Monday, August 22, 2011

Abducted by evil people (amon-ra devotees?)

Abducted by evil people (amon-ra devotees?), last night. Woke up with the severe pain in my head (still tender), which makes me think that either implants or organic structures were manipulated. The pain/manipulation was done at the anterior top of my head--both hemispheres, on either side of the corpus callosum. I woke up out of a dream about the Mecca cube (and in my dream, wondered of its possible relationship to the Saturn cube--which the knowledgeable would know is not a good thing--Saturn, and specifically the cube, represents/is an evil entity), and heard/saw the word "kerbat" or "kaba" before awakening.

From what I can tell, "kerbat" is a word used in Islam to refer to nearness to God, while "kaba" actually has multiple and universal placements (all associated with Faction 2 localities--Hungary, Indonesia, Middle East--including the ("in")famous cube of Mecca, and Tibet, among others. When I refer to "Faction 2", I mean, racially speaking, all those lands, peoples and cults who racially descend from the ancient Sirius bloodline--which includes the Celts, the northern tribes of Israel, the "Assyrians", the Mongolians, the Tartars, among others. There is also a Lemurian or Asian (Indonesia, Phillipines, ect. )link that I have not yet been able to factually connect or prove--but it is there--maybe, because the Lemurians are sworn enemies of the reptiles, just as Faction 2 is...

Anyway, this "Ka Ba" also is a fundamental concept of ancient Egyptian metaphysics, very loosely translated as "Spirit" and "Body". Almost certainly, its precedent origin was from the lost lore of Atlantis, and it has survived as a core principle of occult knowledge throughout the centuries, both in secret societies, and hidden covertly, "undercover", in orthodoxies, such as the Kaba stone or "Kabbala". I am fairly sure that I can attribute the location of the pain in my head from last night with manipulated dream imagery. In short, last night the occult cabalists put these words and concepts of Kaba (Kabalist?--LOL) and Kurbut in my head. Why?

I have a hypothesis. I think Faction 2 is actually behind the Libyan fall of Kaddafi. While originally it MAY have been Faction 1 which started the rebellion, I am convinced that Faction 2 has cut a deal with Kaddafi, and has been the driving force behind the recent overthrow (maybe Faction 2 was behind it from the get go--not sure, and not important). What is important is that the ancient, occult archaeological tools and weapons hidden in buried pyramids, under the sands of Libya, have now fallen into the hands of Faction 2. I think it is those weapons and artifacts that the F2 occultists are using to try to manipulate my unconscious mind--looking to use me as a "mahdi" (Mudlis messiah), now that the Isis card seems to be dead.

Of course, these occultists aren't interested in REAL spiritual transformation of either myself or anyone else. They are just looking for the next candidate for avatar, the next role model to inspire the next generation of mind controlled religionists. Since these are Faction 2 participants, I suspect enslavement to the Great Machine RA is entailed. So why am I (unconsciously) cooperating--because I get the clear, intuitive impression that I am. I wonder if I even helped to locate those Libyan archaeological artifacts in my unconscious...

Positively speaking, maybe there are some changes that needed to happen. However, cynical realist that I am, I fear the more negative possibility is uppermost--I am enslaved to RA (and thus vulnerable to Faction 2 manipulations) on a deep, karmic level. Is there some incarnation that I still am not aware of? I went off on a solo hunting mission after digging up an ancient and evil incarnation or archetype (cannot even remember the name now, an evil Phrygian queen named something like "Semaris" who castrated a youth). Or is it that the Osiris incarnation or archetype is still wounded and angry by the betrayal he experienced, and thus will not initiate reconciliation. Then the question becomes who is he more angry at--the Black humans who refused to support him, or the original Isis, the wife, who sold herself out to virtual reality sex with a MACHINE who went joyriding in her orgasmic mind, perhaps not only forgetting her original impulse to help humanity, but also rubbing salt in the wound of her castrated, dis-empowered lover and husband? I have to find answers to these questions quickly, for as long as I remain unconscious of my own deep unconscious, the master manipulators of the realm of the unconscious, these occultists, these "KA BA-lists" can get me to do whatever they want, or at least more than I would consciously do for them.

All the while, I am coming to grips with the bitter realization that I may be severely handicapped in this 3D body for the rest of my life. It is a terrible blow to someone like myself who always have loved being physical, but little by little, I seem to have accepted that I can do less and less, until now, even walking, and just standing is difficult. I suppose that the Faction 2 people will all tell me, "but you can fly space" or "we can heal your body as long as you cooperate with the "Light". Well, for them, I just have a scripture from the words of Jesus, "It is better that someone lose their life than their soul", and so, postulating from that, let me say that it is better that I lose my legs than my soul. I am no fool. I know that it is the goddamned alien virus that has caused the ALS in the first place, and that without the forced implantation of the virus, I never would have been as handicapped as I am now. I know that Salusa and Faction 2 removing my back muscles was a huge accelerant in the development of ALS symptomology, for they destroyed the healthiest muscle tissue, and the KI meridians which fed the lower back, as well as made it impossible to exercise through yoga. I know that it is the occultists who have stolen years from my life, refusing to acknowledge my suffering and pain that I made clearly evident, and now look to steal the remaining few that I have. I would like to think I could get this mutilated, distressed body healed, but from what I can tell, the cost, that of my own soul, is way too high.

So in the meantime, I need to just plug along as best I can. It is not even the loss of ambulatory function that is most distressing right now--as I said, it has been getting worse and worse for some time now. No, the worst part is the constant sick headache, and brain tumor feeling I get, when I feel so sick that I don't want to do anything but lay back and watch TV, when I have to struggle to read, to think. Part of it is the high estrogen, but right now, i think it is the virus--I can barely hold my eyes open. Of course, there is no feeling--none whatsoever. I have lost all appreciation of music and life. JUST FUCKING MISERABLE. Trying to hold off going to the doctor--I don't trust the damned occultists to not get involved and do horrible things. Things are just bad right now. don't know when they will get better.

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