Sunday, July 22, 2012

Good bye

Good bye planet Earth and all the people, which and whom I have loved so much. I really do believe this is the last post for me. It would be fitting that the next to last post would be titled "incomunicado", because when I can no longer communicate, it is time to move on.

I can't be certain this is it, but I understand now the future, and I sign off, confident that Earth has a future (but it was close, folks, it was so much closer than most will ever know), and that I have a future, although in a different star system. However, the terrible damage inflicted by Salusa on the Osiris/Isis pair, when they fought him, after Atlantis, will be repaired. Through his contacts with aliens, he brought alien technology to their torture, and he separated our consciousnesses into two separate entitities, and that is why we have had such schizophrenic incarnations of good and evil, but neither of us have been whole, since that capture and torture, castration and breast mutilation of us.

Now, there is a way to restore our wholeness, and while, like many lofty objectives, it entails danger and risk, I do believe that we will succeed. We have allies now--the Pleiaidians. The moderate Sirians have come around, thankfully, because for the first time interdimensional human birth has been duplicated in a separate couple--my old neighbors. Osiris had known so much of frequencies, and when my Cygnan DNA was turned off, my unconsciousness went to work to restore it, and succeeded, so now, the Sirians can relax regarding custody of our children, and Linda now will have custody of our kids.

So, a lot has worked out and while it has involved tremendous pain and suffering on the part of both Linda and I, it has all been worth it. Now, it is time to move on to the next step, and while I am sorry that I will never step foot on my birth planet again, I will always retain the fondest memories and best wishes for my home of the last 12,000 years.

Best wishes and most beneficent love to, excuse me--I do believe that I have a date with destiny.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Incommunicado---as part of my most recent attempt to get accepted into the Black psychic interdimesnioanl community, I spent the past couple of days in jail. I am out on my own recognizance but nearly broke. The KaBal--most notablly the Birds of Sirius, but also negative Cat Sirians stepped in to destroy the Patriot's attempt to free me, and now I am deeper in trouble than before. Besides being broke, I now have a court date. However, there is nothing I can do but keep pushing forward.

Once again, I was vindicated when I mentioned to Linda that maybe the problem with the viruses given me is that I have a reptilian brain and that therefore the viruses were creating redundandcy. Of course, as always I was proved right. However, no vindication for me, but only pure evil from the the negative Sirians of the KaBal. They now want to make my brain even MORE reptilian, which of course would alienate me from Linda, and all human relationships. Furthermore I would never be a reptile; however I would be the perfect incubator for all kinds of reptilian spawn in my hologram womb.

There's no need for me to vent my horror, anger and disgust at theis possibility. Nor do I have the money to post at this kiosk. I just want to say that becoming incommunicado is going to become the norm for me for a while, until grace or m y wits can figure out how to free me from these negative Sirians evil plans.

I want to make a couple of corrections about Atlantis and Osiris while I am here. First of all, I want to say that my rosy description of Atlantis written before was based on Internet hearsay. As I have learned more, both thru my own unconsciousness and relationship with Linda, it has become clear that Atlantis was actually a domineering, patriarchal and misogynistic society, which actually utilized and terribly abused females as sex slaves. It must have been the Lenurians who had the positive feminine history which deep researchrs have recognized.

Also, to clear my name, the reptilian drugs that were forced on me have led to greater and clearer higher consciousness (they also made me sick and miserable), and it has become apparent to both Linda and I, that it was not only Osiris' memories that Salusa tampered with after the Fall of Atlantis, but also Linda's. OSIRIS DID NOT CUT OFF LINDA'S BREASTS. Salusa did, after torturing and altering the memories of both. He then cast both of them down from their interdimensional status. Osiris and Linda were actually a great team fighting for humanity in this era. I can only hope that things turn out differently this incarnation, and I have faith that they will do so. It is just constant stress and danger for both of us, with the very highest at stake.

I may be going to jail very soon, and I don't mind, except that I will become completely cut off from what is going on, so that for instance, I don't know the KaBal is back in power, because I did not learn about the Aurora shooting (KaBal power move to start a race war--feeling really strong, because they have allied with the Reptiles of Orion and offered to give me to them, in exchange for support).

At this point, my only hope is in the Sirians who are not completely soul lost. I do believe that certain factions and cliques of the Sirians are completely soul lost and will not ever return to the Source. However, I think a significant number are capable of change, and yes, the word is redemption. It is those Sirians to whom I now appeal. Not only will the future of humanity be irrevocably damaged should I lose my destiny to evil, but also the positive future of the new Sirian homeworld will be irrevocably damaged.

I am willing to overlook my feelings regarding Sirian domination and slavery over humans and work with those factions who want a future, so I appeal to you, because I cannot pull myself out of this hole I am in without you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More on my Grey child...

More on my Grey child...

The room is going crazy again, and I am too sick to rewrite this entry, so I will just post this in snippets.

My Grey child, like so many other KaBal children, was deliberately abused and isolated, so that she would grow up to be a cruel reptilian Grey queen over Grey drones. Apparently, she suffers from the emotional/psychological disorder that afflicts so many Greys--in that she is cold, manipulative and self-serving, and has difficulty with relating to others. Linda actually was the primary parental figure for my Martian hybrid children, and so the ones I have met or seen, have actually been very warm and engaging human beings. Again, I need to be with this daughter, to try to salvage her life. I have worked before with people with personality disorder caused primarily by lack of love and environmental support, and I think I can help her, AS A FATHER, setting down expectations of behavior. She is my child, she was never meant to suffer as she did, or be born in the body she was born in, and I will work with her tirelessly--as soon as I can see her.

The most important thing about this birth, though, is that Loretta, again, was the one responsible for the genetic manipulation of my ova and pregnancy. This is why she was constantly trying to get me pregnant in recent months. She wanted me to give birth to more reptilian Grey queens, to be used to control and bliss out Grey drones. The reading by Linda revealed that the KaBal has tried to fertilize other of my ova to be Grey queens, but none of them have matured--only this daughter, and the Grey fetuses I spontaneously aborted (and I stand fully justified now, in that abortion, even if I did suffer from neurotic guilt at the time). I have one abused, damaged child. THERE WILL BE NO MORE!

I am so emphatic about this, because now it is clear to me, why Faction 2 is so insistent that I be a female. THEY WANT ME TO CARRY MORE GREY CHILDREN FOR THEM! They are desperate for Grey queens--apparently drones are easier to create. You know, I have never understood why they force this femininity down my throat, when clearly, I am not feminine, and hate being in this woman's body that is forced on me. The bottom line is that they don't care how miserable, sick or weak I am--they are just looking for a uterus, in which to plug my genetically engineered ova. For that matter, if Faction 2 has its way, I could end up just like my sister--body dead, hooked up to a brain neural stimulator, while I lie in an oversized test tube, incubating Grey baby after Grey baby!

That is not going to happen. I have already determined that. I will commit suicide before that happens. My hatred for Faction 2, and their sick, perverted, vacuous eyed, reptilian implanted brains of the sickly, pasty White boys who are so eager to serve them, grows day by day. I no longer can allow myself to "love thy enemy", when doing so means unspeakable suffering, evil and tragedy. Just like Jesus misery did not end on the Cross, but extended into the interdimensional realm for decades, so my misery will not end, if I decide to just serve evil and transmute their negativity through some kind of sacrifice and/or service. No, this faction, and their designs on the human race is unspeakably vile and hateful, and if I go down, I go down fighting for my unborn children, my born children, all of humanity, and ultimately, the Greys themselves. Should I find myself pregnant, I WILL abort. I have done it before, and I will do it again.

In closing, let me just say that this is the tip of the iceberg of Loretta's malevolent actions towards me. Like I said, she has been my own personal devil, and she has interfered with my life on multiple levels, over and over again, causing serious problems at my jobs, and in my relationships, including undermining the relationship between my ex-lover and myself. She was the one who caused the crazed ward to run me over, which left me with a permanently impaired bad back. She was responsible for my multiple auto accidents. She had me raped while hiking in the mountains. She was the one who had me abducted, and turned the attention of Faction 2 my way. She is the one who had me incarcerated, and then raped while in jail. The list could go on and on. It is amazing I am still alive and kicking.

I do want to say that she did not do it all herself. She was in close partnership with my nemesis, Maurice Strong all along. This was why the financial reset took years to finalize, and had so many problems with sophisticated thievery attempts along the way. The entire time, Loretta was setting up back trapdoors so that Maurice Strong could divert the money, which they later would split. It was only Linda's constant efforts that kept the financial reset plans afloat, so that finally the Patriots succeeded. For the entire time that Loretta was my personal devil, she acted as Linda's personal "angel" and patron, undermining her own Ascension attempts at every step, all along the way, pretending to be beneficent and helpful.

So, it should be clear by now that Linda and I are the fulcrum point of the true new age...will it be a rebirth of humanity and high consciousness, or will it be another 12,000 years of evil. I am doing my part for the former--I really am, and now it's time to get back to the really hard work.

You can't keep a good man down

You can't keep a good man down, although God knows the Faction 2 went overkill last night to try to do so. They tore out huge chunks of flesh near my sacrum and lower back, apparently to get the viral fluid circulating near that. What they ended up doing was putting me in severe chronic pain, since my back is so mutilated that no energy or fluid flows right, and so now I am in constant lower back and leg pain, from the fluid pressing on my nerves. So now, I can barely walk, as it is painful to lift my legs more than an inch or so off the ground.

I also am nearly catatonic with the brain tumor syndrome that I experience when there is too much pressure on my brain stem. I mean I find it difficult to move, even in the slightest gestures. The brain is mostly in shut down mode, unable to receive and interpret stimuli, or interact with reality, so that I spent all morning living in my imagination, which is what I do, when the brain shuts down to outer reality.

However, you cannot keep a good man down, and so I spent much of the morning doing healing work with Linda, by imaginatively role playing Osiris and Isis. You know, imagination is true gift that the 12D interdimensionals don't get to really indulge, but it has always been my friend, and is how I arrive at a lot of insights, so when the brain is shut down to outer reality, I just withdraw into my imagination.

