Monday, April 30, 2012

The "Event"

The "Event" is a term that has been around, since at least last year, when there was an excellent TV series on NBC that eventually was desperately rewritten in the last few weeks, and finally pulled before the promised conclusion. Too bad. It was a really great show that was hinting at a lot of truths regarding alien factions and their relationships with us, and agendas for us. Of course, the viewer had to know how to discern disinfo from the prima facie material, but as everyone reading this blog should know by now, I am pretty good at that. So now, I have finally discerned what the big "Event" coming within the next few months is, and while some readers may know all about it, I have a stern warning regarding it for everybody. However, I WANT TO EMPHASIZE, that I hope nobody reads this and reacts negatively in anger. I do not have all the information, and maybe anger is called for, but I implore all readers to sit with the material a little while before proceeding on any action front. I myself am not sure of all the dynamics involved in the "Event", but I am going to present what I know, and hopefully people who have a little more detailed information, can draw less tentative conclusions than myself.

OK, starting at the beginning, readers of this blog know there is an ancient war between Faction 1 and Faction 2. As I have revealed in a recent post, occult power hinges on materialism, the ILLUSION, BUT REAL POWER, of money, which essentially not only makes our world "go round" with greater efficacy and production, but also subjugates us to the wizards of the financial pyramid "con job". Faction 1 has done quite well in dominating the world through this usurious banking scheme for centuries. The Templars (Faction 2) had a stab at taking over the pre-eminent spot in the 14th century, but King Philip put an end to all that ambition, and sent the Templars underground, where they became Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and a myriad of other secret societies, who plotted for their opportunity for revenge, redemption, and oh yes, world power. They got a huge boost, as they gained access to extradimensional characters and worldly power, which always have been around to influence world affairs, but which made greater headway in the 20th century. This was partly due to the tremendous damage done by the time traveling Grey renegade, that I nicknamed, "Vosk" (from his fictionalized counterpart on Star Trek: Enterprise), who was portalled into our reality through an ancient Native American mound (pyramid) near St. Louis. He eventually was largely responsible for the extensive scope and destruction of Nazi Germany, and very likely helped to give access to the necessary technology not only to create V-bomb, but also the A-bomb, as atomic blasts were necessary to rip the space-time fabric, which would allow even more dark and negative entities to enter Earth. As a matter of fact, all of the radioactive poisoning that I have suffered in this body may be related to my previous karma accrued as Charles Lindbergh, who helped facilitate Vosk's agenda. However, the most important point I would make regarding Vosk and the Nazis, is that ultimately, they were Faction 2. After the end of the war, they carried on covertly through rogue security agencies, especially the CIA, elements of the US Navy, and in various power secret societies.

Faction 2 had learned a lot from Vosk--such things as the "God code", which was an algorithm, which predicted earthquakes, as well as the natural energy lines of the Earth which could be manipulated to cause and/or intensify natural disaster. The higher levels of Faction 2 learned that our world is a hologram, run by a computer MATRIX, of which the financial world and markets are only a subset. Faction 1 had the financial market all wrapped up, as they controlled that MATRIX, thanks to their occult patrons and the great hijacking of the American constitution and Republic, the creation of the Federal Reserve Board. However, Faction 2 was now in direct contact not only with the advanced technology of the Grays, but also those of the Tall Whites, who partnered with the Grays, although as I suspect, as a dominating power. I draw this conclusion from various accounts of occult writers who have recognized these two elements working in tandem. Faction 2 had no qualms accessing and exploiting that high technology for our own 3D world, and so the 20th century witnessed an explosion of high tech inventiveness.

As human scientific knowledge increased, and more and more Faction 2 higher operatives had their brains artificially "turbocharged" by Grey technology (and not by spiritual enlightenment and maturity, which had been the only path for millennia), they began to realize that humans had the power to control the MATRIX. Of course, this meant keeping the higher alien powers happy, but they were already in collusion with the Tall Whites, who were responsible for the great computer at the central sun--RA, and the Greys, who were opportunistic power brokers, eager to give the Faction 2 KaBal anything they wanted, in exchange for human lives and souls. I think that recently, Faction 2 picked up a couple of other important allies--the "Vampire", Amon-RA aliens and a possible rogue faction of "cat Sirians", who want revenge, for, if am correct, the ancient wound of being sold out to the reptiles, so that some of their distant cousins are actually Greys. I also think the Draconian reptiles highly prize the cat Sirians for their psi ability, and they historically have been sold out to the reptiles by their Sirian kin, as well--another burning resentment. I feel especially sorry for the cat Sirian clique that is getting sucked into this evil alliance--they have been victimized for so long, but they do not understand that they are choosing a disastrous path. I think Salusa, the master Pied Piper is leading them astray, as I believe that only Salusa had the knowledge and personality to both play at being PF and "play" (fool) me, however briefly.

The big obstacle in gaining control over this world's MATRIX, was the financial system, which was and is (but not for very much longer), dominated by the occult MATRIX presided over by Faction 1. Everybody seemed to know that, after JFK's assassination for daring to confront this MATRIX, pinnacled by the Federal Reserve Board, and its disbursement of American taxpayer dollars to occult insiders, that the only way to overhrow this MATRIX was to bankrupt the Fed. But then what?

All of these factions or cliques understood that a new MATRIX would be necessary to take its place. Fortunately, with the cutting edge technology in computer science, (do you really think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs became billionaires through good old hard work and inventiveness?--Bill Gates now pushes for genetic modification to make us more like Greys, while Jobs is subsisting somewhere in interdimensional reality as a full-blown vampire), many Faction 2 operatives were developing the necessary skill to completely program a full scale MATRIX. They were getting lots of practice, too, creating sequestered planets, bases on Mars and other planets, and most dangerously, rogue and multiple timelines, which has nearly collapsed the known universe, if not for Patriot fighters, assisted by advanced alien civilizations.

I KNOW that there are multiple MATRICES, even within our world, and that the technology exists for them to change in a blink of an eye. The first time I had hoped to join up with the Black psychics, I flew into Phoenix, AZ, which is a MAJOR Faction 2 hub. As we flew in, I noticed how smoggy Phoenix was--nothing unusual there, but I turned my head for a brief second, and when I looked out the window again, the smog was completely gone, and the air was crystal clear with blue skies! That is how fast a MATRIX switch can happen, although it takes technology to do it. Later on the web, I read about an airport theft, and I knew some scoundrel had stolen the hi-techie whiz-gizmo that makes the MATRIX switch, thus stranding me in hostile territory. Our cherished bodies and selves are nothing but computer holograms, people, and a change in the parameters, can change our environment in an instant.

Of course, this is what virtuous 3D humans would call "god power", and guess what, I have had more than a little exposure to these Faction 2 programmers, and they have the most outrageous, immature god power-complex that I have ever seen in a group of people in my life. It is really scary to think how much power is in their hands. You want to control someone--just use the programs to stay a step ahead of them wherever they go---I have witnessed that, countless times. My guess is that somewhere, these immature boy pervs are watching the hot babe of the month, shower or make love on their video monitors. That is the maturity level of the Faction 2 programmers, for you see, they HAVE succeeded in imposing a new MATRIX on our world.

Now, I have known that this was happening, but viewed it as a necessary evil, in order to help institute the new financial reset. Of course, I worried about the possibility of abuse--were we overthrowing the old occult "bosses" for new ones? My fears and concerns have been completely validated by the incredible and relentless abuse by these juvenile programmers, "Masters of the MATRIX Universe". Among other things, they have violated and hijacked my brain frequencies while making love with PF, and then replayed them in my unconscious state, so that I would respond sexually to them. Forget the abuse and violation of me. What kind of pathetic pathological believes that such rapist behavior is ever acceptable, much less "love"--which apparently they do...and this is just the junior apprentice stage of the Faction 2 KaBal. Can you imagine the truly monstrous dimensions of their psyche, as they get older and gain more power? Remember Gene Valentine? These people are truly sick on their "god power-complex, and now they have the power to control our world's environments.

Now, ideally, we get out of the MATRIX through interdimensional freedom. However, billions of us are not there yet, and so I would hope that the Patriot governments of the world can intervene and regulate this MATRIX technology at whatever level possible, to ensure the minimum of abuse and violation. Apparently, it needs to happen for the reset to take place. Fine. I get it, and I am a firm believer in the financial reset, for PRAGMATIC, not ideological reasons. However, the Patriots of the world (and that would include readers of this blog), need to understand that Faction 2 is not being completely honest about their intentions or motivations. They are not interested in primarily serving humanity, but rather in serving THEIR occult overlords, which believe it or not, are ULTIMATELY THE SAME REPTILES as patronized Faction 1 for centuries. Of course, they may utilize a different path or approach, with a twist or two thrown in, but ultimately it will only be an escalation of the reptilian agenda. What is that agenda? Human slaves, especially those individuals with strong psi ability, and a increase in their collective hive drones. So, no matter what Faction 2 says or promises, I guarantee you that the cat Sirians and the Black psychics are going to be sold out at the very earliest opportunity. It is part of the package deal that was cut and signed at the highest levels, and an absolute prerequisite for the advanced technology, needed to build the MATRIX in the first place.

How do I know this? Because I found and have partially read a really informative and clear site, blogged by the handle name, "Cobra" who is a Faction 2 operative. The site is:

Now a word of caution for the reader--just because I say this is a "great" site, does not mean that I endorse its opinions or views. There is a lot of good information here, but a lot of lies as well. The truth has to do with financial reset. I do believe that Cobra is posting correct information about that. For those with advanced computer science backgrounds, check out the cryptic blog titles. According to the true believin' kool aid drinkers there, those codes are secret messages to the "resistance" (yeh right, and who else believes the shit about some intelligence operative, on the run, stumbling into subterranean passages underneath NYC, which he used to set up an underground base which destroyed the last of the reptiles here on Earth in 2000....Actually, I think those cryptic post titles are instructions about changes in the MATRIX, so I hope that some Patriot can figure them out. It would be GREAT if the Patriots were in charge of the MATRIX.

