian civil war between those who identify with cats or dogs, but I have not yet gotten that far). These military satanists were involved in the 9/11 attack on our own nation--officers at Norad and other places helped to sabotage our military response. Over the years, the problem grew worse, and I have identified high ranking personnel such as Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy (who may yet start WWIII) and David Petraeus, who is to be the new CIA director (!!--a natural fit for a mind controlled man such as himself), various generals at Vandenberg (first name Susan) and Florida AFB's. It really has become so commonplace to find a high ranking officer who is mind controlled or complicit with the satanic KaBalists, that I don't really put a high priority on remembering names anymore--follow the "failed" space launches, and track them back.

Most recently, I have been especially concerned about Martin Dempsey, who is slated to be the new Joint Chief head, which is the most powerful position in the military. I don't get a good feel when I look at Gen. Dempsey, and I have studied him in both videos and photos. He is not his own man. Is he an explicit Faction 2 guy or just mind controlled? I don't know, but the way I read it, he does not have the character necessary to be in such a trustworthy position. I am not a military "hater", and to prove this, I will give a brief opinion of some military brass who I DO respect and trust, even if I think their judgment is wrong. First of all, I think Adm. Mullen is a good man, a patriot, who desires the best for his country. Did he participate in the ouster of Hillary Clinton & the PLT? I don't know, but even if he did, it would not change my opinion of him. I also have a strong respect for Gen. Ordierno, who I really never recognized, except after I saw him standing at attention while Obama spoke at a conference. Every other man there, especially Dempsey, gave me the willies, but I could tell Odierno was, again, an honorable man and patriot, who I just felt I could trust. I researched him just a little bit further, to make sure that I didn't regret my first impression, and I was reassured. To me, he comes across as an old-time patriarchal soldier, a conventional, rather than creative thinker, but someone whose felt sense of duty and honest character will enable him to persevere and succeed in his efforts to make good judgments. Do I think he helped to oust Hillary & the PLT? Yep. I could tell he was furious with the travesty of Obama posturing for the press (and this was BEFORE the murder of the Navy SEALs), and I know a man of action would leap at any opportunity to rid this nation of the abamanation that plagues this country (for political reasons, the PLT could not publicly impeach Obama). Still, I think Odierno is fully committed to what is right for the country--at least from the little I have viewed of him--but an implant put in someone's head during their night dreams could change that in an instance. Maybe being a conventional, rote thinker has helped to save him--don't have any knockout surgeries, General...

The following three officers I feel much more comprehensively positive about--again, I know very little about them; this is just initial intuitive analysis. Two of them were forced into retirement, and the third is retired, but now fighting for his Pentagon civilian career. The first is General Cartwright, who supposedly was forced out because of an inappropriate affair with a junior officer. I doubt that, but even if it was true, he should have been disciplined, not forced out. Again, I know very little about him, but the little that I saw and read of him--he would be my recommendation for head of Joint Chiefs. Then Admiral Fallon was in the news again, recently. My high regard for him is based on a Atlantic interview from years ago. Now, I am not a knee jerk ideologue who likes him, because he tweaked the Bush administration (not inappropriately, to me). I like him because he demonstrated leadership where there was a vacuum. The Bush admn. had no regard for diplomacy, and instead of cursing them out to his buddies or venting to a Rolling Stone reporter, he took it upon himself to try to fill the diplomatic gap. Yeh, he knew it was a thankless task that wouldn't earn him any stripes in his profession or among his peers, but the job needed to be done and he did it--for which he was fired! He IS arrogant, but it is the arrogance of a patriot, a man who wants things done right, a Douglas MacArthur, who I view more positively, now that I know that he was up against the original KaBalist puppet (OKP), Harry Truman. It is also amazing to me that he became as high ranked as Admiral in the Navy when he was not Faction 2 (unless he bolted), because the KaBalist factions look after their own. Finally, there is a Marine retired general, Clifford Stanley, who is being investigated for "tyrannical" leadership as head of Pentagon Personnel. I smelled a rat, so I checked it out. Stanley may be a retired general, but he is no tyrant--he has a very genial disposition. I would be honored to work for him any day, and as those who know me, I have lamented the flagging leadership skills that I experienced during a five year career in an institution dominated by Black men. Stanley is Black, and he is a MAN, a leader. He worked his way up the ranks the hard way--working off his ass, getting his degrees while working full time in the service, and my guess is that he is both people smart, book knowledgeable, and hard working. His big problem--the one that is inspiring all these complaints--is that he fired a man named Noel Koch. I checked it out. First impression--Noel Koch is a satanist. Good job, General Stanley--I am glad that you had the balls to get rid of his ass. Now, please try to protect yourself, because obviously you are the kind of MAN and leader that the Pentagon needs.

