Monday, August 22, 2011

What a horrible day--

What a horrible day--not only did I suffer all day from the illness caused by the psychotropics (I think I may be on lithium--I am gaining weight and unable to sleep at night due to the brain rushes), but it was just a day when the evil of Faction 2 reigned supreme. Since they not only claim me, but are able to abduct and torment me in my sleep, and last night was a horrible night of abduction, I have felt like shit all day. Then watching the news was one triumph of evil after another. Let me list all the Faction 2 gains in the past few days: Rape charges dropped against Strauss Kahn; Casey Anthony endangered by being forced back into Florida; 3 hard core satanists and murderers released from prison; earthquakes off of the Fukushima coastline; a tsunami in Indonesia; a Canadian politician dead of cancer (I suspect "CIA cancer"); hurricane Irene threatening the US coastline; and then of course, the biggie--the recent upheaval in Libya. The information coming through the news feed has been so rapidly changing that I hesitate to declare any status, but I know Faction 2 was behind this most recent push, and the point was to declare a false death of Kadaffi, and then resurrect him again as the great prophet who would reunite the disparate middle eastern Muslim countries into another caliphate.

As I wrote in my previous posts, they plan to use the ancient technology in Libya to gain material power and wealth. Did I help them find it? I don't know. I do get the idea that I am supposed to help engage and harness the power of the KaBa stone that they have found in Libya. That can only mean that somewhere in my unconscious or previous lifetime I know how to operate it, but I don't think that I will. However, the KaBalists will do everything in their power to force me to cooperate, and thus I suffer terribly from the debilitating effects of the psychotropic drugs I am force fed. My problem is that after years of being abused, abducted, abandoned and betrayed, I have absolutely no idea of whom I can trust. Certainly some people, aliens and cliques are better than others, but are they really trustworthy? Perhaps they are duped themselves--certainly that has been my biggest complaint against would be allies, after the fact that they have no respect for my lesbian, intersexed being. Perhaps they want to groom me to fit into their image of what my future should be. I long for a space and place, drug free, and given the opportunity to clearly and honestly know my options so that I can choose of my free will. However, evil doesn't have any regard for choice or free will, and I am up to m eyeballs in deeply evil beings and agendas.

I would like to continue, but body must sleep...tomorrow.

It is going to be hard to sleep with this pain in my lower pelvic abdominal area. It is a pulsating pain. I know it is an implant. Since Salusa fucked up my spinal kundalini, by destroying my body's natural energy flow (and by the way, all my energy along with it), they now are trying to force the kundalini through the front pelvic area, artificially pulsating that energy field. It's not going to work, but it makes me incontinent and it keeps me in pain.

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