Monday, April 30, 2012

The "Event"

The "Event" is a term that has been around, since at least last year, when there was an excellent TV series on NBC that eventually was desperately rewritten in the last few weeks, and finally pulled before the promised conclusion. Too bad. It was a really great show that was hinting at a lot of truths regarding alien factions and their relationships with us, and agendas for us. Of course, the viewer had to know how to discern disinfo from the prima facie material, but as everyone reading this blog should know by now, I am pretty good at that. So now, I have finally discerned what the big "Event" coming within the next few months is, and while some readers may know all about it, I have a stern warning regarding it for everybody. However, I WANT TO EMPHASIZE, that I hope nobody reads this and reacts negatively in anger. I do not have all the information, and maybe anger is called for, but I implore all readers to sit with the material a little while before proceeding on any action front. I myself am not sure of all the dynamics involved in the "Event", but I am going to present what I know, and hopefully people who have a little more detailed information, can draw less tentative conclusions than myself.

OK, starting at the beginning, readers of this blog know there is an ancient war between Faction 1 and Faction 2. As I have revealed in a recent post, occult power hinges on materialism, the ILLUSION, BUT REAL POWER, of money, which essentially not only makes our world "go round" with greater efficacy and production, but also subjugates us to the wizards of the financial pyramid "con job". Faction 1 has done quite well in dominating the world through this usurious banking scheme for centuries. The Templars (Faction 2) had a stab at taking over the pre-eminent spot in the 14th century, but King Philip put an end to all that ambition, and sent the Templars underground, where they became Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and a myriad of other secret societies, who plotted for their opportunity for revenge, redemption, and oh yes, world power. They got a huge boost, as they gained access to extradimensional characters and worldly power, which always have been around to influence world affairs, but which made greater headway in the 20th century. This was partly due to the tremendous damage done by the time traveling Grey renegade, that I nicknamed, "Vosk" (from his fictionalized counterpart on Star Trek: Enterprise), who was portalled into our reality through an ancient Native American mound (pyramid) near St. Louis. He eventually was largely responsible for the extensive scope and destruction of Nazi Germany, and very likely helped to give access to the necessary technology not only to create V-bomb, but also the A-bomb, as atomic blasts were necessary to rip the space-time fabric, which would allow even more dark and negative entities to enter Earth. As a matter of fact, all of the radioactive poisoning that I have suffered in this body may be related to my previous karma accrued as Charles Lindbergh, who helped facilitate Vosk's agenda. However, the most important point I would make regarding Vosk and the Nazis, is that ultimately, they were Faction 2. After the end of the war, they carried on covertly through rogue security agencies, especially the CIA, elements of the US Navy, and in various power secret societies.

Faction 2 had learned a lot from Vosk--such things as the "God code", which was an algorithm, which predicted earthquakes, as well as the natural energy lines of the Earth which could be manipulated to cause and/or intensify natural disaster. The higher levels of Faction 2 learned that our world is a hologram, run by a computer MATRIX, of which the financial world and markets are only a subset. Faction 1 had the financial market all wrapped up, as they controlled that MATRIX, thanks to their occult patrons and the great hijacking of the American constitution and Republic, the creation of the Federal Reserve Board. However, Faction 2 was now in direct contact not only with the advanced technology of the Grays, but also those of the Tall Whites, who partnered with the Grays, although as I suspect, as a dominating power. I draw this conclusion from various accounts of occult writers who have recognized these two elements working in tandem. Faction 2 had no qualms accessing and exploiting that high technology for our own 3D world, and so the 20th century witnessed an explosion of high tech inventiveness.

As human scientific knowledge increased, and more and more Faction 2 higher operatives had their brains artificially "turbocharged" by Grey technology (and not by spiritual enlightenment and maturity, which had been the only path for millennia), they began to realize that humans had the power to control the MATRIX. Of course, this meant keeping the higher alien powers happy, but they were already in collusion with the Tall Whites, who were responsible for the great computer at the central sun--RA, and the Greys, who were opportunistic power brokers, eager to give the Faction 2 KaBal anything they wanted, in exchange for human lives and souls. I think that recently, Faction 2 picked up a couple of other important allies--the "Vampire", Amon-RA aliens and a possible rogue faction of "cat Sirians", who want revenge, for, if am correct, the ancient wound of being sold out to the reptiles, so that some of their distant cousins are actually Greys. I also think the Draconian reptiles highly prize the cat Sirians for their psi ability, and they historically have been sold out to the reptiles by their Sirian kin, as well--another burning resentment. I feel especially sorry for the cat Sirian clique that is getting sucked into this evil alliance--they have been victimized for so long, but they do not understand that they are choosing a disastrous path. I think Salusa, the master Pied Piper is leading them astray, as I believe that only Salusa had the knowledge and personality to both play at being PF and "play" (fool) me, however briefly.

The big obstacle in gaining control over this world's MATRIX, was the financial system, which was and is (but not for very much longer), dominated by the occult MATRIX presided over by Faction 1. Everybody seemed to know that, after JFK's assassination for daring to confront this MATRIX, pinnacled by the Federal Reserve Board, and its disbursement of American taxpayer dollars to occult insiders, that the only way to overhrow this MATRIX was to bankrupt the Fed. But then what?

