Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I am forcing myself to write this morning

I am forcing myself to write this morning, despite the most incredible headache, which I have been experiencing for two days now. I would like to just skip the practice, as I did yesterday, but my life is in danger, and there is no insurance policy as good as preemptive truth. So, I will just have to grit my teeth, and try to rest my "frozen" eyes as much as possible, and get through this, because honestly, I prefer to take out a little "insurance", before heading out into the public arena any time soon, even though I am fairly certain, the attack will occur in the astral realm.

Anyway, what is going on with my head? I know that there are two implants placed in my forehead, and either I have been Botoxed or some implant is forcing the implants to stay in position. The end result is that it is very difficult to move my eyes, or wiggle my forehead, and I am suffering not only from pain caused by the tightness of eyes and the band around my forehead, but also massive congestion in the right side of the cranium, and near the lower back of my ears. Still, I am grateful, that at least today, unlike yesterday, I am functional. I am not worried about the KaBal's stupidass implants flipping me--it is just the pain that bothers me, but again, so what? That has been status quo for years, now.

What has changed of yesterday, is the very definite and real death warrant that Faction 2 has placed on my life, something I picked up telepathically. This was further confirmed, when I picked up telepathic confirmation from a young Faction 2 operative, sitting in the yard of the nice apts across the street from me. Now, the Faction 2 facility catercorner from me has been deserted, since I outed their double agent leadership that was pretending to be allied with the "White Hats", while along, as I have said for months, they were in the service of the reptiles. However, this young man, with a full head of black, glossy hair, a real "Blago Jr.", who I used to see working on the catercorner building, didn't really go too far to go underground--he just went across the street. No doubt, his orders were to keep psychic tabs on me, but instead I reversed the role and could tell that he was stunned that I knew what his superiors in his particular clique, no doubt allied with some others, including the San Francisco clique, had planned for me.

Whether his shock was that of innocent ignorance of his superior's malicious plans, or merely surprise at my psychic strength in ferreting out the murderous plot, I don't know. I just know that I have to be on major alert for a while, for one hard truth I have learned the hard way--NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE EVIL OF THE OCCULT KABAL. Having said that, I don't feel defenseless either. As a matter of fact, I prefer dealing with their true and honest agenda--my self-destruction--rather than enduring their self-serving lies that they have protested for years, about my role in Faction 2's delusional dreams of worldwide, luciferian domination.

I have said for years who I am (NOT) and what I am (NOT), but these KaBalists have ignored my protestations, and now, juvenile boys that they are, they are full of punitive rage, since I won't fall prey to their infantile fantasies of the vacuous feminine, which they have projected onto me for years. Now, that their hopes of sucking of my brain frequencies are dashed, and their hopes for me to siton t he Jerusalem stargate to do their bidding is revealed and smashed to pieces, they are going to turn vicious. Having some experience in the crime field, I have feared precisely this for a while now--when would the immature pathologicals fo from being abusive stalkers with crushes to raging murderers, now that their "Mommy doll" has spurned their infantile fantasies once again. I knew all along that they could not bear me to have an autonomous self-identity, independent of their needy desires and projections, though I have stridently insisted on it all along. Now, my own actions to help save this world and good individuals, from their perverted evil, have finally stamped hard on their delusional fantasies, they want revenge. Since they can't use me, they want to murder me.

For some time now, I have considered much of Faction 2 to be not only my enemy, but also that of humanity's. I honestly and truly believe that a good portion of their leadership, spread across the various cliques, IS CLINICALLY INSANE, and remember, I do have personal acquaintance with some of these fellows. I cannot help but believe that all the constant mind control, game playing, and biological implants and constant nanoswitch flipping, has left their brains and morality deeply scrambled. I think the higher up they rise in the KaBal hierarchy, the more likely they are to be insane, and incapable of relating rationally to reality, and the information coming at them from there. They live and operate from their own little fantasy world, in which the levers are pulled by the Greys and Tall Whites, and poor me--did I ever get sucked into their collective fantasy. Well, now the fantasy has finally choked on the truth, and they have spat me out, but still, their prime directive--that of my self-destruction, drives them to hurt, to wound, to kill. Instead of destroying me by obliterating my free will, self-identity and right to choose, and reduced to becoming a mind-controlled puppet, as are they, they finally recognize my own indomitable, free spirit and independence, and so their the destructive wish towards me becomes most primordial--that of murder.

