Thursday, August 25, 2011

My brain is completely fried

My brain is completely fried after last night's abduction. I know where my mind wants to go--I am very close to a major breakthrough, but I have decided to shelve those plans for today. My brain is not able to think well, right now, but I must write this post, because the information is important. Last night, I was abducted and implanted with some forehead and top of the skull implants that have left me very autistic and unengaged from reality. I feel as though I am walking around in a cocoon, and I find it hard to keep the eyes open--there is literally in indentation in my forehead where the implant was placed, and it puts tremendous pressure behind my eyes and forehead. I keep shaking my head, to get rid of the congested feeling caused by the implants or stents placed in the top of my head, but cannot. However, I remember the abduction last night, via dream imagery, and it explained a lot. I dreamed that I was surrounded by Air Force officers dressed in uniform, and they were saying smugly to each other, "Let's see if THAT plugs her into the machine".

Yesterday, I wrote of how the Navy has been infiltrated and compromised by negative Sirian aliens. Today, it is time to expose the infiltration of the Air Force by negative Sirian aliens. I am very, very close to understanding the whole schemata of the various Sirian factions works, but for today, I am just going to take a first step in outlining the basic dichotomy of the Sirian civil war, for which humans have been used as proxy soldiers for centuries. I am going to refer to these two Sirian factions as "dog and cat", not from any sense of disrespect or denigration, but because these separate factions clearly identify with either dogs or cats (why, I am not sure--I could speculate, but that is not a priority right now).

This planet was colonized by three, possibly four, successive waves of Sirians in ancient history. I am just going to focus on the cat/dog split for now, because the dog Sirians have partial control of our Air Force, while the cat Sirians have infiltrated our Navy. The dog Sirians control the air, and are related to the pagan gods, Baal and/or Enlil, who was the god of thunderstorms and lightning. Enlil is also related to the moon. The cat Sirians control the sea, and are also known as the pagan Enki (which later was transmuted to Ea, which I believe became the "Yah" of the yahwistic narrative in the Bible). The cat Sirians are related to the constellation Pegasus, and the various fish gods and goddesses, from which Agarti (the Agarthans of inner Earth) and the Merovingian bloodline (which was engendered by a fish god) come.

Now, precisely why these two factions "fight like cats and dogs", I don't know why at this very moment. However, rest assured that the divisions are ancient and substantial. The other interesting thing that I learned about these two factions is that fight over the possession of Isis, or one of her antecedents. I wish I remembered where I read that (some mythology of gods of the air and sea fighting to possess the female "goddess"), but I know that I read it, because that is what started my whole train of thought. For of course, I am the prospective "Isis", and let me tell you, it is like being aggressively wooed and claimed by Count Dracula and Darth Vader. I manage to shove one psychic vampire off, and the other one thinks, "oh, that means that she must like me!".

I am not exaggerating. For a while, Salusa and the cat Sirians were "wooing" me, by cutting out over half my body muscle, and leaving me in a mutilated carcass that I despise, but Salusa disappeared, and now the dog Sirians are in full force. My initial impression is that the cat Sirians, or at least Salusa, are a little bit more humane than the dog Sirians. The humans associated with the dog Sirians are extremely alienated from reality and seem to lack the ability to relate and love. The people associated with the cat Sirians are more in their bodies and capable of relating, though some of them are really messed up, too (for the cats break down into 2 separate factions on their own, basically corresponding to the Templars/Amon RA sets, but that is for a later post). I did feel that Salusa cared about me in a way, and I am still not able to confidently gauge the extent of his guilt--was he amorally evil or was it just extreme cultural chauvinism and insensitivity that led him to destroy my body?

I am not sure, but this post is not about me--this post is about the conflict between the dogs and the cats, because this is impacting our human reality. You see, these aliens will play us off, one against another, utilizing us as proxies to fight THEIR wars, but ultimately, they will come together to attain their final objective--complete domination of this planet. A big part of that objective is the Sirian desire to resurrect Atlantis--which is between Florida and the Carribean, and the old Lemuria which I am guessing is in the south Pacific between Australia/New Zealand (they want to sink NZ and parts of Australia) and South America, or perhaps, Antartica. They also want to exterminate overwhelming numbers of the population--like over 5 billion people. They only a want a few of the "chosen ones"--the ones who share their "cat" or "dog" genetics left remaining, in order to start a new world cycle which needs to rediscover fire and reinvent the wheel all over again. The people of color are the ones slated for destruction. A large segment of the Chinese population will be left alive so that they can "feed" the reptiles, and keep them off the Sirian backs, and a mass exodus of what is left of North America and Europe will emigrate to an African continent which has been emptied by disease, plague and starvation. The new spiritual capital of the world is to be Jerusalem, emptied of all Jews.

