Saturday, April 14, 2012

Occult evil

Occult evil--I have been dealing with, and victimized by it for years now, but I never fail to be amazed, whenever I finally grasp the true ramifications and big picture, that my limited telepathy allows me to perceive only over time. Remember my advice to the young hybrid slaves in writing their bios--lots of detail and corroboration BECAUSE PEOPLE JUST AREN'T GOING TO BELIEVE IT. Well, even my hardened, schooled, cynical self has been completely floored by the unfolding revelation of what really happened yesterday. The victim was PF, and I was not sure what exactly had happened, since I spent much of the afternoon, lost in a quasi-dream state, unable to get out of the images of my head--that is being plugged into the MACHINE, for those who don't know.

Because I had telepathically requested a rescue attempt to one of the Black psychic communities (I think there are two), I had thought that the rescue attempt had failed miserably, and I had gotten caught in a MACHINE loop. You see, I am surrounded on all sides, literally, by rotten, mind-controlled psychics, who spend all their days in my mind, trying to figure out my next move, which they then report to their human/alien occult handlers, who then move to thwart any effort of mine to freedom. As a matter of fact, I could sense that Hobie was especially excited that night, and I had told PF, "he knows and he is going to snitch", or maybe he, like others have done, was only downloading frequencies of my brain as I engaged in deep, intimate conversation with PF--for the purpose of hacking into it, later. For my brain WAS hacked yesterday, though I still fared better than PF, whose body was hacked--raped, yet again.

Anyway, I didn't travel to the interdimensional realm yesterday for the birth of another child. That was a false memory implanted in my brain while I slept. To me, it would have seemed like a dream image, anyway, and while my dream images historically have been very reliable, Faction 2, and especially Hobie next door, have been very busy building a library of my brain frequencies, which they then use to hack into my brain. I am going to have to start double vetting everything, once again.

Well, my guess is that the snitch informed his handlers of what was soon to transpire--an attempt to break me out of my VR prison, and this information made it back to the perps of the rape, which is PF's former factional patron--the clique that identifies as "San Francisco sports teams". Now for anyone who is reading this, who longs to be a player in the occult big leagues, stay far, far away. There is no doubt in my mind that this faction was able to abduct PF, because they had her brain waves and frequencies on file--all the better to control her when the time comes. Furthermore, I know from n old, old post that she has had high technology memory recovery work done in San Francisco in 2006, or maybe a little earlier. I think the procedures were donevat UCSF Center for Memory--but I haven't verified it, and my mind can no longer recall enough detail to retrieve the post. However, at the time, I checked it out, it was OCCULT FREAKY. The doctor who was in charge had such shiny, glassy eyes, I wouldn't let that guy stick a light in my ear, much less an electrode in my brain, much less an entire capful of electrodes! But, I am sure that PF was desperate to recover missing gaps of extended periods of time from her memory, and having been surrounded and controlled by occult types all her life, she quieted any alarm bells and underwent the procedure. I mention this because my alarm bells are clanging loudly, and I truly fear that Faction 2 wants to force me to undergo a memory recovery procedure, which I think is just a cover for the most sophisticated brainwashing and false memory implantation in this galaxy. I think they already are testing the waters, which is why I had the memory of being present at a child's birth yesterday. I HAVE been present at some of my children's births--all they have to do, is extract the memory and move it to a different cell which corresponds to a more current time frame.

If this sounds like science fiction horror, it is, and if this research is not stopped, or at least put out in the open, instead of being safeguarded as occult faction proprietary technology, the possibility of monstrous abuse of human individuals is extreme. The worst part however, is that these occult monsters are not merely amoral, detached scientists, looking to create the perfect, Borg drone brain. No, they are perverted, sick, warped, twisted lumps of maggot flesh, who want to destroy the soul, and as everybody should know by know, the front door to the soul is through sexuality.

So apparently, when PF attempted my interdimensional jailbreak, her former occult "teammates" were waiting in ambush, armed with the weapons of their knowledge of her own brain frequencies and nanoswitches which they could use to flip and hijack her. In short, she was abducted, and ended up in Cartagena, Columbia, where a massive summit of the Americas is happening. Now, this is where I picked up the story through the web. After I woke up, I sensed that she was in the interdimensional realm somewhere, which I can sometimes tell. When I saw the story about the Secret
Service and prostitute scandal, I figured that somebody was out to slander PF. It did not surprise me that she was at the summit, because she is a powerful psychic, and political gatherings are STUFFED with psychics. I can spot them from a photograph with ease. So, I figured that she was working, and then I saw a picture of her from behind, and I could see how sad and frail she looked, and I knew that the story was worse than I thought. When I wrote the post last night, I was thinking that maybe she had gotten in big trouble, because she had been trying to help me, and my imprisoned son, Sean. I feared that maybe she was in trouble, not only with the occult establishment, but the Patriot establishment as well.

I WAS WRONG. As has been proven time and time again, anytime the occult is involved, the truth is even more heinous than the initial assumptions. Basically, she was abducted and raped, brutally. Now, I have talked with her regarding some of the details, and if it had happened to me, I would have no qualms screaming out every single detail. However, she prefers some privacy, and after what she has been through, I absolutely respect that. You have to remember though, that this was not only a physical rape, but also a psychological re-enactment of the kind and severity of mental and physical trauma, that she endured as a very young woman. No doubt, her rapists knew this, and are deliberately trying to place her again in the helpless, dependent "slave" position. They are trying to place me there, as well, because I can feel her pain, sorrow, and fragility, yet cannot be with her to console her, which sure does make me feel helpless. I don't know that she has anyone local from whom she can seek a shoulder on which to cry, for her adoptive children (my hybrid children are far away--Sean was on the lam), have "flipped", and are giving her a hard time. I can talk to her, but find it difficult to exercise telepathy--and even more so recently, maybe because my unconscious is so violated right now, from all the abduction abuses.

Now, the really frightening thing is that ELEVEN Secret Service agents were involved, and five military personnel. These were the agents, vetted, background checked, polygraphed and scrutinized to pass muster of intimate service to the highest office in the most technologically advanced country in the world. These traitors have a primary allegiance to a faction that is in possession of memory recovery and false memory implantation in the human brain! Am I the only one who sees the alarming implications this has for national security? What if a high ranking Cabinet official gets "zapped" from one of these agents, and falls into the kind of fitful, fluish nap that I spent two hours in yesterday. They traverse in and out of interdimensional la-la land, where these doctors put in false memories in their brain. The results of such false memories could be explosively damaging. At best, someone could be flipped; at worse, they could start a nuclear war.

Now PF, like any other victim of rape, is going through a hard time, but kudos to her, because she kept her wits, the truth of the matter came to the attention of the proper authorities. However, I am confident that soon, she will be okay, and I will be okay, and this will be just another horrible experience in our mutual lives of slavery. However, something must be done about the kind of technological invasion which allows people to record brain frequencies, which is happening on a daily basis around me. Hobie was gloating after the incident. I actually think that he thought I was going to notice him while he biked by in a strapless turquoise dress. Now, he is just a mind control gofer, but that boy is doing a lot of damage. Furthermore, the Patriots are going to have to decide how best to stymie the use of this mind control technology. As for me, I know why I woke up so angry this morning. I wish I could go to sleep with that fire still burning, but this latest revelation, and the pain it has caused PF and myself, has left me unsettled, so I will sign off for now.

PS--the good news about this whole sordid episode--some alien (2 of the actually) or turbocharged human actually cared enough about me to bring me some medicine to help me get out of the rut. I am telling you, I still believe in angels--they are the ones who come to the aid of those who need help and succor. Now, if there were just a few more to go around...

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