Friday, April 20, 2012

Stupidass invasive psychics

Stupidass invasive psychics are causing me a lot of pain-0--trying to fucking access my nervous system via my sacrum and back and I m not strong enough to keep the goddamned etheric vampires out. it literally hurts A LOT to have some etheric rapist get in there and hack ones cen tral nervous system. lot going on, but im to fucked up to write. thyroid meds pulled--got me all mentally drugged. body mutilated last nite so uncomf0ortable and miserable. stupidass motherfuckers actually think i am cooperating with theirsorry vampire asses in my dreams. so goddamned stupid it is unbelivable--but they got SATANIC power that is for goddamned sure. going to have to go to bed and try to dleep with this goddamned raw nervous system. one good thing about this. i know now that i am surrounded by enemies. it is very easy to shut totally down and close off. fucking pricks can fucking put their goddamned abusive energy all they want on me. I wont cooperate. Without PF around, THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL, NONE WHATSOEVER, THAT I WILL MOVE TO INTERDIMENSIONAL TRAVEL. body hurts, where goddamned fuckers keep raping my eteric system. going to lay down PS YO0U GODDAMNED FUCKING JES8UIT FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT PIGS. I JUST SAW IN MIRROR WHAT YOU DID TO MY FUCKING HAIR YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES. YOU LEAVE MY FUCKING HAIR ALONE. HALF OF IT IS IN THEFUCKING TOIELETY. YOU MESS WITH MY HAIR AGAIN, AND I AM GOING TO BY CLIPPERSW AND FUCKIN G SHAVE AND KEEP MY HEAD COMPLETELY ABALD. YOU GODDAMNED ASSHOLES I AM A MAN, NOT A WOMAN. DO YOU UNDERSTAND FYOU FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT? LEAVE ME THE FUCK AOLONE. I WOULDN T FUCKING TIE YOUR FUCKIN SHOE, SO GOS FIND SOME OTHER ANGELINA JOLEIE TO SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF... FUCKI YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FYUCK YOU

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