Saturday, April 7, 2012

I may not yet be able to wield a sword,

I may not yet be able to wield a sword, but I can lift a pen, and having pondered it for awhile, I think it is time to start practicing the hefting of a weapon. As I wrote briefly, earlier, my home was spiritually attacked by an powerful evil spirit earlier. That evil spirit was an ancient alien who goes under the name, "Salusa" on the web. He has been around a long time, and in centuries past, has gone by the name "St. Germaine". I do believe that he was involved with the colonial revolt and founding of the independent republic of the United States. His primary point of contact was Ben Franklin. His purpose was not purely altruistic, although he presents himself as a great humanitarian altruist, nor was he a freedom lover, intent on helping a nation achieve independence. No, Salusa is a cunning opportunist, and his primary goal in helping Franklin and the emerging new nation, was to bind this country to the bad karma of the negative KaBal, which is why there has been so much occult history in our relatively young nation. A lot of this history has been profoundly destructive--Montauk and the Montauk project, "Vosk" the time travelling Grey from St. Louis and WWII and the atomic bomb, the genetic experiments done in this country, and it goes on and on.

Now Salusa did not castrate me, or cut off my ribs and pec muscles of my chest. However, I know that Salusa was the one responsible for gutting out my lower back and trunk muscles, and completely shifting the pelvis back from its natural forward thrust. Now, why did he do that? You know, I have vacillated back and forth on Salusa, though my original intuition was that he is an evil being. I should have stuck with my first intuition. However, Salusa was involved with certain members of Faction 2 whom I trusted. I didn't know them, except through their writings on the web, but once I vet somebody, I trust them. Salusa never passed the vetting process, but I kept an open mind, just in case I was wrong.

I was thoroughly sickened when I lost my lower back--literally, my energy level dropped drastically overnight, and I have never gotten it back, and until some miracle or alien technology of matter transformation occurs, I never will. For my body's energy pattern is that of a male, which centers in the sacrum, and now, all the mutilation has thoroughly disrupted that pattern. So again, why would Salusa do that? I would vacillate that maybe he thought he was trying to help me. Maybe he was more ignorant of flesh physiology and etheric body awareness than I. Maybe he thought that I had become too comfortable in my strong, healthy lesbian body, and he feared that I would not choose to become a man, since I was happy with my intersexed body as it presented itself in a buff, female form. The worst possibility, one that I have dwelled on more and more lately, is that Salusa knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He was making sure that, no matter what, I not have the energy level needed to sustain interdimensional travel naturally. Now, why would he do that? In my dreams, a couple of times, Salusa has tried to get me to go into some chamber of his, and I always refuse. Set fooled me a long time ago, and now I am much more wary. I am not sure what that chamber is, but I think it is something that would enable interdimensional travel, but only as a slave, not a free person. I am certain that any technology which Salusa would use on me, would have the controls placed in reptilian hands so that they could flip switches in my brain, at their leisure. Do not forget that Salusa nearly duped the planet into activating the 13 crystal skulls in LA, which again, would have opened the stargates, and that was not the first time his underhanded betrayal was exposed.

Furthermore, it is Salusa who is cutting on me, nearly every night, including last night. I am in great pain as I write this, because I literally do not have the skeletal infrastructure to support my body. So, why did I keep my mouth shut about Salusa/S. Germain for so long? First of all, I actively try to not let my personal feelings influence my judgment. Yes, I was crushed and furious about the mutilations done to my body, but it is when I am especially emotion, that my reason tells me, "don't judge, think things through". Salusa is a very good writer and communicator, and he really did impress me positively through his posts. The other reason that I have been reluctant to fully "out" his evil, was that he has been an integral part of the new financial changes, and I feared disrupting a process in which the Patriots have invested an immense amount of energy and time. I was worried that I might inadvertently upset a very complicated plan with more secrets and trap doors, than I could begin to understand.

Finally, I always admired Salusa for his genuine concern of the African Black race. He is the closest thing to a patron or guardian angel that they have got. I had a dream once, in which he kept bringing kittens up to me, and placing them at my feet, trying to get me to pet and coddle them, and I knew the kittens were his Black charges, which he desperately wanted me to love and lead. However, I knew that there were some really devious plans underfoot to enslave the Black psychic community, and I wasn't getting involved until I understood what was going on. I really do believe that Salusa was the one who is ready to sell out the Black psychic community when the time comes, while Mother Africa becomes the new slaving ground for the reptiles.

I went on a few interdimensional "missions" with Salusa, and exactly as happened with Maurice Strong, it never fails to amaze me how evil sees so much more clearly than good, but spiritually weaker people. For Salusa understood something that I had tried to get across to my (then human) superiors and handlers for years, and that is that the way to motivate me is not to isolate me, but to deliberately involve me in work and community activity. I developed a sense of personal respect and real affection for Salusa as a result of these "mission" (bet you all think I don't remember any of them...).

However, after what happened today, nothing can compel me to remain in doubt or dubious forgiveness any more. Salusa deliberately attacked this house, as an evil spirit. It was not the first time he had done it. I literally can hear the blinds on my window ruffle when he enters/exits, and once some kind of cocoon fell down from the ceiling that had no natural way of being up there. Today, he acted to deliberately kill the newest child that PF carried in her womb. He knew that she had just been impregnated by myself, again, because he sat out in the next yard, in his shapeshifted French bulldog ass, and voyeuristically tuned in to our telepathic love making. At this point in my life, I have been denied the basic right to privacy for so long, that I have quit raging over the fact that at any given time, up to a dozen or more psychics are tuned in to my brain, and just try to go about my daily business. PF had just given birth to my children, and was disappointed at the thought that I would not be there with them in interdimensional space for Easter. My wife needed consoling, and if some damned moron wants to peep in, I don't have time for their bullshit games. Anyway, PF did get pregnant, and it was a short while later, when it became apparent that agitation was occurring in the duplex apartment next to me. Speaking telepathically with PF, I realized that she had lost the baby, but was okay. However, Mermaid was in really bad shape, and going "out of her mind". Eventually, she calmed down, and as she did so, I heard the blinds ruffle in my bedroom, and I knew that an evil spirit had penetrated the household, to deliberately do harm to our child and Mermaid. You have to understand, that in the 3D realm at least, PF is very, very sensitive to energy bursts. Even I sometimes will inadvertently shock her by just an unthinking intent of love directed towards her. Salusa knew how vulnerable she and the baby would be to a burst of high energy. It was a deliberate act of killing a fetus for the sake of malice--jealousy and evil. Then he attacked Mermaid--and it is probably he, who has been flipping her brain, and getting her to act like a crazy woman all along.

As I have been writing this post, my AC unit has buzzed six times, as if a mosquito burner was frying the insects, except that of course, the unit has no such capability. I knew that Salusa might attempt something while writing this, and have been saying the "Kadoish" prayer over and over again. So, I will say to Salusa what I told the Italian occultists. I abjure you, I reject you, I want nothing to do with you. I don't want you in my home, and I will not go with you on another mission as long as I live. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and forgave your trespasses, but killing my unborn child with your evil spiritual power, is just too damned much to overlook.

It has been a bad day. Last night I dreamed that "Vosk" has been able to cause more mischief with timelines, and this is another concern for stress and worry. However one thing I no longer will worry about is whether Salusa is friend or foe, ally or enemy. He is a Luciferian enemy all the way, and though it cost the life of our unborn child, the dastardly evil of the act, has propelled me beyond my normal silence and desire to avoid interpersonal conflict, and lay it out. Fortunately, tomorrow is Easter, and I hope the feast day of the resurrection provides some relief from the grim news of today.

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