Finally, I want to shout out to one of my best (former) sources, Sorcha Faal. I think I figured out who you are, but I won't out you. However, I wish you were back writing the best cointelpro (for the good guys) analysis on the planet. Your replacement, who I know is a military man, is doing a good job, but he is not as canny with the truth or English prose as you. I have read about 5 or 6 posts by him, and they have been helpful, but he bit hard on a lie. In years of reading your post, I don't ever recall you biting hard on a lie or disinfo (of course, all the muddleminds don't get it--they can't see the truth in the lie), but the new Sorcha just did. It is a HUGE lie/disinfo--and it worries me, because I think his superiors bit on the same lie, but that is why "blogging underdog" is here (that, and no one will hire me...LOL). I am going to separate the posts thought. Stay tuned. The military got had by the Templar Faction 2, and it could prove catastrophic for the US.

Oh, and for all of those who think the military are best qualified to lead us out of this satanic entrapment that this country is in, let me inform you of a little publicized fact. The alternative and conspiracy sites all bemoan the secret treaty that the "US Government" made with the aliens--you know, the one that gave them the right to abduct and do "genetic experiments" on the population, in exchange for technology. Well, according to Preston Nichols/Peter Moon, who are as authentic and truthful witnesses as their mind control programming allows, it was not the US government that made that treaty--IT WAS THE US NAVY. Furthermore, I believe it--too many other pieces add up, and I don't have time to go into it, but let me say for the record that the Navy has been involved with the negative Sirian aliens and their technologies from the getgo, and I think many of their high ranking officers are mind controlled, and their children are satanically traumatized as well. Finally, let me just point out, that the man who is responsible for starting WWIII is named Mabus. What if it does not refer to the actions of one individual, but a representative from that institution--the Sec. of the Navy is Ray Mabus, and last I checked (last year, he is mind controlled...)

Second day in a row I have awakened

Second day in a row I have awakened feeling incredibly alienated from, and hating this female body that the goddamned aliens have forced upon me through mutilation. I feel it the very second I wake up, and once again, I am afraid that master manipulators are accessing a very immature aspect of a conflicted intersexed being while in my unconscious state (sleep), while in my conscious state I am constantly reminded of how miserable I am in this current body. I cannot stand the goddamned boobs they forced on my chest. I constantly want to get my shoulders in their natural position, and most of all, I miss the energy that used to flow through my body when the lower back was all there. Yesterday, for a brief period, the virus left me, and I realized that I was walking like a gay man! That is, I was walking like a man who subconsciously mimics female actions. I never walked like that before. I used to have a natural, masculine stride, full of energy and vigor, but it is hard to have an energetic stride when over half of one's musculature, including crucial and integral back and pelvic muscles have been cut out. A male's energy comes from the sacral energy, and I am a male, so now my energetic flow has been completely disrupted and excised from my body. They can force a female body on me, but I will never be a female. I will never have power and strength and energy source coming from my core--even if they put an implant to try to force it. So all Salusa and the Sirians have done is to completely handicap me permanently even further, so that I can never live a natural, energetic, happy life. Instead, every day, I have to deal with this constant, miserable body that I am in, feeling these goddamned articifial boobs, all the muscleless body in my legs and pelvic area, and the goddamned smooth skin that makes my skin crawl, every time I feel it (which makes it kinda hard to wipe my ass--everytime I do, I am reminded that my body is not what God gave me, but some goddamned aliens, and I HATE THE WAY IT FEELS! I feel like a fucking porno film star with artificial female ass, instead of my strong muscular one).