Despite his name (what is it about Faction 2 high level operatives and snake imagery--I dreamed the al-Qaida hermaphrodite leader was named, "Black Pakistani cobra"), I gave Cobra the benefit of the doubt. I was going to read the entire blog through--only about 50 posts--when, only a half dozen posts in, it became obvious, that there was deliberate disinformation going on. The intolerable and repeated lies all had to do with reptiles. According to Cobra, the reptiles are gone from this planet. That is a complete and utter falsehood, something I can verify through my own personal experience. Not only that, as some really bright commenter posted on the April 22nd post, "Geeksquadanon", there are still at least two major reptilian bases on the planet--Dulce, NM, and Pine Gap, Australia (I don't know about Area 51, but at the very least, I think it has had all access tunnels blocked off). The comment however, about the reptiles being removed from the planet, thanks to the "resistance" since 2000 is an INSULT to the true Resistance, the Patriots of this planet, who have been fighting reptiles, non-stop, on this planet for the last three years. Just two weeks ago, I helped rescue a young man who had been abducted by reptiles They nearly killed me, and would have if it were not for the intervention of PF. Still, I woke up the next day feeling beat up, but I still fared better in the battle than PF, for the rescue attempt was a contributing factor in her Cartagena abduction and rape (she actually was astrally moving to rescue the high profile captive, when her transit was hijacked). So forgive me, but lies about the destruction of reptiles on this planet REALLY INFURIATE ME!!! The Patriots of the world are getting beat up, mutilated, raped and killed, fighting to save Earth from these soul sucking demons, but the boy pervs of the world have everything under control in their MATRIX fantasy program. Yeah, right they do, because their superiors (and maybe Cobra is a superior) HAVE CUT A DEAL WITH THE REPTILES TO STAY OUT OF THEIR 'PRECIOUS' MATRIX. "Don't worry, lizzies, soon you will have all the cat Sirians and Black psychics you could ever dream of, and you won't even have to fight for them. We will deliver them to you."

Another major lie that I have caught them in is that they say that there is no Nibiru. Well maybe there is not--what I call "Nibiru" may be a planet by another name, but I know that there is a planet in our solar system which is home to the Tall Whites, and it still is somewhat of a threat to Earth (if only because of the hostile intent of the residents), though I do not think that it is going to orbitally impact the Earth, in a pole-flipping kind of way, as so many has feared the past several years.

Now, I know that Faction 2 is very well aware of planets in this solar system, because the "Event" is going to be visual planetary incursion of a "new" planet in our (Earth's) clear view. Now, most people probably think the Event is going to be some kind of massive alien disclosure, with UFO galores flying around, but it is bigger than that, and for those who watched "The Event" on TV, or visit the show's web page, you can see the huge, beautiful planet that comes into view (to be honest, I think the visual only was on the teaser previews for a show that never aired--too much truth in that show, and Faction 2 had to kill it before it revealed everything).
Now, I am sure that I have written before that I have had dreams of another planet, that is to be home for the Sirian refugees, and those human/alien hybrids who wish to go (since at least some of them really don't fit in well, here--with their lack of history here, and advanced psychic gifts and all). This planet was provided to them, thanks to the intervention of friendly aliens who recognized that it would be difficult for Terrans and Sirians to co-exist on an already vastly overpopulated planet. This "Event" will also be accompanied by the birth of a new sun. Check out the star--or for that matter, check out the CIA star, or the star of the Kurdish church, or read Numbers 24 and compare it with Genesis 49. This is the Messianic star that portends a new time and a revival of hope for the future. This is the genuine messianic star, not the one that MACHINE-RA tried to to co-opt by claiming it to be present at the time of Jesus' birth. The occultists have known that our Earth would be getting a new star, a new sun, for centuries now, and they knew the year, too--2012.

I am not sure if this new star is going to be a moon of Jupiter (Europa) going supernova, or something else. I am not sure if or how it will shine on our planet, but I suspect that we are going to have to get used to another planet in our galaxy, and learn how to be good neighbors with an advanced race of telepathic beings. However, because Faction 2 is so sold out to the reptiles, I fear that they will become the new "Tall Whites of Nibiru", to an enslaved Earth. They themselves will migrate to a base on the new planet where they will shore up their power by stirring up trouble and old feelings of hurt between the Sirian tribes, and providing reptilian needs in exchange for reptilian patronage. This will also afford them the opportunity to genetically manipulate "chosen souls" to fill their Faction 2 occult slots with hybrid humans. Haven't we had enough of this shit, already? I, for one, have been genetically manipulated in my reincarnations for over three or four thousand years now, and I AM SICK OF IT. But there is only so much I can do by myself; however, information is power, and I hope that I have given those who know a little more than I do, something on which they can act. I hope so--it would be a humongous tragedy for that messianic star to portend 10,000 years of rule by the boy perverts of Faction 2, and their reptile patrons.

PS--Let me close by emphasizing that I still am very confident about the future, but being a pragmatic person of spirit, I always believe that "God helps those who help themselves." Let's do what we can, every single second of every single day.

I am being severely tortured--electrocuted

I am being severely tortured--electrocuted, among other atrocities--by cat-identifying Sirians. As per my previous post, I have important information that I am going to reveal, but since it is not urgent, I sat on it all day, yesterday, because the "vibes" I was experiencing were very weird, and I wanted to understand them vibes better before posting any new information of substance. Well, everybody, I have figured out the source of my unease, and I am glad that I did, because this post is going to be about the incredibly sophisticated, satanic deception and torture that I just experienced yesterday and last night--AND IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE READER UNDERSTANDS THAT THE SAME FACTION/PEOPLE BEHIND THE DECEPTION AND TORTURE, WHICH I JUST WEATHERED, ARE ENGAGED IN A MONUMENTAL DECEPTION OF THE ENTIRE EARTH.

First of all, let me answer the question that I raised yesterday, "Who was the faction ultimately responsible for the deployment of the 'bird flu' weapon"? I didn't know the answer yesterday, but after my most recent suffering, I recognize the answer, and it is accompanied by a big "duh". Of course, what species are the natural predators of avians--why, felines. I have to admit that I know woefully little about ancient Egypt, but for all the Egyptologists and deep history buffs out there, go back and re-read that history--such as the monument of the Sphinx--with an understanding that the cat Sirians were the ones responsible for the deployment of the weapon that led to the downfall of the original Atlantis (what we see in ancient Egypt, are just the remnants of the civilization). Now, were the cat Sirians under a special, huge threat from the reptiles? I don't know. I have often thought about how similar (real and physical) cats seem in appearance to Greys (look at pictures of hairless cats or the "ugly cat" contests). I know from my experience of cat Sirians and remember, I had one visit me, while I watched the network series, "The Event" (REMEMBER THAT--FOR THIS IS IMPORTANT, AND I WILL REFERENCE IT AGAIN, VERY SOON), that they suffer from a negative, "oppressed minority" complex. I am not saying that this "oppressed minority" complex is not deserved or earned, but I do know that it tends to breed resentment, a debilitating and self-centered focus on one's grievances, accompanied by a consequent inability to proactively rise above them, as well as a preoccupation for revenge. As a matter of fact, that is the impression that I got from the attractive, cat Sirian female who visited me, as I watched a show about aliens (Sirians), preparing to destroy most of humanity and take over the Earth, and that show centered on the "oppressed minority" complex of the technologically advanced, refugee aliens, wrongfully imprisoned.

So, the cat Sirians may very well have been the huge losers in the Martian/Sirian losses to the reptilian invasion (just as they may also be the most powerful psychics of their Sirian brethren), and that may have triggered the bird flu' weapon, for I suspect that at least some of those little, flying dragons, were responsible for opening the stargates to the reptiles. I don't know the answer to that. I know who I would like to ask--Salusa--because he is a cat Sirian, yet either he or his ancestor, Enki, was great friends with one of the avian dragons, Marduk. However, Salusa is discredited at every turn--whether by his own "cat" kin, which have sold him out, since apparently he does not share their Event desire for revenge, or by the "dog Sirians", to whom he still is a "cat". I still have major doubts about Salusa's trustworthiness myself, but I still would like to approach him with this question.

Now, I wrote years ago, that I was mystified by the whole cat-dog enmity among Sirian humanoids, and I still am. I have both cat and dog genes in me, and have a fondness for animals of both species. However, without going into a lot of detail, trust me--I went through the torture of the last 24 hours deliberately--just so I could further identify what is going on--and it is negative "cat Sirians", who are responsible for so much of the negative mischief afflicting humanity. Furthermore, I think they act as a liason between Faction 2 and the Greys, since I believe that originally the Greys WERE cat Sirians. Now, what happened in the ancient evolution of time (on Mars), is that these cat Sirians sought protection through an alliance with the Amon-RA faction of vampires, which was yet another Sirian tribe, who suffered greatly at the hands of their Sirian brothers, while on Mars. Now, pictures of "Amon" show a walking slug or serpent, but THIS IS NOT the stereotypical, conquering reptile from Draco/Orion, with their large, walking lizard look. Rather, it may have been a serpentine "leviathan" or sea monster, which originated in Earth's own oceans, in parallel development to the Martian/Moon "spiders", and which offered some protection from possession by Draconian reptiles, through the Amon RA virus, that drives people crazy. To back up my hypothesis, I need to look no further than my alien neighbors--they are Amon RA vampires, and they are the negative slavers who are not only making my life miserable, but who are in domineering control of so many "cat" hybrids, including my sisters' genetic children, and even in control of at least some of my children. More than anything else, I long to free my family, and offer the genetic, human/alien hybrids the possibility of freedom, but the occult (in this case, Vampire), aliens have a chokehold on all those who would defy their control mechanism and would bid for freedom, and this includes PF, whom they can totally control with threats of both a personal and global, nature, as well as myself.

Now, how did these "cat Sirians" get a hold over me in the last couple of days? Well, in the first place, as I said, they are in alliance with the Vampire/Amon-RA alien faction (which here on Earth is identified with the religious zealots of the Vatican/Jesuits, etc), and this clique HAS CONTROL OVER MY CHILDREN. I told PF, at the beginning of our relationship, that I fully endorsed any decision, no matter how hateful or painful, that she would make, which would save her life, and the life of our children, which is my most paramount concern. That makes her really easy to blackmail, as she learned in Cartagena, while I lay in a delirious, mental limbo status, unable to get out on my own, without "medicinal" intervention. Yeah, in the evil occult world, blackmail by threats over a person's loved ones is considered, "consent". Fucked up, evil world we live in, and it is going to go on for thousands more years, unless others step up, as the Patriots, PF and I have done, and move to end this evil.

