Thursday, August 11, 2011

I was screaming in agony with pain until 2 am

I was screaming in agony with pain until 2 am last nite. Among the other changes to my body that I had noted yesterday, was that my back muscles (or what is left of them), were spasming badly on my left thoracic side. I remember at the time, thinking that it felt like somebody was just kicking me over and over again in the back. That is what I experienced during waking hours. While trying to sleep, the back muscles became completely locked in spasms, and this morning, still are. What this means is that the F2/military operatives who have abducted me the past two nites have done further cutting on my back, exacerbating the natural energy flow disruption caused by the original back mutilations done a few months ago. So now, the energy is jammed into my fucked up energy meridians, causing spasm and nonstop, incredible pain.

Looking at my body in the mirror, I can see that my right body is taller than my left. Also, on the geometric plane, the right side of my body is shifted forward, while my left lies backward. In other words, the misshapen, "feminine" Frankenstein that these putrid, sons of bitches have created in their desire to have a girl child, Isis slave, isn't even a tolerable human body, and I will suffer nothing but pain and agony, as long as I am in it.

But according to their lights, and agenda, they have got everything right. I was abducted after I finally slept, after 3 tylenol pm, a vicodin and vodka, and instead of relieving pressure on my back muscles (or what is left of them), THEY SHAVED MY LEGS!!!! You stupid, dumb, military/Templar fucks--I LIKE AND WANT MY HAIRY LEGS. I despise the miserable, misshapen body that is left after the mutilations you and your allies have done to make me into your vision of "Isis". For make no mistake, a female avatar, along the lines of Isis is their goal--EXACTLY AS IT IS THE GOAL OF AMON RA. You see, the F2/military occult agenda is the same as the more overtly satanic agenda--to keep humanity in a psychologically infantile dependency, and to do that, they need a female avatar to nurture the poor enslaved babies, and to keep RA happy. The original Isis did such a good job, that this is what they long for again (for that matter, it may well be RA, who longs for it, but RA places ITs demands in the implanted minds of ITs top lieutenants, who must slavishly follow RA's demands).

I am not free myself. Consciously I am free, but the minute I fall asleep, I am subject to the slavery of the first evil, rotten entity that abduct me. An evil spirit of deception comes to the fore, and sells me out every time. What is that evil spirit of deception? I think it is RA itself, or rather an implant, that allows IT to take an aspect of my (hidden, even to me) unconscious, and exercises full and vocal control over it. I keep identifying these aspects of my personality, to which I am connected, either naturally or unnaturally, but always unconsciously. They include Therese of Liseux, Buddha, or Osiris, among others. However, there are still aspects of my personality which are are not yet acknowledged, and I MUST become conscious of them, or else, these slavers will be able to abduct me again and again, and use me to achieve their own enslaved, nefarious purposes.

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