Saturday, July 14, 2012

Figured out a little more--the reason that being a Black man is so important is because the master key that unlocks the reproductive ability in my children (and in me) is activated by a frequency code. Now, that frequency code is not specific to Black people, but to people with Cygnan DNA, which my children have. However, I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THAT CODE, EXCEPT THAT WHEN I AM IN A BLACK BODY. That is the only way I can consciously transmit it, although unconsciously I am able to access it myself, personally, during the creation of life. The bottom line is that my children will be sterile, unless they "catch" the frequency vibe from me, as a Black man, a Black father, so that they know how to transmit it themselves.

I was watching a young Black man groove to some music the other day, and knew that I just don't have that frequency vibe in my body, as a shrimpy little Brown female. However, I bet once I am in a Black body, that vibe will come quite naturally to me, just as the knowledge of the frequency vibe that activates the reproductive capacity of Cygnan DNA will come naturally to me. However, I have to have Cygnan DNA in heavy quantities, in order for that to work. Right now, that is just not happening.

Even now, I fear my older children might not be able to catch the vibe. The vibe is just that of love, tender intimacy. The reason Linda is so responsive to it, is probably because she already is so attuned to the Cygnan vibe, karmically. Do I think Cygnans are superlovers? No, there is just something in their DNA that works with human DNA to help reproduce children.

My children are NOT Sirians, even though the Sirians claim them. They are Sirian slaves, high-ranking slaves, precious slaves, but slaves just as their mother and I are. I want my children to be free. I want them to love. I want them to have children of their own, which they in turn, love. To that end, I am making another bold bid for freedom, although I am not certain how that is going to pan out. For now, I have another day in which to try to operate, to find allies, to find some hope to escape these White racists which have a stranglehold on me.

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