Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Resurrection-NOT!

Happy Resurrection-NOT! There was a resurrection that took place in the vigil hours last night--it was a resurrection of the same evil that sent the historical Jesus to his torture and death. It was a resurrection of the same evil which perverted his tragic torture and death into a religious cult of stupendous mind control power, which has existed to service an empire of evil for over 20 centuries now. It was a resurrection of the evil hope that finally, the search for the next messianic dupe, that would be me, the next davidic patsy to sit on the Jerusalem throne and open wide the stargates to the reptiles, has been collared and cuffed. Well, as of yet (though I don't know for how much longer), no one has put a tape over my mouth, so of course, you are going to hear my version.

It did not take me long to figure out the source of my middle of the night discouragement, despair, and utter depression. Faction 2, or at least the conservative or Merovingian branch of it, is on the rise again. You see, as I keep explaining, Faction 2 has many factions within its KaBal. Salusa was affiliated with Faction 2, but Salusa was much more racially liberal and fiscally liberal than the conservative branch. However, ideological differences aside, these branches belong to the root of the same occult tree, which espouses mind-control, human slavery and genetic manipulation, as well as a revitalization of the MACHINE-RA MATRIX, ie, a continuation of the virtual reality prison system for the planet. They also both cut on my body, in an an attempt to cause chronic pain, and a debilitating body/mind split that they hope to use to control me even further. Yes, it is not just Salusa, who cuts on me. He is now in some kind of custody or containment. All along, various elements of Faction 2 has taken turns at mutilating and cutting on me, and the pain I have experienced since awakening this morning, tells me that I am in the hands of sadistic torturers and slavers once again.

However, the ongoing pain and mutilation is only one of the clues that reveal the awful abyss of profound evil with which I contend. My intuition and dream images tell me more. Actually, the first dream happened before I woke up the first time, although all I have is an image--that of carrots filling all these holes in the Earth, and how it reminded me of the "sleeping psychic medium" in the TV series, "The Prisoner". In that show, the psychic's sole reason and parameters for existence was to be in passive unconsciousness, so that she could maintain the MATRIX of her world. When she woke up, holes literally started appearing in the ground of the physical reality. Now carrots are also a sign of fertility and productivity, and what this image reinforces is what I have stated in an earlier post: that this element of Faction 2 wants to turn me into a feminized passive-dependent psychic slave, who is too weak and controlled to free himself or humanity, but rather works to maintain the inevitable illusion and weakness of the VR MATRIX. FUCK THAT!!!! My creative gifts are not at the service of the MATRIX, or the KaBal slaver masters who maintain it for the reptiles and Tall Whites.

Having said that, let me move on to the second part of my dream, in which I seem to once again give consent for such abuse, according to occult standards, but really and duped and deceived through dream imagery of lies and illusion. In the dream, someone gives me a check, and somehow I think it is payment for services. As a matter of fact, in my dream I think, "I am moving up in the world. Now, I am a PAID slave, instead of an unpaid one". I am not happy at all, about the situation, but I feel trapped, as if I have true freedom to reject these people, but only to choose whether or not, I accept payment for providing them services, which they will take by force, if I don't agree to the payment. So, I tell the man who gave me the check, "let me take it to my bank", and I go to cash it. I try to tell the tellers I have an account number, and want to cash the check, but they are amused at me--as if I don't "get" the fact that I have just been majorly hoaxed. So, I look at the check, and guess what? No wonder the tellers were laughing at my attempts to cash it. The check was not written to me, but to a "Pat Riley Sr." I presume that I "wrote" the check, as part of my "allegiance" to this occult clique. Let me start at the beginning. Do you remember back in February, that I realized that the occult associates money with the most valuable contents of one's life. Now, just think about that, for that in itself is indicative of a materialistic perversion and inverted understanding of reality. I don't have much money, but there is a lot I value, and no matter how much I had given Pat Riley Sr., it would have indicated to them that I had just sold my soul to their evil asses. This is why they are always trying to trick me, into giving them "$5.00" or so--just enough to prove my obsequience to their inverted, perverse, and downright evil, belief system and practice.

Well, the trick did not work this time, because the laughter of the tellers at my duped stupidity, tipped me off. So, who is Pat O'Riley Sr? He is the head coach of the "Miami Heat". Remember that these occult factions and cliques hide behind sports teams and sports games, even corrupting what was once an innocent leisure pastime and enjoyment. Anybody remember the gladiator "circuses" of ancient Rome, who eventually had to play for life and death--no doubt, because the corruption had reached such a level, that this was the only way to make sure the gladiators didn't "throw" the match. The coach is not a "senior" though. This tells me that the check was written to the owner or the behind-the scenes power broker of the faction allied with the "Miami Heat". Now, which faction allies with the Miami Heat? That is easy. It is the "Maya" ("Mayami"), the brutal satanic worshippers who brought such misery to Central America, with their human sacrifices, ritualized tortures, and "sports games" to the death. The Maya are affiliated with the Merovingians, and are especially associated with the nations of Hungary and neighboring Austria, which was one of their migratory destinations after leaving the violence-wracked Middle East. As a matter of fact, in the dream, I put on a jacket that I got when I worked for one of George Soros' outfits in the 2004 election. Now, I would never work for, or support any of Soros' endeavors ever again, but in 2004, I was still ideologically blind, and as a Democrat, felt obliged to support Kerry, another "Mayan" descendant and controlled KaBal puppet. For some time, I have had to admit that I am glad that he lost--even though I know the election was stolen. For that matter, I am grateful that Al Gore lost in 2000--again, through fraud and deceit. I was angry with Justice O'Connor for the longest time. Even though she was a moderate conservative, I always trusted her judgments--which is more than I can say for any currently sitting justice, although to be fair, a couple are "newbies", and haven't yet had a chance to prove themselves. However, my favorite SC justice in my experience, didn't "sell out", as I thought she did, for years. Instead, she just knew what was really going on, which is more than I can say for myself.

I admit that I am a little dense and tardy in recognizing what is really going, and how to respond to it, but again, I am being deceived by lies in the astral realm, which already is a difficult environment for me to interpret and respond, because it uses images to convey truth, and I often don't know what they mean. Ask yourself, "how many know that the 'Miami Heat' is a front for an occult faction, and much less are able to identify that faction through their own research? Now, I have suffered terribly, and continue to suffer, because I have pursued an independent and solo path, but what has been happening for years is that spiritually gifted individuals are being trapped into mind control cliques, without seeing the full picture. Thus, they prematurely accept the directives and claim allegiance to one faction or another (there are probably about 10-12 occult cliques), in hopes of gaining interdimensional status or patronage. However, as soon as they do so, they lose objective perspective, not only in the regular 3D sense of the notorious high school clique and gang pettiness and allegiances, but also in a more sinister sense, in that their brains are literally outfitted with implants and nano-switches, which makes it easier for their KaBal handlers to control them. Brainwashed. Mind-controlled. Nanotech "flipping". No wonder they degenerate into corruption, greediness, powertripping, and sexual perversion.

Needless to say, there is NO WAY that I am going to claim allegiance or provide any kind of service, much less sign over a penny of my personal valuables, to these lying Mayan destroyers. Again, I was deliberately DECEIVED in the astral realm, and I will not work for these bastards, much less give away anything that I value to do so.

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