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A penny, perverts, and maggots--

A penny, perverts, and maggots--or, how would you like to walk a mile in my shoes? So, how does a penny play into all of this? Well, even though it has very little self-evident worth, it is a symbolic denomination of the corrupt occult order that runs this planet--MONEY.

I was visiting with Mermaid and PF, when a shiny penny caught my eye. Now you may ask, "why would you visit with Mermaid, after that blistering post that you wrote regarding her a while back? Well, apart from the fact that she is PF's adoptive mother, and I come from a back ground, in which you just cannot write off family, I keep "saving" her life. I don't write about every interdimensional battle I fight--I have lost track, but a few days back, I was involved in a major battle with a shark--an UNDERWATER evil spirit. At the same time, I noticed a commotion at Mermaid's house, as the ambulance came and took her away. It was after the 3rd time that she had tried to kill me, and so I wondered, as I often do, is this woman genuinely evil or is she good, but constantly being "flipped", much the same way that occurs with me in my Furthermore, I wondered if she were the dead evil spirit. There is no way to find answers to that kind of question, but to investigate it personally. So, off I went to talk to her, and she was clearly not herself. I spotted a bright penny on the floor, picked it up and repeated the childhood mantra, "find a penny, pick it up. All day long you have good luck".

Now, I was a very superstitious little kid, and I was hooked into all kinds of those little OCD behaviorisms as a child--"Step on a crack, break your mother's back", so it did not surprise me that I repeated the chant and picked up the penny. Still, I believe that I had subliminal assistance, because usually, in that kind of situation, I just ignore it. I offered the penny to Mermaid, since after all, I was in her house and she was the one who was ill, but she insisted I keep it. I know now, that penny was an entrapping setup--apparently to mess with my inner frequencies once again. Mermaid was flipped at the time, and it is clear to me now, that all of her problems are the result of incessant flipping--which is why I keep "saving" her, but the important question to ask is, "who is doing the flipping?"

Now, in the last post, I highlighted the Italian clique, but that was not a complete picture. First of all, there are two competing Italian cliques involved, and while they cooperate sometimes, I cannot be sure that both of them are involved. However, I DO know this--that at least one, if not both, of the Italian cliques--Venice or Genoa--is involved, and that they are part of the Faction 2 that is fiscally conservative. That is, they do not want to see any kind of financial redress or changes that benefits the larger population of the world as a whole. They want the same old same old, though they may be amenable to a change in beneficiaries (their own "homies"replacing the hated Rothschild & crowd), but not a wholesale change in processes or infrastructure. By the way, this is the same Italian clique that made a mockery of the legacy and sacrifice of Jesus' life and death, with their cultic perversion of his teaching.

However, at this point, they have joined forces, made an ad hoc alliance with the remnants of the fiscally liberal Faction 2 clique. This would include the same sexual perverts, boy posse, and mind control gamers that have plagued me for years now. The reason that they are now a "remnant" is because their top tier has been decimated by scandal, insanity, and yes, (hold the applause), yours truly. They are often symbolized by a shark, and believe me, I have fought and killed more than one shark--now, if I could fight my way clear of all their little turdlings...
Unfortunately, the turdlings are flocking to an occult clique, with a lot more gravitas--the Italian clique(s), which are not only fiscally conservative, but socially conservative.

Now, for years, I gave mild approval to what I understood to be (liberal) Faction 2's agenda to reshape the financial world. I am not really strongly opinionated on financial matters, but certainly I have known that the current status quo is untenable, and furthermore that, since the engineered 2008 financial crash, it has become essential. For both social justice and pragmatic reasons, I have supported the more liberal restructuring and resettlement option offered by the liberal wing of Faction 2, even though I knew that there was a lot of con artist hooey floating around it. Still no changing of the guard is perfect, and I really thought that the fiscally liberal Faction 2, had and have the financial instruments, official support, and intellectual, wherewithall to make such a seismic change work. I do not believe that an incremental or superficial change as mandated by the occult clique fiscal conservatives, and advocated by Patriot conservatives, will work as anything more than a bandaid which hides a festering wound that will sepsis, poison, and eventually mortally decimate the entire body of both the Earth and its peoples. However, I have refrained from opining on the this proposed financial change, because I am obsessive compulsive about detail, and if I cannot back up my positions with detailed fact, I prefer to remain silent.

