Thursday, April 26, 2012


Haters--PF and I are surrounded on all sides by haters. It is not really that they hate us as individuals; it is rather that they hate the freedom and love of a new humanity, which we already have experienced in our lives and love, and which they are too terrified to choose for their own, but hope to steal from us vicariously, as the energy vampires that they are. What they don't understand is that their hatred of us ultimately benefits only the same alien overlords who long to keep us down.

As I write this, I have been genitally mutilated, even more drastically than before. As I have posted previously, the same religious blasphemers, the Italian Jesuits/Vatican/life hating vampire faction was responsible for cutting off over half of my labia and clitoris about a year or more ago. As always, their endeavors ended up creating terrible complications. Because they cut off all of my outer labia (of which I am proud to say was quite oversized, dark skinned and highly erotic), they had to make an outer labia from inner labia. Unfortunately for me, the inner labia is where the natural vaginal secretions occur, and so now, my inner labia, which should be deep inside of me, are now exposed in my groin, and I constantly am dripping wet between my legs, as the excessive endocrine system discharges caused by the Amon RA virus, is abnormally located on the exterior of my vagina, instead of the interior. When I was in jail, I learned that new intakes of prostitutes, smelled like vaginal secretions all the time. I guess that, thanks to the Jesuits, I will look, feel, and smell like a "whore", until I get my bodily upgrade. That is fine by me, since I am quite happy and pleased to share the same contemptuous, misogynistic, and completely uncalled for hatred, with which PF is regarded.

I spent a lot of time a couple of days ago, explaining in detail, how PF was victimized as a sex slave for over 35 years in the most brutalized manner, and guess what? If the goddamned Jesuits/Vatican/Italian faction had not murdered JFK in the first place, then chances are very good that she would never have been a sex slave at all. But that is what blasphemous religionists have to do--they have to set up a religion based on sin, guilt, and an "other" that their mind-controlled, milk-sopped devotees can hate, so that they can feel good about themselves. They also need to make sure to destroy, or at least poison the well of sexuality, for that is the key to a healthy, genuine spirituality for so many. All over the world, where sexuality is either repressed or overindulged in a self-centered way, there is violence and unhappiness. To her credit, PF often recognized when I need to get laid, even before I do. It is only afterwards, when I am basking in the release and afterglow of love and good feeling for the world, that I realize how emotionally repressed and angry, I really was. Kind of what I am feeling right now, except that, after my previous two attempts at lovemaking, I recognize that all sexual sensation has been cut off.

At first, I thought that they had attempted mental programming to stop any sexual activity between PF and I. A couple of days ago, I had recognized the frequency programming in my sleep, accompanied by the requisite bands of horizontal bars of color, which I identify with mind control, and have noticed that since then, my sexual responsiveness had diminished greatly. However, that wasn't enough. Yesterday, I actually had a spontaneous interdimensional travel experience while conscious. I was laying hands, very platonically, on a huge bump on PF's upper back. I think an evil or malignant spirit had tried to attack her brain to flip her, in the same way Mermaid, and so many other hybrids are compromised. I think PF was able to fight off the evil spirit, by diverting it from her spinal cord, and jamming it up into a ball on her shoulder. Since I have a little bit of healing power in my hands, I just laid them on her in the manner of a Christian healer (and more people of prayer are called to healing than they know), and began to pray "in tongues"--except that really it is not tongues. I really am praying in the interdimensional language, which is frustrating, because PF and other hybrids can recognize what I am saying with ease, while I don't have a clue.

Anyway, apparently, I "spaced" for a few seconds, and took quite the interdimensional trip, and had a brief sexual interlude with PF. That just drives the haters wild with envy and bitter chagrin, for I am eluding not not only their control mechanisms for interdimensional entry, but also their control over my sexual and emotional life. Ultimately, just as they did with PF, they want a slave--someone whose libido (sexual ENERGY), they can access and control for their own needs and desires--and for me, that means being an spiritual teat for all the energy vampires, rather than a prostitute. Ultimately, energy has the same source, whether it manifests as eroticism or spirituality. However, as I keep saying, for me, as a healthy and self-aware spiritual person, I am not capable of living out the pathetic, warped, miserable spirituality which is cut off from a healthy sexuality.