All of these factions or cliques understood that a new MATRIX would be necessary to take its place. Fortunately, with the cutting edge technology in computer science, (do you really think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs became billionaires through good old hard work and inventiveness?--Bill Gates now pushes for genetic modification to make us more like Greys, while Jobs is subsisting somewhere in interdimensional reality as a full-blown vampire), many Faction 2 operatives were developing the necessary skill to completely program a full scale MATRIX. They were getting lots of practice, too, creating sequestered planets, bases on Mars and other planets, and most dangerously, rogue and multiple timelines, which has nearly collapsed the known universe, if not for Patriot fighters, assisted by advanced alien civilizations.

I KNOW that there are multiple MATRICES, even within our world, and that the technology exists for them to change in a blink of an eye. The first time I had hoped to join up with the Black psychics, I flew into Phoenix, AZ, which is a MAJOR Faction 2 hub. As we flew in, I noticed how smoggy Phoenix was--nothing unusual there, but I turned my head for a brief second, and when I looked out the window again, the smog was completely gone, and the air was crystal clear with blue skies! That is how fast a MATRIX switch can happen, although it takes technology to do it. Later on the web, I read about an airport theft, and I knew some scoundrel had stolen the hi-techie whiz-gizmo that makes the MATRIX switch, thus stranding me in hostile territory. Our cherished bodies and selves are nothing but computer holograms, people, and a change in the parameters, can change our environment in an instant.

Of course, this is what virtuous 3D humans would call "god power", and guess what, I have had more than a little exposure to these Faction 2 programmers, and they have the most outrageous, immature god power-complex that I have ever seen in a group of people in my life. It is really scary to think how much power is in their hands. You want to control someone--just use the programs to stay a step ahead of them wherever they go---I have witnessed that, countless times. My guess is that somewhere, these immature boy pervs are watching the hot babe of the month, shower or make love on their video monitors. That is the maturity level of the Faction 2 programmers, for you see, they HAVE succeeded in imposing a new MATRIX on our world.

Now, I have known that this was happening, but viewed it as a necessary evil, in order to help institute the new financial reset. Of course, I worried about the possibility of abuse--were we overthrowing the old occult "bosses" for new ones? My fears and concerns have been completely validated by the incredible and relentless abuse by these juvenile programmers, "Masters of the MATRIX Universe". Among other things, they have violated and hijacked my brain frequencies while making love with PF, and then replayed them in my unconscious state, so that I would respond sexually to them. Forget the abuse and violation of me. What kind of pathetic pathological believes that such rapist behavior is ever acceptable, much less "love"--which apparently they do...and this is just the junior apprentice stage of the Faction 2 KaBal. Can you imagine the truly monstrous dimensions of their psyche, as they get older and gain more power? Remember Gene Valentine? These people are truly sick on their "god power-complex, and now they have the power to control our world's environments.

Now, ideally, we get out of the MATRIX through interdimensional freedom. However, billions of us are not there yet, and so I would hope that the Patriot governments of the world can intervene and regulate this MATRIX technology at whatever level possible, to ensure the minimum of abuse and violation. Apparently, it needs to happen for the reset to take place. Fine. I get it, and I am a firm believer in the financial reset, for PRAGMATIC, not ideological reasons. However, the Patriots of the world (and that would include readers of this blog), need to understand that Faction 2 is not being completely honest about their intentions or motivations. They are not interested in primarily serving humanity, but rather in serving THEIR occult overlords, which believe it or not, are ULTIMATELY THE SAME REPTILES as patronized Faction 1 for centuries. Of course, they may utilize a different path or approach, with a twist or two thrown in, but ultimately it will only be an escalation of the reptilian agenda. What is that agenda? Human slaves, especially those individuals with strong psi ability, and a increase in their collective hive drones. So, no matter what Faction 2 says or promises, I guarantee you that the cat Sirians and the Black psychics are going to be sold out at the very earliest opportunity. It is part of the package deal that was cut and signed at the highest levels, and an absolute prerequisite for the advanced technology, needed to build the MATRIX in the first place.

How do I know this? Because I found and have partially read a really informative and clear site, blogged by the handle name, "Cobra" who is a Faction 2 operative. The site is:

Now a word of caution for the reader--just because I say this is a "great" site, does not mean that I endorse its opinions or views. There is a lot of good information here, but a lot of lies as well. The truth has to do with financial reset. I do believe that Cobra is posting correct information about that. For those with advanced computer science backgrounds, check out the cryptic blog titles. According to the true believin' kool aid drinkers there, those codes are secret messages to the "resistance" (yeh right, and who else believes the shit about some intelligence operative, on the run, stumbling into subterranean passages underneath NYC, which he used to set up an underground base which destroyed the last of the reptiles here on Earth in 2000....Actually, I think those cryptic post titles are instructions about changes in the MATRIX, so I hope that some Patriot can figure them out. It would be GREAT if the Patriots were in charge of the MATRIX.

