Saturday, August 6, 2011

I have been experiencing a lot of background thought today

I have been experiencing a lot of background thought today, and as usual, I progress in self-understanding. I still don't think all the suffering, abuse and (not so) secretive exploitation has been necessary, but there are multiple forces of evil attempting to coerce and bend the direction of my life and choices, and so this shit happens. I have not written about it, but earlier in the week, I was "gang-stalked" by a group of satanists. Hell, I couldn't even walk down the street, without some scruffy, creepy young man, murmuring incoherently and making gestures. It was all pretty basic "terrorist" kind of stuff--as in, trying to provoke fear and terror through bizarre behavior. That is the way satanists are--they are terrorized into accepting and conforming to their evil belief system, and that is what they do to others--especially children, but adults will do as well, too.

These satanists were very well connected however. They were psychics among them, as they tracked me everywhere I went. One was pretending to make a UPS stop at the shoe repair place I was visiting (thanks to my Lemurian neighbors, the satanists know every move I make). He was the proud possessor of all the accoutrements-- van, brown uniform, the sign touch pad, and all, but he was definitely a satanist. My guess is that he literally was a UPS driver, pressed into service. However, the evil runs even deeper. There was a Homeland Security truck that had me under surveillance--whether benign or malign, I can't tell for sure, right now, but I am certain about the evil intent of another govt. decal-ed truck that I saw while biking. I am not sure what government dept. it was, but I definitely picked up an evil vibe, as I biked past its parked position on the trail about 9 am in the morning. However, the really weird thing is that it was a woman in the driver seat! Normally, I ignore all people I see on the bike trail, because after nearly a decade of being psych opped by mind control people from monks to satanists to Black or military psychics, I am just sick of all the goddamned control shit, and refuse to respond. However, this female driver looked familiar in a way. As soon as I looked up to stare at her, she looked down, but her body, her tan, her blond hair bob was the exact same one as Cindy Anthony! I am not kidding or exaggerating. Sometimes, I have to sit on things, because they seem so outlandish, but I know that Cindy Anthony is a satanist, and I know that she is well connected, so conceivably she was able to track down the blogger who saved the daughter she so ardently wanted to destroy.

This is not a hypothesis that I feel strongly about--it is just too weird to accept it; however, I am on the alert for any further contacts with this group (she was the only woman--mostly they were middle aged men, and scruffy, immature, male youths). I remember that one satanist I passed on the bike trail, said "Amon" as if in loudly declarative invocation. I remember Jordan Maxwell talking about how the Christian word, "Amen" is actually a satanically warped response, cleverly inserted into Christian liturgy by satanic double agents centuries ago, which is meant to refer to the god, Amon, which is associated with RA. This was a bummer for me, because I say "amen" as an emphatic and affirmative response quite frequently. In the KJV of the Bible, "amen" is often translated as "verily", so whenever I want to give a silent affirmative response to something, I now am saying, "verily, verily". No more "amen" for me

Sigh--if only it were that easy! For, while today, I did not encounter any satanists on my ride (at least not the gang stalking overkill that I had experienced earlier this week), still the satanists are doing everything to everything they can to negatively impact my life. I spoke with my mom yesterday, and after talking with her, I realized that the back pain and nausea that she is experiencing is the result of an amped up, alien virus overload. What I have been suffering for years, she has only recently began to experience, and with her advanced age, it is really bothering and handicapping her. Yet, there is practically nothing I can do to help her. Because she has sold me out to the satanists, my own power is diminished, and I am not really able to effect much good in others, but have to concentrate on myself. Sadly, the damned satanists use my empathetic feeling for my mom to open up and ride into my mind, and abduct me at night, so my responses have to be constrained and limited. Then, my brother has the same alien virus that I do, and I think that the handicap is really bothering him. So, why is the alien viral download being poured on? As a prelude to "Ascension" with negative aliens or assimilation to RA? I don't know. In my own way, I pray that all members of my family elude such a fate. I also pray that we manage to avoid a world war.

For I do know, that the negative aliens, specifically the negative Sirians, and their human minions are doing everything they can to start a major war in Syria. By now, it is predictable really--the grand plan for massive destruction (in this case the planned nuking of Auckland, NZ), falls through, so then the cabal scurries around with Plan B and Plan C--trying to start a race war here in this country, and trying to stir up a global conflagration centered in the Middle East--all to avoid their own rapidly diminishing power and wealth. Unfortunately, they have minions in positions of power that can still inflict major damage, and so today, there was the tragic news of 31 American troops being killed in the worst casualty incident of the Afghan war. The real tragedy is that they were sold out and ambushed by the Obamanation that is our Manchurian president. He had some help from Hamid Karzai. Why? Well, first of all, both these men WANT war--Obama for power and patronage from his evil overlords and handlers, and Karzai, so that all the billions in graft, courtesy of the tapped out American treasury and taxpayer, continues to pour in. Hell, American military intervention in a country is even more profitable than being the largest opium producer in the world...

I still am kicking around hypotheses of how and why this all went down, but I am certain that both those men were involved in the deliberate setup and ambush of our troops. No doubt, one objective was to inflame the American citizen into further war, but in Obama's case, pure hatred was involved (and maybe in Karzai's case as well--his notoriously no count brother was recently murdered as well). This is why yesterday I urged that Gillard be removed from office. As I said two years ago, after the Haiti earthquake, which Obama helped to conspire and contrive, "whenever there is an anti-Christ in power, it brings really bad karma to a nation". Thirty one of our best soldiers dead (33?), at the hands of their nominal commander-in-chief. I am sure that their brothers in arms are besides themselves with grief and rage right now. God, protect them from the snares of the evil one, and keep them sanely tempered, so that they don't go rogue in their righteous fury.

I also am concerned because Obama met earlier this week with the Sirian ambassador, Ford. Now, Ford never was confirmed by the Senate--Obama forced through his appointment during the recess. There was a reason that the Senate never confirmed him--THE MAN IS NEGATIVE CABAL, THROUGH AND THROUGH. I encourage all readers to check out his photos on the web. This Ford, as instructed by Obama, as prompted by the handlers (I am not sure, but I think Obama has gone back to F1 reptililian patronage), are not going to rest, until they have got another war going on in Syria. Anytime Syria is involved, the (negative) alien Sirians are involved in it somehow, and believe me, they wax fat over suffering and death, and it would be a crushing blow to humanity, if those evil aliens gained any more power. So what can I do? Nothing much, except to try to stay sane and calm, to do what little I can in my low energy state, and pray for the real leaders of my country as they try to figure out how to respond.

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