Wednesday, April 4, 2012


catatonic on some kind of psychotropic. afraid tomoreow i wont be able to move. in severe pain all over body from where the goddamned faction 2 has cut on and mutilated me. pregnant again, in a stick, abnormal body that looks like a kid, but without free range of any motion. ribs and back shoulders all hurt. both arms and legs completely numb. on top of it all, i am pregnant. i catn believe that i can carry a child in this body,--talk about it later when i feel better. last nite i started to seize up from electrical overload. tonight i am seizing from muscle spassms. severe pain. bed. ps--figured out why 13 is a faction 2 number. 13 crystal skulls. 13 council members of atlantis that destroyed all of civil9ization. yeh, karma is a bitch. i learned though--i learned respect for life and free will of individual. most of those attracted to f2 havent learned a damned thing. so they continue to oprress and mutilate and drug me.

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