Monday, August 22, 2011

Important PS to previous post:

Important PS to previous post: What if the black cube I am dreaming about is a partner to the sacred pagan stone at Mecca? What if it is a larger, more powerful version of the small cubes that Michael Prince talked about as using as part of his assassination jobs. In an interview, he speaks of being mind controlled through horrific torture from childhood, and turned into "super soldier" with psi abilities. While Faction 1 were his original abusers, Faction 2 took over when he was about 10 to 12 years old, and they turned him into a controlled assassin for their agendas and needs. The cubes he was referring to were "ancient ancient" technology from the pyramids, and could mind control anyone who has been implanted by a Faction 2 (Machine RA) control device. What if Faction 2 now has a much larger (and more powerful) mind control device to use on people? Not quite as large as the one on Saturn, but still more powerful than any other faction or group possesses on Earth. What if nightly abductions and torture by kabalists using that mind control cube is going to be standard procedure for me, now...There has to be some way to break the implants'power. Must figure it out.

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