Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stupid moronic fucks got me on lithium

Stupid moronic fucks got me on lithium. I have been out of it all fucking day. yes, i go thru the motions, and even took two small bike rides but i dont give a fuck about anything. I know i am glad that diasater was averted again, but i am too goddamned drugged to care. tried to read. cant read. triey to watch tv. cant watch tv. worse of all is when i try to sleep and the GODDAMNED BRAIN RUSHES START UP AGAIN, and i realize thatr all that shit about what i eat making me fat is BOGUS BULLSHIT. it is the goddmaned lithium and estrogen that have turned me into a miserable fat snail, barely able to move, to clean house, to do fucking anything. but that is the way the goddamned luciferians like their people--so zombied out that they dont know what the fuck is going on, so goddamned miserable in their own bodies that they think nothing. going to have to tke vicodin to try to sleep. cant keep living this fucking way. no fucking energy,no fucking desire to live.

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