Sunday, April 22, 2012

figured out reason i was so fucked up all day

figured out reason i was so fucked up all day is because i am on psychotropics. unable to read, even my own writing has absolutely no meaning, no reasonance. listend to music while did dishes, but felt like i was ill with flyu. no feeling. GODDAMNED IT MOTHERFUCKERS I GOT THINGS TO DO, POSTS TO WRITE, INEED TO FEEL LIKE A FUCKING HUMAN BEING. knew for sure it was psychotrpic drugs when i felt the rage come on--only amon ra virus AND MOTHERFUCKING GODDAMNED LITHIUM MAKE ME RAGE LIKE THEIS.

worse than all this is the godamned brain switching feeling all day. brain literally not able to process even simple info normally. switching on and off. feel like shit, feel better, but not normal, dont veel normal all day. otherthings to write about, but brain is completely irarational.

one question--who the fuck is doing this to me--chopped my arms all off, so fucking miserable gave me drugs, nearly destroyed my hands. either someone doesnt know what the fuck theyr doing or once again evil spirit of deception withim me having fun at my expense.

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