Anyway, I bring this all up, because last night I dreamed that once again, the Sirians are deciding my future without my input. I don't give a fuck. I have no desire to ever meet their expectations of me. I have to spend my life inhabiting a body that is positively hateful to me, taking testosterone within the first hour of awakening, and popping them, every time I get so low energy I can barely function or even think.

Monday, August 22, 2011

What a horrible day--

What a horrible day--not only did I suffer all day from the illness caused by the psychotropics (I think I may be on lithium--I am gaining weight and unable to sleep at night due to the brain rushes), but it was just a day when the evil of Faction 2 reigned supreme. Since they not only claim me, but are able to abduct and torment me in my sleep, and last night was a horrible night of abduction, I have felt like shit all day. Then watching the news was one triumph of evil after another. Let me list all the Faction 2 gains in the past few days: Rape charges dropped against Strauss Kahn; Casey Anthony endangered by being forced back into Florida; 3 hard core satanists and murderers released from prison; earthquakes off of the Fukushima coastline; a tsunami in Indonesia; a Canadian politician dead of cancer (I suspect "CIA cancer"); hurricane Irene threatening the US coastline; and then of course, the biggie--the recent upheaval in Libya. The information coming through the news feed has been so rapidly changing that I hesitate to declare any status, but I know Faction 2 was behind this most recent push, and the point was to declare a false death of Kadaffi, and then resurrect him again as the great prophet who would reunite the disparate middle eastern Muslim countries into another caliphate.

As I wrote in my previous posts, they plan to use the ancient technology in Libya to gain material power and wealth. Did I help them find it? I don't know. I do get the idea that I am supposed to help engage and harness the power of the KaBa stone that they have found in Libya. That can only mean that somewhere in my unconscious or previous lifetime I know how to operate it, but I don't think that I will. However, the KaBalists will do everything in their power to force me to cooperate, and thus I suffer terribly from the debilitating effects of the psychotropic drugs I am force fed. My problem is that after years of being abused, abducted, abandoned and betrayed, I have absolutely no idea of whom I can trust. Certainly some people, aliens and cliques are better than others, but are they really trustworthy? Perhaps they are duped themselves--certainly that has been my biggest complaint against would be allies, after the fact that they have no respect for my lesbian, intersexed being. Perhaps they want to groom me to fit into their image of what my future should be. I long for a space and place, drug free, and given the opportunity to clearly and honestly know my options so that I can choose of my free will. However, evil doesn't have any regard for choice or free will, and I am up to m eyeballs in deeply evil beings and agendas.

I would like to continue, but body must sleep...tomorrow.

It is going to be hard to sleep with this pain in my lower pelvic abdominal area. It is a pulsating pain. I know it is an implant. Since Salusa fucked up my spinal kundalini, by destroying my body's natural energy flow (and by the way, all my energy along with it), they now are trying to force the kundalini through the front pelvic area, artificially pulsating that energy field. It's not going to work, but it makes me incontinent and it keeps me in pain.

Continuing on same thread of thought

Continuing on same thread of thought: What if Kadaffi was "resurrected" from the dead, and declared that it was from the power of the "Black stone" found in Libya? It would lend legitimacy to his claim to be the so called "prophet" ruler that revitalizes the Middle East, while the Anti-Christ (Allen Stanford?) really rules from behind the curtain...just thinking out loud.

...As a matter of fact I would not be surprised if this was the original plan of the Faction 2/Templars contingent since the very beginning. They installed Muammar Kaddafi into power in the 70's and guided him every step of the way...until it was time for the Middle East global war, and the new Muslim prophet to emerge...

