Friday, August 26, 2011

A day of terrible suffering and pain

A day of terrible suffering and pain after being abducted and mutilated last night. The parties involved (and boy, is that different), cut out parts of my neck and cervical spine. Since I have an arthritic neck, with a history of serious injury, the mutilation has left my neck unable to sustain its own weight without pain. I took two vicodin last night and still, I could not stop the pain. It was especially hard because I would find myself stop breathing, which is pretty damned scary--I think that severe case of apnea is related to the ALS with whichI have now diagnosed myself.

There's a whole new wrinkle in this abduction. Yes, it was done by the dog Sirian allies. I know this because I woke up from the abduction with lightning and thunder happening outside my window. Almost certainly, rogue elements of the US Air Force was involved. However, there was also a foreign national involved--from Japan, Seijii Maehara. This seems incredible at first, but let me explain.

Fortunately, I had someone with whom to talk today, visiting my therapist counselor. She basically is a sounding board for all the insane shit that happens to me, so that I don't go literally insane. Anyway, I was moving stiffly, and she could tell I was sick, but she told me that my face looked "yellow". After the night from hell that I had, I told her that it was probably jaundice, because the viral downloads had put so much toxins in my body that the liver was overwhelmed. However, when I went home and checked out my own face in the mirror, I was like, WTF? My face had lost its summer brown tan, and looked yellow, Asian yellow.

My mom actually has a little bit of a yellowish tint to her face. As a matter of fact, my mom is one of those Hispanic women who looks Asian. Even her eyes look like those of an Asian woman who has had cosmetic surgery. When I saw video of Japanese older women, after the tsunami, I was frequently reminded of how similar in appearance my Mom is to other Japanese women. I never really gave it much thought. I had always surmised her Asian appearance came from ancient Lemurian blood passed through her Mayan Indian DNA.

However, after an abduction in which my abductors wanted to leave their genetic tag on me (funny--those abducting assholes are the biggest racists around--everyone has to look like them), specifically, Asian skin color, I had to dig deeper. Clearly, Asians were involved in the abduction. Of course, the first thought was China. However, elements of our Air Force was involved, and it seemed a stretch that even our KaBalist Air Force would cooperate with a nation with whom relations are adversarially tense. Besides, China doesn't need to abduct me. You see a lot of my abductions are done to "scry" and "divine" for the KaBalists involved. I have been abducted by various parties, including Barack and Michelle Obama, to perform those tasks before. However, China has access to a multitude of Tibetan lamas and medium adepts that they can use for that purpose. They also have some of the most powerful psychics on the planet. So no, it wasn't China, so I started thinking about what has been in the news. Bingo! The Japanese prime minister, Kan, is resigning.

Now, the Japanese are a very interesting people, and the surname of their former prime minister, "Kan" is revealing in itself. The Japanese are the long lost descendants of one of the ("Sirian") lost northern tribes of Israel, similar to the Mongols. As I have posted before, the name Kan is related to so many other cultural variants of this ancient Israelite tribe--Cain, McConnell, Kahn, O'Connor, etc. It is also related to the surname, "Cohen". However, as St. Paul says, "not all who are descended from Israel belong to Israel", and the Japanese forgot and forsook their ancient Israelite identity, centuries ago. Still, the bloodline is there, and powerful, because it is highly attuned to the occult gifts. Yesterday, an interesting caption caught my attention, "A sperm whale beaches and dies on the coast of Spain". I think my mother and myself have this ancient Israelite tribal blood (which tribe I don't know), through a descendant who emigrated from Japan to Spain, seeded his sperm and died, far from his original homeland.

So, what Japanese person or entity would be involved in this abduction. It didn't take long to figure it out--the former foreign minister, Maehara. No doubt Maehara has that same occult gift to astrally project(what does "hara" mean in Hebrew? I just realized how similiar that name is to "O'Hara"), and no doubt he was involved in the abduction. You see, Maehara is one rotten, dirty politician. On March 6th, he resigned, ostensibly for taking a small campaign donation from a South Korean resident of Japan. That, of course is a bogus, paltry charge. However, I have learned when politicians resign for ostensible misdemeanors, the real truth is kept hidden, because it so horrific that no one wants the public to know. So, for example, Sen. Ensign of Nevada resigned last year, ostensibly for a sex scandal. The real truth though, was that he was aiding and abetting America's (alien) enemies, the Tall Whites, probably a result of greed and bad judgment, but nevertheless treasonous. I suspect the same is true of Maehara.

You see, five days after his resignation, the tsunami hit Japan. According to my memory of reading Ben Fulford's explanation of the tsunami, part of the reason, was Kan's resistance to the negative (Bilderberger) KaBal. Kan, to his credit, was trying to pull Japan free from the vicious vise grip that the KaBal robber barons had fastened on to the Japanese financial system (especially their pension institutions which were being sucked dry). For his patriotic efforts, he is getting shoved from office, and the man who was conspiratorially in, on both the great rip off of the Japanese people, and the devastating earthquake, is looking to take his place as a Bilderberger first lieutenant. Needless to say, the Japanese voters are as blind and sheeple as American voters.

Fulford was clear in his links of Maehara to the Bilderbergers, and went so far as to say that his forced resignation triggered the tsunami as an act of revenge for losing their "favorite son". Well, now Maehara, along with the Bilderberger KaBal is looking to set up Japan as a colonized outpost of the negative cabal. This would be disastrous for the Japanese people. It was disastrous for me. As part of the occult ritual of abduction, I am abused and tortured to augur well for the abductor's evil deeds. There is no doubt in my mind that Maehara was astrally present during my torture, and was the one who wanted to put a genetic "tag" on me to proclaim his ownership and superiority. Well, here is the real "blessing" that you will get from turning my skin yellow, Maehara. I hope that you and your Bilderberger buddies rot in prison for the rest of your life. My blessings are for the people and land of Japan, which you have victimized and terrorized through your evil deeds. May they get a genuine leader, a true leader that will fight the evil that is choking their land, their prosperity, and their future.

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