Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it...

It's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine. In the original Star Wars, Lord Tarkin informs the stunned gathering of officers that the new "Death Star" is going to keep the local systems in line. Well, as usual, the info fed George Lucas by the KaBal was a little bit twisted. The "Empire" is not "from a galaxy far far away" in a distant place and time. It is here, now, and the Death Star has been our Moon, and the Empire has been the four species of reptiles I outlined earlier, and their interdimensional and human minions--what I call the KaBal.

I really cannot blame the rulers of Earth for giving in so easily to reptiles and the KaBal. After all, what would you do if someone threatened to tow away the Moon, which is an essential governing feature of our planetary and oceanic stability. Or maybe, they threatened to blast the hollow sphere out of the sky, sending asteroids to Earth, populated by the most vicious of Orionite vampire spiders. So yes, fear has kept the local star system--planet Earth, in line for thousands of years. But now that is over. As of today, the huge reptile/Dog Sirian/Salusa base on the dark side of the Moon is all but destroyed, and the base is now garrisoned by Patriot interdimensional forces.

Yes, I was quite intimately involved, and have been for years, ever since I was a preschool child. Pushing so hard for Ascension, Linda was reading my mind, when memories starting surfacing of brutal childhood anal rapes by the Draco lizards (remember the Dracos are affiliated with the Amon RA cult, because they use the Amon RA serpents to mind control their cultic victims). I really don't have much of the memory within me, but I know that the rapes of my younger brother and I were so severely brutal, that they were done in a clinical setting, so that the damage to the inner organs, the colon, etc, could be repaired when it was over. In other words, the rapes were MEANT to be painfully, destructively brutal. We were about 4 or 5. All I can really remember is a lot of blood being washed down with a water hose. I think we were screaming until we passed out. I got too much going on to think about it right now, but yes, if I think about it, I find it very emotionally trying. Linda was extremely upset and subdued by the memory, and given the anal rapes and horrors that she has experienced, it must have been pretty bad.

At this time, they also put implants in my young brain. These are the implants that they have been using to flip me, for instance, to claim that I am female, at their whim. For this technology is incredibly sophisticated and precise, and was never used haphazardly. The reptiles planned for me to be controlled from a very young age, with the implants switched on when the time was right, which probably was after I had my ova removed for Sirian Martian fertilization, and the implant put in my left optic nerve so that they could control my brain through that route as well (I had to have eye surgery--the pressure on my eyes was literally driving me blind).

Once they were ready for me, I got the full bore treatment. For the last three or so years, the implants in my brain have been used to unfailingly abduct me to the Moon where I have been regularly raped, anally and vaginally, by reptiles. You see, the fate of Linda and myself really were not meant to be so different. She was meant to be an interdimensional sex slave to the human KaBal (especially the CIA, which is responsible for maintaining the files on every human that has these Draco brain implants), while I was meant to be an interdimensional sex slave to the reptiles. This is why I have suffered such anger and alienation upon waking in the morning--I have been raped by lizard monsters the night before, and I cannot remember a thing. I guess Salusa must have seemed like an improvement, which is how I got roped into having sex with him, for of course, he was regularly present at these regular abductions, along with the Nordic Dog Sirians.

Now, maybe it is clear why I kept saying that the Dogs and others who insisted that I be female, were only KaBalists serving the reptilian agenda. They WANTED me as a reptilian sex slave. Why? Because, as is the case with so many Sirians, they will do anything, sell out anybody, their neighbor, their protective charges, their own posterity (do you think it coincidental that they are sterile), as long as they don't have to confront the reptiles. Homo Lumen or Homo Illuminatus or Homo-12 strand DNA, my ass. They are Homo-Chickenshit. I would much rather claim as friend and ally a 3D, Homo-Testituculos, who is willing to stand up and fight for the weak and oppressed, the truth and the right, than I would one of those mealy mouthed interdimensionals, "oh we must follow Galactic Law of karma".

Well guess what, that above is Osiris speaking--an Osiris who gave everything he had to live out his vocation as an Interdimensional Watcher, for which he/I paid a terrible penalty. The Interdimensions are not meant to be aloof from their weaker brethren. They are meant to actively engage any enemy who would try to harm them or their creation. That is what Osiris did, that is what JFK did, and that is what a good number of so-called, "fallen" Watchers did. Yes, some Watchers--Salusa, Samyaza &company, Loretta/Watcher, etc. did abuse the trust placed in them, but many of the 200 fallen watchers, listed in the Book of Enoch, were just penalized for attempting to live out their vocation, while the rest of the Sirian cowed, hid behind the suffering and sell out of humanity (to the reptiles), doing absolutely nothing, just as they did absolutely nothing in the preceding years, while one faction sold out another who in turn, sold out another.

Now, I know that my mutilation of Isis' breasts, which led to her death, was a terrible, terrible crime against God, the natural order, another human being, and my own self. However, the REAL reason I was cast out from the interdimensional world was that I was one of the very few Watchers, who was Homo-Testiculos, a man who honored his vocation, the call to serve and protect not only his own civil society, but those weaker charges that had been placed, by God, under his protection, we relatively weak and cosmically unaware, 3D humans.

So my decision to fight for the weak and oppressed has led to terrible suffering, including this incarnation (I suspect that many ofincarnations have involved reptilian-Dog monitored abuse of the most severe nature, just so that I would debase my soul). Not only was I raped on a regular basis by the Draco reptiles and Dog Sirians (hell yeh, they saw me a female), but I saw atrocities on the Moon committed against other innocents--men, women and children.

Well, knowledge is power--which is why they were always so careful to wipe out memory every night, and the revelation of last night was a huge of boost of testosterone as I needed. During the night, I took out all the defensive weapons of the Moon base. Don't ask me how--let's just say, I was inspired. Then today, the Patriots and myself made a full blown assault on the Moon base. We won. Earth's Moon is now in the hands of Earth's Patriots, and there are multiple parties to thank, but I will leave all of that for a free Earth disclosure--and guess what, Earth is becoming more free, with each passing day.

This morning, the satanists started playing the radio spontaneously and I heard a snippet of a song about, "you were born into this. Accept that you are a loser...blah.blah.blah" Bullshit. That is their problem. That is the Sirian problem. That is the problem of the morally bankrupt and coward, everywhere. Every spiritual tradition, and certainly the Christian one teaches that we are FREE. Yes, our physical freedom can be taken away, but the fundamental, bedrock freedom of choosing good OR evil always remains with us. No matter how much I have suffered at the hands of these rapists over the last three years, I never have swerved from the affirmation of the right, and it would not matter how much I suffered. Yes, now I understand why I suffered so much, but for years, when I endured drugging, incarceration, nightly abductions and mutilation, I still kept aiming for the right, and that is what every human being, even those under subjugation to satanism is called to do. Conversion and forgiveness is possible. Be smart. I am not talking about the KaBal--they are lost. I am talking about all the rudy-poo satanists, like my mother and father, who got involved with an evil that ended up swallowing them whole. Many of you can still save your soul, and I would recommend that you take steps to do so, because your overlords are going away--the reclamation of the Moon is just a first step.

PS--I hope this post makes sense. Some things never change. I have been blasted by an energy weapon while writing it...my brain is a little fuzzy.

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