I hate to sound grim, but this is just the truth, and people and nations from all sides need to understand this, because these negative Sirians are master manipulators, and know how to set us off, one sect/group or ideology against another, and it becomes a lose/lose for us, and a win/win for them. (They can always resume their cat and dog fight, once they are the undisputed masters of the planet). Because the Sirian war against the human race has been steadily increasing over the last few decades, the polarization has become intense. Everyone suffers from it, except of course the KaBalists who are "in the know" as to how the whole NWO plan is to unfold, and what will be everyone's proper role and function (since they fancy themselves on top and "living in my own time", they are quite complacent and smug about the future).

I bring all this up, because I think the negative Sirians pulled a master manipulation move when they set our military against the civilian Patriot Leadership Team. Again, I understand why the military did it--believe me, my stomach has been churning with revulsion over the zero character of Obama since 2008, but I think they got had. This is why they have made three major misreadings of the situation in the course of two months, whereas the civilian leadership team POSSIBLY made one in two and half years. I am not saying that I am vehemently opposed to the military coup. Clearly, there are individuals there, still taking care of long business, and maybe the crisis is such a dire mess, that the Constitution needs to be temporarily suspended. To be honest, it does not conflict with my intuitive perception of the way the future unfolds--which I choose not to divulge. However, it bothers me when I feel that the military coup was motivated in large part by ideological polarization and selfishness, spurred on by manipulative Sirian factions. It bothers me that the one person, Hillary Clinton, who has demonstrated unbelievable fortitude and stellar leadership for the past two and a half years, seems to have been basically stripped of REAL official function and duty (intuitive read). I do not make ideological calls on supporting or respecting men and women of leadership caliber. For instance, I have scant common ground with Speaker Boehner, but I respect his manhood, his patriotism and his leadership, whereas the former speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, with whom I share more of a similiar ideological outlook, I regard as a Jesuit/Vatican point person and compromised agent, who committed a heinous crime against the Constitution and American people by ignoring the proper vetting procedure for candidates to the Presidency.

By the way, the human being who wins big every time that this polarization re-enacts itself is Barack Obama. He was trained by Satanists for years, so he is a master at the manipulative technique himself. (Has anyone ever noticed that there are no photos of him in his early teenage years--he goes from about 11 or 12 years of age to 15 or 16 years. Where was he? Perhaps the Middle East, learning how to be a "good" Muslim, maybe some CIA Faction 2 brainwashing center--for he was a Faction 2 creation from the womb to the Presidency--or how about a spaceship--in any case, the gaps are disturbing, because who knows what was done to him in those missing years). Mr. Obama has played off the various sets and factions masterfully. At various points, he has sought the patronage and backing of the Templar Faction 2, Faction 1 (Rothschild and Rockefeller), the Vatican/Jesuit wing of the KaBal, and now he is committed to the Maurice Strong/Amon Ra wing of Faction 2.

This Amon Ra satanic faction is perhaps the most dangerous of the factions (they are a subset of the cat Sirians), because they ally themselves with the Amelekites, who are humanity's sworn enemies. They are hidden in southern Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan--and I imagine that their hiding places are becoming increasingly restricted. Anyway, anytime that the "good guys"--whether Democrats or Republicans, military or civilian, White or Black, allows themselves to become polarized into ideological rigidity, rather than personal existentialism, Barack Obama swells with hope that he can yet play off the American factions, one against another, so he comes out on top again--especially, if the Amelekites can prevail. The sooner that this country is restored to CIVILian government, the safer we will be from this pathetic narcissist's delusions of grandeur and hatred of America.

One last point--that gunrunning scandal was more than just an attempt to get gun control in the US. I think Obama and Eric Holder were acting on orders from top level Amon Ra leaders (Strong?). You see, the Chaldeans of Iraq are trying to horn in on the drug trade, by supporting the Sinoloa cartel, while undercutting the Zetas. Not only would this promote terror and drug addiction, which the Amon Ra KaBalists regard as a positive, it makes major money that can be funneled back into Amon Ra terrorist organizations such as PMOI and factions of Al Qaida and the Taliban. Their objective, of course, is just to terrorize the Middle East until there is enough unrest for war. There is no doubt in my mind that Holder is also involved with the Amon Ra wing of Faction 2, as is much of the Chicago Black community. Please, "good guys", work together to get rid of Holder, so we can rid of Obama, so that we can have an honest civilian govt. with Joe Biden as Pres and Hillary as veep, and FAIR elections in 2012. No, now is not the time to air dirty laundry--on any side. There is no way the American people can handle the truth right now. We need a stable, strong leader who has proven herself and earned respect, to slowly start revealing the crimes committed against humanity, for centuries by the satanists and negative aliens, who hopefully will "ascend" to SOMEPLACE ELSE in the next year or two. For God's sake, at least give her a little respect...she can handle herself in an election campaign just fine,

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