I think that the Jesuits/Vatican/Malta/Italian vampires are beginning to recognize this, but they are desperate. If I will not serve their evil asses, they want to make sure that, at least, I don't serve the Good. So, they do everything possible to undermine what I need to live a full, spiritual life--and for me, repressed and out of touch with me own emotional life as I am, that includes healthy, respectful, spiritual sex.

At this point, I am not too worried about it. I have been damaged, mutilated, and controlled so many times before, and I always find a workaround, though it may take me a little while. I know that PF will be patient with me and my unhappy moods caused by sexual frustration, because soon, my life is going to go to a whole other level, and then I can get the body upgrade I so desperately want. In a way, this latest round of genital mutilation is a good thing, because it increases my desire to have a phallus swinging between my legs, since my own female genitalia, of which I was so proud, is now totally obliterated. Thank you, Jesuit pigs, for making me so unhappy with, and miserable in my own body, that I desperately seek radical changes, overcoming my own hesitance at endorsing or choosing anything "radical". But you have cut out the corporeal "root" of who I am, and so I ready for a regrafting of an entirely different "root".

I can understand why the evil aliens are so eager to destroy my sexuality and spirituality, or rather to totally appropriate and control it for their own selves. What is most distressing however, is the extent to which the hybrids and interdimensional human psychics fall into the same trap. Now I know that a lot of this crowd have compromised the fullness of their emotional life for psychic power, but PF and my autistic brain, are proof positive that it is possible for an interdimensional brain to achieve the full range of human emotions. You just got to work at it, but, aaahhh, work is so hard, for someone who thinks he is full of "magic" and "special gifts" with which to rule the "planet of the 'apes'" (which is how one hybrid referred to us). I wonder whose "magic", interdimensional hybrid or alien, has my house swarming with moths, or leaving a couple dozen dead cockroaches and black widow spider on my front porch (the pesticide treatment from last year is still holding).

It doesn't matter--my resolve grows stronger every day. I think the only reason that I cannot travel interdimensionally now, is that I purposely decline to. I think that I fear that the powerful evil spirit that I have in me will be able to escape, if I consciously ascend. I am wondering if my "Higher self" chose to allow this evil spirit to enter into me, when I was in Colorado, as a way of preventing Maurice Strong from accessing its demonic power. Now, however, I have a problem--there isn't a prison strong or secure enough. Inner Earth is no longer a good option, and I fear that there are plenty of evil people that the demon can use, should it escape. So now, I am suspecting that my only way of getting interdimensionally free, will mean that I will have to fight and kill that demon immediately, for as soon as I am released from the 3D realm, it will be released from its prison within my body. This is the real reason that the various occult factions fight so hard to gain control over me--they all want access to that evil, Draco spirit trapped inside of me. Only a strong warrior man can kill this evil spirit--that is why they so desperately long to keep me weak and debilitated with female hormones. Sadly, they have flipped a lot of humans into doing their bidding, which not only makes my ambition to free myself and kill the demon, so much more difficult, but also puts them at risk. I especially worry about Mermaid, who is so psychically tuned into me. While I am strong enough to resist the dragon, her advanced age and frail health (after years of being assailed by the Amon-RA virus), leaves her vulnerable to assault and possible death by it. Getting around this is going to be tricky; however I have confidence that God and my Higher Self will come to my aid, and that the time is growing short, as my life and situation becomes ever more untenable and hateful...there is nothing like necessity to push for resolution. So, again, thank you, Jesuit pigs--because by denying me the sex I need for spiritual well-being, you have pushed my motivation even further--it is just a matter of time, and I am going to give both you and Faction 2 a heads up--I am going to sue the shit out of you, for bodily damages, as soon as I am free--so put those Vatican treasures in a safe place. You know that Rome is not safe, right? Those reptiles, underneath the Vatican, which are your patrons, cannot safeguard that sinkhole of inequity--or have they already left? If so, to where? Calling all psychics and remote viewers...where are the 2 (or more) Roman reptiles which have spent centuries underneath the Vatican?

P.S...just asking. A sexually frustrated man gets mean as hell, and I am ready to go on a snakehunt.

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