However, since I have become more intimate and involved with PF, who is one of the original and ongoing architects of the liberal Faction 2 plan, my faith has been bolstered even further. Not only do I recognize stellar character in PF, but also, a deep intelligence and understanding of the financial system. Yes, she is much more liberal and ideologically one-sided than myself, but not in an unbalanced or unhealthy way. Thus, my critical doubts about the liberal Faction 2 plan have abated in recent months, even though I know that, IF I knew (which I don't--I only vaguely intuit), there are some elements of the plan, that I would find unpalatable. Not being a "money man", I doubt that I would ever have the expertise to wholeheartedly endorse any kind of systematic change, and the effort and knowledge it would take to gain such expertise is way beyond the scope of my interest. However, I do know that systematic change of the financial system MUST happen, because undoubtedly the current system is collapsing, and either the new one will be formed from chaos and insider manipulation which benefits a few (the status quo), or it is at least somewhat planned, and it looks to redress the dis-empowerment and disenfranchisement of the overwhelming majority of people on this planet. The former may work short term, but before long, the poor and starving will cause chaos and upheaval in hot spots all over the Earth; the latter not only satisfies social justice and the command of God for Jubilee, but also, will set the new system on a foundation for a cascading rejuvenation and prosperity of the poor of the Earth. Now, keep in mind, that I am not unmindful of the criticism of financial conservatives, and I would welcome their insights into how to make sure that any redistribution or resettlement of wealth is held accountable for productivity, and not wasted in corruption, which under the current and self-centered dispensation, is rife.

Anyway, I bring up the financial element, because I think that it was the fracturing of the Patriot faction into fiscal liberal vs. fiscal conservative, that gave the KaBal an opening to hobble their alliance together, in which their fiscal conservatives joined with the fiscal liberals to put the entire population of the Earth, this country, and myself, back in a stranglehold. However, an alliance isn't worth a damn without a weapon, and this new formation of the KaBal has an incredibly powerful and evil weapon with which to threaten the entire planet--and most imminently, Washington DC and New York City.

I invite all my readers to take a DEEP breath, because once again, the truth sounds like the most outrageous science fiction. As readers of this blog will know, the Amon-RA virus is carried and inflicted by spider like creatures that sucks out the victims' temples, reason, and morality. It was brought to this quadrant by reptiles, and used to subdue and flip some of the tribes on Mars (including the Italian cliques). After the conquest of Mars, the reptiles mostly returned to their constellations of Draco and Orion, but not before leaving their prime weaponry deployed on the Moon and Halley's comet (and undoubtedly other asteroids), in order to keep any freedom loving Earthlings in check. Now, these brain killing organisms evolved here on Earth as well, and since they are anaerobic, they evolved, though in a much weaker state, in both the deep magma of the Earth, and in the deepest of ocean troughs. I believe that such crustacean life as lobster and shrimp are related to these pernicious, anaerobic alien weapons. I say this, because I have noticed what the flavor or smell of lobster and shrimp does to me, since the Amon RA implants were placed in my forehead. Furthermore, do not discount the ancient Jewish Law--the more I know, the more those seemingly ridiculous of the minor 614 laws, seem rooted in a reality that the ancient Jews knew, but we have forgotten (though I still haven't figured out why eating a cheeseburger is banned...working on it, working on it). For those who have not had the pleasure of reading Leviticus and Numbers, I will tell you that the only seafood the orthodox Jews are permitted to eat are those with scales and fins--no whales, no dolphins, and NO CRUSTACEANS. Yep, they knew--especially when you consider how tasty lobster and shrimp are!

