Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another lost day

Another lost day--between excessive estrogen and psychotropics. Slept most of the day. Unable to concentrate or focus on anything at all. My back and joints ar ein alot of pain from the drugs. My tongue is coated with white fur and my mouth is coated with slime--hormonal imbalance. I dont know who is drugging me, but I know it wont work. My brain is incapable of responding to the implants. the brain will shut down in self protection first, which is why i sleep so much. the only wy to get me to respond to implants is to wire my hormonal system back the way that Gjod designed it--as a male. I am always right --well, overwhelmingly often-- but no one listens to me. It takes years of suffering to get a response. well, i am suffering, terribly. too sick to wire anymore. go to sleep, watch tv.

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