Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The dogs no longer barked at me today

The dogs no longer barked at me today--there is a reason for that. Two nites ago during my abduction, serious brain implant work was done on me. I know from the pain in my head which left me completely incapacitated all day yesterday. I think the purpose of the implants is to make me more congenial to working with the F2 military AND Black psychics (the ones who already operate within F2 parameters) during my abduction. Very weird dream last nite that seemed implanted---it tells me that once again I am being used--the question is, am I supporting an anti-Christ (F2/Allen Stanford) agenda, and our all F2 people as implanted/mind controlled as they were several months ago, when Mabus and the Navy were firing off rockets, Petraeus sold out to the cabal/Obama, and the Black psychics were walking around like zombies. Those implants were neutralized, I think, with some help from me. What if, consciously, I can bypass the brainwashing implants, but not unconsciously? Does this planet need to go to war, or is this a Sirian/F2 foray into a Sirian civil war?

I am not able to think well. First of all, the estrogen is just pouring into my body, which makes it nearly impossible to think. So does the pain. They pulled out the wrists of my hand, giving me the elongated wrist/hand look, but it causes terrific nerve pain in the hand, wrist, and underside of forearm. Constantly.

Then, there is the fact that the military has cut off/ appropriated all avenues of information. The only reason that I have been so successful in penetrating and understanding all the lies that surround us, is that I had unfettered access to web sites. No more. Major sources, such as Sorcha Faal, have been replaced by someone not nearly as subtle, nor as impressive a writer--I can only guess that it has gone from being written by a civilian to a military intelligence guy. Also, the font changed. LOL. But as soon as I noticed that--and checked a previous post to compare, I could not get back to the original, newest post. When I did, the font had changed to reflect the standard font that I am used to at that web site. It is not that the info was bad--like the "real" Sorcha, the info is in the disinfo, but I don't trust information that is spoonfed to me.

Likewise the Hillary blog sites that I use to follow Hillary have been hijacked. I literally saw a "downloading from" script as the photos loaded. I saw that and said "WTF?" I have never seen such a script in the hundreds of times that I have perused the blog. So I looked up the web site and got the message "http 403: Access forbidden to user". So all the journalistic info and images that I use to help guide and calibrate my ideas is now being manipulated by intelligence officers who named their web site after the morning coffee they were drinking when they set it up! Again, without accurate input data, I am handicapped. Oftentimes, I know something (like the NZ bomb plot) big and bad is about to happen, because I pick up subtle clues from that Hillary blog site.

Talking about subtle clues, why have the dogs suddenly quit barking at me? I figured out that the reasons they started barking at me in the first place was because of multiple changes in my aura, among them, reptilian, Sirian reptilian, cat and Cygnan. Most recently, my (Sirian) cat and Cygnan auras were causing the dogs to howl and bark at me. Today, utter calm. One dog even looked at me with some kind of quizzical reverence, so I can only guess that the deep brain implant changes gave me a different aura, very likely a (Sirian) dog aura. Now, the thing about this, is that I remember very clearly being abducted and used to track down the Sirian dog enemy. So clearly, because I can't get anyone to give me a straight answer or honest response while conscious, I am being used by whatever faction can abduct me first at night, and let me just say I like both cats and dogs.

I feel badly because I suspect that I sold out Hillary Clinton, perhaps by unknowingly empowering Allen Stanford/F2, but I am not sure why, how, or what, because it happened during an abduction. I do know that I believe Hillary Clinton is the leader who will get us out of this mess, and so this inner confidence gives me hope, but I am in a very uneasy position, but I am not pushing the panic button yet. Deep concerns and perplexities, especially since I cannot get good intel, but still hope. I just wished that I felt better.

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