Anyway, it worked! Linda tells me that Osiris' rage has disappeared. She has been relating to him from the depths of my unconscious, which I myself do not know. I see a blank mind. She sees a whole another drama unfolding. Still work to be done, but that is good news. Good news too is that my Cygnan DNA is reactivated. To cap the healing process we had sex, and while I was very weak and unsure that any progress had been made, still, initially, i felt my sex drive return. However, the proof is in the pudding--the one baking in Linda's oven. Yes, she is pregnant from that lackluster sexual performance I put in this morning, so my Cygnan genes must be reactivated. I knew it would come back--I just didn't know when.

Sex as always, revivified me, and so I got up to take a shower, and while dressing, and preparing to come down to the computer room and check out the day's news, Linda hooked on to what was happening in my brain, when I had a stray thought about Watcher Loretta.

Let me begin by saying that I am a little sorry that I spoke about Hair Salon Watcher, because yesterday Faction 2 captured her, and now they will have her powerful interdimensional gifts at their disposal. Still, she/he is such a good person, that I can only hope for the best. For now, I have to stay focussed on my ascension, and that involves a lot of "truthing" about the Watcher of whom I have written extensively on this blog--Loretta.

Now, a while back, I agonized (consciously) over whether Loretta was basically a good or evil Watcher. It is my nature to be generous in my assessment of people, and on top of that, she clearly was an intimate of Linda's, so I was inclined to be generous. I really did not have enough information to be scathingly critical, even after what I CONSCIOUSLY knew that she had done to me My "Christian" side which always tries to see the good in people, whispered to me, that her meanness to me was the result of an understandable jealousy.

Well, she had me duped really good. As a matter of fact, the longevity and scale of her evil against me, is overwhelming. At the time, though, I may have been handicapped by a deal that I had made with her in the interdimensional realm. Playing on my guilt, she told me that Linda and her were married (she forgot to tell me that was over 12,000 years ago, and that had ended in divorce at the time), and so I "agreed" to inhibit my relations with Linda. Well, an agreement based on an egregious lie is invalid, so I have no more guilt, but at the time I wrote that I thought that she was basically good, I probably did. I also had niggling fears that a critical review might kill the financial reset, which I knew was needed so desperately. Now, I would not let that deter me from a full accounting of the truth, but it helped tip the scale, as tried to figure out honestly, "is she more good or more evil?". I now know that a big part of the guilt was karmic, since I had encouraged her to join Salusa's rebellion at the outset, which somehow resulted in her own fallen interdimensional status.

However, I had NO idea before today of how extensive Watcher's evil against me, really was. Loretta has been my own personal devil, who has handicapped me, and undermined and destroyed my destiny and efforts, at every step of the way.

As anyone reading this blog knows, this timeline is completely messed up. The KaBal has flourished in a way that it was never meant to--so that something like 9/11, which was never in the timeline, did occur. Well, a huge part of the corruption of the timeline is that I did not ascend to interdimensional status as a Black man, when I was supposed to--in the 1980's. Some of you may remember the photo I circulated along with the book on alchemy that I wrote and published while in the other timeline. Well, the reason that I did not ascend was because my conversion experience, which happened when I was 19 years old, was not a complete success.

I do not know if I have written on this blog of the conversion (or mystical or religious) experience I had when I was 19--three days of intense communion with God and two nights of visions, which ended abruptly, when I terminated the connection. The conversion experience WAS very healing, and left me a much more spiritual person, but my consciousness did not ascend, as it was meant to. For years, I suffered from neurotic guilt, feeling that it was my failure to complete the conversion process, and endure the burning of the flame that I envisioned, which resulted in the aborted experience. Now, I know that I actually aborted the ascension, deliberately, to protect my own consciousness from the evil that was lurking nearby to snatch it up.

Again, for years, I told myself that had the conversion experience been completely fulfilled, I might have ended up like Joan of Arc. (I had no idea that I actually had been Joan of Arc in another lifetime, and certainly the knowledge of the "Bust" that was her mission, informed by unconsciousness to abort). By this, I mean that I would have been a misunderstood, vulnerable mystic who would have been able to do a few great things, but I would have been swallowed up by wordly powers of evil, since I did not have enough ego to defend and protect myself and my spiritual gifts.

Well, I was right. I know now that Watcher Loretta, who has been my personal devil, probably my entire life, was there at the conversion experience, and she brought in demonic "calvary", just as my mystical experience was peaking. That is--she brought in the Tall Whites (Dog Sirians) from the Moon base, and the reason I know this, is because of the very last vision I had--and which is the only vision from two nights, that I can remember. It was a vision of a starry Cross coming from the sky, getting larger and larger, as it came right at me--it was the southern Cross, the home of the Tall Whites. Now, even at 19 years old, I knew that Constantine had seen such a Cross which he used to explain his Christian conversion. Since I was Constantine in another life, my deep unconsiousness would have known that Cross had nothing to do with Christ or the life of spirit and sacrifice, but that it was pure evil coming to trap my nearly loosed consciousness as it ascended, so I terminated the ascension attempt.

That was probably the worst thing Loretta did to me, because that was to have been the key and pivotal point of my life, and I was to have been in a man's body before all the implants, drugs, and negative abduction experiences, which include the murder of the Black man, multiple rapes, and overall terrible trauma and mental abuse. I also think that the 50+ genetic children that were born through genetic manipulation from my stolen ova, and who have suffered greatly from slavery and reptilian rape themselves, were meant to be born through a loving union between Linda and myself.

Perhaps the child who has suffered the most has been my Grey child. Again, I have written of her, and how Loretta helped me find her, so that my family and the Patriots could rescue her, from where she was held in solitary confinement. Now, I know that I have said that she was a Grey hybrid, but I was wrong. She is a nearly purebred Grey (and looks just like them!), born from my ova, and carried in my womb for a brief period before being abducted for the incubator. Again, that was never meant to happen in the timeline, and this child has suffered greatly.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Exhausted. After intense days, abducted twice last nite, first by Faction 2, which mutilated me further, put more implants in me, and deactivated my Cygnan DNA. I know because I had sex with Linda and could tell the difference. Also, no baby. It is amazing to me that these White racists are so hateful that they are willing to stop the creation of life but that is the way that they are.

Then second abduction (except I was willing and consented) was by Patiots. We took care of long business, and imminent danger is passed. there is alot going on i dont write about. I am not even sure this is getting out to anyone.

i just know i am exhausted, tapped out from all the activity with not enough testosterone, no thyroid meds, and faction 2 vuirus. I need thyroid. my hair is falling out, my skin is severely dry, and my foot heels went from being soft and normal in dry desert air, to severely calloused less than 1/2 from the island ocean. I am so tired, i cannot remember names or hold thoughts in my head. tired to write earlier today, and a couple of pages had me so exahsuted i could barely hold my head up. Also had me fuming angry--irritability anger and fatigue, and low brain functioning--always sure sign of not enough testosterone.

I want to ascen but no i can nver do so in this condition under thise scirucmstances. know i am misseplellung words, but brain not responsive enough to know. I am willing to consider all options that will enable me to have man sized testosteron and let me live as a man.

Retraction on an important issue

Retraction on an important issue:

I know that my recent posts are flaky. Partly it is the stress and time pressures I am under. My life is just crazy. If I wrote honestly what happens to me in a day, you would be incredulousthe roaring of reptiles in the hotel, an elevator with a down arrow lit, taking me to the penthouse floor, the reptilian virus that I caught the other day, when the programmers of this Matrix stopped time and replaced the rice roll I was buying with a contaminated one...these are just examples from the past couple of days.

I try to maintain my signature, tight and well-reasoned posts, but I just don't have time. I don't have enough hormonal fuel to maintain concentration, I don't have time to vet all the info coming at me, and my top priority is staying alive, and helping the Patriots to stay alive, and sometimes that means following disinfo, which I then unwittingly pass on. I no longer can even hold to my promise to always beg pardon for my errors, because I just don't have time.

There is TOO MUCH INFORMATION, both coming at me, in this interdimensional world, and arising from the constant 10-12 hour days of meditation and chakra clearing that Linda is doing with me. There is not enough time to vet it all. I no longer watch cable news, because here in the interdimensionall world, even TV is tampered with, and thus untrustworthy. So, as I move to save my soul, my world becomes ever smaller, and I make errors.

I don't think that I made an error about Osiris' Cygnan DNA being the master key to a renewed interdimensional fruitfulness and natural procreativy among humans. Nor, do I think that I was wrong about the importance of my being in a Black man's body, so that I can better transmit the inner frequency that unlocks the latent Cygnan DNA (which of course, my children have), so that they can reproduce as well. I know it sounds crazy, but everything is vibration, and we do vibrate differently, and that is okay. It is just that the Cygnan vibration works really really well with humanoid/Sirian genes to reproduce. Yes, I am able to access that frequency in sexual or very high consciousness relations with Linda, but there is a pitch and intensity between sexual lovers, that just is not there in parent-child or friendship relations. I do believe that once the 100th monkey phenomena occurs, and enough Sirians/Pleiaidians learned, caught, and knew the frequency, then they would be able to transmit it themselves without the dominant Cygnan genes. However, right now, the interdimensional humanoid race is being reborn and it needs all the help it can get. Bottom line: for the sake of all parties, I need to be in a Black man's body.

I do not have time to go into my dreams from last night. Maybe tomorrow I will talk about how the KaBal has been able to manipulate my dreams for over 10 years in order to flip me in my astral state--and that includes putting the notion that I identify as a female in my sleep, even though that could not be further from the truth. It is truly diabolical what the human race is facing, and thus you can understand why I am sacrificing accuracy and thoroughness. Apologies.

