Saturday, August 27, 2011

Absolute bulls-eye confirmation on previous post

Absolute bulls-eye confirmation on previous post re: my recently yellowed skin tone, Japan, & Maehara, and I do want to expound on that post a little further, but for right now, my attention is most immediately turned to the threat facing my own country. Hurricane Irene is every bit as potentially dangerous as the most dire predictions warn, and fully worthy of all the hype surrounding it--"Worst storm in 50 years", ect. For Irene is being created and frenzied by HAARP technology near Raleigh. As a matter of fact, I do believe that Seymour Johnson AFB is the implicated culprit, though the technology itself may be posted off base. One of their commanders, Col. Patrick Doherty is positively reptilian; the other ranking commander, a Col. Kirkwood, is 100% KaBal occult. The scary thing is that the ranking Master Sergeant is also an occultist. You see, (my impression is), on an AFB, the ranking Master Sergeant is the highest non-commissioned officer on base, and it usually goes to a mature, hardworking veterano of the service, someone who has proven that he is both earthy and grounded in the esteem of the enlisted men, yet respectful and appropriately deferential to the authority of commissioned officers. The key words in that sentence are "earthy" and "grounded", because the truest key indicator which reveals an occultist to me, is a marked alienation from this earthly, human reality. They are alienated in their own inner selves and spirits, and more engaged with the "etheral" (yes, I misspelled that on purpose) realm, than the earthly realm of 3D reality. So, I fear that since the ranking master sergeant is committed to the occult, this means that the entire base is probably compromised, and the good guys would find it extremely difficult to get on that base and shut down the HAARP technology.

Yet it is important that they do so, because otherwise the reptiles/KaBalist of SJAFB are going to be able to whip up that hurricane to truly monstrous strength by the time it lands and tears through the Eastern seaboard. That is the plan, now that the original landfall at Florida has been changed, since they no longer can set off phosphate mines. However, they can still do devastating damage and destruction, the higher they whip up the winds, and they want to cause as much damage as they can. Can they place nukes in key faultlines and/or mines and create a devastating earthquake? Maybe, but I would hope that the good guys have been working around the clock with a team of geologists to identity and secure such possible sites.

Still, they have other plans, for once again, Barack Obama is striding and speaking with purpose. Some group (s) or faction (s) is once again dangling the carrot of NWO world kingship to him, and he is, once again, ACTING as a man inspired. I can tell that from the tone of his voice, and the fact that he now is in FEMA headquarters. Somebody is trying to prop up his fraudulent ass a bona fide leader.

So, who is it? The Faction 2 Navy, allied with the cat Sirians, were so furious with him after he murdered the SEALs. Oh, but nothing is more frightening to occultist than a free, independent Human Being. Yes, it sucks that Barack Obama is such a lousy, two timing puppet, but it positively terrifying for them to think that a real patriot, committed to Judeo-Christian values and the well-being of this country, such as Hillary Clinton and the Patriot Leadership Team, could ever gain complete leadership over this country.

However, I can't be sure that it is the Faction 2 Navy which is propping up Obama, because the US Air Force/dog Sirians are up to their eyeballs in this shit. They are the ones whipping up the storm, and they are the ones abducting me at night, including last night. So is it the Air Force/dog Sirians which are primarily responsible? To be honest, my initial guess would be that they are cooperating together. As I said in my last few posts, on the really big operations, the competing factions will work together, until the ultimate objective, that of domination of the planet, is achieved. Then, they will go back to fighting like cats and dogs. Right now, they have a mutual enemy--the free patriots of the Patriot Leadership Team, and as much as they despise Obama, they realize that they have to prop him up long enough to win the DNC nomination, while they back a more amenable Republican puppet contender. Rick Perry seems to have learned his lesson--"Say it again, Ricky, the Federal Reserve is our friend, the Federal Reserve is our friend, the Federal Reserve is our friend"...

Still, I think that the occultist have yet another trick card up their sleeve. According to some psychic prediction, or perhaps Web Bot, there is supposed to be a huge hurricane that hits this country, and uncovers evidence of an ancient alien civilization. That is the real reason that Obama is preening at FEMA headquarters--he is waiting to enter stage right, and make some grand statement about alien technology, thus setting the stage for alien disclosure on his (ie. the KaBalists) terms, which of course, would be another mind-control lie. Now, do I think that there is some alien technology hidden underground or water waiting to be revealed? No, but I do think that some genuine alien artifact is in hiding, after being steathily removed by the KaBalists from Giza, or Luxor, or the underground pyramids of Libya (remember all those tunnels that were found after the recent fighting?). Perhaps it is at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base? It would need to be near mounds of ancient civilization, and I think both the Carolinas and Ohio could be the targeted spot. As a matter of fact, there is an ancient Indian mound about 50 miles away from the AFB...

The good guys and Easterners definitely have a busy day ahead of them. Fortunately, here in my desert home, I can take it easy. I need the rest. While today I am no longer suffering with such pain, the entire body feels exhausted and limp, as if I took a huge thrashing night before last, which I am certain that I did. I know that the Air Force/dog Sirians were involved, and suspect that my torture was used as a sacrificial offering for the success of Hurricane Irene, and the planned alien disclosure.

