Sunday, July 22, 2012

Good bye

Good bye planet Earth and all the people, which and whom I have loved so much. I really do believe this is the last post for me. It would be fitting that the next to last post would be titled "incomunicado", because when I can no longer communicate, it is time to move on.

I can't be certain this is it, but I understand now the future, and I sign off, confident that Earth has a future (but it was close, folks, it was so much closer than most will ever know), and that I have a future, although in a different star system. However, the terrible damage inflicted by Salusa on the Osiris/Isis pair, when they fought him, after Atlantis, will be repaired. Through his contacts with aliens, he brought alien technology to their torture, and he separated our consciousnesses into two separate entitities, and that is why we have had such schizophrenic incarnations of good and evil, but neither of us have been whole, since that capture and torture, castration and breast mutilation of us.

Now, there is a way to restore our wholeness, and while, like many lofty objectives, it entails danger and risk, I do believe that we will succeed. We have allies now--the Pleiaidians. The moderate Sirians have come around, thankfully, because for the first time interdimensional human birth has been duplicated in a separate couple--my old neighbors. Osiris had known so much of frequencies, and when my Cygnan DNA was turned off, my unconsciousness went to work to restore it, and succeeded, so now, the Sirians can relax regarding custody of our children, and Linda now will have custody of our kids.

So, a lot has worked out and while it has involved tremendous pain and suffering on the part of both Linda and I, it has all been worth it. Now, it is time to move on to the next step, and while I am sorry that I will never step foot on my birth planet again, I will always retain the fondest memories and best wishes for my home of the last 12,000 years.

Best wishes and most beneficent love to, excuse me--I do believe that I have a date with destiny.

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Bye Trista Storm....