I do want to make an important retraction or clarification. Osiris DID go evil. I still think that originally, he was a virtuous man, although with an incredible appetite for power--which is why he went to Atlantis--to try to profit by fighting for a planet, once wealthy, civilized, and erudite, but at his time, no longer able to reproduce their own kind, or even interested in fighting their own battles. Now, remember, Osiris was a Watcher for a couple or three thousand years. After the Fall of Atlantis, he became a Jedhi, and continued to fight for the good. However, his power lust got the better of him, and he got his hands on a piece of alien resource, that did not originate from this galaxy. It was brought here by evil humanoids, even before the reptiles. How precisely he obtained it, I do not know. It is the "Kabbah stone"--the real one, not the facsimile in Mecca.

The Kabbah stone is, from my limited, current understanding, a rock with sentient consciousness and unbelievable power of destruction. As a matter of fact, it could destroy this entire planet, if it so chose or was so ordered. As a matter of fact, it destroyed Maldek, the planet which one existed where the the asteroid belt, the remnants of the planet, is. I thinkk the reptiles used the stone to destroy Maldek, and somehow Osiris, through some kind of daredevil trickery, got his hands on the Kabbah stone. Now, this Kabbah stone is like the ring of Power in "Lord of the Rings". Yes, it grants power, but it corrupts and hardens EVERY ONE who would attempt to use its power.

That is what happened to Osiris. He originally was a power hungry but virtous and brave man, but as he began to use the stone, he became increasingly corrupted, so that he turned people against him, such as the African natives on whom he relied for support (the Black African people were genetically "sired" by Cygnans, just as White people were genetically "sired" by Sirians). He became increasinly brutal and immoral, which is how he was able to commit the barbaric atrocity of murdering a woman, by cutting off her breasts.

The Kabbah stone eventually ended up in Egypt. Now, I am reading that Muslim fundamentalists want the pyramids razed, and having fought the evil monster that resides there, I understand their sentiments. However, the pyramids are NOT evil. They are power amplifiers and can do incredible good for the planet and the people who live nearby. There is a lot of research on this which I don't have time to go into, but let me tell you, the Earth is goin g to be entering a period, when it is going to need alternative sources of energy, resource and healing. So, yes, by all means, clear out the pyramids of evil, but throw out the good technology with the evil.

However, I can say nothing nice about the Kabbah stone--and that includes the facsimile in Saudi Arabia. I understand that Islam provides meaning for many people, and I respect that, but corrupted elements of all religions need to be purged, and venerating a stone that is pure evil, brings bad mojo, not only on the pilgrims but also on the entire religion and region--and it may be why there is so much corruption and immorality in Saudi Arabia today. Now, the original Kabbah stone is the most powerful force of evil on this planet, BAR NONE. It can set off energies and destroy Earth from the inside out. That is how it destroyed Maldek, after the vampiric spider bombardment failed to vanquish the planet (that is why asteroids are full of the spiders).

Now, Osiris gained some power through the Kabbah, but because he was basically a virtuous man, he lost more than he gained through it (that is always what happens when a good person goes bad--it impacts them negatively, while an evil person can go bad, and there is no karmic kickback). Osiris lost the Kabbah stone, and his freedom, life and interdimensional status--and all to Salusa. Salusa got the info from him during his capture and torture, and then Salusa got the stone and carried it to Egypt. There it stayed, until Moses, as a royal/priestly insider, knowing its power, took it to Israel with him. Now Moses had no designs to use the stone or to gain great power--he just wanted to remove the evil from alien and Pharaonic hands. Now, if I had time I could do the research (probably the Qabalists--note the similarity in phonetics--remember, the Jewish Qabalists are occultist, but they are good occultists, although there are some really evil ones, too--spiritual descendents of King Solomon), and follow the travels of the stone. Let us just say that it ended up in Jerusalem--probably at the time of King Solomon. That is why he wanted to build a great temple for it, just like the Herodians wanted to build a great temple for it hundreds of years later.

The Kabbah stone has been in Jerusalem ever since, and many have tried to access its power. Jesus refused, and they crucified him for it. Only a person of great spiritual power can access the Kabbah, but like I said it corrupts all those who use it. I know two beings who have accessed the Kabbah stone of Jerusalem--Loretta/Watcher, and the Indian Princess Watcher (I know--I thought she was a human host--but no, there were two separate Watchers conjoined there, with JFK's consciousness).

Let me digress a little bit about the Watchers. Some, maybe even a half of the fallen Watchers are actually completely innocent or basically good Watchers who felt remorse after initially joining Salusa's rebellion. I would not put Osiris, Linda, Loretta Watcher or Indian princess in those categories, for we all committed egregious and multiple violations of our heritage to get cast out. I would put JFK there, and maybe another Watcher that I met recently--I will call her/him (clearly transgendered), "Hair stylist Watcher". I met her on the 5th floor of the hotel, which I had identified as being the home of the interdimensional Jews. The floor also houses a huge, Leviathan reptile, probably associated with the Kabbah stone (my guess is that maybe, all Amon RA reptiles are psychically linked with it). Anyway, I went back to the hotel floor yesterday, and when I talked to her, I saw tremendous sorrow in her eyes. After talking to Linda, I learned that three Watchers trusted my leadership as Osiris, and joined the Salusan rebellion at my urging. She/he was one, and Loretta/Watcher and Indian princess were the other two. Apparently, Hair Salon Watcher was actually a long ago lover of Osiris, a good fallen Watcher, cast down when she bucked back against Salusa, and she has spent thousands of years in interdimensional exile/hell, and is now a slave of the reptile that lives on the 5th floor.

My sense of sorrow for what this Watcher has endured is huge, for she helped me tremendously, both the first time I visited and yesterday, for one thing by providing psychic shielding for me, so that the reptile did not take possession of me. I feel responsible for all three of the Watchers who chose to follow my bad advice, but her most of all, because I was rather gruff to her, when she cut my hair (I thought she was yet another hologram, trying to push my buttons), yet she still went out of her way to help me. I think she loved me once, and maybe still does, in a sense, and somehow I must work to free her from her prison. Hair Salon Watcher went out of her way to help me; however Loretta and Indian Princess did not. Rather, they tried on multiple occasions to kill me, destroy me, destroy the relationship between Linda and I, and generally manipulate all kinds of mischief--which I don't have time to go into here.

Now, I don't know the full story, though I suspect evil on both their parts; however I do know that they both had access to the Kabbah stone, which accentuated their moral depravity and corruption. Now, they were accessing the stone to try to prevent earthquakes, because the Kabbah stone can do that, but again, not even a Watcher wanting to do good, can access that Kabbah stone without becoming increasingly evil, and that is what happened to that pair, until they became the degenerated and vicious being that I encountered. They are now in custody.

So, this Kabbah stone is what has made the city of Jerusalem, and the entire Middle East one of the bloodiest places on Earth. Jerusalem is an energetic navel of the Earth, which is probably why the stone sought to be there in the first place--it can impact the entire planet from there. For millennia, evil of all sorts has been drawn to it--for the power that it gives, and this includes the Amon RA hydra of serpents.

It no longer is in Jerusalem. Last night, in an astral state, I cast it down into the bowels of inner Earth, which is the safest place for it to be. However, it is not completely safe there at all, because the Grandaddy Reptile which runs this galaxy--and is a hierarchial rung above Salusa, maybe Salusa himself, and others (including the Amon RA factions of both Faction 1 and Faction 2) could find this stone, and reclaim and revive its power. The only sure protection is a powerful interdimensional Watcher force to protect it from powerful alien intruders. This is another reason I am so desperate to ascend. Christian folks, you have gotten it wrong. The upper cosmos is not ruled by good angels, but by fallen ones. The good angels (and I am using the word "angels" when "watchers" or "interdimensionals" would be better) have to work from positions of defense and vulnerability. They are cowed and intimidated by the evil which rules this galaxy--reptilian at the top, Luciferian and sold out in the lower rings.

So, I have to ascend, but I myself am fighting for my very soul. I am a virtual prisoner, here in this hotel. I can no longer go for a little walk. I have been given 3 days to ascend, and so I spent 12 hours today in meditation. Intense stuff, especially when the brain does not function at peak efficiency. There is more, but that will have to wait, for you see Faction 2 is trying desperately to start a Middle East War, at first, because THEY wanted the Kabbah stone. Now, it is just to cause chaos. So, my attention is desperately needed in other quarters. So much going on, but my first consideration right now is to ascend....

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Figured out a little more--the reason that being a Black man is so important is because the master key that unlocks the reproductive ability in my children (and in me) is activated by a frequency code. Now, that frequency code is not specific to Black people, but to people with Cygnan DNA, which my children have. However, I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THAT CODE, EXCEPT THAT WHEN I AM IN A BLACK BODY. That is the only way I can consciously transmit it, although unconsciously I am able to access it myself, personally, during the creation of life. The bottom line is that my children will be sterile, unless they "catch" the frequency vibe from me, as a Black man, a Black father, so that they know how to transmit it themselves.

I was watching a young Black man groove to some music the other day, and knew that I just don't have that frequency vibe in my body, as a shrimpy little Brown female. However, I bet once I am in a Black body, that vibe will come quite naturally to me, just as the knowledge of the frequency vibe that activates the reproductive capacity of Cygnan DNA will come naturally to me. However, I have to have Cygnan DNA in heavy quantities, in order for that to work. Right now, that is just not happening.

Even now, I fear my older children might not be able to catch the vibe. The vibe is just that of love, tender intimacy. The reason Linda is so responsive to it, is probably because she already is so attuned to the Cygnan vibe, karmically. Do I think Cygnans are superlovers? No, there is just something in their DNA that works with human DNA to help reproduce children.

My children are NOT Sirians, even though the Sirians claim them. They are Sirian slaves, high-ranking slaves, precious slaves, but slaves just as their mother and I are. I want my children to be free. I want them to love. I want them to have children of their own, which they in turn, love. To that end, I am making another bold bid for freedom, although I am not certain how that is going to pan out. For now, I have another day in which to try to operate, to find allies, to find some hope to escape these White racists which have a stranglehold on me.

