Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am developing Morgellon's now

I am developing Morgellon's now, and constantly am itching all over my body. I can see the tiny, clear-blistered pustules, and sometimes, just a small scab, which I suspect forms after an involuntary scratch. I tell myself not to scratch, but it is hard when it is all over the body. I am going to have to take something, because I have seen pictures of hard core Morgellon lesions on the web, and I never want it to get that bad.

The mind control handlers that are controlling my life now, have me on some kind of psychotropic drug that not only has me a little bit psychotic with weird motion sickness going on (things seem to be moving right at me), but is also spasming my muscles terribly. I have been in spasmed back pain all day, and find it even difficult to walk. It hurts to even sit here at this computer, pretty much as it has all day, but although my body is in really bad shape, the mind can still think, or it was able to, until I started to write this, and the download began. I have no buffer zone whatsoever. I am constantly suffering, and the download just puts me over the edge. Important things to say--guess I will have to talk it out.

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