Whether I was blackmailed or "flipped", I do not know. However, I know that something happened in the interdimensional realm, for yesterday while visiting with the body clone of PF, which was inhabited by a cat Sirian, he kept pressing me, subtly and subliminally for a lighter. I had a lighter in my pocket, which I had grabbed, but I did not recognize it as belonging to me. However, the most interesting thing about it was that it was the color purple, which is my favorite color, so somebody had trapped me by giving me that lighter in the interdimensional realm, and now, their protocol demanded it back. I had an uneasy feeling the lighter did not belong to me, and wondered if I had swiped it, innocently, as smokers do lighters, and writers do pens, at an earlier time, while visiting PF, but the truth was, I hadn't smoked in her house in days, and I know that I did not take that lighter in the 3D world, so it was yet another trap set for me in the interdimensional realm. Furthermore, I don't know if I am the one making TASTELESS jokes about dogs in the interdimensional world--it is hard for me to believe that I am capable of doing some of the stupid shit, like suck boy pervs' dicks, in the interdimensional reality, but I know I have, so all I can say is that, if indeed it happened, once again, the brain was flipped into doing something antithetical to my own being and value system. It is not that hard--the brain can literally be programmed and flipped with memories, or for that matter, they can activate memories of a previous lifetime, of which my conscious mind is completely ignorant, but would identify as belonging to me. What the reader has to understand is that these factions have access to the most sophisticated mind control IMAGINABLE, and absolutely NO SCRUPLES and NO ETHICS and NO QUALMS about using them.

So yesterday, the Sirian cat/Amon-RA vampire clique gained control over me (or more accurately PF), even though somehow I had escaped the most imprisoning of Faction 2's MATRIX programming, for the previous two days. Furthermore, if I could do it, I know how to do it, and I could do it again, and teach others, but sigh...all that seems far down the road right now. However, even though I had figured out the coming EVENT, and people, it isn't what you think it is, I still felt uncomfortable about what was going on in my immediate reality. PF's clone had been occupied by a real hater--an alien vampire, I do believe, and I wondered if she were still present next door. Yesterday morning, I felt her real presence for the last time. Now, these aliens and human mind controllers are so good at mimicing her presence, but ultimately, there are times when I am absolutely, indubitously convinced that the psychic presence I feel belongs to PF, and the last time I felt that was 24 hours ago. So I sat and stewed all day, and finally broke down and went to visit, to see what was going on. Now, apparently I saw PF, Mermaid, and the two cats, but the only one, who may have even been her true self was Mermaid (and that is a maybe). Every other being in that home was a body clone inhabited by cat Sirian presences. I have had dealings now with both dog and cat Sirians, as well as their human hybrid offspring, and I am pretty good at telling who and what I am dealing with, and I knew something was wrong from the instant I briefly talked to PF, early in the morning. I am not going to tell HOW I knew, but I knew that I was dealing with a different sentient being, a cat being.

However, I was fooled to a greater extent than before, because this cat being was so much better, so much more luciferian, at playing the benevolent, loving person, than the vampire before him. He had genuine spirit, and I could recognize it. So, when I went back and visited a while, I noticed minor details of how the body clone had changed. I noticed that whoever this being was, he had a masculine personality. PF may utilize a male body clone, but her femininity shines through like a beacon through fog. Now, I got along great with this male, cat Sirian, but then again, that was no surprise. I really do get along great with most men on a superficial level; it is only when they develop romantic crushes or feminine expectations of me, that things get icky. Likewise, my relations with Mermaid stayed true to course of my normal female interpersonal relations, which is to say that stereotypical female chatter and emotional dependency and neediness BORES ME STIFF. You want to send me far away, either physically or mentally, start talking about cooking, sewing, babies, or other such inanities, in which I do not engage at all. Never have. Never will. Still, this male, Sirian cat was very convincing as PF, and I was still pondering the issue late at night, before finally reaching my conclusion and going to bed.

Now, by the time I went to bed, I was in agonizing pain. Actually, I had been in pretty bad shape all day, since the night before I had been cut on again, and at this point, any and all mutilations cause pain, because I no longer have enough skeletal system to healthily support my body. So, I took a vicodin, and lay down in my bed, but to me, it felt "electrified", so I got up and went to sleep on the living room floor. I sleep a lot on my floor, but when my back and ribs are so raw from mutilation, I am not comfortable on the floor either, so finally I got up and went back to bed. Finally, I was able to sleep, and in my dream, which I cannot comletely remember, I knew that I was rejecting the demands of the KaBal once again. Here is where things get interesting....

Once I refused to acquiesce to the demands made of me, I saw a "pobrecito", a really unfortunate, suffering soul. He reminded me, honestly of pictures of "Gandhi", with his small, undernourished-as-a-child frame, and his emaciated face and skull. That is, he reminded me of a brown, low-caste, very poor person from India. He had a nearly shaved head and a long suffering face and eyes, and he lay in a fetal position huddled under a blanket. I was told that because I would not cooperate with the KaBal, he had lost his reprieve from death row, and he looked up at me with mute, vacant eyes. I wanted to, I hoped that I tried to, explain to him, why I could not cooperate with the KaBal, how critical that it was that humanity know the truth about the Event--that the truth about this was so much bigger than any one person, including me. How effectively I did or did not communicate to him I do not know. I do know that this is standard operating procedure for the KaBal, and they have used it on me before, starting as a child, I do believe. Now, I am not sure, but I think that in addition to witnessing murders, I was given a knife to cut on a dying child---probably the same decapitated baby that whole fryer chickens remind me of. I wouldn't have had any intent or any strength in my hands to use the knife, but I would have seen the slice open up, leaving a red mark. Yesterday morning I woke up with a sliced red mark in the crease of my left elbow joint--were the cat Sirians/Faction2 Nazis/Amon-RA vampires able to flip me, by reminding me of how I, an "innocent" toddler, once sliced open a dying child?

You see, that is how they control their victims who reject evil, but cling to the good. They prey on their neurotic guilt; by neurotic, I simply mean that the innocent person is not consciously aware that they feel guilty, because they did not consciously or unconsciously choose evil, but rather were trapped by the miasma of malevolence, from which there is no circumstantial escape. I did not kill that baby. I did not will her or his death. I did not willfully cooperate in the murder, but I was tainted by neurotic guilt when some adult placed a knife in my little hand, and had me draw a simple, short red line--the same red line that I woke up with on my body yesterday morning.

So, this is how the KaBal works, and shortly I will post an adult memory of another neurotic guilt trip, but first I want the reader to understand how important it is to the KaBal that the truth be kept away from humanity. They are willing to use the most horrible of events and memories to keep people mind-controlled. That Indian unfortunate I saw was REAL--he may have been a Grey hybrid, or maybe he was a genuine prisoner somewhere in India--there has been a lot of negative KaBal activity in east India, nearly all of which has been stamped out. Maybe this man was a double agent who sided with the Patriots, and then was recaptured by the KaBal. I do not know--all I know is that this is a powerful guilt trip to lay on a person, but I have to look at where lies the greater guilt--my omission in helping to save an individual life or my omission to tell the truth and possibly help to save freedom for humanity. So, you see the kind of traumatizing choices with which I have been faced all my life.

However, the torture did not end there, because as soon as the dream of the Indian prisoner was over, I woke up, and this time, I definitely knew--MY BED HAD BEEN ELECTRIFIED. Now, as a kid raised in the country with lots of electric fences all over the place, I know what it feels like to be electrified, and someone--maybe the neighbor vampire, Charles, or the visitor who pulled in, while I visited with PF and Mermaid last night, had come in and electrified my bed. Not only was my entire body charged in the most unpleasant of manner, but my hands were especially affected, and I felt like I had nothing but the most painful of sensations in them. Now, you need to understand--whoever electrified my bed last night, knew exactly what satanic torture I had endured as a child, because they did the exact same thing to me as a kid. They lay me on a gurney and electrified me at intervals to synchronously program my brain waves with other advanced technology, and they especially numbed my hands, so that I would feel helpless and incapacitated. To this day, I have dreams about having no hands, which I think is a result of mind control being played out in my interdimensional state to re-invoke the original programming and childless dependency and obedience I endured back then. Talk about flipping.

Well, my body is a wreck, from all the cutting, and my hands are numb and in pain from the electric shock, but as you can tell by my writing, they still are there, so stay tuned for the EVENT. I just had to preface that revelation by letting you know how much it cost me in pain and suffering to bring it to you. The sons of bitches are scared to death of you learning the truth.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good news and not so good...

Good news and not so good...the good news is that I think I have found a way to break free of the Matrix programming--at least in its most invasive and restrictive sense, in which agents are able to keep a step ahead of me. Instead for the past two days, I have been encountering friendlies, instead of hostiles in my social encounters, and believe me that is unusual. I also have been seeing friendly Black people, which again is highly unusual. Sometimes, agents will materialize as Black, but you know, no matter what, you cannot fake love, warmth, engagement, and caring. All the agents, to be honest, remind me of the pathologicals of Faction 2--and I wouldn't be surprised if that is exactly what they were/are.

Of course, I still have run-ins with the Faction 2 pathologicals. Yesterday Hobie and his accompanying boy posse again psychically assaulted me while I was at the library. I am used to it by now, and just left. I was only there, because frequencies were assaulting me at home--leaving my sacral area tender and in pain. However, I do seem to be getting stronger every day, and last night I think I got rid of a lot of evil that has been plaguing my house.

Amongst other things, small flakes were dropping into the wastebasket (literally), and the infestation of moths disappeared. I know it sounds weird, but some of their moths were sentient beings--if not high level sentient being, they were low level toadies--for the vampire factions, I do believe.

Anyway, in my final dream, I was feeling pretty proud of myself, because I had finally rid my home (symbol of self) of evil, and had gotten at least a small measure of freedom from the Faction 2 Matrix programming and pathologicals. So, in my dream, I saw a grassy, peaceful, shady ridge, and said, "finally PF and I can just sit down like normal lovers and talk". However, no sooner do I think that, than all these turd patties start popping up. While they looked like a large animal droppings, they were completely translucent, and I realized that they were actually jellyfish! Then I noticed a dead bird, completely keeled over. Sigh, no place of rest for PF and myself.

I translate the dream to mean, that while I am gaining greater personal autonomy over myself, there is still a massive threat to humanity, which effectively continues to separate us (though not for very much longer). I believe the dead bird refers to the threat of a catastrophic, global pandemic, bird flu, spread by a biological weapon of mass destruction. It may also refer to lingering hates and resentments from the war of the time of Atlantis, since that is when the bird virus was originally created and most effectively deployed. So, which of the 12 Atlantean tribes was responsible for that initial deployment that wiped out an entire sentient species???

