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ALERT, ALERT, ALERT! I sure hope this posting sees the light of day, because the information in here is CRITICAL. However, I plan to preface it with my own dismay at the current military dictatorship situation. I haven't said much publicly--on this blog--because I believe that the military's intent is to be save this country. In order to operate more efficiently, they bypassed the Constitution, and the former Patriot Leadership Team, most notably Congress, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. Now, Congress is completely in the dark, Joe Biden is the symbolic, acting "de jure" (but not de facto) President, and Hillary Clinton has been edged out from her former preeminent position (a preeminence that she she fully earned due to her leadership of the past 2 1/2 years) .

I know that the military is extremely frustrated with all the bullshit regarding Obama--a CIA satanist Manchurian candidate, who never met even the most fundamental prerequisite to be president, but who was pushed along by "politicking" from the dumbass, braindead, Jesuit and corrupt Chicago wing of the DNC. However, as the military knows full well, the Republicans are also beset by hardcore satanism, and unbelievable corruption. The atmosphere is so poisonous that even the best are tainted by it, but I still know a good and effective political leader, who regrettably has been tarred by the toxic miasma in which they work, when I see one. Clearly, the military does not; otherwise we would not be under an effective military coup, with the Patriot Leadership Team effectively dismantled or "vacationing".

However, the military leadership has their own problems--their ranks are as rife with satanists and traitors, as is the political branches of government. There are high ranking officers who cooperate with one or the other of the satanic factions--now mostly reduced to two separate wings of Faction 2--those of the Maurice Strong/Amon RA version and the Knights Templar version (might also have to do with a Sirian civil war between those who identify with cats or dogs, but I have not yet gotten that far). These military satanists were involved in the 9/11 attack on our own nation--officers at Norad and other places helped to sabotage our military response. Over the years, the problem grew worse, and I have identified high ranking personnel such as Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy (who may yet start WWIII) and David Petraeus, who is to be the new CIA director (!!--a natural fit for a mind controlled man such as himself), various generals at Vandenberg (first name Susan) and Florida AFB's. It really has become so commonplace to find a high ranking officer who is mind controlled or complicit with the satanic KaBalists, that I don't really put a high priority on remembering names anymore--follow the "failed" space launches, and track them back.

Most recently, I have been especially concerned about Martin Dempsey, who is slated to be the new Joint Chief head, which is the most powerful position in the military. I don't get a good feel when I look at Gen. Dempsey, and I have studied him in both videos and photos. He is not his own man. Is he an explicit Faction 2 guy or just mind controlled? I don't know, but the way I read it, he does not have the character necessary to be in such a trustworthy position. I am not a military "hater", and to prove this, I will give a brief opinion of some military brass who I DO respect and trust, even if I think their judgment is wrong. First of all, I think Adm. Mullen is a good man, a patriot, who desires the best for his country. Did he participate in the ouster of Hillary Clinton & the PLT? I don't know, but even if he did, it would not change my opinion of him. I also have a strong respect for Gen. Ordierno, who I really never recognized, except after I saw him standing at attention while Obama spoke at a conference. Every other man there, especially Dempsey, gave me the willies, but I could tell Odierno was, again, an honorable man and patriot, who I just felt I could trust. I researched him just a little bit further, to make sure that I didn't regret my first impression, and I was reassured. To me, he comes across as an old-time patriarchal soldier, a conventional, rather than creative thinker, but someone whose felt sense of duty and honest character will enable him to persevere and succeed in his efforts to make good judgments. Do I think he helped to oust Hillary & the PLT? Yep. I could tell he was furious with the travesty of Obama posturing for the press (and this was BEFORE the murder of the Navy SEALs), and I know a man of action would leap at any opportunity to rid this nation of the abamanation that plagues this country (for political reasons, the PLT could not publicly impeach Obama). Still, I think Odierno is fully committed to what is right for the country--at least from the little I have viewed of him--but an implant put in someone's head during their night dreams could change that in an instance. Maybe being a conventional, rote thinker has helped to save him--don't have any knockout surgeries, General...