Last night, these abductors also changed the base color of my skin tone from ruddy red Caucasian to Asian yellow. Pisses me off, now that I can really see it. When I went for a bike ride in the bright sunlight, I could clearly see the change in my skin tone, especially in the least tanned areas of my body--the backs of my legs. The tip end of my fingers look positively jaundiced--they never get much sun, because they are always curled under my handlebars when I bike. To me, always having been either ruddy White or richly tanned Brown, my new skin tone looks sickly and less attractive. In the past (especially when I had my Mayan cheekbones), I used to be go into Indian casinos, and have all the Natives assume that I was one of them. I don't that I will be able to do that anymore. Seriously, it angers me that these idiots make changes to the most fundamental elements of my bodily self identity, without my consent. I really, really liked my God-given skin color, and now it is changed to reflect some factions vision of who I should be to fit into their purpose and agenda.

There is no doubt that the yellow skin color is latent in my genetic code. As I mentioned in the previous post, I wonder if some Asian from Japan emigrated into Spain and fathered one of my maternal ancestors, for my mother looks very similar to the Japanese people. Unlikely, even though that post about the SPERM whale beaching in Spain, was notable. More likely, it is possible that this component of my DNA is even more ancient than that--going back to the early pre-first exile days of Israel. I wonder how many tribes of Israel are represented in my DNA? So far, I am convinced of at least four, but more likely, six or seven, and depending upon how much intermarriage there were between the Northern tribes, possibly even more!

I am also convinced that my read of Kan/Maehara was correct. I know very little about Japanese politics, and I will be the first to admit that gauging truth/lies and emotional response from a different race/culture is tricky and challenging, but I have seen enough to convince me that my assessment in the previous post was spot on. I also checked out a couple of videos of the man who is his contender (I think his name is Kaida), and though the videos were in Japanese, and I had no idea of the substance of his expressed views, I saw what was missing in Maehara--honesty, sincerity, and a complete engagement with the reality (or question) at hand, rather than an abstracted, manipulative acting job. Oh, and by the way, Kan too, has all the positive qualities I look for, though again, I must insist their politics and/or political competence is not what really I am judging.

For me, the important question is, why is this man important to America's political reality. Yes, of course, we want honest and qualified leaders to win all the world's leadership positions, but I don't think that it was mere coincidence that Kan resigned day before yesterday, and my skin turned yellow during a nightly abduction that night (my time, of course). Maehara may not have been physically present during the abduction (then again, maybe he was--I am 50/50 on that), but certainly he was to be the prime beneficiary of the occult intervention by the Air Force/dog Sirians, and/or possibly the Navy cat Sirians. The occult factions are looking for a power base in Asia, and Japan has proven itself to be a big time financial powerhouse and contender. Japan also has (had?) an alien (reptilian?) base, underneath their territorial waters.

Now remember, in the Faction 2 struggle between Maurice Strong and Allen Stanford, as evidenced in the revelatory note chained to young Maddie's neck, the struggle was about who would control the financial markets of Asia. I submit that is what the Kan resignation and the Maehara re-emergence five months after he resigned in disgrace was all about--who controls the financial market in Asia?

Sadly, the Asians themselves are not the sole determinants in that answer, as the occult factions clearly keep butting in. I don't feel so badly for China, because they know what Maurice Strong is about, and they continue to offer him home and sanctuary. It is a use-use situation, with Maurice Strong hoping to capitalize financially, and the Chinese hoping to capitalize from his tremendous occult power and alien connections. However, the Japanese have been victimized, for decades, by these occult robber barons, and now a fifth of their country is in ruins, their livestock, fisheries, and farmlands irradiated, and they have to be worried about possible genetic complications for the next generation--all thanks to the machinations of these evil occult factions. So, yeah, I DO hope that Japan chooses a leader who genuinely loves their country and their people (what we here in the USA call a PATRIOT!), and not just power.

However, these occult factions also keep interfering with the sovereignty of the "land of the free", my country, the good old USA. So, I do have a responsibility to try to figure it out. T am not positive, but I tend to hold the position that currently the Templar/US Navy wing of Faction 2, and the dog Sirian faction/US Air Force (are they reptilian?--that would make them Faction 1--I am not sure) are working in cahoots to boot the Patriot Leadership Team and gain world dominion. After all, it was the Navy who initiated the military coup, yet it is the Air Force that is doing the torturous abductions of me at night. I believe that both the Templars/occult Navy and the luciferian Air Force are under alien influence, and sad to say, Admiral Mullen may have lost his integrity and personal sovereignty, too. It is really easy--all it takes is an implant in the brain, and they don't need the physical 3D body--an astral body will do just fine.

Well, there is nothing I can do except take it one day at a time. Today is a day of rest. I say my fave show at the moment, "Battlestar Galactica" has been cancelled, so I think I am going to lay in bed and read a novel. My prayers are with the people on the Eastern seaboard...

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