That would be interesting to know, since I am fairly certain that I know what faction is responsible for the jellyfish phenomenon that has been afflicting our planet in recent days, as for example in the El Diablo nuclear plant shutdown, because of the invasion by a mysterious species of jellyfish. Now what is the first thing that comes to mind, when I think of jellyfish? Why, it is that they have no muscular-skeletal structure. There is another creature of the sea that has no muscular-skeletal structure, and that is the shark, which is a cartilaginous creature. Now, evil Faction 2 beings often incarnate interdimensionally as sharks. I know this, because I have fought them. Indeed, I have often killed one mean, nasty, Faction 2 shark, just to be repaid by Faction 1 vampires (they are enemies) by having them claim slave rights over me. This is how I have spent the last few years--being traded back and forth by one slaver group over another.

Anyway, I want to mention another creature that comes to mind that has no muscular-skeletal system--the Grays. I have called them "Gumbies" in the past, not out of disrespect, but because their bodies are like solid jelly (jellyfish), instead of our mammalian, muscular bodies. Finally, I would recall my recent post, in which I stated that my body was losing all muscle tone, and becoming more like Mermaid's, which is very weak and soft in muscle, almost cartilaginous already. Now, I do not know if her species is that way naturally, but somehow, I don't think so. I think this "jellyfish" phenomenon that is invading our planet--and some unfortunates, like myself, in particular, is GREY technology to turn our race into a Grey hybrid race, so that the Greys can incarnate into our bodies, and enjoy a higher quality of life than they do now. I think they are following the example of the reptiles, and using advanced viral technology to alter the DNA of certain humans, and eventually large groups of humans, so that extradimensional Greys can shapeshift into human bodies, and eventually they hope to clone Grey souls into an emerging Grey race, once known as the human race. The problem with this of course, is that the Grey race is biologically so weak, dysfunctional, and even defunct in certain respects, that any such attempt will devitalize the human race, as we now know it. The virus is taking hold through our food supply. We finally got rid of the pink slime, but I think it is being bred through other foodstuffs, of which potatoes are the biggest culprit. Hold the fries. I also wouldn't eat seafood (which naturally contains this viral genome--it is related to the crustacean life of which I have spoken before), or anything that is genetically modified. I don't mean to be a "scare bear", but I have watched my body, health, and vitality deteriorate over the past few years and I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone. So how does this all come about? Reread this post, and stay tuned.

Friday, April 27, 2012

crazy shit

crazy shit i have to live thru--once again stupid motherfuckers--prbablyh faction 1, but could be 2, pretending to be PF, or rather her clone. not only can i tell in the first two minutes of talking to "her", but sonofabitch called me, "hon". lol. PF would love that one. just pissed the fuck out of me. but of course the really telltale sign was when the sacrum starting hurting with energetic pain again, you know this stupid KaBal fucks try to access my psychic and energetic system, but unlike PF, who does it naturally and effortlessly, with no pain or bother, because she does it with love and respect, these psychic vampires are just energetic rapists.
stupid fucks dont get it. my body hates being violated by energetic vampires and automatically tenses up, so that i not only have nerve pain from the etheric rape, but musculo-skeletal pain from the sacral muscles automatic attempt to protect itself by clenching. the whole house is fucked up. as soon as i walk in, i become so sick that i can barely move. fucking house a mess. hve no energy to wash even few dishes. just wish for death.

you know stupidass idiots, dont get it. i think they reset my polarity to feminine, which is what causing the sacral pain (and mya hav e been responsible for problems with sex drive). PF knew intuitively that I was a male, and was able to guide me into haveing sex act as a male with pelvic thrust, which automatically led me to deep contemplation and spiritual state. that is the way the body is supposed to be but goddamned faction 2, in their arrogant stupidity, thinks feminity can be forced on someone by mutilating their body, so now my pelvis is tilted wrong. to force it to be receptive in a wrong position is GODDAMNED PAINFUL, MOTHERFUCKERS. my sacrum is meant to thrust out, both in body position, and in spiritual striving, and as long as you force me to into an unnatrual female position, there will be no ascension, and there shure as hell will be no ascension without PF. She is the only one in the entire sqaure blocke i tryust. I am surrounded by hostiles--creepy pervs and rapists, psychic evampires and evil aliens. nothing for it, but to shut down into fetal position. you will never force ascension on me.

Once again,

Once again, Faction 2 is claiming slave ownership of me. I think I finally have figured it out. The Rothschilds--while a prime family of evil, acted as a smokescreen diversion from which the reptilian faction--Faction 1--of Rome, the Vatican, and the Jesuits acted with impunity. Anti-semitism was a good smokescreen too. Anyway, Faction 2 is just as reptilian as Faction 1. they both are evil, reptilian, and anti-human. and they both want to destroy me, preferably after using me for a few years.

so yesterday, apparently faction 1 made a play for my ownership, but failed, so now faction 2 is in charge of my life, and they really have fucked me up. i spent all night, awake with nausea an migraine, so low energy on female hormones, i could barely move. same thing today. destperate for testosterone--walking into walls, nauseated, barely able to keep my eyes open. certainly find it extremely difficult to read or write. i have figured out though--this actually is end game for faction 2 plan for me.

you see, they intend to use and abuse me, just like they did mermaid. that is why they flipped me to mervoginan yellow. it wasnt race pride. they wanted another marine mammal psychic to use to hold their fucked up matrixs together, as mermaid has ruined her life doing. mermaid though is very different than me. i think she likes being in a psychic delirium, spending all day in bed, or stiint in a chair, barely responsive to reality. i hate it. feel like shit. hate too, watching my body turn to liquid. all my muscle are disappearing under fat and some kind of jellification of my muscles.

mermaid is in really bad shape. so now, faction2's attacks on me will intensify. does no good to say i despise faction 2, their lies and evil, and boy devotees. that is where i am different than mermaid--she spent years serveing faction 2 gladly. i wont. not one single day, you motherfucking vampiric pigs. suck out my life energy if you can--and you can---but i will fight you till i die.

i do not serve reptile--whether the draconians or aAmon-RA, wheterh faction 1 or faction 2. still i cant shake the low energy and severe depression which the female hormones cause. my brain is finding it hard to even be present to reality, keep eyes open.

i know it is time for a change, but people dont understand i need to be in a good place to make change. healthy, strong, masculine. i always need to feel good about myself. after all the hits to my self-esteem over past week, i need to lick my psychic wounds. course problem will be that faction 2 will keep me all drugged up, as they did when PF was abducted by obama--and probably blackmail to keep me there was a factor in her coercision as well. i have faith, i will pull out, its just today, i can barely fucntion.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

There is an ill wind

There is an ill wind blowing through my town tonight. It has been grating on the nerves all day, and from the weather report, I fear it is going to hang around for a while. I like the wind, generally speaking, having been raised in an Appalachian holler, which is just a mini-valley, where the wind always blows, coming from the surrounding hills and trees. However, I don't like an ILL wind, a wind that feels unnatural, forced and foreboding, and this one sure qualifies.

I guess my bravado regarding the truth about the inner evil spirit, and how it got there, was not particularly well-timed, as the reptilians of the Italian/Malta?Amon Ra faction are dominant right now, and they have the Patriots on the ropes. I mean Hillary Clinton is calling Harvey Weinstein, a "friend". How fucking scary is that? If I had an ounce of common sense, I'd be hiding in the closet, or with my head under the sofa, while I prayed rosary beads, but as the priest who confirmed me said, "You have tremendous courage, but an awful lot to learn about prudence".

He would be disappointed to know that have made practically no progress in the attainment of this virtue, but sometimes, I just feel compelled to be honest, and hope that the grace of God and my own inner resources save me from my lack of prudence. I have sat on the truth about that evil spirit for a long time--I have known it for years, but I never really thought about it, because I learned a long time ago, not to think about certain things, since I have no mental privacy.

I couldn't have picked a worse time, as the vampires have the world in a stranglehold. Apparently, they are able to blackmail the Patriots, by threatening the world with meteorites that contain the Amon-RA virus--at least that is what I am guessing from such news items as a "whale sized object dropping into a CT lake". I know that Nibiru, the planet of the Tall Whites, is very close to impacting Earth's orbits. Some really smart and hip Patriots think that Niburu was destroyed, but what was actually destroyed, was the planet I called Planet X, the home of the White Dragons, the founder of the Mongoloid race, and the patrons who helped Moses and the Jews escape Egypt. Niburu, and the Tall Whites, still plan to devastate this planet, and I think they are the ones throwing meterorite fireballs with the Amon-RA virus at us.

I still feel confident about the future, but I foresee a rough patch ahead for a while, not only for the world, the Patriots, but especially for me. I cannot be sure, but I think that I was just solicited by the Amon-RA, Italian KaBal, to actually co-operate with the demon inside of me!!! Geez, as I have said all along--that fricking virus terminates in insanity! However, maybe they are threatening a city with infestation, or have a really wicked alternative plan for me. However, I am a prime asset in fighting this evil, and if I willingly sell out, it will be more than one city which suffers. My dereliction would likely have negative repercussions across the entire planet, so I have to hold out, even though I know the KaBal will attempt to abduct and torture me at night. During the day, I fear something like another attempt to throw me in jail. I just got a real bad vibe when I went to buy cigarettes today. I couldn't buy them. I drove all around, stopped on a dime and went into a store, and already there were two Agents (Smiths) in line ahead of me, to ensure that anything I bought was infected with the Amon-RA virus. God, life is hard when I am stalked by those KaBal types.

It could be worse I guess. Mermaid finally has realized that the medicine she takes is actually feeding the virus and driving her crazy, but she is a very ill and elderly woman. I went to talk to her, and some shapeshifter was pretending to be the clone body that PF uses. I don't know what the hell those evil bastards think about the stupidity of human spirit and discernment. The first time that this happened, the smell of evil was so overpowering that I was choking. This time the smell was gone, but still it was clear that PF's soul and spirit presence was not in that body; nor for that matter, was it in the two cats of the house. Poor animals.

So what to do when I feel so imminently threatened by evil? Well, I go back to my old standby--and read spiritual material, to try to empower an embolden my spirit to fight evil. So, I am just going to hang out at home, and read. Even as I write this, the Amon-RA implant in my left cheek/nostril area is going crazy with pain--some download must be starting. That is okay. I have dealt with it many times before, and I can handle it now--I just am going to take life one day at a time, and if it gets really bad, one hour at a time.