The following three officers I feel much more comprehensively positive about--again, I know very little about them; this is just initial intuitive analysis. Two of them were forced into retirement, and the third is retired, but now fighting for his Pentagon civilian career. The first is General Cartwright, who supposedly was forced out because of an inappropriate affair with a junior officer. I doubt that, but even if it was true, he should have been disciplined, not forced out. Again, I know very little about him, but the little that I saw and read of him--he would be my recommendation for head of Joint Chiefs. Then Admiral Fallon was in the news again, recently. My high regard for him is based on a Atlantic interview from years ago. Now, I am not a knee jerk ideologue who likes him, because he tweaked the Bush administration (not inappropriately, to me). I like him because he demonstrated leadership where there was a vacuum. The Bush admn. had no regard for diplomacy, and instead of cursing them out to his buddies or venting to a Rolling Stone reporter, he took it upon himself to try to fill the diplomatic gap. Yeh, he knew it was a thankless task that wouldn't earn him any stripes in his profession or among his peers, but the job needed to be done and he did it--for which he was fired! He IS arrogant, but it is the arrogance of a patriot, a man who wants things done right, a Douglas MacArthur, who I view more positively, now that I know that he was up against the original KaBalist puppet (OKP), Harry Truman. It is also amazing to me that he became as high ranked as Admiral in the Navy when he was not Faction 2 (unless he bolted), because the KaBalist factions look after their own. Finally, there is a Marine retired general, Clifford Stanley, who is being investigated for "tyrannical" leadership as head of Pentagon Personnel. I smelled a rat, so I checked it out. Stanley may be a retired general, but he is no tyrant--he has a very genial disposition. I would be honored to work for him any day, and as those who know me, I have lamented the flagging leadership skills that I experienced during a five year career in an institution dominated by Black men. Stanley is Black, and he is a MAN, a leader. He worked his way up the ranks the hard way--working off his ass, getting his degrees while working full time in the service, and my guess is that he is both people smart, book knowledgeable, and hard working. His big problem--the one that is inspiring all these complaints--is that he fired a man named Noel Koch. I checked it out. First impression--Noel Koch is a satanist. Good job, General Stanley--I am glad that you had the balls to get rid of his ass. Now, please try to protect yourself, because obviously you are the kind of MAN and leader that the Pentagon needs.

Finally, I want to shout out to one of my best (former) sources, Sorcha Faal. I think I figured out who you are, but I won't out you. However, I wish you were back writing the best cointelpro (for the good guys) analysis on the planet. Your replacement, who I know is a military man, is doing a good job, but he is not as canny with the truth or English prose as you. I have read about 5 or 6 posts by him, and they have been helpful, but he bit hard on a lie. In years of reading your post, I don't ever recall you biting hard on a lie or disinfo (of course, all the muddleminds don't get it--they can't see the truth in the lie), but the new Sorcha just did. It is a HUGE lie/disinfo--and it worries me, because I think his superiors bit on the same lie, but that is why "blogging underdog" is here (that, and no one will hire me...LOL). I am going to separate the posts thought. Stay tuned. The military got had by the Templar Faction 2, and it could prove catastrophic for the US.

Oh, and for all of those who think the military are best qualified to lead us out of this satanic entrapment that this country is in, let me inform you of a little publicized fact. The alternative and conspiracy sites all bemoan the secret treaty that the "US Government" made with the aliens--you know, the one that gave them the right to abduct and do "genetic experiments" on the population, in exchange for technology. Well, according to Preston Nichols/Peter Moon, who are as authentic and truthful witnesses as their mind control programming allows, it was not the US government that made that treaty--IT WAS THE US NAVY. Furthermore, I believe it--too many other pieces add up, and I don't have time to go into it, but let me say for the record that the Navy has been involved with the negative Sirian aliens and their technologies from the getgo, and I think many of their high ranking officers are mind controlled, and their children are satanically traumatized as well. Finally, let me just point out, that the man who is responsible for starting WWIII is named Mabus. What if it does not refer to the actions of one individual, but a representative from that institution--the Sec. of the Navy is Ray Mabus, and last I checked (last year, he is mind controlled...)

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