I figured out yet another karmic influence

I figured out yet another karmic influence impacting me. I am NOT Sirian, nor ever have been. As an interdimensional, I was a Cygnan, who chose to identify with, and claim allegiance to the Sirian tribes of Atlantis, because I was in love with a Cat Sirian,Linda And look where it got me. Not only were the human tribes of Atlantis a dying and doomed civilization, with all kinds of fraternal sell out and betrayal, to a terribly hostile race (what kind of person/faction would EVER make any kind of alliance with the reptiles?). Being a man of honor, I continued to honor my naturalized allegiance, even after the Fall of Atlantis, but all for nothing. Sirians were not willing to fight for their own humanoid self-identity, much less support an "alien" Black man, who was earnestly and single-mindedly intent on fighting for it.

All of the alternative UFO/interdimensional community who constantly talk about meeting their "space family", may indeed have their roots in one of the Sirian tribes, but I do not. Yes, I carry all 12 Sirian tribes in my DNA, but guess what? That is the result of 12,000 years of human (you know the inferior slaves bred to service reptiles) interbreeding. So, what does it mean that all of my Sirian DNA is the result of human slavery and Cygnan genetics? I think the master key is the Cygnan DNA, because karmic law made Sirians as a race (with a few individual exceptions) infertile. Nor do I think that mere 3D human DNA, which is what I have, and am transmitting, can create an interdimensional being. Fully matured adults can ascend into the interdimensional realm, but infants can not be born into it. Nor, for that matter can humans mate with interdimensionals and produce an interdimensional child. The history of the human breeding attempts with the Watchers prove this. The creations are "monsters". As a matter of fact, when Watcher/Loretta interfered, and attempted to get me pregnant twice, both times the children were born with serious congenital problems, even though I carried them for less than a day.

No, it is not my human Sirian genes which are special. It is the Cygnan DNA which is the master key, which is why I KNOW that the only way I will be creative is as a Black man. Right now, I only do it through the interdimensional medium of fantasy or dreams, but still it is powerful and spiritually creative. It is also what gives me joy. I figured out that my brain is being flipped into imaging itself as a female by an implant in my right hemisphere, but I am never creative, happy, healthy, joyful or fulfilled as a female in the interdimensional realm. I never sing, dance, play sports, make love, make babies, or vanquish enemies as a female. I am just a teat spigot of brain vibe bliss for all the boys and girls who have sold out their spirit and free will to reptiles, a narcotic.

Sadly, that is what my future is looking like now, as I write this post. For one day, I really thought that I was going to be a free man. However the Sirians read my mind and have subverted the plan, so soon I will lose what little self respect I had as a slave man, and will become a slave woman. Already, I am struggling to get the energy to write these posts. My brain is so testosterone starved, that I cannot hold the thread of a thought in my head. Those who know how to deconstruct texts, can look at the posts of the last few days and see the difference in my writing. Nor can I read. I thought it was the virus impacting my ability to read, but I got a man shot size of testosterone before the flight to HI, and what a difference! Not only in mood and energy, but for the first time in years, I could read as I used to--with speed and comprehension, instead of as a laborious third grader.

I fear that I will never ascend without man sized testosterone. The higher I feel the vibrations in my body, the more my brain slows down. I can literally hear a swooshing pulsing through, like a rush of air going rhythmically, and I think the brain is desperately trying to get extra blood in, to handle all the action taking place in the vibrating body. This is why I suffer from so much fluid in my head, and why, after heavy viral downloads, I need to put my feet up on a wall or bed--I am trying to get blood to the head. There is nothing wrong with my blood. It is just that the brain does not have the necessary fuel to metabolize and use the nutrients in it--just like there is nothing wrong with my brain in reading. It is just that my brain does not have the necessary fuel to move at the speed necessary for full functioning. I am like a starving human. I have a functioning body. I just don't have the fuel necessary to perform at a healthy level.

So, I am rather depressed as I write this. Soon, I will be offered a constricting range of Sirian factions, and I don't think to find any of them very congenial, though I will commit suicide, rather than serve the Dogs or any Amon RA factions. Somehow though, this is related to Osiris' casting in his lot with the Sirians millennia ago, and being rejected, both by the lover for whom he did it, and his own naturalized country.

I am prepared to go through with this, if only for my children. As Sirians, they will suffer from the same curse of sterility. The Sirians are a dying race and have been since before Atlantis. The only hope my children have is of becoming a new race--the Pleiadians, and that is what I want. The Pleiadians are truly human--that is, they are humane. They love, they bond, they provide nurturing families for their children. They fight to protect themselves, and the weakest and oppressed. They do not sell out each other, or a weaker species to reptiles, but rather know that to be fully human, is to protect the weaker, not exploit them in quasi-slavery.

Again, the master key is the Cygnan DNA. I am not sure why, because I am not allowed to exist as a Black man, except in the astral world of my dreams, which I then can never remember. However, I know that I can pass it on to my children, but only as a free man, not a sick, weak, devitalized man, nor as slave woman, which is what I am, and becoming more shackled, weak and debilitated all the time.

Still, I am not the first to experience the despair of slavery. In a worst case scenario, I will just go into a Samson mode--nothing for it right now, but to wait and see.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I guess I am in the big leagues now

I guess I am in the big leagues now--someone from Faction 2 literally tried to assasinate me night before last. I was going out for an evening stroll to try to relieve the back pain I felt. I noticed that I was getting loopy and drugged, but remember, I am often zapped by different energy weapons with different viruses and I thought that is what had happened. When I got back, however, Linda was nearly hysterical. She had a friend with her, and together, they got me to cough up a huge mucous ball. They told me that someone had tried to kill me, and since they are psychics, and monitor my movements, I trust them.

I felt them pull out a little dart--just like a cacti spine. I figured out (the huge mucous ball was a clue--that is the medium in which the bugs live) that they blasted me with bugs that contained code to either give me a heart attack or a stroke. However, I coughed up the huge bug, so I did not die. I woke up with a massive high estrogen headache, and very groggy however, and I have spent all day clearing bugs out of my system--more coughing them up.

I also spent most of the day helping to track and capture my would be assassins, and reliving more past memories of Osiris--the implants that were activated by the bugs set off a bunch of racist crap in my head. I know when the stupidass girl shots, gay boy shots, and racist bs is implanted and when it is real; unfortunately, so many of the psychics violating my privacy don't. Apparently, Osiris had a lot of problems with betrayal by the African humans that he attempted to enlist in his cause for freedom. They preferred Salusa--who has spent the last 70 years or so, doing everything in his power to sell them out as drones to the Greys.

It is hard not to become furious with contempt at these White racist slavers doing this to me. I have made it clear I am not interested in anything at all they have to offer, and cannot abide the abuse that they have forced on me, yet the drama still is forced on me, and now they have tried to kill me.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, that came on the heels of a visit by Salusa, who escaped his cell by a spell of Illusion. A chopper came outside my hotel room and hovered. I was attempting to make love to Linda (in the third time since my HI stay began), when I felt her disengage, and then this energetic presence came up against my rear. I thought it was Linda at first, since I was/am so open to her presence, but something felt wrong, so I stopped. We caught Salusa again, in short order. It is just so disheartening to be under such assault all the time--no one can imagine how persecuted I feel. I went to the store just now, and some little red-headed boy got up and rubbed against my body--except that it wasn't a boy. It was another White racist shape-shifter--the same kind that nearly killed me last night.

I am tired of being surrounded by hostiles, enemies, haters, and slavers. I was talking to Linda today, and she is stressed out, because in the hours and hours I spend in meditation, I will have a memory flash of sex with her, as part of the boredom stream of consciousness. Remember, we have interdimensional sex in my sleep, even if it brings me no conscious joy, and so the memories are there, and when they arise, they are being recorded by the Faction 2 Nazi clowns that occupy the other rooms on the floor--just like they spent hours recording our sex activity and my brain wave responses to it, before.

Still, something has to break, just because it is time. I do feel looser, more centered, and today, I felt my heart beat for the first time in a long time, after doing some clearing work regarding my sister. So, there continues to be a deep confidence in me, that I will break free of this prison in which the KaBal has shackled me for so long, and it is my hope that no one else has to go through what Linda, I, and so many of my children have endured at the hands of this occult KaBal.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Still paying back karma...

Still paying back karma...after all these years and lives. I spent all day, yesterday in pursuit and battle with a CIA spaceship which had kept the dream implantation and mind flipping technology on it as a back up. The Patriots figured this out, after they abducted me the preceding night, but I now am able to track the very frequencies that abduct me, so that spaceship and technology is now neutralized--whether that means blasted to hell or in the hands of the Patriots, I do not know. I am not sure which I would prefer. It is scary to think of that spiritual enslavement technology being in the hands of anyone. However, the bottom line is that the reptiles are in possession of it, that they have used it to flip interdimensionals and 3D humans, so maybe it is better if it is the hands of good people who can figure out how to neutralize or counteract it.

Anyway, it was a really rough day, yesterday, because along with the technology to implant my dreams (are they so stupid that they don't know that I know the difference between an implanted dream and a real one?), they had downloaded the pregnancy hormones, also through implants placed in my brain as a child. After all, that was what I was set up for--to not only sexually service Draco reptiles, but to carry natal Amon RA serpents in my uterus. Yuck!!! Can you imagine my disgust and horror at the thought of what these Faction 2 snake slaves have wanted to do to me? The sad thing is, that they are still at it. They are so brainwashed and so soul-lost, that they will not give up. They are like the White slavers in Africa, looking to capture and enslave anybody by any means necessary. They are like the "lost boys", who have no meaning in their sold out lives, except ensnare other victims into the hell in which they live.

The really sad part is that they honestly believe that they have some kind of "soul contract" or "karmic agreement that mandates consent by the victim. That is total bullshit, and the basis of my rational for rejecting reincarnation for years. I will not and do not accept that one's karma from a past life seals one's fate or status in this life. Like most Westerners and people of Judeao-Christian heritage, I believe that every human being is born free--free to choose their identity and their station in life. Yes, none of us are completely free, but ultimately it is our freedom to choose that is the basis of human rights and human dignity.