Haters--PF and I are surrounded on all sides by haters. It is not really that they hate us as individuals; it is rather that they hate the freedom and love of a new humanity, which we already have experienced in our lives and love, and which they are too terrified to choose for their own, but hope to steal from us vicariously, as the energy vampires that they are. What they don't understand is that their hatred of us ultimately benefits only the same alien overlords who long to keep us down.

As I write this, I have been genitally mutilated, even more drastically than before. As I have posted previously, the same religious blasphemers, the Italian Jesuits/Vatican/life hating vampire faction was responsible for cutting off over half of my labia and clitoris about a year or more ago. As always, their endeavors ended up creating terrible complications. Because they cut off all of my outer labia (of which I am proud to say was quite oversized, dark skinned and highly erotic), they had to make an outer labia from inner labia. Unfortunately for me, the inner labia is where the natural vaginal secretions occur, and so now, my inner labia, which should be deep inside of me, are now exposed in my groin, and I constantly am dripping wet between my legs, as the excessive endocrine system discharges caused by the Amon RA virus, is abnormally located on the exterior of my vagina, instead of the interior. When I was in jail, I learned that new intakes of prostitutes, smelled like vaginal secretions all the time. I guess that, thanks to the Jesuits, I will look, feel, and smell like a "whore", until I get my bodily upgrade. That is fine by me, since I am quite happy and pleased to share the same contemptuous, misogynistic, and completely uncalled for hatred, with which PF is regarded.

I spent a lot of time a couple of days ago, explaining in detail, how PF was victimized as a sex slave for over 35 years in the most brutalized manner, and guess what? If the goddamned Jesuits/Vatican/Italian faction had not murdered JFK in the first place, then chances are very good that she would never have been a sex slave at all. But that is what blasphemous religionists have to do--they have to set up a religion based on sin, guilt, and an "other" that their mind-controlled, milk-sopped devotees can hate, so that they can feel good about themselves. They also need to make sure to destroy, or at least poison the well of sexuality, for that is the key to a healthy, genuine spirituality for so many. All over the world, where sexuality is either repressed or overindulged in a self-centered way, there is violence and unhappiness. To her credit, PF often recognized when I need to get laid, even before I do. It is only afterwards, when I am basking in the release and afterglow of love and good feeling for the world, that I realize how emotionally repressed and angry, I really was. Kind of what I am feeling right now, except that, after my previous two attempts at lovemaking, I recognize that all sexual sensation has been cut off.

At first, I thought that they had attempted mental programming to stop any sexual activity between PF and I. A couple of days ago, I had recognized the frequency programming in my sleep, accompanied by the requisite bands of horizontal bars of color, which I identify with mind control, and have noticed that since then, my sexual responsiveness had diminished greatly. However, that wasn't enough. Yesterday, I actually had a spontaneous interdimensional travel experience while conscious. I was laying hands, very platonically, on a huge bump on PF's upper back. I think an evil or malignant spirit had tried to attack her brain to flip her, in the same way Mermaid, and so many other hybrids are compromised. I think PF was able to fight off the evil spirit, by diverting it from her spinal cord, and jamming it up into a ball on her shoulder. Since I have a little bit of healing power in my hands, I just laid them on her in the manner of a Christian healer (and more people of prayer are called to healing than they know), and began to pray "in tongues"--except that really it is not tongues. I really am praying in the interdimensional language, which is frustrating, because PF and other hybrids can recognize what I am saying with ease, while I don't have a clue.

Anyway, apparently, I "spaced" for a few seconds, and took quite the interdimensional trip, and had a brief sexual interlude with PF. That just drives the haters wild with envy and bitter chagrin, for I am eluding not not only their control mechanisms for interdimensional entry, but also their control over my sexual and emotional life. Ultimately, just as they did with PF, they want a slave--someone whose libido (sexual ENERGY), they can access and control for their own needs and desires--and for me, that means being an spiritual teat for all the energy vampires, rather than a prostitute. Ultimately, energy has the same source, whether it manifests as eroticism or spirituality. However, as I keep saying, for me, as a healthy and self-aware spiritual person, I am not capable of living out the pathetic, warped, miserable spirituality which is cut off from a healthy sexuality.

I think that the Jesuits/Vatican/Malta/Italian vampires are beginning to recognize this, but they are desperate. If I will not serve their evil asses, they want to make sure that, at least, I don't serve the Good. So, they do everything possible to undermine what I need to live a full, spiritual life--and for me, repressed and out of touch with me own emotional life as I am, that includes healthy, respectful, spiritual sex.

At this point, I am not too worried about it. I have been damaged, mutilated, and controlled so many times before, and I always find a workaround, though it may take me a little while. I know that PF will be patient with me and my unhappy moods caused by sexual frustration, because soon, my life is going to go to a whole other level, and then I can get the body upgrade I so desperately want. In a way, this latest round of genital mutilation is a good thing, because it increases my desire to have a phallus swinging between my legs, since my own female genitalia, of which I was so proud, is now totally obliterated. Thank you, Jesuit pigs, for making me so unhappy with, and miserable in my own body, that I desperately seek radical changes, overcoming my own hesitance at endorsing or choosing anything "radical". But you have cut out the corporeal "root" of who I am, and so I ready for a regrafting of an entirely different "root".

I can understand why the evil aliens are so eager to destroy my sexuality and spirituality, or rather to totally appropriate and control it for their own selves. What is most distressing however, is the extent to which the hybrids and interdimensional human psychics fall into the same trap. Now I know that a lot of this crowd have compromised the fullness of their emotional life for psychic power, but PF and my autistic brain, are proof positive that it is possible for an interdimensional brain to achieve the full range of human emotions. You just got to work at it, but, aaahhh, work is so hard, for someone who thinks he is full of "magic" and "special gifts" with which to rule the "planet of the 'apes'" (which is how one hybrid referred to us). I wonder whose "magic", interdimensional hybrid or alien, has my house swarming with moths, or leaving a couple dozen dead cockroaches and black widow spider on my front porch (the pesticide treatment from last year is still holding).

It doesn't matter--my resolve grows stronger every day. I think the only reason that I cannot travel interdimensionally now, is that I purposely decline to. I think that I fear that the powerful evil spirit that I have in me will be able to escape, if I consciously ascend. I am wondering if my "Higher self" chose to allow this evil spirit to enter into me, when I was in Colorado, as a way of preventing Maurice Strong from accessing its demonic power. Now, however, I have a problem--there isn't a prison strong or secure enough. Inner Earth is no longer a good option, and I fear that there are plenty of evil people that the demon can use, should it escape. So now, I am suspecting that my only way of getting interdimensionally free, will mean that I will have to fight and kill that demon immediately, for as soon as I am released from the 3D realm, it will be released from its prison within my body. This is the real reason that the various occult factions fight so hard to gain control over me--they all want access to that evil, Draco spirit trapped inside of me. Only a strong warrior man can kill this evil spirit--that is why they so desperately long to keep me weak and debilitated with female hormones. Sadly, they have flipped a lot of humans into doing their bidding, which not only makes my ambition to free myself and kill the demon, so much more difficult, but also puts them at risk. I especially worry about Mermaid, who is so psychically tuned into me. While I am strong enough to resist the dragon, her advanced age and frail health (after years of being assailed by the Amon-RA virus), leaves her vulnerable to assault and possible death by it. Getting around this is going to be tricky; however I have confidence that God and my Higher Self will come to my aid, and that the time is growing short, as my life and situation becomes ever more untenable and hateful...there is nothing like necessity to push for resolution. So, again, thank you, Jesuit pigs--because by denying me the sex I need for spiritual well-being, you have pushed my motivation even further--it is just a matter of time, and I am going to give both you and Faction 2 a heads up--I am going to sue the shit out of you, for bodily damages, as soon as I am free--so put those Vatican treasures in a safe place. You know that Rome is not safe, right? Those reptiles, underneath the Vatican, which are your patrons, cannot safeguard that sinkhole of inequity--or have they already left? If so, to where? Calling all psychics and remote viewers...where are the 2 (or more) Roman reptiles which have spent centuries underneath the Vatican?

P.S...just asking. A sexually frustrated man gets mean as hell, and I am ready to go on a snakehunt.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So, what happened in Cartagena?

First, let me begin by saying that while typing the previous entry, PF communicated with me telepathically, quite strongly. Apparently, she was not employed so much as a "psychic" in her days with the CIA, but rather a straightforward sex slave. This would make sense, because really I think her (our) older, twin sisters, were the ones really trained to be powerful psychics. However, telepathy is a spiritual gift, and the more spiritual one becomes, the more psi abilities are heightened. Take it from me--PF has been pretty psychic for a very long time. Still, I must say that she is the definitive authority on her life and gifts, and not me. I just do the best I can to "wing it" by researching all avenues, using my intuition, and talking with her...

So, again, what happened in Cartagena? Well, plainly put, she was abducted and coerced into giving oral sex to Mr. Obama, through the sinister intervention of some members of the Black psychic community. Then afterwards, she was handed over to a White contingent of Secret Service scum who gang raped and brutalized her, in accord with the directly state request of Obama and the Black faction that abducted her. That is the simple version. The backstory behind this is much more complex, and involves me, and a bit of my unconscious history of which I remained unaware, until last night. When I first learned of this story, I knew that the Black psychic community was involved and I asked her about this, point blank, 3 or 4 times. She remained insistent that it had been elements of the "San Francisco" (White) faction which had raped her. This WAS true, but it was only the second half of the story, for it was members of the Black clique which set her up for ambush and forced sex with Obama, and then turned her over to the San Francisco clique.

So why did she lie? I think she lied, because, unlike me, PF is very feminine. Thus she is naturally and quite heavily maternal in her outlook and behavior, and like so many other well-meaning, ideological liberal types, she believes that the reason Black males are crippled in their manhood, is that the they need more nurturing, understanding and protection. Bullshit. I worked with Black males, as charges and peers, for five years, and I am convinced that the reason for the lack of Black manhood is an EXCESS of nurturing, excusing, warm, fuzzy understanding and feminine protection. What they lack is the confrontation, discipline, and accountability, as demanded by the strong masculine--of which there is a deplorable dearth in the Black community at large. Thus, they remain self-centered, self-pitying "Mama boys", and PF was only playing the role a female naturally plays for the weak male or boy, and automatically moved to protect them, from what she knew would be my demand for confrontation, truth, and accountability. However, this benign, feminine intention to protect the community in which she has invested so much time, energy and love, actuall backfired. It's a funny thing about boys in an an adult male body; they feel keenly their lack of manhood, resent it mightily, and look for someone to blame, longing for a sense of power over another to compensate for their own lack of authority over themselves. So ended my most recent AND FINAL,
bid for acceptance into the Black psychic community, because instead of drawing ranks as men, and demanding justice and accountability for the violent injustice suffered by the woman who had given them so much, they fell to quarreling amongst themselves, and finally presented the classic "boy" move--blamed the victim of rape, for being raped.

