Sunday, August 14, 2011

This is my second day without any exercise

This is my second day without any exercise---there is too much fluid pressure on my brain and face to be functional. I am walking around again with the psuedo-brain tumor syndrome, and am in a lot of nerve pain as well. My face/jaws hurt too much to shut my mouth.

That is ok--clearly I am not only in an unsafe place, I am being abused and exploited by evil factions. Judging from the bullshit fake dreams implanted into my head at night, I can only guess that this is more Jesuit/Opus Dei mind control game playing. After years of being manipulated, drugged, and controlled by those christofascists (and believe the Jesus Christ they worship is not the one that I do), I know all their little tricks and games, and can recognize them a from a mile off. The Jesuits have been involved in underhanded and occult activities and powerplays for centuries. I think that they originally sided with the reptilian monarchs of Faction 1, but as they so adroitly foresaw, the power shifted, and they became more intricately intertwined with Faction 2. They just want more of the same kind of fascist mind control shit.

I had hoped to write a more revealing post, but I am too sick to continue. I literally cannot hold my head u. Maybe later. As for now, I am going to go back and watch tv--too sick to do aything else.

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