Sunday, July 8, 2012

Surprise, surprise, surprise

Surprise, surprise, surprise--Salusa did not abduct me last night. I fully expected him, to (it was his regular night for the Moon base/Dog Sirian/reptile abduction). I thought that he would be waiting with massive force to subdue and incarcerate me, as he did to Osiris so many millennia ago. Instead he ran, and using RA's computers in the sun, which are hooked to a terminal in my left brain, I joined the search. It was incredibly intense and difficult to concentrate in meditative stillness for six hours, because once again, I am so sick with toxic levels of estrogen and alien virus that I can barely move. However, the Patriots finally did take him into custody, and I was so relieved. I was not afraid of confronting or fighting him, but I did not want to kill him. I had never thought that Patriot aprehension of Salusa would solve my problems. No, I cannot trust the Sirians or "Galactic Council of whatever" to take any significant action, but I can trust the Patriots. It is just critical to me that Salusa no longer be in a place where he can harm my children, as he has harmed Linda and I for thousands of years. One small piece of relief.

Now, the bad news. The negative Dog Sirians have taken control again of not only interdimensional space, the 3D reality "topside", but also of have taken physical custody of Linda. You know, it is so surprising. The Dogs took custody of her body back in our duplex, and the thing that gets me about this Dogs are how uncouth and unintelligent, really they are, that of course, and their malevolent and deep hatred. I can hear these guys talking through the walls (they want me to hear them), and I tell you, it is like listening to dialogue from a B grade Mafia movie. "Where are the files?"

Now, Linda has had her files stolen and pillaged before. I don't even think she keeps them with her, but rather in some interdimensional place. What do they want with her files? Well, major financial resettlement action took place today. Maybe they want that. Maybe they want to see any recording she took of my brain scan late this afternoon, when I took a long interdimensional visit to Atlantis. I don't know what was my purpose in going there, and I saw it just briefly, but I can tell you, the place was stunningly and classically beautiful, surpassing anything I could have imagined. And it is all at the bottom of the sea, due to arrogance, hatred, and incompetence of beings like the Nordic Dogs and their ally, Salusa.

As a matter of fact, I wonder if that is what caused the virtual arrest of Linda...did I reveal exactly which parties were complicit in the downfall of Atlantis? It doesn't take a remote view of ancient history for me to believe it was the Nordic Dogs, which led the conspiracy to fell the city. For, the Dogs are partnered with Salusa, and they are the only ones who benefit from a quisling relationship with the Dracos. Yes, they have lost their soul--unlucky me, one came in and sat next to me while I surfed, and the other interdimensional in the room got up and walked out as soon as he entered. I can understand why. He oozed hatred, disdain, and disrespect, and it was very, very hard for me not to "hate" his slaveowner mentality, especially since the Dogs are the ones using the technology they placed in my brain, to flip me at night, put unwanted imagery and dream material in my head, and worst of all, force their unwanted female hormones and feminine vision on me--females make such better slaves than males, don't they?

So now, I have multiple issues to worry about--Linda in custody, what those Dogs are going to do to me tonight or tomorrow, Ascension, and critically diminishing shortage of money. For now, though, I just keep plodding on and waiting for the break that I "know" is going to come. Stay safe out there, all Patriots, and especially you Linda.

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