This knowledge is being relearned by post-modern humanity in the painful of ways. First of all, there is the problem in the Gulf of Mexico, which is the major fishing and shrimping grounds in the US. What scientists are learning is that the oil from the Deepwater Horizon deliberate sabotage by BP is making the fish "sick". Now petroleum oil is another huge breeding ground for the alien weapons' weaker first cousin. Infest the waters with petroleum oil, and the fish become mutant carriers of the Amon RA virus. Put it in the air, via carbon emissions, and watch as the hapless, unknowing victims of the world becomes angrier and angrier--for the virus drives you out of your mind with rage.

However, that still is not the worst of it. In a little known news article found in the MSM this week, there was a feature about a new "shrimp like species" found in the deep caverns near Carlsbad New Mexico. I believe that this "shrimp like species". is actually a much more potent kin to the alien "spider" weapon, and that the KaBal has harvested, transported and placed a large quantity of specimens on the shuttles "Discovery" and "Enterprise", which were just moved to Washington D.C. and New York City.

Now, why were these weaker versions of reptilian weaponry placed in two NASA space shuttles. Well, first of all, NASA has the highest technology available, and the shuttles act as a security container of the highest order. The shrimp critter triggers can't be pulled until the KaBal NASA decides so, and once that decision is made, NASA alone has the code key to make it happen. In the meantime, they just blackmail the Patriot Leadership of the US, and the entire planet. But what on Earth, could they use as a code key to trigger the release of the organisms? Well, actually, the code key is not on Earth--it, or rather, they, are orbiting the Moon in two small NASA robotic platforms, known as "The Grail". You see, the New Mexico shrimp are not powerful enough to wreak massive psychological damage and infestation--they are not the killer form of the virus as found in anaerobic environments such as the Moon. So the real problem for the KaBal was to figure out a way to boost their potency--to weaponize them, and that is where the "Grail" project comes in.

You see, they are able to triangulate, or pinpoint a location on Earth. Furthermore, they are communicating to Earth via radio frequencies. Now, it has been amply proven, most recently by Russian scientists, but also through the personal experience of many people like myself, that radio frequencies can change DNA. It especially can amplify DNA, make a weak genetic kinship or connection much more powerful. This has what has happened to me. First, the KaBal tried to activate my reptilian genes, and to some extent they succeeded--at times, I had a reptilian etheric aura, though God was merciful, and I never shape shifted, as a result of reptilian possession. Right now, my skin tone has gone from ruddy brown to sallow yellow--thanks to the genetic abuse and manipulation of the KaBal Merovingians of Faction 2, amplifying my yellow genes, and overriding my naturally chosen ones.

I submit that the Grail platforms are able to bombard the shuttle carriers with radio frequencies that amplify or strengthen those genes that the New Mexico shrimp carry in a diluted fashion, but which reach their ultimate potency in the originators of their genetic lineage--the spiders found on Mars and the Moon. Now, this genetic manipulation or amplification needs more than just radio frequencies--it needs a genetic template to act as a source. Radio frequencies alone will not do the job. Somehow, genetic information has to be transmitted via the frequencies, and that is why the Grail platforms were put in orbit around the Moon. They are reading from a colony of the killer viral spiders, transmitting that data via radio frequencies, and can turn the shrimp in their hi-tech, anaerobic environments into the most potent, destructive killer and destroyer of the human population on Earth. Think I am exaggerating? Look at what happened to Mars. The killer spiders turned the population, one against another, and every tribe turned on and sold out every other tribe, and Mars was left a barren wasteland, with the population crippled, refugeed, and infertile.

But did they learn their lesson? Hell, no. There are significant remnants of the Mars civilizations that consider it a badge of honor that they have learned to live with the Amon RA virus--and that would include the occult cliques of the Italians, some Middle Easterners, and some segments of Faction 2. They do not realize that they are possessed by a powerful evil spirit, but I can recognize it, and I can even see it in myself--whether it is my darkened eyes, or my raging temper, I can recognize it. However, my visage does not yet have the cast of the truly demonically possessed as does nearly all of the Amon-RA devotees (speaking of which, what is up with that karl wlaschek--occult and evil as hell--is he the new leader of the Faction 2 remnant?). So these Amon-RA devotees would drive the rest of the world emotionally crazy with the virus, while they themselves have mastered the emotional craziness, and now suffer from the more terminal, spiritual insanity.