I can hear it already--howls of charges of "RACISM", as the Mama hens of the world, all look to protect the poor, victimized, misunderstood Black male. Well, let me just remind you of my favorite term for the the Faction 2 operatives who have my life hell, damaged my brain, destroyed my body, and even caused my kidneys to fail, due to their mutilation of my prostate. Come on, now--what do I call them? "Boy posse" and "boy pervs". No one thinks twice about an immature White male being held to account for their lack of manhood, and thus, so many more of them finally mature into MANHOOD. And guess what--females all over the world tend to become good women, but the greatest indicator of quality of life is the proportion of males who are successfully able to mature into full stature of MANHOOD.

Now, I know that I have written before that while Faction 2 has been guilty of "sins of commission" against me--rape, bodily mutilation, brain implants, the Black psychic community has been guilty of "sins of omission", which is a much less serious charge. However, the truth is that despite all I have done for them in battle, putting my life on the line, THEY HAVE NEVER DONE ONE SINGLE THING TO HELP ME OUT. I think one Black leader may have tried, but he was shot down and killed in his spacecraft. Very high-risk business being a man...very easy to lose your life, or maybe your arm, your kidneys, your entire set of inner organs, your penis, your ribs, over half your musculature...But a man doesn't think about himself. He thinks about OTHERS, and leads the way in ensuring justice and protection for the physically weaker ones who depend on him. He thinks about how he is going to get the job done, no matter what adversity throws at him--whether it be physical pain, financial hardship, or a total lack of support by one's peers and/or social environment.

What a man does not say is, "oh, so and so hasn't done this or that for me, so I won't do anything for them". So now, the Black community has pirated copies of my brain frequencies for which the original offer was $6 million, I do believe. This is quite a boon to their well-being, for reasons I will explain some time, but a boy is a user, a taker who thinks that life's blessings are for free, just like Mommy's love. I think their lack of gratitude of any kind or type will boomerang on them--I am not cursing them, understand--just straightforward karmic prediction.

Nor will you hear me say, "I'm not going to help out the Black psychic community. I think they are a little bit racist. They continually make me jump through Black Jim Crow hoops in order to prove my worthiness". Nope, instead, at every turn, I have made haste to help, wherever I could, or wherever I was needed. I never wondered if someone's skin color made them a suspect ally. Sometimes, I ask myself, "Why do I keep putting out, when I get so little in return, and the ultimate answer is, beacause that is what a MAN (or WOMAN) does. Boys sulk and pout, "what is in it for me?", "do you love me?", and too often, boys in adult bodies will querulously petition, "but do you love my dick?" Needless to say, that the latter attitude is a sure sign that a male is stuck in the Oedipal phase--still obsessing over Mommy love. Again, while I have intuitively picked up this deep rooted psychological immaturity, displayed in a very passive aggressive (and unmasculine) neediness, among many of the young Black psychics that I have briefly encountered, this is not a race thing. This is why all the (White) boy pervs of Faction 2, spend all their time(no passive aggressiveness from the White boys--just pure hostile aggression), trying to hijack and manipulate my brain frequencies of love making with PF--so I will suck their dick--"love my dick, Mommy"... Well guess what? I don't love anybody's dick, except my own missing one (though it still is there in my etheric body). However, I still have a man's heart, a man's head, a man's value system and warrior spirit, and you won't get any 'Mommy love' from me.

Confrontation always begins with the truth, so let's start there (the above is just a rambling preamble). How did PF get lured into this horrible betrayal and rape? BECAUSE OF ME. She was trying to get me accepted into the community with which she has been affiliated for years, and which I had specifically requested. Insofar as I see my future as a Black man (and I still regard that with high probability--just not with the Black psychic community), it is a positive anticipation. I don't want to be Black because I hate my race or feel that it will fulfill a deep need. No, it is more that I want to do something positively for a race that has suffered denigration and neglect for centuries. Clearly I have African Black genes in my DNA, and a strong history as a Black man (still haven't figured out Osiris, but if nothing else, as Nimrod, I certainly was a discredit to the Black race, and like Jesus, who made good on the legacy of this bad karma, I would like to do so, as well...oh but what if some among the Black psychic community don't want to admit that Nimrod was Black? What if they can't handle the truth, or accept that someone of their race could be powerfully evil? Just asking...because I still cannot understand how the Black psychic community could give even minimal support to a thoroughly evil pathological like Barack Obama).

I never worry about "fate". I worry about today. I worry about my children and my (common law?) wife, and she was abused and raped trying to help me seek sanctuary from the community to which she has dedicated her life, including 15 years of incarceration, marriage and LTR's with Black men, as well as a very determined attempt to make sure that her spiritual lovemaking created a Black child. As much as she has done for me, and was attempting to do for me, how do you think I felt, knowing that I lay in a delirium while she was ambushed and traumatized by people and colleagues she trusted. Then afterwards, she was spurned, blamed, and rejected by Black psychics who should have been the first to deplore, condemn and disciple the malfeasance and evil that had just occurred under their watch. Again, what ingrates (again--boy behavior--just assumes that everything revolves around him). Have any of you any idea of how much PF and I have done for you? Speaking for myself, how many of you have family in the Mississippi delta heartland? the upper heartland? the bread basket? the southern CA coast? the East Coast? PA and New England? the Gulf of Mexico? and most recently NYC and D.C? Good thing I am a man--otherwise, I just might sit back and see what the boy psychics can do on their own, since obviously they cannot even defend the woman, who has defended them her entire life, and
even after being raped, was attempting to defend them by her protective lies.

I am a realist, and I base my expectations on history, so I am not too disappointed by the recent actions of the Black psychics--it is in line with their history as I have witnessed it. However, I did expect PF to be treated with greater respect, but maybe her skin color gets in the way? Maybe, no matter what, she will never be one of you (and how fricking racist is that--you would hate it if a White person said that about a Black). Or maybe it is just that you feel compelled to close ranks to protect a Black brother (when he is fronted off by a woman. oh, there's that Mommy racket again--instead of confronting criminal injustice and abuse as a man would, move to "protect" from the big, bad, racist world). Racism? Sexism? Both? I have to say that I have seen plenty of that in the Black community in my day, including the time when I worked in the civilian sector. Remember the tee shirt, so often seen at the Obama 2008 primary rallies. It said, "Bros, no hos", , but no you probably never heard of it, unless you were there, because the "Mama hens" of the media was out to protect, rather than confront the misogynistic Black "boys" with exposure of the truth.

In any case, I've closed off to the Black psychic community, so let me be clear--there is no more need for "casing" me, surveilling me, or remote viewing me, and do not expect me to be happy or even neutral, should my privacy be invaded. Anybody who wants to talk to me, needs to make the most sincere apologies for what happened to PF. This determination to close the door is not made from anger, but rather from a desire to spend my time and energy where people are appreciative of it, and are willing to work to co-create a free future. I don't know how my future will unfold, but however it will, all are welcome, including men from the Black Psychic community, who get fed up with the juvenile arrogance that characterizes the clique as I have experienced it.

This experience hasn't been a total loss for me, however. I learned of yet another traumatic interdimensional experience that happened in the CA desert, and while I am not ready to divulge it, it was another impossible, lose-lose situation of extreme evil. I made a choice, which has burdened me with neurotic guilt, but I believe the only other choice would have led to my death, so I am not sorry for my decision. Hopefully, the remembrance of this will lead to healing. I keep longing for the healing that will finally set me free, but it all seems that there is endless traumas in my life, and previous lives, and even as I conclude this post, I have another intense one hanging over my head...

So, what happened in Cartagena?

I have eight pages of handwritten notes to finish up

I have eight pages of handwritten notes to finish up my last post. However, that needs to wait, because I have woken up from a nap in excruciating pain. My arms are more like penguin flippers now, and they cannot pronate forward comfortably AT ALL, so that sitting here, typing with my hands extended forward is painful. It would feel more natural, and does, if my arms were pronated behind my back, which would be fine if my head faced backwards. There is no way that the arms can carry themselves naturally at all. However, the important realization that hit me, while surfing the web a moment again, was when I saw a close up of a cut up chicken, and I remember how an uncut chicken overwhelmed me with nausea when I was stoned one night on weed. Because what I saw was a headless baby, and believe it or not, it was the thought of an uncut chicken that continually motivated me to vegetarianism, because every time I thought of one, I saw a dead, headless baby.

I am thinking that this chicken is reminding me of a dead baby, whose head was cut off in a satanic ritual. Insofar, as I am responsible for directing the mutilation of my body in the interdimensional realm, I think it is because this traumatic childhood memory is causing me to identify with the murdered baby. That is the way a child's mind works, and especially a child with a sensitive soul--they identify with the pain and suffering of another. The amazing thing to me is that it is only the negative KaBal which acts on these traumatic memories parlayed into childish, interdimensional directives. The Patriots, the good guys, seem to know and act on what is really good for me, while the evil aliens and their minions take advantage of every satanic trauma I have stored deep in my unconsciousness.

I hope that I can lay this baby to rest, because honest-to-God, the pain in my shoulders and discomfort in my arms is currently unbearable, even at rest. I also have been sick all day. I know that it is a combination of low thyroid--because my guts are all messed up, and low testosterone, because I have no energy, as well as nausea caused by all food being contaminated with whatever the fucking Jesuits put in my food. The heat has really started, and even with cooled air, my body is overheating majorly. I try to hold on, but I cannot live with this pain in my shoulders and upper back caused by the unnatrual state of my arms.

My computer is running blisteringly hot

My computer is running blisteringly hot, and I know why. I have experienced this with laptops before--someone has put hardware on my computer, that is going to slow it down, and eventually cause freezes and hardware failure. Yeah, soon I will have to put another computer on a credit card. In the meantime, the noxious emissions caused by the computer will cause severe muscle pain and cramping, especially since I am already in agony with all the mutilations. I have experienced this agony before--this is Vatican/Jesuit/Italian technology, which means that they have access to my house. So, it looks like my reading of the Web clues were right. Faction 2 has backed off their slave ownership of me, and now the Italians are claiming full slave rights. FUCK YOU, SONS OF BITCHES. YOU CAN MAKE ME MISERABLE, AND LEAVE ME IN AGONIZING PAIN, BUT I WILL NEVER SERVE YOU.