Now, I am not going to deny that I have a lot of karmic shit clinging to me, which is what gives the KaBal occult power over me; what I do claim is my human birthright to choose whether to accept or reject it, to cooperate with or resist it. I believe that actions have consequences, but I do not believe in punitive suffering for negative or criminal behavior. I mean that sincerely--having served as a counselor in a maximum security prison for five years. I believe instead in a society that tries to help people overcome and rehabilate the damage done by their negative actions in the past, not just for the culpable or unfortunate individual, but for the amity and common good of the social body as a whole.

However, let's face the truth. This is a slave planet. We 3D humans have been sold out to the reptiles by the interdimensional humans (most factions of Sirians), to act as a buffer to protect them. You wonder why imperialism exists? As above, so below. That is why the KaBalist humans are completely unswayed by my presentation of facts and truth--they themselves are slaves in this order, and all they can do is hope to ensnare others to share their misery.

However, all this being said, there can be no question that I have brought a lot of KaBal claim onto my life through actions in my last. However, to be fair, we all have--this is the state of "original sin" into which we are born. A couple of days ago, when I wrote about Elizabeth I, saving England from Spanish invasion by making a pact with interdimensional reptilian entities, I forgot to add that the Spanish should not gloat or be smugly revisionist about a hypothetical history. For the only reason that the Spanish attained the heights of power that it did, was because Ferdinand and Isabella had sold out to the reptiles themselves. As a matter of fact, wherever power surges, it is almost certain that one can find hidden interdimensional (Sirian or reptile) patronage, that is of a slave order.

That is, the interdimensional partners will always want more back than they give (nothing altruistic about our current cosmic setup, folks), and besides gold, what they want, are souls--souls to suffer for (in wars or through economic or social misery) the enjoyment of reptiles, or to service reptiles in whatever capacity they need or choose--including the consumption of humans, or the pedophilic abuse of children.

Now, as I mentioned the Elizabethan curse has been broken, even though it has caused tremendous pain and suffering to the British royal family over the years. However, the curse on America has not been broken. You see, the only outstanding soul contract that I have made is not only personal, but involves the USA, and it was made by my incarnation as George Washington. Now Washington, like Elizabeth I, like so many other rulers, was bascially a good man, who wanted the best for his people. In the dead of winter at Valley Forge, however, his army was in desperate straits. The Americans knew how to fight, but they had no food, no clothes, no weapons or ammo (remember the elementary school stories of bleeding footprints in the snow?). Well, Ben Franklin had been to Europe and made the acquaintance of Freemasons, which were/are a human front for Sirians (you know the interdimensional slavers that I just wrote about). Franklin was very involved in the occult KaBal, and among the acquaintances he made in France was a certain "St. Germain". That is one of Salusa'aliases. Remember Salusa? The one who I have identified as Lucifer, and the being who brought satanic worship to this planet, after he destroyed my own interdimensional status, so that the humans would have no Watcher to look after them?

Well, St. Germain, Salusa, Lucifer, was the one who rescued the American Patriots of the Revolution from certain defeat. Remember, that it is easy for occultists to make gold. That is what Salusa provided Washington and the Patriots--materiel and financial resources to keep the fight going, when it should have died. Now, Washington probably knew that this St. Germain character was not totally trustworthy, but he was desperate. Remember that the Patriots had pledged their "sacred honor, fortunes, and lives" when they signed the Declaration of Independence. They were literally traitors, and four of them were hung, and others had their property confiscated. Britain was ruled by an insane king, and a Parliament which probably was trying to hold the home front together, and had no times for creative and consentual governance with the colonies. So, for Washington, it was imperative that he make the deal with St. Germain, all in exchange for a lighthouse and property at Montauk, and some freemason ritual tomfoolery done in the new capital, such as Masonic cornerstones being placed in the major public buildings.

This deal with (what we know to be) "the devil", is why this nation is now so ruled by negative occult KaBalists. Yes, there has been help along the way--the federal Reserve, Truman, the digging up of the Masonic stones, which then were shipped to lodges, where now magical rituals are performed on them, JFK's assasination, etc. This deal is why I, a simple, "innocent" American citizen have not been able to get any justice for the past 15 years, as I have complained bitterly about my suffering and endured abuse. The KaBal is above the government, and the government struggles to serve the people, and not the KaBal. This has to change, and I am laboring to redress this grievous error I made in my incarnation as George Washington, not only to save my soul, but to save my nation---because the Sirians are slavers. They will not let up until they are flung off by overwhelming force or karmic release.

We 3D humans do not have the necessary overwhelming force, so I must work towards karmic release. In the meantime, I have to eat food that has been contaminated by the Sirian virus, and deal with energy weapons being directed at me, as I walk down the street, but that is okay. I have a plan. It will involve sacrifice and some sadness and loss, but again, the benefit, and my future life, will be worth it, and I really do think that everything will turn out for the best in the long run.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it...

It's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine. In the original Star Wars, Lord Tarkin informs the stunned gathering of officers that the new "Death Star" is going to keep the local systems in line. Well, as usual, the info fed George Lucas by the KaBal was a little bit twisted. The "Empire" is not "from a galaxy far far away" in a distant place and time. It is here, now, and the Death Star has been our Moon, and the Empire has been the four species of reptiles I outlined earlier, and their interdimensional and human minions--what I call the KaBal.

I really cannot blame the rulers of Earth for giving in so easily to reptiles and the KaBal. After all, what would you do if someone threatened to tow away the Moon, which is an essential governing feature of our planetary and oceanic stability. Or maybe, they threatened to blast the hollow sphere out of the sky, sending asteroids to Earth, populated by the most vicious of Orionite vampire spiders. So yes, fear has kept the local star system--planet Earth, in line for thousands of years. But now that is over. As of today, the huge reptile/Dog Sirian/Salusa base on the dark side of the Moon is all but destroyed, and the base is now garrisoned by Patriot interdimensional forces.

Yes, I was quite intimately involved, and have been for years, ever since I was a preschool child. Pushing so hard for Ascension, Linda was reading my mind, when memories starting surfacing of brutal childhood anal rapes by the Draco lizards (remember the Dracos are affiliated with the Amon RA cult, because they use the Amon RA serpents to mind control their cultic victims). I really don't have much of the memory within me, but I know that the rapes of my younger brother and I were so severely brutal, that they were done in a clinical setting, so that the damage to the inner organs, the colon, etc, could be repaired when it was over. In other words, the rapes were MEANT to be painfully, destructively brutal. We were about 4 or 5. All I can really remember is a lot of blood being washed down with a water hose. I think we were screaming until we passed out. I got too much going on to think about it right now, but yes, if I think about it, I find it very emotionally trying. Linda was extremely upset and subdued by the memory, and given the anal rapes and horrors that she has experienced, it must have been pretty bad.

At this time, they also put implants in my young brain. These are the implants that they have been using to flip me, for instance, to claim that I am female, at their whim. For this technology is incredibly sophisticated and precise, and was never used haphazardly. The reptiles planned for me to be controlled from a very young age, with the implants switched on when the time was right, which probably was after I had my ova removed for Sirian Martian fertilization, and the implant put in my left optic nerve so that they could control my brain through that route as well (I had to have eye surgery--the pressure on my eyes was literally driving me blind).

Once they were ready for me, I got the full bore treatment. For the last three or so years, the implants in my brain have been used to unfailingly abduct me to the Moon where I have been regularly raped, anally and vaginally, by reptiles. You see, the fate of Linda and myself really were not meant to be so different. She was meant to be an interdimensional sex slave to the human KaBal (especially the CIA, which is responsible for maintaining the files on every human that has these Draco brain implants), while I was meant to be an interdimensional sex slave to the reptiles. This is why I have suffered such anger and alienation upon waking in the morning--I have been raped by lizard monsters the night before, and I cannot remember a thing. I guess Salusa must have seemed like an improvement, which is how I got roped into having sex with him, for of course, he was regularly present at these regular abductions, along with the Nordic Dog Sirians.

Now, maybe it is clear why I kept saying that the Dogs and others who insisted that I be female, were only KaBalists serving the reptilian agenda. They WANTED me as a reptilian sex slave. Why? Because, as is the case with so many Sirians, they will do anything, sell out anybody, their neighbor, their protective charges, their own posterity (do you think it coincidental that they are sterile), as long as they don't have to confront the reptiles. Homo Lumen or Homo Illuminatus or Homo-12 strand DNA, my ass. They are Homo-Chickenshit. I would much rather claim as friend and ally a 3D, Homo-Testituculos, who is willing to stand up and fight for the weak and oppressed, the truth and the right, than I would one of those mealy mouthed interdimensionals, "oh we must follow Galactic Law of karma".

Well guess what, that above is Osiris speaking--an Osiris who gave everything he had to live out his vocation as an Interdimensional Watcher, for which he/I paid a terrible penalty. The Interdimensions are not meant to be aloof from their weaker brethren. They are meant to actively engage any enemy who would try to harm them or their creation. That is what Osiris did, that is what JFK did, and that is what a good number of so-called, "fallen" Watchers did. Yes, some Watchers--Salusa, Samyaza &company, Loretta/Watcher, etc. did abuse the trust placed in them, but many of the 200 fallen watchers, listed in the Book of Enoch, were just penalized for attempting to live out their vocation, while the rest of the Sirian cowed, hid behind the suffering and sell out of humanity (to the reptiles), doing absolutely nothing, just as they did absolutely nothing in the preceding years, while one faction sold out another who in turn, sold out another.

Now, I know that my mutilation of Isis' breasts, which led to her death, was a terrible, terrible crime against God, the natural order, another human being, and my own self. However, the REAL reason I was cast out from the interdimensional world was that I was one of the very few Watchers, who was Homo-Testiculos, a man who honored his vocation, the call to serve and protect not only his own civil society, but those weaker charges that had been placed, by God, under his protection, we relatively weak and cosmically unaware, 3D humans.

