Saturday, April 21, 2012

I am feeling bitter, after a hellacious night of

I am feeling bitter, after a hellacious night of abduction and pain. I figured out what was driving me insane with pain and rage yesterday--it was the Amon RA implants in my head, which had been artificially amped up by wireless frequency changes made within my home, while I drove PF to the hospital to visit Mermaid. I will write more about that later, but let me say first, that the purpose of the frequency placement, was to give the evil occult faction of the "Italian contingent/vampires/Vatican-Jesuits/"Broncos" sports team, the opportunity to abduct and torture me, and they certainly did. The feeling of bitterness comes because I keep sacrificing my life and my body, enduring suffering, pain, hardship, and torture, and yet I keep feeling that it all comes to naught because so many of those affiliated with the American "Patriot" community, want to hold on to their own cherished notions of money and right to greed, and/or their own delusions about their ideological preconceptions of superiority, and self-justified righteousness. That is bullshit, and if that kind of thinking doesn't change, then the same people who cling to their millions and cling to a sense of self-righteous, isolationist superiority, are going to be screaming in the mirror, and hacking off their hair into the toilet, just like I did last night. Of course, that assumes that they will have access to a pair of scissors in the concentration camps that are being prepared for them right now.

A penny. That is the princely sum that initiated my current slavery to the frequencies of Amon-RA--and I am not even motivated by money or materialist gain. However, MONEY is the currency (as in the definition of "electrical power") is the means by which the occult controls us, and has controlled us humans, for centuries, and I innocently let myself be deceived once again, as surely as the multi-millionaires blocking the essential and necessary changes to our financial infrastructure, are being deceived by short-sighted self-interest. Just a couple of questions for much do you think your money, stock, and "assets" would be worth, if I hadn't spent the last three years struggling to identify and help prevent multiple attacks on this nation--attacks that have threatened our heartland, our cities, our coasts? Furthermore, how many times have you heard me complain about how poor I am, or how I keep going further and further into usurious debt, so that I can keep researching and pounding away on my $200.00 netbook, that I bought used, with no sound card, no advanced software or capability? I have thrown away hundreds of dollars of food, and repaired my hacked computers multiple times, but I just pull out the plastic, and try to keep going. It is not about what I "deserve" or "how hard I have worked"--it is about getting the job done. Work is not a punishment, nor an incentive to riches--it is a primordial vocation of the human being to impact reality creatively, and that is equally true for the garbage man who picks up my trash, to the brain surgeon. However, too many have fallen victim to the great "con" that work is about money, and so people who don't make much money in their jobs become alienated negatively from their own labor, while those at the other end of the spectrum, become alienated from their interconnected reality of Spirit, identifying themselves and their intrinsic self-worth and self-esteem with their income.

I've got to say that the hardest working people I have ever seen are in the 3rd world, and after working 12-16 hours a day, a lot of them still can't even feed their children. Why is that? I am no Marxist, but Marx got one insight correct--labor (or creativity) has been separated from value and recompense. Where he got it wrong, was that he remained a materialist, all the while complaining about materialism. He put the entire blame on "capitalism". Well, in the modern, post-industrial age, large sums of "capital" are required to fuel the economic engine, but guess what? This corruption by money and moneyed interests, has been around since the "Fall" of humanity (but not during the spiritual "Golden Age"), and capitalism is just the latest, most recent manifestation of this corrupt "con", including the huge boost it got from the Venetian and Genovese bankers, who are now trying to resurrect their "glory days" greedfest.

Now, this is an important thread of thought, andI hope to spend some more time on it, but I need to quit this post and move on to other issues, because as I now am being attacked again, as yesterday, by an alien psychic. Using frequencies hijacked from my intimate encounters with PF, he is forcibly trying to access my energetic/etheric self. When a rapist does that, instead of a lover, the feeling is very painful. It hurts like hell in my sacrum, where that goddamned Italian vampire is attempting to force feed. How did this happen--all because of a PENNY, which I will write more about later, but for now, I have to get away from this fucking POS psychic vampire and rapist--the pain in my sacrum is excruciating.

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