Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i do believe the stupid motherfuckers

i do believe the stupid military motherfuckers have got me on lithium. it would make sense woudlnt it? same old shit. for the umpteenth time, patriarchal men (oh yeh, all those patriarchal women i saw on the bike trail, had no part in the dicision did they? do you idiots actually think for one minute i have ANYTHING in common with patriarcal women...well, except that I have no power over my own body or brain?), think that some goddamned psychotropic drug is going to change my spiritual and psychological self identity that I FUCKING EARNED THE HARD WAY--through prayer, tears, experience, and years of rejection and prejudice, or accept this fucked up, mutilated body that your allies had a part in creating, all because of some fucked up drug that makes it impossible for me to think.

I think i may be on lithium because I recongize the psuedo psychosis that it causes when i try to sleep. the brain rushes are back too. cant believe this shit. for the frist time in days, i will need vicodin to help me sleep. i would rant more, but i am so fucked up on this goddamned durg that i am not capable of jmuch but wianting to sleep.

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