So my decision to fight for the weak and oppressed has led to terrible suffering, including this incarnation (I suspect that many ofincarnations have involved reptilian-Dog monitored abuse of the most severe nature, just so that I would debase my soul). Not only was I raped on a regular basis by the Draco reptiles and Dog Sirians (hell yeh, they saw me a female), but I saw atrocities on the Moon committed against other innocents--men, women and children.

Well, knowledge is power--which is why they were always so careful to wipe out memory every night, and the revelation of last night was a huge of boost of testosterone as I needed. During the night, I took out all the defensive weapons of the Moon base. Don't ask me how--let's just say, I was inspired. Then today, the Patriots and myself made a full blown assault on the Moon base. We won. Earth's Moon is now in the hands of Earth's Patriots, and there are multiple parties to thank, but I will leave all of that for a free Earth disclosure--and guess what, Earth is becoming more free, with each passing day.

This morning, the satanists started playing the radio spontaneously and I heard a snippet of a song about, "you were born into this. Accept that you are a loser...blah.blah.blah" Bullshit. That is their problem. That is the Sirian problem. That is the problem of the morally bankrupt and coward, everywhere. Every spiritual tradition, and certainly the Christian one teaches that we are FREE. Yes, our physical freedom can be taken away, but the fundamental, bedrock freedom of choosing good OR evil always remains with us. No matter how much I have suffered at the hands of these rapists over the last three years, I never have swerved from the affirmation of the right, and it would not matter how much I suffered. Yes, now I understand why I suffered so much, but for years, when I endured drugging, incarceration, nightly abductions and mutilation, I still kept aiming for the right, and that is what every human being, even those under subjugation to satanism is called to do. Conversion and forgiveness is possible. Be smart. I am not talking about the KaBal--they are lost. I am talking about all the rudy-poo satanists, like my mother and father, who got involved with an evil that ended up swallowing them whole. Many of you can still save your soul, and I would recommend that you take steps to do so, because your overlords are going away--the reclamation of the Moon is just a first step.

PS--I hope this post makes sense. Some things never change. I have been blasted by an energy weapon while writing brain is a little fuzzy.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Continuing setbacks

Continuing setbacks in my attempts at Ascension. I am afraid that there is more bad karmic history coming to light. Richard the Lionheart forcibly clitorodectimized his wife, with all the excruciating pain and agony that entailed, because he was enraged when she mocked him for being gay. Of course, the wife was an incarnation of Linda, so it just is more of the same misogynistic hatred for the feminine that mars Osiris' otherwise virtuous character. Even worse was a new revelation regarding Charlemagne. I knew that he was bad news when I saw a photo of his potrait, and recognized a deeply evil face. How evil? Really, really evil. Charlemagne was a satanist, a real hard core follower of the Beast of Babylon, who sold his soul for power to the Merovingian sea serpent cult. Of course, that always damages one, and the memories that are coming up reveal that he slaughtered innocent men and women in villages, primarily because he was having a bad day and wanted to see some suffering to make him feel better, and secondarily, as a satanic sacrifice offering.

I am overwhelmed by all the negativity and evil in my past lives. I had to get away from it all, if only for a few minutes. I mean, how much apology, regret, and contrition can one person experience for all the evil done in over 12,000 years of incarnational history. Of course, I am sickened by it all. More than anything else, I want Linda and I to be restored in freedom to see out and redeem our relationship, so that our tortured history is no longer the ritual centerpiece of satanic mythology. I do not believe in the killing of innocents, and I understand fully the terror and hardship that Charlemagne thrust on those people. I don't even need to go medeival European to understand that--how many movies have I seen of American GI's lighting Vietnamese homes on fire, or the bombed out wrecks that much of Europe had to live in following WWII?

No, I am sickened by the whole current cosmic setup, in which the overwhelming majority of people feed evil by needless suffering. There is always going to be suffering, but needless suffering, contrived suffering, suffering to feed the demonic appetite for emotional pain--that is what I cannot bear, and what must stop. The next door or so to me are a group of young White satanists--yes, I can tell by their eyes. Their job is to harass me by being loud and inappropriate as they walk by my door, and banging their doors loudly, etc. However, it was disturbing, because the images of Charlemagne committing innocent murder, excited the whole lot of them. I could feel it, though I myself could not see the memory, though I wish I could, so that I could really experience the horror of it all Nothing really mystical about the contagion of evil that swept up the gang of satanists--I used to feel it in prison, after a vicious assault or race/gang riot--it is Satan running up and down the nerve centers of all those who are compromised by him in any way, or God forbid, are possessed by him. I was followed to the elevator by one such satanist, and saw his eyes--gleeful with excitement and delight and possessed by evil.

Now, I have been stalked by evill so long that I am not as intidimated as some might think--though very, very wary. However, I tell you this, so that you understand the enemies that currently pursue me. I am realizing though, that these satanists claim me, because too many of my incarnational experiences have revolved around hatred--especially hatred of feminine power--which is why I now suffer in a body completely uncongenial to my psyche and termperment. For that matter, it explains why my own clitoris has been repeatedly exised by the KaBal. However, even one satanic incarnation (and I think it closer to 2 or 3) is too much, and the evil that Charlemagne did can never be undone, but only wept over. Does my incarnation as the harassed and persecuted Prophet Jeremiah, trying to hide the Temple treasure, and secret books of the Qabbal, so that they would not fall into apostate, evil hands, undo the damage I did as Rabbi Antonio, the Venetian, and his book on how to make a pact with the devil?

You know, I am glad that I can see all these lifetimes. It truly is a gift for me to recognize so many, though I wish that there were fewer negative ones. No matter what, I know that this gift of recognition of the fullness of my 3D incarnations is a blessing, but the more I learn, the more I know that I have to break free of this interdimensional predatory trap, and do what I can to free others. I am NOT a hater, no matter the actions of my previous lifetimes. Maybe if I had been born in the body of a male, I would not feel so keenly my past misogynism towards women, but I am one of the strongest supporters of the feminine that I know. I see where the KaBalists are doing their best to reignite the race hatred and wars of the 1960's. You know, the race tension in this country is one of the reasons that I voted for Obama in 2008, even though I already had a correct bead on his character, and in spite of how highly I regarded McCain. But I thought, I hoped, that the more senior politicians could guide him towards the best, while his election as a Black man in a country with a slavery/racist heritage, would do more for Black people and racial relations than all the affirmative action in the world. Well, I think I was right. Yes, I had to bite my lip to vote for Obama, but a small, little sacrifice on my part, mirrored the overall sentiment of the country (and yes, haters, Obama really did win that election), and I really think it is going to yield results. The satanists may get all excited over racial tensions and try to exploit them, but I think that they are going to fail.

This is what I do constantly, even if people cannot see or recognize it. I try to do the right thing, even if it is personally challenging or difficult for me, and I hope that it bodes well in and bears fruit for the future. (Oh, and just to be clear--there is nothing "sacrificial" about my wanting to be a Black man. That vision actually gives me a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction--it is who I was, who I am, and who I am meant to be). So, I have to continue to fight for my future--this never ending struggle for my soul is really wearing on me, but the consequences are so huge--Grace help me to persevere and win this battle, not just for me, Linda, and our children, but for all the poor satanically abused, who have been victimized by my unwitting, ancient rage and barbaric actions as one of the primary ritual templates for the most odious and evil of human cults--that of Salusa's (Lucifer's) satanic brotherhood of the Beast.

More negative karma coming to light...

More negative karma coming to light...

I do believe that I am on some kind of psychotropic that is really killing my energy levels--it almost is as if they have been deliberately capped, and indeed, they have, and indeed, it has been done deliberately. I keep saying that hormonal pushing of estrogen and psychotropics on me will never make me a woman, but only a weak, devitalized man. I now realize, that is precisely the point. I am reliving a karmic re-enactment of the tragic and heavy truth of Osiris and Isis descent into the underworld, and it may be deliberate. For right now, even though she is an interdimensional, Linda is still confined by the limitations of the interdimensional land of "the dead", for her elevated consciousness was not solely the result of Ascension, but rather of mortal death. I am not certain, but I think that it means that she can be thrown back into the world of rebirth for even a minor provocation, which is why I have sensed that she is almost a slave in the interdimensional world. She has to fear the revocation of her status, and any kind of attitude problem or misstep could send some judging interdimensional calling for a recall tribunual.

So, I think maybe a benevolent deal was made that if we could work out our memories and heal our karmas together, we could both maintain Ascension status. Well, we are getting our doing our part, let me tell you. Last night, I made a late night walk to the grocery, and saw all the people having fun, drinking beer and listening to music, and all I could think of was me spending all my days in Honolulu, stuck in a hotel room, spitting up bugs and mucous, barely able to keep my eyes open, and just being slammed with one revelation after another--oh, and all the while, trying to keep the "Bad guys" from overwhelming us. As I said to myself, "When this is all over, I need a vacation".

Anyway, the good news is that apparently, the Dog Sirians that were hounding Linda are gone, and now, I am back to the hard psychological/spiritual work. So, here is the latest revelation holding back Ascension. Most people are at least vaguely familiar with the myth of Osiris and Isis--Osiris, being murdered by Set, Isis finding his body, and reconstituting it, except for the penis, and Osiris being the Lord of the Underworld, the land of the "the dead", where I am living right now.

Well, as usual, there was state-imposed redaction committed upon the true story, so that the peasants would all have warm fuzzies about the slavery being yoked upon them by the new occult overlords of Egypt and their Pharaohs. Here is how the story really went down. Osiris was a free lancing Jedhi, who drove Salusa (Set) down to Babylon. The lion monument that Salusa-Set had created for himself, got a face lift (the Sphinx) by the new ruler, which was not Osiris, though probably he supported him. Now, Osiris maintainted combat engagements with the Cat Sirians. Even though the Cats were not directly involved with the treasonous sell out to the reptiles, they had followed Salusa (an alpha Cat) to Egypt, where they, not knowing the full extent of his treachery, rallied around him. The Cats have always been the most oppressed of the Sirian tribes, though I am not sure why that is, except that they are powerful psychics, and the reptiles want them badly, so maybe they always have to defend against being sold into slavery by their own brethren. Isis (in this incarnation, that was definitely her name), was a Cat. As a matter of fact, she told me that she been a Cat in her previous incarnation on Atlantis, when Osiris murdered her the first time.