I serve the truth, and unfortunately, that is sometimes a painful vocation. Tonight it certainly is, as a lie has crashed and impacted my life in a most destructive way The worst part of it all, is that, had I known the truth from the beginning, I would have been spared the latest round of sexual humiliation at the hands of the Faction 2 boy posse, an maybe, just maybe, I would be in a safer place than now. However, I am not surprised at all, from any angle, that the situation has evolved as it did. I am comfortable, though disappointed, with the way things turnned out. Of course, I had my niggling doubts that I was being lied to, but the possibility of the truth was too painful to consider, so it was easy for me to shut down my inquisitive mind, and go with the flow, until everything dammed up, and right now, everything is DAMNED UP...

The lie is actually one that I believed, rather than knowingly perpetuated, and it originated with PF and what really happened in Cartagena, where she was raped. Now, I have never lied on this blog, though I have been known to dangle a disinfo or two, because I am a firm believer that the truth is always going to come out, and it is better to deal with the negative repercussions of an unpleasant truth, upfront and quickly, rather than prolong and drag out the final reckoning. Once again, my philosophy is proved proved to be the right one.

Now, I was vague enough about the Cartagena incident that, technically, I didn't lie, but I have been enmeshed in, and stung by this lie, which not only has to do with PF's sexual victimization, but by intimate corollary, my victimization as well. You know, I really have struggled to keep the details of our sexual relationship and activities private. Yes, there have issues of which I am painfully aware, that a whole slew of psychics and the vast host of their employer networks know about PF and I. However, I have dealth with difficult sexual issues in a relationship before, and all along, I have steadfastly maintained, that if PF and I were just left alone, that as the mature and motivated couple that were are, we would be able to work out our problems relatively easily.

However, we are not left alone. Predators of every type and stripe, constantly ambush and attack us, looking to latch on, control, use and abuse us. To some extent, they have succeeded. Our children lives are now controlled by malevolent aliens and slavers. Multiple cliques have recordings of my brain frequencies, basically pirated after they gave PF lying assurances about promised payment or patronage. These recordings are very important, and one day I will come back to it. I have said it before, but I will say it again, PF has a very big and forgiving heart, when it comes to people but very poor judgment regarding them--which is not suprising, given her entire lifetime of being controlled and "handled".

So I am going to begin by sketching the little I know of PF's history--and as a prime CIA asset, she actually has quite the Internet footprint. First of all, let me say it again, "For the first 35 years of her life, PF was a HIGH-RANKING, CIA SEX SLAVE. Let me unpack this one word at a time, so that you can see the tragedy of PF's history and current entanglement with a corrupt, evil world--hopefully through an empathic lens of compassion. That is how I see her--apart from the fact that I am in love with her, and committed to her, through that love, and the fruit of it--our children.

First of all, PF was BORN into slavery. She was bred to be a sex slave from her earliest existence. Now, while like me, she was born in the early 1960's, she experienced the maturation process of a hybrid, who are born within a year of conception, as physically mature adults, or more likely, teenagers. My guess is that her mind control training started immediatedly, and besides instilling dependency and fear, I suspect that she was also given training in providing sexual pleasure and programmed with an inflamed sexual appetite. Most of this mind control programming was probably done subliminally, or instilled, compartmentalized, and then completed, by erasing all memory of it from her consciousness. When one cannot recall what happened to them in their consciousness, this intensifies the feeling of powerlessness, and one becomes even more helplessly entrapped and out of control of the programs, so she probably spent years wondering what was wrong with her, as she tried to deal with her sexual issues.

I understand that her sex service for the CIA began with the LBJ administration. While she may have been in an adult body, in real time, she was about 1-4 years of age, and she is sexually servicing the highest ranking member (s) of the administration. Don't think that would mess with a four year old's head. From what she has written, she was called upon to provide this sex service to every administration in the White House, with the exception of Jimmy Carter. That is pretty heavy duty reinforcement of the most skilled and diabolical programming in the galaxy. Anyway, the key word that I want to emphasize is "high ranking". She was not trained to be a mere prostitute. She was groomed and handled to service only the highest ranking, international clients that the "CIA" wanted to get dirt on, or have a psychic probe done. For from an early age, PF was a trained psychic, no doubt the result of intensive, abusive (and likely unremembered), disassociation trauma.

PF was to remain a sex slave from the LBJ administration to 2002. So let's move on to the word, "sex". There is no doubt that in 35 years, there was a lot of sexual activity going on--most of it with very high profile names. I really don't want to know that much about it, but I am not stupid or willfully blind. Being a little obsessive compulsive about math, I did a quick arithmetic calculation on the numbers, and just that alone, depressed my spirit. But then, it rebounded, when I reminded myself, "people are not about numbers, souls are not about numbers, and love is not about numbers". I believe that in a committed relationship, the partners of a couple are "Christ" for each other, and I know that Christ is not about the numbers either--except the one that engages the love and attention right at that very moment, and for me that is PF.

I can vouch for PF, unequivocally, that she is a tremendous and special persona with a great soul and a big heart--bigger than mine I do believe. Yes, I am in love with her, but believe it or not, I still am quite capable of maintaining a measure of objectivity. I concede that she has ongoing issues, but one is not a sex slave for 35 years without accruing some very bad spiritual habits. I think that PF became a sex addict who learned to love the sex act, not just for pleasure, but also for a sense of fulfillment and validation of self. I think that she also has learned how to compartmentalize sex--able to separate her soul from the sex act at will (remember, this is CIA target clientele we are talking about--miserable pricks and lousy fucks, the lot of them)... Now, I think she is in recovery from her sex addiction, but like all addicts, she needs ongoing support, which I can assure you, she gets from me; unfortunately, too many other powerful miserable pricks and lousy fucks, get some kind of perverted, twisted pleasure from seeing her humiliated and enslaved again.

The final word of "High ranking CIA sex slave" is "slave". PF had no choice in her lifestyle. She was never free to say yes or no. She was completely controlled and programmed by her handlers who knew where she was every second of her life. She had no legal identity, except that of multiple, CIA -manufactured aliases, no SS# with which to get a job, driver license or apartment--just microchips so her handlers could keep track of CIA property. If she performed badly or rebelled, she was punished. I think that is what the "Deep Throat" film was all about--brutal, humiliating punishment for a young sex slave, who didn't know her place, but actually dare to dream that she was free to do what she wanted. For instance, at the time she smoked cigarettes. How dare she do that? How could she be open to servicing reptiles if she had nicotine in her bloodstream? So that POS, Chuck Traynor, her assigned husband and handler, was given the task of making sure that she got back in line with her original programming...and stop her from smoking! Looking at her miserable, unhappy face from stills of that reel obscenity, I would say Traynor got his CIA bonus, and a long stay in hell!

If brutalization and beatings were not enough, the CIA had another cherished trick of the trade. Incarceration. Oh yeh, they don't just use it on naive idealists like me. It actually is a favorite tool to subjugate CIA hybrids who dare defy CIA dictates. So, while her night job was sex slave, her day job became CIA COINTELPRO asset. This means that she covertly infiltrated a movement (or could start one), and all the while, pretending to fight "the Man", is actually being funded and directed by "the Man". So, PF entered her "Patty Hearst" phase. Now, what you have to remember is that while, from the CIA's perspective, this is all "play and pretend", that from PF it was legitimate and heart felt. I am sure that her genuine enthusiasm was the result of a deep sympathy to the Black, radical movement. How could it not be? She herself was a thorough and completely controlled slave of the 20th century. She knew with an intimacy that probably was neverending icky, what rotten, corrupt bastards ruled the White power establishment. Still, the mind control is evident to me, and that is probably what left her ideologically one-sided and immature--something which she slowly grew out of, and after Cartagena, is hopefully completely erased. There is a video of her on the web, and she is discussing important ideological matters, yet her demeanor is "loosey-goosey", adolescent, and rebellious. Mind control. Her beliefs are not yet fully integrated into the full spectrum of her consciousness, and she is spouting off what she has been told to believe.

However, she really worked at maturing, and it shows. You can literally see the maturation process in her images and writing from prison. She looks like the chameleon that she is--and her facial changes, courtesy of CIA, fools even me at times. She was in and out of prison--depending on where the CIA wanted her. Even when she was behind bars, she was a privileged prisoner, and certainly the upper staff had to know she was CIA. That doesn't make the food taste any better, or the concrete any softer, but at least at night, I am sure that she got her "interdimensional roam on". Again, that is the way CIA political prisoners are treated--by day they are incarcerated prisoners, but at night, they astral travel and do the CIA's dirty work.

In a way, I think prison was good for her. It gave her structure, camaraderie, purpose and an advanced education--hell, she has a higher degree than me! If you want to see how a slave pulls herself (slowly), into mauturity and inner freedom, check out the web for "Marilyn Buck" (as in "Marilyn", the original CIA sex slave, and "Buck" in homage of her hermaphroditic status). Her spiritual and psychological maturity is impressive and self-evident, for anyone who knows how to discern. Her poetry is very good, too, and again, I am qualified to judge, and I wouldn't lie.

She also was becoming more involved with the Faction 2 financial reset wizards. Of course, she would know of them--remember Faction 2 owns the CIA--she would have been surrounded by them her entire life. I think it was in the early 90's that she became involved with the then incipient financial plan as proposed by Faction 2. Now remember, she had been in the minds of some of the most corrupt and wealthiest people on the planet. She knows the true skinny on how this rotten, evil financial system works. I believe at that point that she had become truly obsessed with pursuing justice for others--a justice she had never known. So, even though she remained very much a slave, as she got more involved with this faction and their plans, she became more and more influential. I think that slowly, she went from being more of an apprentice or junior, to being able to bring her unique knowledge to the table, to being someone who pushed and bucked for the structural reforms to benefit all the people, and not just flip the old regime change to Faction 2 and cronies. All this advocacy for the poor and powerless is guaranteed to earn you enemies, because the truth is that a lot of the financial reset agenda was not about the people at all--it was about secretly stashing the money with the new elite cronies. PF's vigilance for an equitable dispersal of settlement funds has cost her dearly.

