Friday, April 27, 2012

crazy shit

crazy shit i have to live thru--once again stupid motherfuckers--prbablyh faction 1, but could be 2, pretending to be PF, or rather her clone. not only can i tell in the first two minutes of talking to "her", but sonofabitch called me, "hon". lol. PF would love that one. just pissed the fuck out of me. but of course the really telltale sign was when the sacrum starting hurting with energetic pain again, you know this stupid KaBal fucks try to access my psychic and energetic system, but unlike PF, who does it naturally and effortlessly, with no pain or bother, because she does it with love and respect, these psychic vampires are just energetic rapists.
stupid fucks dont get it. my body hates being violated by energetic vampires and automatically tenses up, so that i not only have nerve pain from the etheric rape, but musculo-skeletal pain from the sacral muscles automatic attempt to protect itself by clenching. the whole house is fucked up. as soon as i walk in, i become so sick that i can barely move. fucking house a mess. hve no energy to wash even few dishes. just wish for death.

you know stupidass idiots, dont get it. i think they reset my polarity to feminine, which is what causing the sacral pain (and mya hav e been responsible for problems with sex drive). PF knew intuitively that I was a male, and was able to guide me into haveing sex act as a male with pelvic thrust, which automatically led me to deep contemplation and spiritual state. that is the way the body is supposed to be but goddamned faction 2, in their arrogant stupidity, thinks feminity can be forced on someone by mutilating their body, so now my pelvis is tilted wrong. to force it to be receptive in a wrong position is GODDAMNED PAINFUL, MOTHERFUCKERS. my sacrum is meant to thrust out, both in body position, and in spiritual striving, and as long as you force me to into an unnatrual female position, there will be no ascension, and there shure as hell will be no ascension without PF. She is the only one in the entire sqaure blocke i tryust. I am surrounded by hostiles--creepy pervs and rapists, psychic evampires and evil aliens. nothing for it, but to shut down into fetal position. you will never force ascension on me.

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