Monday, August 29, 2011

Wow, I was cut on severely last night

Wow, I was cut on severely last night--the fucking Dogs/Sirians/Nazis who now are running our country have me firmly pegged as their new Isis, and they will do whatever it takes to force a feminine shape on me. The fact that my Spirit (energy) and Soul is decidedly masculine has no bearing for them, for they don't give a damn about anyone's spirit or soul, or for that matter, the temples that house them--the body. So, last night they chopped major muscle from my shoulders and arms, and have left me literally crippled, for they have cut essential nerves in my left arm, so that the arm is lame and in constant nerve pain, in addition to being Siriusly weakened. Worse than that, I have lost nearly all sensation in my left hand. Well, what can I expect from a bunch of Nazis?

As brief and scant as was the information in the previous post, I must have tweaked not only the upcoming Nazi plans, but also Nazi pride. I know my posts will never reach them. There is yet another occult KaBalist Nazi added to the White House roster--Alan Krueger. Check out this photo (not the ones presented on current events MSM):

I think that the American public can expect that Krueger will push the Nazi agenda--including a value added tax, which will once again force the lower income Americans to pay for the the huge bail outs, and obscenely increasing wealth gap in this country, which has weakened the country, since the unholy greedfest initiated in the 1980's, and ultimately will destroy it. This is a slow way of weakening/destroying America, since all their fast fixes keep getting snubbed.

Of course, the Nazis/Faction 2 are recovering vast sums of wealth from the Faction 1 coffers, but, "silly rabbits" aka sheeple, that is not meant for use to ameliorate the public debt--already borne by the shoulders of working Americans. Rather, it is to create a new clique of super-wealthy fascists who hope to be the financial kingpins in their new world order.

Because they keep cutting on me, and giving me the reptilian eyes of the dog Sirians, I can only assume that these Faction 2 think that I am one of them. Apparently, I unconsciously cooperated with them, at the time of the military coup--around 8/5. Why? I have a couple of different theories, but most importantly, I think it was for the same reason that I voted for Obama. I knew that a potentially fatal poison was lurking in the system, and would out itself no matter what. So, I had hoped that an early release of the poison would be less than lethal, giving the patient (the USA), a chance to recover. I also am hoping that all the good people who are absolutely blind about the evil depths of Faction 2 and the special forces miliatary will have their eyes opened, and give assist to the beleaguered patriots of this country.

God knows I feel beleaguered, but as long as the fleur-de-lis of Faction 2 and the Neptunian spear of a MACHINE-RA-enslaved special forces are the standards dominating this country, there is nothing that my Christian-identified spirit can do, but enduring the suffering and hardship caused by such an evil domination. You want to know who is running the country, people--Check out the following:

God save the Free Republic of the United States of America. Amen.

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