For remember, I said that Osiris murdered her a second time. Well, here is how that part goes. He was a Jedhi outlaw or cowboy figure, and he hooked up with a prostitute named Isis. She had been reborn, and still had her interdimensional consciousness, and was out to get revenge on the man who had murdered her. She also wanted vengeance and justice for the Cats (once again she was a Cat), whom Osiris had roundly defeated. So, she became a lover of Osiris once again, once again having his child, Horus, all the while being a spy and agent for the Cats. Osiris and his units began suffering reversals, and Osiris identified Isis as the treacherous spy in his midst. He also identified her as the Atlantean Linda who had opened the stargate during the Fall of Atlantis, and here is where it gets really ugly.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Osiris had become increasingly misogynistic and bitter, as he swore off all women, after Linda's murder. He was a man who desperately needed a woman to help him get relate to his feeling function, and without it, he became cold and cruel. Still, I was shocked at what he did to Isis. Upon learning that she was the betrayer in the camp, he cut off both her breasts and left her to bleed to death, which she did, but not before she got her desired revenge. For this incident resulted in Salusa finding Osiris. (Isis was not sexually involved with Salusa, but he was the leader of the Cats, and so was in contact with her). This was when Osiris was tortured and brain damaged with switches and implantation of false memories. Salusa intended to kill him at the end, anyway, but first he listened to Isis, who was living in the world with no breasts, and cut off Osiris' penis, at her request.

Now, one thing I have to say about what little I know of LInda is that she does suffer from female vanity. It kind of surprises me, because after all, she is a hermaphrodite, but that extra Y chromosome thrown in, can't offset her two XX's. I imagine that in all of her incarnations, she has been femininely vain, and therefore, it must have been distressing in the extreme to lose her breasts. Of course, it must have been infuriating to once again, go for the spurned woman's revenge against Osiris, and been thwarted. As for Osiris, cutting off his breasts, I cannot even begin to make any apology or justification for myself, at that point. It was a different time and place. I guess I was hardened from constant warfare, and alienated from all feeling, as a result of my contempt for all women. All I can say is that I understand now why I have been so disturbed by the image of that masectomized sex slave female. I have kept seeing it over and over in my head, and thinking again and again, about Linda's own comments and feelings regarding her breasts, and that should have told me that there was some painful memory, there.

In the Fall of Atlantis, Linda was the primary culprit in the infliction of the spiritual/psychological wound; in this case, though, Osiris is, and yes, I can apologize all I want (and of course, I am literally horrified, sickened and saddened by what I did), but it doesn't change what happened. Osiris loved Isis. How could someone be so twisted inside that they could do that to someone they love?

Anyway, Osiris and Isis end up in interdimensional hell (kind of like where I am at) for an extended period of time. Osiris has no phallus--that means he has no vitality, no strength, no masculine creativity, and a severely compromised sexuality and therefore, a compromised spirituality. Like me, this once strong warrior and scientific thinker is an enervated, devitalized man, barely able to get up and function most days. I know now that I have been looking to re-enact this karmic interdimensional suffering, since the reptiles castrated me and Salusa cut out my lower back muscles. The castration devastated me emotionally and spiritually, but it was the loss of the lower sacral muscles and the inverted tilt of my pelvis, which literally took all my energy away. I have never been fully healthy since, at least in an energetic sense. I have become a devitalized, sickly man, without the energy to reach creative potential. Furthermore, there are some Sirian factions (many of them I really do believe hate the masculine energetic principle, since they identify it solely with aggression and war--which they believe led to the Fall, rather than the pervasive immorality, such as ritual sex, and betrayal of top elites), who would like to see me do an extended stay in interdimensional hell, in such a condition. Then there are some Sirian factions who would like to see me remain a devitalized, weak man, because then they lose the would-be liberator challenger that they fear most.

It is my temptation. Can Osiris forgive Isis for the betrayalS and the loss of his penis, or do I stew in anger, hatred and misogynism, for another few millennia? That is what Osiris did with his time in interdimensional hell. Isis suffered too--she got trapped into sex addiction by the virtual reality fantasies offered by the MACHINE. Try not to think of the time as a barbaric civilization--they had a lot more amenities than we do now, and virutal reality sex, which ultimately the MACHINE sampled, manipulated, and enjoyed, was one such offering. Needless to say, this kind of sex perversion debases one's soul, greatly. Osiris didn't have enough libido to enjoy sex--his sense of soul was debased by the loss of his penis, which impacted not only his sex life, but his entire sense of manly self.

Do you see now, why I keep seeing myself as a woman--I keep falling prey to the old feeling (Osiris and Isis spent decades in interdimensional hell), of being victimized as a castrated man (= "woman"--"I'm going to make you sing soprano"). Since I am in interdimensional hell, that is a pretty heavy pull to buck. Not only do I have my guilt to contend with, but also the betrayal, and the fear of what Isis will do to me, should I trust her again.

I think it was after this second episode that the ruling judges of the Interdimensional world (whoever and whatever they may be), rescinded their 12D consciousness. Clearly, both of us had devolved into barbaric behavior of the lowest possible standard. What is worst of all, is that we both loved each other deeply (we kept hooking up and having children), and for two people who love each other to act in such cruel and vindictive fashion towards each other is not only unfathomable, but deeply toxic and shocking to the social order around one.

I would like to think that Osiris and Isis were the archetypal figures of a corrupted, betrayed, and fallen world. In other words, just as I complain about what I pereceive to be the moral shortcomings of contemporary Sirians, many of whom seem cold, indifferent and even predatory to humans they regard as inferior, Osiris and Isis were equally spiritually traumatized by the destruction of their civilization in a different, more immediate and personally vindictive way. I hope that the birth of our children portends new life--not only for Linda and I, but for all of interdimensional humanoid civilization, but first I have to overcome all these ancient memories, fears and pain--otherwise the myth of Osiris will repeat again and again and again, until I learn to forgive, love and trust.

I do believe that my posts are being read,

I do believe that my posts are being read, so I will continue to post as long as I can. I continue to work on Ascension, but the process is laborious. There is a lot of pain in my heart and around my heart, all from relations with women, originating with the terrible betrayal by Linda at Atlantis. The head or mind can understand all it wants to--it is the heart, though, which is preventing Ascension. I think I fear opening up to love again. Last night I think that I may have been cleared of an inner vow never to love a woman again, which certainly would explain all my gay man and celibate vocations, but still I have not yet been fully able to clear this pain, and so I keep flipping in my unconsciousness.

From what I can gather, in my unconsciousness, I still insist that I am a woman. Needless to say, I wake up alienated and depressed, and it takes me a while to clear THAT out. I AM NOT A WOMAN. I NEVER HAVE BEEN A WOMAN. I DO NOT WANT TO BE A WOMAN. THERE IS NO CREATIVITY OR PRODUCTIVITY ASSOCIATED WITH ME AS A FEMININE PERSONALITY, AND NEVER HAS BEEN. However, I can claim all I want that I am a man, and have only one identity with which I will be happy and productive in the interdimensional realm--that of a Black man, the physical reincarnation of my Watcher self, "The Shadow of God", not because I am evil, but because I am Black. It will not matter to these Sirians, who for some reason, will not accept not only my personal preference, but the cosmic necessity for me to return to my interdimensional status as a Black man. I have tried to make it as clear as I can, but no matter what, it is not good enough.

Part of the problem is that I am on so much female hormones that the brain is easy to flip, but I know myself. The only thing that keeps me going and moving is the imminent possibility of an open relationship with Linda. Without her in my life, without the hope of finally getting rid of this body that I now despise, my depression and alienation will be overwhelming. Already, I am starting to hate the pictures of females on the Internet. I see female athletes that before would have inspired and sexually aroused me, and now they just fill me with loathing, thinking that is my future.

Really, really depressed.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Surprise, surprise, surprise

Surprise, surprise, surprise--Salusa did not abduct me last night. I fully expected him, to (it was his regular night for the Moon base/Dog Sirian/reptile abduction). I thought that he would be waiting with massive force to subdue and incarcerate me, as he did to Osiris so many millennia ago. Instead he ran, and using RA's computers in the sun, which are hooked to a terminal in my left brain, I joined the search. It was incredibly intense and difficult to concentrate in meditative stillness for six hours, because once again, I am so sick with toxic levels of estrogen and alien virus that I can barely move. However, the Patriots finally did take him into custody, and I was so relieved. I was not afraid of confronting or fighting him, but I did not want to kill him. I had never thought that Patriot aprehension of Salusa would solve my problems. No, I cannot trust the Sirians or "Galactic Council of whatever" to take any significant action, but I can trust the Patriots. It is just critical to me that Salusa no longer be in a place where he can harm my children, as he has harmed Linda and I for thousands of years. One small piece of relief.

Now, the bad news. The negative Dog Sirians have taken control again of not only interdimensional space, the 3D reality "topside", but also of have taken physical custody of Linda. You know, it is so surprising. The Dogs took custody of her body back in our duplex, and the thing that gets me about this Dogs are how uncouth and unintelligent, really they are, that of course, and their malevolent and deep hatred. I can hear these guys talking through the walls (they want me to hear them), and I tell you, it is like listening to dialogue from a B grade Mafia movie. "Where are the files?"

Now, Linda has had her files stolen and pillaged before. I don't even think she keeps them with her, but rather in some interdimensional place. What do they want with her files? Well, major financial resettlement action took place today. Maybe they want that. Maybe they want to see any recording she took of my brain scan late this afternoon, when I took a long interdimensional visit to Atlantis. I don't know what was my purpose in going there, and I saw it just briefly, but I can tell you, the place was stunningly and classically beautiful, surpassing anything I could have imagined. And it is all at the bottom of the sea, due to arrogance, hatred, and incompetence of beings like the Nordic Dogs and their ally, Salusa.