That is the bad news. The good news is that I continue to work apace at uncovering past lives that have contributed to the karmic ties that influence me now. Yesterday, was an especially good day, because I finally recognized who was the "Big Evil" past life, that I KNEW had to be in my background somewhere, because of all the suffering I have endured. Now, I know that at least a couple of my incarnations (Alexander the Great, Marc Antony) have been involved with power garnering through Amon (serpent/reptile) RA by obsequious worship. However, I have identified an even worse character--King Ninus, AKA Nimrod. You know, I had a sneaking suspicion that I might have been Nimrod months ago, when I first recognized my life connection to that of Osiris. As a matter of fact, I wondered if Nimrod and Osiris were one and the same. They are not.

I still am not sure if heNinus/Nimrod is White, of the "Celtic" Syrian line initiated when reptilian/Sirian (reddish) hybrids mated with human women, or if the legends stating that he is a son of "Cush" (Black) are correct. However, there is no question that this is the most unsavory incarnation that I have recognized and admitted yet. Alexander and Marc Antony made really poor decisions by trusting in the cult of Amon RA, but would they have done so, if they knew how evil Amon RA really is? After all, both of them were foreigners to the land where the cult was native, and they both were pagan in religious outlook, venerating all forms of divinity, so I cut them a little slack, even though their decisions were disastrous. However, there is absolutely no excuse for Nimrod. He did not engage in poor decision making. He engaged in barbarously evil ACTS of the highest kind--he tortured people to death, specifically by crucifixion. It is clear that he not only crucified King Pharnos of Medes (area of Persia at the time), but also the king's wife and children. I have spent enough past Good Fridays, meditating on the Passion, not to know exactly what horror and pain, such a tortured death entailed, and I find it difficult to believe that I would have ever done it.

Yes, I can imagine myself in a past life killing or executing someone if I had to, but I cannot fathom the kind of demonic possession that would drive a human being to torture another so heinously, and the wife and children, too. However, there is no doubt in my mind that I was the cruel tyrant, Nimrod, and I did crucify human beings--probably a multitude of them. No doubt, that karmic weight bore heavily on Jesus' subconscious, as he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. Now, what little I know of Nimrod--he is identified as the "hunter" in the Orion constellation, he built the Tower of Babel, he was the worst kind of political tyrant, leads me to believe that he co-operated with the evil incursion of this planet at the time. I think the Tower of Babel fell, shortly after the reptilian incursion, and all I can offer in apology, is that his alliance with the reptiles caused soul possession by negative entities which led him to crucify. Certainly, this is the earliest incident that I have read of the practice, and I know that the Romans adopted the torture from the Persians, who Nimrod conquered and ruled with a heavy hand.

Now a couple of details which shed further light on my difficulty in relating to factions here. Whether or not Nimrod was White or Black, I do not know. I do believe that if he were White, his consort, Semiramis, was Black, because his children, are the founders of the Hungarian and Maygar (Mayan) line, which is the interracial heritage of the White/Black populations from the Middle East. No matter his cruelty and amorality, Nimrod was not a racist. Furthermore, the lands that he conquered, Medes and Persia, were populated by African Blacks with "woolly hair" at the time. So, I think a lot of distrust I experience from the Black community and the tenacious, unreciprocated attraction by the Mayan/Magi community, and its various affiliates, may be a result of this seminal, but evil figure.

You know if there were some kind of penance that would absolve me from past life crimes, I would do them, but all I can do is recognize that these things happened, and that they have repercussions down through the timeline. I think Jesus was the one who paid the biggest karmic price for Nimrod's action, but I have to wonder if Nimrod's royal alliance with the reptiles is what started my family's victimization by generational, genetic manipulation by the KaBal and their reptilian masters. That is an awfully long time to pull against the tug of evil genetic programming--no wonder why I seem to be so encoiled. Anyway, this is realization #1. I think I will finish with realization #2, later tonight.

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