PPS: Very important, too

PPS: Very important, too

I know that I mentioned in the original post that I thought Faction 2 and Kadaffi were cooperating in the "overthrow" of Libya. I think that Kadaffi lost control of his sons, who were all spoiled "no-counts" to begin with, and that Faction 2 removed them for him. I think he is in a safe place (though some body may show up, get cremated and buried at sea, heh heh--worked before), and that he has been promised to be the new leader over all of the Arab/Persian/Muslim world. Whether or not that plan will come to full fruition remains to be seen, but Kadaffi now has possession of a partner to the original KaBa black rock that mesmerizes the Muslim world already. Mecca is in Saudi Arabia, which has a rotten, highly vulnerable government. Its biggest card and draw in the Muslim world, the source of its power and prestige is not the Black Oil, but the "Black Rock", but what if another one is discovered in Libya? Couldn't some town in Libya become the new center for Muslim worship and pilgrimage, (and all the monarchs and dictators of the other Arab countries say "Amen"--enough of that rotten Saud dynasty). Not only that, but the Faction 2 KaBalists know how to work the Black Cube of KaBa, which will give Kadaffi the worldly tools and military might he needs to become the new emperor of the entire Middle East (except Jerusalem, Muamar--don't get greedy--leave that picking to us and our plans--and all the KaBalists say Amon, and I say "hell no").

Important PS to previous post:

Important PS to previous post: What if the black cube I am dreaming about is a partner to the sacred pagan stone at Mecca? What if it is a larger, more powerful version of the small cubes that Michael Prince talked about as using as part of his assassination jobs. In an interview, he speaks of being mind controlled through horrific torture from childhood, and turned into "super soldier" with psi abilities. While Faction 1 were his original abusers, Faction 2 took over when he was about 10 to 12 years old, and they turned him into a controlled assassin for their agendas and needs. The cubes he was referring to were "ancient ancient" technology from the pyramids, and could mind control anyone who has been implanted by a Faction 2 (Machine RA) control device. What if Faction 2 now has a much larger (and more powerful) mind control device to use on people? Not quite as large as the one on Saturn, but still more powerful than any other faction or group possesses on Earth. What if nightly abductions and torture by kabalists using that mind control cube is going to be standard procedure for me, now...There has to be some way to break the implants'power. Must figure it out.

Abducted by evil people (amon-ra devotees?)

Abducted by evil people (amon-ra devotees?), last night. Woke up with the severe pain in my head (still tender), which makes me think that either implants or organic structures were manipulated. The pain/manipulation was done at the anterior top of my head--both hemispheres, on either side of the corpus callosum. I woke up out of a dream about the Mecca cube (and in my dream, wondered of its possible relationship to the Saturn cube--which the knowledgeable would know is not a good thing--Saturn, and specifically the cube, represents/is an evil entity), and heard/saw the word "kerbat" or "kaba" before awakening.

From what I can tell, "kerbat" is a word used in Islam to refer to nearness to God, while "kaba" actually has multiple and universal placements (all associated with Faction 2 localities--Hungary, Indonesia, Middle East--including the ("in")famous cube of Mecca, and Tibet, among others. When I refer to "Faction 2", I mean, racially speaking, all those lands, peoples and cults who racially descend from the ancient Sirius bloodline--which includes the Celts, the northern tribes of Israel, the "Assyrians", the Mongolians, the Tartars, among others. There is also a Lemurian or Asian (Indonesia, Phillipines, ect. )link that I have not yet been able to factually connect or prove--but it is there--maybe, because the Lemurians are sworn enemies of the reptiles, just as Faction 2 is...

Anyway, this "Ka Ba" also is a fundamental concept of ancient Egyptian metaphysics, very loosely translated as "Spirit" and "Body". Almost certainly, its precedent origin was from the lost lore of Atlantis, and it has survived as a core principle of occult knowledge throughout the centuries, both in secret societies, and hidden covertly, "undercover", in orthodoxies, such as the Kaba stone or "Kabbala". I am fairly sure that I can attribute the location of the pain in my head from last night with manipulated dream imagery. In short, last night the occult cabalists put these words and concepts of Kaba (Kabalist?--LOL) and Kurbut in my head. Why?