Pretty grim scenario, huh? Well, walk a mile in my shoes. At least the peoples of New York and D.C. are still free. As a result of the splintering of the Patriot front, and the resurgence of the KaBal, I am going through hell again. In a way, it is my own fault. I knew that the Italians could not be trusted, even though they played nice, after the Patriots and I killed one of their biggest Faction 2 enemies--the shark I wrote about earlier. I knew that it was just a matter of time, before they did the exact same thing to me, that Faction 2 has been doing for months now--the abductions, the perversions and the rapes. Of course, I didn't expect for them to ally with one another, and take turns abusing me, while they wait to see what breaks my spirit first--the rapes by the Faction 2 boy pervs, which started again last night, or personality fragmentation caused by exploitation of repressed memories of satanic abuse.

In the long run, it doesn't matter, because both the remnants of Faction 2 and the Italian cliques, are in service, ultimately, to the reptiles. All they have to do is make sure that my destiny is perverted to serve the reptiles. You see, I was not created to be a hermaphrodite, and most certainly, not such a complete one, with genitalia and inner organs of both sexes. I was conceived to be a male, but very early in the neo-natal process, the reptiles altered me, so that I could conceive and bear children, and be a reptile queen for them. Even now, I suspect that in my belly is some kind of beacon or homing mechanism which could attract a swarm of reptilian demonic baby entities, to this galaxy, if I can be "flipped enough" to fully accept my role as female and mother. Of course, I resist such a conception with every fiber of my being, but while I am strong consciously, I am much more fragmented and weak unconsciously, and they are able to make inroads, and torture and rape me in the interdimensional realm as happened last night.

As I said, while I drove PF to the hospital, they came to my house and put down frequency markers which have left me feeling psychically violated. You see, I "feel" psychic vibrations in my central nervous system from my sacrum, all up and down my spine. The constant titillation of my nervous system caused by these frequencies is actually very painful. I don't know if they are trying to cause such pain that I shut down and ignore all sensation from there, or if they are trying to keep my psychic field always open, so that the reptiles can come in to feed, but I am in a lot of pain--and that is just physically. In my next post, I am going to talk about the psychological pain that these boy pervs cause. There is only one way to get past the pain--and that is to open up and be honest about it.

In the meantime, I would warn all Patriots--you had better stand together, because your enemy sure can. I am suffering from frontline crossfire, but they know who you all are, and guess what--if you are going to quibble over money or primacy of power, you ain't gonna end up with either, nor for that matter, your family, your intact mind, or even a semblance of freedom. I would also say to the Patriots--DO NOT TRUST THE LIES OF THESE ITALIAN (BRONCO) CLIQUES, OR THIS FACTION 2 REMNANT, HEADED UP BY THEIR NEW LEADER. They are not even remotely trustworthy. They will not win, though it may take some time to dislodge them from their current supremacy. However, after what I have experienced the past few days, I do not believe that any kind of cooperation with them will benefit the Patriot movement. They will just look for the opportunity to stab you in the back, and make your life and situation even worse.

You know, this constant abuse and harassment is a real hardship for me. I need to be working on personal issues, and I had hopes, when April 20th came and went, without an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, a tornado, a nuclear bomb, that maybe, trying to lie low would give me a breathing space. I was wrong. Have you noticed that I haven't been writing? That is because it took too much effort not to vent about the evil cliques apparently cooperating with the Patriots. See where it got me--my situation is worse than before, with all these frequency markers driving me crazy in my house. At least before, they were outdoors. However, my inner self is stronger, and I plan to keep writing and dealing with the pain, until one day I am free of these sick, rotten, evil bastards.

PS--As I finished posting this, I noticed extreme tenderness in my hands. Reflex textbook shows that it is my kidneys. I have never felt such pain before in my kidney reflexology points. Have the goddamned Faction 2/Italian clique frequency markers really messed up my already weak kidneys. Is this a result of them increasing my potassium levels to a high that my kidneys cannot excrete? I cannot really tell by how ill I feel, because I have been sick, stressed, and in severe pain all day. I am used to that, but if my kidneys fail, because of these goddamned fuckers...

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