Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The most horrible of thoughts

The most horrible of thoughts has now crossed my mind--have those sick-ass Jesuit bastards impregnated me? And if so, with what? A Tall White hybrid--one of the Amalekites that God has condemned to the ban of destruction. The reason I am suspecting it--not yet fully ready to embrace it, is because of all the references I see to pregnancy lately. At first, I thought that Faction 2 had done their bit to help along the Merovingian bloodline, and that Wm. & Kate were expecting, but then today, I saw a post about a pregnant man. There is a transgendered man, who did have a successful pregnancy. For the past couple or three days, I have been ravenously hungry, eating more than normal, and am constantly nauseaus. However, i feel so bad all the time, and so alienated from my body that I no longer have a can sense "normal" or "change" in my body.

I have dreamed of my eggs being fertilized and grown by the evil, rotten demons before. In the early, California days of my abduction, I have dreamed of having abortions--very real and powerful dreams. I woke up, feeling that I did have a real abortion, and now I think I spontaneously miscarried anything in my body. Now, I am absolutely flabbergasted at the audacity of the evil, rotten sons of bitches who would put a developing embryo in my body. I am sure it is one of my eggs. The question is, WHAT, not who, is the father. I think the answers goes back to the post of the sperm whale beaching on Spain, and the change in skin color that I experienced. I think some evil son of bitch is trying to get a alien-human hybrid of a baby with yellow skin (purposely Mongoloid) that they can use to create an avatar, much in the same way as Barack Obama was bio-engineered to be the Muslim avatar of his generation. It is clear to the whole world how that turned out.

The bottom line is that any endeavor these negative KaBalists initiate, will always be marked by the death and destruction that is the resulting trademark engendered by their own spiritual death. I will NOT knowingly allow any genetic offspring of mine to be used by those sons of bitches. Nor will I carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. I guess they forgot. I am pro-choice, and respect a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy. I can think of no more valid reason that by the medical and bodily rape those bastards have committed against my body, unless it is God's own commandment to completely ban the Amalekites. As far as I am concerned that goes for any alien-human hybrid monster. There was no love involved in the conception of this child. It was created to serve evil, disguised as spiritual good. BULLSHIT!!!

I suppose it is one last ditch attempt by the occultists to force on me a feminine identity--something I lost last year, and will never get back. How could they be so goddamned stupid? Answer--they are just desperate. I may be a FREAK--hell yes, thanks to you sons of bitches, but female, no, and I will not carry your satanic spawn in my body.

I pray to God to abort this evil monstrosity.

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