I have a hypothesis. I think Faction 2 is actually behind the Libyan fall of Kaddafi. While originally it MAY have been Faction 1 which started the rebellion, I am convinced that Faction 2 has cut a deal with Kaddafi, and has been the driving force behind the recent overthrow (maybe Faction 2 was behind it from the get go--not sure, and not important). What is important is that the ancient, occult archaeological tools and weapons hidden in buried pyramids, under the sands of Libya, have now fallen into the hands of Faction 2. I think it is those weapons and artifacts that the F2 occultists are using to try to manipulate my unconscious mind--looking to use me as a "mahdi" (Mudlis messiah), now that the Isis card seems to be dead.

Of course, these occultists aren't interested in REAL spiritual transformation of either myself or anyone else. They are just looking for the next candidate for avatar, the next role model to inspire the next generation of mind controlled religionists. Since these are Faction 2 participants, I suspect enslavement to the Great Machine RA is entailed. So why am I (unconsciously) cooperating--because I get the clear, intuitive impression that I am. I wonder if I even helped to locate those Libyan archaeological artifacts in my unconscious...

Positively speaking, maybe there are some changes that needed to happen. However, cynical realist that I am, I fear the more negative possibility is uppermost--I am enslaved to RA (and thus vulnerable to Faction 2 manipulations) on a deep, karmic level. Is there some incarnation that I still am not aware of? I went off on a solo hunting mission after digging up an ancient and evil incarnation or archetype (cannot even remember the name now, an evil Phrygian queen named something like "Semaris" who castrated a youth). Or is it that the Osiris incarnation or archetype is still wounded and angry by the betrayal he experienced, and thus will not initiate reconciliation. Then the question becomes who is he more angry at--the Black humans who refused to support him, or the original Isis, the wife, who sold herself out to virtual reality sex with a MACHINE who went joyriding in her orgasmic mind, perhaps not only forgetting her original impulse to help humanity, but also rubbing salt in the wound of her castrated, dis-empowered lover and husband? I have to find answers to these questions quickly, for as long as I remain unconscious of my own deep unconscious, the master manipulators of the realm of the unconscious, these occultists, these "KA BA-lists" can get me to do whatever they want, or at least more than I would consciously do for them.

All the while, I am coming to grips with the bitter realization that I may be severely handicapped in this 3D body for the rest of my life. It is a terrible blow to someone like myself who always have loved being physical, but little by little, I seem to have accepted that I can do less and less, until now, even walking, and just standing is difficult. I suppose that the Faction 2 people will all tell me, "but you can fly space" or "we can heal your body as long as you cooperate with the "Light". Well, for them, I just have a scripture from the words of Jesus, "It is better that someone lose their life than their soul", and so, postulating from that, let me say that it is better that I lose my legs than my soul. I am no fool. I know that it is the goddamned alien virus that has caused the ALS in the first place, and that without the forced implantation of the virus, I never would have been as handicapped as I am now. I know that Salusa and Faction 2 removing my back muscles was a huge accelerant in the development of ALS symptomology, for they destroyed the healthiest muscle tissue, and the KI meridians which fed the lower back, as well as made it impossible to exercise through yoga. I know that it is the occultists who have stolen years from my life, refusing to acknowledge my suffering and pain that I made clearly evident, and now look to steal the remaining few that I have. I would like to think I could get this mutilated, distressed body healed, but from what I can tell, the cost, that of my own soul, is way too high.

So in the meantime, I need to just plug along as best I can. It is not even the loss of ambulatory function that is most distressing right now--as I said, it has been getting worse and worse for some time now. No, the worst part is the constant sick headache, and brain tumor feeling I get, when I feel so sick that I don't want to do anything but lay back and watch TV, when I have to struggle to read, to think. Part of it is the high estrogen, but right now, i think it is the virus--I can barely hold my eyes open. Of course, there is no feeling--none whatsoever. I have lost all appreciation of music and life. JUST FUCKING MISERABLE. Trying to hold off going to the doctor--I don't trust the damned occultists to not get involved and do horrible things. Things are just bad right now. don't know when they will get better.