Despite his name (what is it about Faction 2 high level operatives and snake imagery--I dreamed the al-Qaida hermaphrodite leader was named, "Black Pakistani cobra"), I gave Cobra the benefit of the doubt. I was going to read the entire blog through--only about 50 posts--when, only a half dozen posts in, it became obvious, that there was deliberate disinformation going on. The intolerable and repeated lies all had to do with reptiles. According to Cobra, the reptiles are gone from this planet. That is a complete and utter falsehood, something I can verify through my own personal experience. Not only that, as some really bright commenter posted on the April 22nd post, "Geeksquadanon", there are still at least two major reptilian bases on the planet--Dulce, NM, and Pine Gap, Australia (I don't know about Area 51, but at the very least, I think it has had all access tunnels blocked off). The comment however, about the reptiles being removed from the planet, thanks to the "resistance" since 2000 is an INSULT to the true Resistance, the Patriots of this planet, who have been fighting reptiles, non-stop, on this planet for the last three years. Just two weeks ago, I helped rescue a young man who had been abducted by reptiles They nearly killed me, and would have if it were not for the intervention of PF. Still, I woke up the next day feeling beat up, but I still fared better in the battle than PF, for the rescue attempt was a contributing factor in her Cartagena abduction and rape (she actually was astrally moving to rescue the high profile captive, when her transit was hijacked). So forgive me, but lies about the destruction of reptiles on this planet REALLY INFURIATE ME!!! The Patriots of the world are getting beat up, mutilated, raped and killed, fighting to save Earth from these soul sucking demons, but the boy pervs of the world have everything under control in their MATRIX fantasy program. Yeah, right they do, because their superiors (and maybe Cobra is a superior) HAVE CUT A DEAL WITH THE REPTILES TO STAY OUT OF THEIR 'PRECIOUS' MATRIX. "Don't worry, lizzies, soon you will have all the cat Sirians and Black psychics you could ever dream of, and you won't even have to fight for them. We will deliver them to you."

Another major lie that I have caught them in is that they say that there is no Nibiru. Well maybe there is not--what I call "Nibiru" may be a planet by another name, but I know that there is a planet in our solar system which is home to the Tall Whites, and it still is somewhat of a threat to Earth (if only because of the hostile intent of the residents), though I do not think that it is going to orbitally impact the Earth, in a pole-flipping kind of way, as so many has feared the past several years.

Now, I know that Faction 2 is very well aware of planets in this solar system, because the "Event" is going to be visual planetary incursion of a "new" planet in our (Earth's) clear view. Now, most people probably think the Event is going to be some kind of massive alien disclosure, with UFO galores flying around, but it is bigger than that, and for those who watched "The Event" on TV, or visit the show's web page, you can see the huge, beautiful planet that comes into view (to be honest, I think the visual only was on the teaser previews for a show that never aired--too much truth in that show, and Faction 2 had to kill it before it revealed everything).
Now, I am sure that I have written before that I have had dreams of another planet, that is to be home for the Sirian refugees, and those human/alien hybrids who wish to go (since at least some of them really don't fit in well, here--with their lack of history here, and advanced psychic gifts and all). This planet was provided to them, thanks to the intervention of friendly aliens who recognized that it would be difficult for Terrans and Sirians to co-exist on an already vastly overpopulated planet. This "Event" will also be accompanied by the birth of a new sun. Check out the star--or for that matter, check out the CIA star, or the star of the Kurdish church, or read Numbers 24 and compare it with Genesis 49. This is the Messianic star that portends a new time and a revival of hope for the future. This is the genuine messianic star, not the one that MACHINE-RA tried to to co-opt by claiming it to be present at the time of Jesus' birth. The occultists have known that our Earth would be getting a new star, a new sun, for centuries now, and they knew the year, too--2012.

I am not sure if this new star is going to be a moon of Jupiter (Europa) going supernova, or something else. I am not sure if or how it will shine on our planet, but I suspect that we are going to have to get used to another planet in our galaxy, and learn how to be good neighbors with an advanced race of telepathic beings. However, because Faction 2 is so sold out to the reptiles, I fear that they will become the new "Tall Whites of Nibiru", to an enslaved Earth. They themselves will migrate to a base on the new planet where they will shore up their power by stirring up trouble and old feelings of hurt between the Sirian tribes, and providing reptilian needs in exchange for reptilian patronage. This will also afford them the opportunity to genetically manipulate "chosen souls" to fill their Faction 2 occult slots with hybrid humans. Haven't we had enough of this shit, already? I, for one, have been genetically manipulated in my reincarnations for over three or four thousand years now, and I AM SICK OF IT. But there is only so much I can do by myself; however, information is power, and I hope that I have given those who know a little more than I do, something on which they can act. I hope so--it would be a humongous tragedy for that messianic star to portend 10,000 years of rule by the boy perverts of Faction 2, and their reptile patrons.

PS--Let me close by emphasizing that I still am very confident about the future, but being a pragmatic person of spirit, I always believe that "God helps those who help themselves." Let's do what we can, every single second of every single day.

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