However, she kept pushing for her agenda and her rights, and finally she was freed from CIA sex servitude in 2002--probably due to the personal intervention of George Bush--more on that, later. However, one does not go from a lifetime of slavery to personal autonomy , overnight. For one thing, she still was a CIA asset, an interdimensional agent and psychic, with no legal identity. Also, she still had some personal issues to work out. In 35 years, she never had control over her own body, so her first go at a "free relationship" was reminiscent of her controlled relationships with her CIA handlers. She was married to an abusive Black psychic man. At this point, she was completely identified with the Black psychic communtity. Decades of mind control, a huge heart for the oppressed minority and poor of the world, as well as her own deeply committed ideological orientation, caused her to remain oblivious to his faults. In short, she was could a Black man be as rotten and evil as a White man, when they are so oppressed and downtrodden? But he was, and PF's ideological blindness regarding race has cost her greatly in the last decade, and it certainly blindsided her in Cartagena.

I think the CIA only partially release PF in 2002, I think they gave this Black psychic insider knowledge and the means (pills, etc) with which to control her. As I have written earlier, that I have learned that the KaBal uses testosterone to make her not only sexually amped up, but emotionally and mentally crazy. I think they also stayed in control of the masochistic programming and switches in her brain that were placed in her as a very young woman. Now remember, hybrids are so much easier to control than us 3D people. The KaBal literally has frequencies that will set off memories and behaviors of masochistic sex. They used it for control, or as part of a job. However, her husband was a sick pervert who enjoyed these control mechanisms for his power and pleasure, and he abused her terribly. In short, she went from one CIA handler to another, and she suffered terrible abuse at the hands of this Black psychic leader. She eventually divorced this man, but apparently he is flipped out to Amon RA, and really has a sadistic streak that he likes to indulge. Unfortunately, he has allies, not only in the Black psychic community, but also in Barry Obama...
Next up: What really happened at Cartagena? wasn't all about sex, some of it is about me, but most of it is about the blind racism and stupidity, and utter lack of manhood found in the Black psychic community. Stay tuned.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Losing my eyesight and temper

Losing my eyesight and my temper, as I struggle to survive these psychotropics and the Amon RA virus. My face is unrecognizable to me--that is normal when I am on psychotropics, but i also have abnormally deep set eyes, a Neanderthal brow, the tell tale lines of the Amon RA scooped markings, and most distressing of all, gouged out orbital sockets. I look like a freak, but I feel too badly to worry about how I look. spent most of the day sleeping in bed, because my torso muscles are so mutilated, it hurts to even try to move or lift my arms. hurts to type this. however, the most frightening thing was when i tried to read, and realized that print black typeset was a light gray. I had lost half my color saturation in one night. I went outside, and realized that i saw everything through a milky white haze, and my vision was severely damaged. even as i write this, i can tell that my visual acuity is severely damaged. Most distressing of all is that my left eye is now as bad as my right. This is so worrying, because i had the surgery on my left eye, and though the surgery cost me much more than i ever expected, at least i always could take comfort that i had one good eye. No longer. whatever is happening has destroyed all the surgery's good work. So, I went to try to get my eyes examined by my GP, and get some painkillers for the constatn pain i am in. lied to there, which of course frustrates me, but i know better than to go to local university hospital, that is run by nazis, so i decide to visit the opthamalagist who took such good care of me for so long. i know now that she is a hybrid child, too, but of course i didn't at the time. So, even though she is a good person and a real healer, she is a slave to the Sirian occult, as well, and ultimately was in charge of aiding to their agenda. To be fair, i do believe that her recommendation of surgery was the only real treatment option for improvement. nothing else was working. of course the best thing would have been for the KaBal to quit force feeding me the virus, but at that point, I had been forcibly serviced into the KaBal slavery as well, and the slavers were not going to do that. However, even though the surgery did improve my eyesight, i cannot feel good about the surgery. Not only did i lose all my eggs during that operation, but they also implanted my entire body, and I have never felt the same since. basically, it stole a lot of my physical and spiritual vitality, as well as much so much of my high energy and ability to concentrate, and though some days are better than others, still my best day, post surgery, comes nowhere close to a good day, pre surgery. I havent been able to hike, to run, to spend all night in a read, etc. ever since. I miss who I was. I know that one day, I will be a better, more complete person, but currently I am stuck in a difficult, painful hiatus, and when i am sick, in severe pain, and losing my vision, it is hard not to long for the beauty and joy of a life that i once knew. anyway, when i pulled up to the doctor's office, what do i see? An SUV with a huge CIA star decal on the rear window. I recognized the vehicle too, though i usually don't see it with a star. I know now that is the same vehicle that occasionally parks in my parking lot--it is a vehicle ultimately owned by my italian occult neighbors, but they lease it out to their favorite hybrid slave to run errands. At the time though, I just thought it was a related vehicle--the sirian faction buying multiple, similar cars, and this one just happened to have a CIA star on it. Now, if i had been healthy enough to think, i would have asked myself, "what field agent advertises his CIA affiliation?", and would have known that I was being set up. But at the time, i was just pissed that the CIA (or rather, the Italian occult faction) had gotten there ahead of me. The dr. took me in the office and stated her refusal to see me. I wasn't even sure that it was her. It had been two years since I last saw her, and with my impaired vision, she looked noticeably different, so i beganto suspect a CIA (from the SUV) shapeshifter, and I got angry at her, when she talked about how i would not follow her recommendation to have surgery again on my other eye. I told her i did not have the money (true), and then escalated, saying that i had learned my lesson after the first surgery, in which i had had my eggs stolen, and ended up with a bunch of slave children. Now, that was a hurtful and tactless statement to say to a woman who, ultimately is a slave herself. Had I been rational, i would have recognized that she had no choice in the refusal to see me, and would have just walked out, and exploded in anger in my vehicle, at the real perps of my torment (and hers)--the occult Sirians who own and control the hybrids which they cultivate in their Martian labs, and the unlucky sobs like myself. However, I was not rational, but out of my mind with KaBal caused pain, and so I let loose. To be honest, I also was a little hurt when I realized that she was a hybrid, too. I had trusted her completely, and had I known that she was a hybrid, and thus, compromised by her victimization by the occult, than I would not have felt so good about trusting her. I just thought that they were holding her medical license as a weapon to control her. Now ultimately, my realization that she herself is a hybrid slave, did not change my high opinion of her. I have the highest regard for her, both professionally and personally, but there is a disappointment that my honest and complete trust was duped so successfully by her, and maybe that contributed to the anger, though honestly and truly, I had and have no desire to confront her on the issue. I understand how the whole hybrid slavery system works, and I really do not hold any kind of grudge against the victims (hybrids), for being victimized. However, what really angers me is my own slavery. Rationally, I know that I was tagged for slavery from conception. No matter what, sooner or later, the reptiles were going to come for me--they wanted their "queen" to put out, and they had plans for the crystal skull download. However, luckily for me, I was afforded an illusion of freedom for so many years, and i embraced it with a fierceness and a fervor and a joy, that most people cannot understand, since they take freedom for granted. Having "earned" my freedom, after escaping an abusive home life, I never did. It is that illusion of freedom, which has been stripped from me, years ago, and that surgery was a huge part of it, for which I still miss and yearn and pine. It does no good to tell me that my freedom was all an illusion, because to me, it was real, just as real as the suffering and mutilated body pain from which I suffer now. Rationally, I understand that I have to move into a more genuine (interdimensional) freedom, but it is very hard for even a hard core "head tripper" like myself to be rational, when I am in so much infernal pain. Of course, the Nazis know that. I remember very early in my alternative reading, one of the pioneering whistleblowers (Phil Schneider?), began to have an inkling of suspicion, when he realized that his KaBal superiors were doing all these experiments on determining the human threshold of pain. In other words, how much does it take to drive a human temporarily insane, but without causing death or permanent damage? I have extremely high pain tolerance, so you can imagine the agony i am in. However, while I have apologized (left a message on the drs. voicemail), and sincerely mean it, I am not sorry about the content of what I said, for it is the truth. MY children WERE conceived and bred to be slaves, and insofar as they are free, it is because of the proactive intervention of positive aliens and positive interdimensional/psychic community. I don't know who the players were, though I am grateful to all those involved. Mostly, my genetic, hybrid children are in a safe place, now. It is my personal children, born of my consent, will and desire, for whom I worry. I know that they are not safe from the occult slave masters, and as a matter of fact, that may be while I am in such a quandary. I am not yet strong or free enough to rescue and claim my children, and so maybe my anger at having "slave children", may mot refer to my genetic hybrid children, but my own youngsters, of whom I am father, and PF is mother. So ultimately, the anger is directed at myself, because I am not able to protect and claim my own children, but am hobbled by the slavery of an occult KaBal which claims defacto power and rights over them. As I write this, I feel the anger rising again, but this anger is counterproductive. First of all, there is no benefit whatsoever to hurt a genuinely good person, who herself is not capable of acting freely. Secondly, I realize now that I was set up, and when i made a quick pit stop at a dollar store, I saw i was tailed by a grinning Faction 2/CIA operative (can spot their evil, sould out asses, just as quick as i can an amon-RA devotee), and i knew that i had done exactly what they had planned for me to do. Sickening thud in the pit of my stomach. What can i say? i am played, pestered, hounded and harassed by so many different operatives of so many different factions, that i cannot stay a step ahead. however, i know this--they deliberately r trying to provoke me into anger, and i have to work better at controlling it, or i am going to end up in greater pain than before. finally, let me finish by saying that insofar as any hybrid thinks they are not "slaves"--and that includes the one who just walked in front of my window, you are so wrong, and partly that statement truth's is especially directed at you. A turbocharged slave is still a slave, and it is better to be a simple and free 3D human than a turbocharged slave. Sadly, I think a lot of these mind controlled types (specifically thinking of the Faction 2 boy pervs), have lost all morality, perspective, and human ability to relate and feel, because they are so hooked into some mental fantasy about how special they are, and how they are going to be the administrative rulers of the future Earth. Bullshit, boys. You are slaves--and instead of torturing me for your masters, you should be trying to help me, the one who is looking for the master key to freedom. Thank God that the hybrid slaves I know, love, respect, and wish to help (and that includes the good dr.), know that they are slaves, because the truth is the keystone to all change and transformation in REALITY. All the MATRIX programmers do is restructure the illusion, and think they are such hot, special shit. Well, they got the last part right anyway. As for me, I will be the first to admit I am a slave, and that my children are vulnerable to a lifetime of slavery to these KaBal soulless, dark entities, whose strongest weapon is to beguile with lies and deception. However, I may be a slave, and i may be out of control of my unconsciousness, but consciously, I will never serve evil, and I will free my children--all of them, each and every one.