Thursday, April 5, 2012


Sadly, the child is deceased. Again, it is difficult for me to find out what really happened, but apparently, it had a genetic defect--the exact one that afflicts the Grey Hybrids that are born of my mother's ova. This makes me wonder what happened. Was I abducted, and the baby's genetics altered to fit a Grey Hybrid profile (I smelled the Nazi smell in my dream state). Knowing me, I suppose that I was wracked with guilt, since PF has brought multiple children into the world successfully. Was my own lack of maternity to blame? It always amazes me how pregnant women totally center and focus on their baby, but woman's sacred center is in the belly, while for man it is not. I tried to talk to the baby, but I know i was more paternal than maternal, and being in such constant back pain did not help either. However, i fear more than anything else, that the child may have been victimized by evil spirits, and I was just not strong enough (not being aware or alert enough in the interdimensional realm) to protect it. No wonder I have been so depressed all day...

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