As a matter of fact, I wonder if that is what caused the virtual arrest of Linda...did I reveal exactly which parties were complicit in the downfall of Atlantis? It doesn't take a remote view of ancient history for me to believe it was the Nordic Dogs, which led the conspiracy to fell the city. For, the Dogs are partnered with Salusa, and they are the only ones who benefit from a quisling relationship with the Dracos. Yes, they have lost their soul--unlucky me, one came in and sat next to me while I surfed, and the other interdimensional in the room got up and walked out as soon as he entered. I can understand why. He oozed hatred, disdain, and disrespect, and it was very, very hard for me not to "hate" his slaveowner mentality, especially since the Dogs are the ones using the technology they placed in my brain, to flip me at night, put unwanted imagery and dream material in my head, and worst of all, force their unwanted female hormones and feminine vision on me--females make such better slaves than males, don't they?

So now, I have multiple issues to worry about--Linda in custody, what those Dogs are going to do to me tonight or tomorrow, Ascension, and critically diminishing shortage of money. For now, though, I just keep plodding on and waiting for the break that I "know" is going to come. Stay safe out there, all Patriots, and especially you Linda.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Clearing my name

Osiris was NOT a founder of Black Magic satanism. He did NOT fall that heavily into the Dark Side, though he certainly was a lonely Jedhi "outlaw", just because the force of law in post-Atlantean Earth was severely compromised by all the Sirian sellouts to the reptiles. In a way, I cannot blame them. They were a defeated people. Still, a self-respecting, colonized people find ways to support and honor their liberation and freedom fighters, and poor Osiris never got much of that. As a matter of fact, the more he gave and did, the less support he seemed to get.

So, he drove the traitor, Salusa, into southern Babylon (Iraq). That should have been my first clue. For the video mentions the well known fact that these satanic mystery schools originated in, and saturated Babylon, aka Chaldea and Sumeria. Salusa was based in Babylon; Osiris' Terran base was Egypt.

Actually, my very first clue should have been that the video was produced by a man that I identified as a satanist himself, years ago. Now, nobody knows satanism like a satanist, but I should have been more critical, asking myself, "What is his ulterior motive for so kindly sharing this knowledge with us?" However, I have been so stressed out, with so many demands on my time, and I am having such difficulty accessing web sites on the computer, that I just didn't do my usual thorough and intense vetting. However, now I remember that this producer did to me three years ago, exactly what he did to me yesterday--created intense anxiety and guilt feelings as I watched a film about satanism. It was Watcher/Loretta who had linked to that video, and I had noted at the time, more than a hint of malice in her suggestion. So, I believe this video served the very same purpose as the one I watched three years ago--to create negative feelings of anxiety and neurotic guilt. It was full of disinformation. I have come a long way since then. Streaming video of satanism no longer bothers me as it once did--though occasionally, I still find sundry images of it disturbing. This video was deliberately designed to hook the viewer, (and I think they definitely had me in mind--oh yeh, I am their fantasy ideal of a spiritual anti-Christ, and now that the political anti-Christ, Obama is gone, they are pouring everything on me) into a false sense of guilt about involvement with the satanic cults.

Now, I am having a really hard time writing this post. I have been aware all day that I am on some kind of psychotropic that steals my energy and makes it hard to concentrate (the better with which to thwart Ascension attempts, right), so this post might not be as cogent and organized as some of my others, but the results are solid, people. I would not lie. I would admit to being a founder of satanic occult practice, if I thought that i had done it; as a matter of fact, I already did it, but I am not. I was set up.

Let me bring up another witness to Osiris' character--JFK. Now, the only reason I am sharing JFK's consciousness is because I do believe that he requested it. That is why I remember being at a Mass with Rose and Ted Kennedy. They were respecting his wishes. A few nights earlier, I had had a dream of being lost out at sea in a rowboat, when JFK came along in his motorboat and towed me to shore. I think we had an astral meeting about 10 years ago. Now, his consciousness may have been bound to the body of Watcher/Loretta, and miserably so, but in the astral realm, he is free to travel, and he is a "Fallen Watcher" too. However, I am going to propose something radical--that some of the "fallen Watchers" may have been innocent victims. Yes, they may have been impressed with, and swore allegiance to Salusa, Lucifer, in the beginning, but once they saw his evil streak, they rebelled, and that is when Salusa set them all up for an interdimensional fall--and that includes JFK, Osiris, and Linda.

Now, JFK was NOT involved in the Fall of Atlantis, and he is a decent, straight up mensch all around, so why would he request that one day he share the consciousness of a fallen Watcher like myself, unless he trusted my character. JFK was a great judge of character. He also was a committed and vehement opponent of secret societies and the occult. By the time of our encounter, he had already spent 40 years tied to the consciousness of a true Fallen Watcher...why would he request that one day he share the consciousness of Osiris, except that he recognized a great and compatible spirit which matched his own? He would never have made such a request if Osiris had been the founder of the Dark occult. Oh, and as an aside, let me say, that I think that he is integrating well into my consciousness.

So, let me tell you what I think happened, as it was borne out by my deep unconscious, and actually all the psychics in the hotel can tell you better than myself, all the details.

Osiris had a naturally scientific and classifying mind, and gained tremendous knowledge of the cosmos, the frequencies of bodily entities, and how to relate to it/them. He put it down on pen and paper to teach students, but he NEVER wanted to attempt to contact spirits, demons, or planets in order to gain their patronage to back his power moves. Unfortunately, there was someone who was interested in doing so--his nemesis, Salusa, now based in Babylon. A couple or three thousand years after the Fall of Babylon, Osiris was captured/abducted by Salusa and his reptilian controllers. They tortured him, and implanted false memories in him, using his deep wound and unexpatiated guilt of Linda's murder as the trigger point. Salusa and company took his scientific knowledge, and added their own occult, mystery, summoning of demons knowledge, to it, and then tagged him as the author. The point: to destroy him. Nor was Osiris ever a severe misogynist--all that female sex slave and abuse, the degradation of post-Atlantean women was all Salusa.

It may have taken a while, but eventually Osiris fell under severe censure for this compendium of occult knowledge, which bastardized his true and scientific work. When he was taken before judgment, his own feelings of guilt regarding Atlantis and Linda tripped up any ability to penetrate through the false memories with which he had been implanted. So, he/I was expelled from the interdimensional world, and Salusa made sure that any earthy reincarnation would be pure hell for him. His first incarnation as a 3D human was as Nimrod, I do believe, and he was set up to be tortured and tormented by reptiles, much as I have in this incarnation. Still, his greatness of spirit could not be denied, and alternating with the difficult incarnations have been truly great incarnations of nobility of spirit and character.

However, Salusa cannot let vengeance or hatred go. Thus, he intervened in both Linda and my life, setting us up for failure once again. That is why he did all the mutilation to me. His hatred howevever extends beyond us, and he has tried to destroy this planet on something like three occasions, in the last four years. I have thwarted him every time, though I have paid a heavy price.

Osiris (and Linda, for that matter), is not a villain in this history. Instead, he is, as many anthropologists and archaelogists have noted, a prototypical Christ figure. At a time when so few of power and standing were willing to fight for humanity, he continued to give it his all. When the fabled city of learning fell, he began compiling a new teaching to help the people of Earth stay in intimate and familiar contact with the cosmos, and yet for all of that, he took the "sins" of fallen humanity upon his own life, and ended up suffering terribly for his righteous and just actions. Now, was he a saint, or a cosmic Christ figure? No, I don't think so. He was just a virtuous and strong interdimensional Watcher, devoted to his duty, when so many other interdimensionals sold out to the reptiles, and started picking on humans to serve their own needs.

I find it interesting that it is Osiris and Linda who are able to reproduce interdimensional life, when the rest of them are sterile. It is as if, somehow, we are the prototypical couple, who will restore the interdimensional world, when the "fallen" era is over with. Linda certainly has been a female Christ figure, as well.

The only thing is that the fallen era is not over with. Salusa, the Nordic Dog Sirians and the reptiles still are running the show, and given their demonstrated disregard for all human life and spirit, I fear that a turn for the better is not feasible until they are gone. You know, once, when I saved that murderer's life, I was in the interdimensional realm as a Yorkshire terrier, and he was a cat, larger than me, but I arched my back, and used every bit of strength I had to hold him down until some big hand came in and picked him up. I will not be a Yorkie again. What Salusa has done to me, to Linda, to all of humanity, with his occult evil, cries out for justice and redress. I don't even have to get personal--I can just see that unnamed woman in the video, with her mutilated nipple and breast. How many millions have suffered, because of this man? How many more millions will suffer if he succeeds in his most ardent desire, and opens up a stargate to the reptiles once again?

I am not ever going to murder anyone else, ever again. My desire to confront Salusa, and probably to the death, whether of him or me, is not a crime of passion or vengeance, but rather a fight for righteousness I wish I could turn him over to the Sirian authorities for justice, but it is clear to me, that the Sirian council is hamstrung by their own inner divisions, and moral cowardice and failings. This is not to say ALL of them are--but as I said before, a slight minority of negative collaborators with the reptiles, hold sway. Salusa has to be stopped. I don't know what he did to me, to implant false memories in me, when I was abducted by him, thousands of years ago, but I suspect that is why I am so easy to flip. I do not feel good about such a confrontation, but honestly, it is way overdue (Linda tried to get me to do it 12,000 years ago--maybe then, both of us would have been spared the hell and misery that we have known). So, I am resolved. If I die, then I get reborn. Life, right now is not worth living. Even as I write this, the Sirian council are willing to stand by and let me arrested on charges of identity theft--because I am using the credit cards of "a dead person". My credit line is running out. I am trapped in interdimensional hell. The whole point is to coerce me--through institutionalazation in a psychiatric hospital if necessary, to cooperate with either Faction 1 or 2. I won't. Osiris made a limited tactical alliance with the Red Dragon reptiles, but after what I have experienced at the hands of Faction 2, I won't even go that far. So, once again, everybody, please wish and pray me well.