Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More on my Grey child...

More on my Grey child...

The room is going crazy again, and I am too sick to rewrite this entry, so I will just post this in snippets.

My Grey child, like so many other KaBal children, was deliberately abused and isolated, so that she would grow up to be a cruel reptilian Grey queen over Grey drones. Apparently, she suffers from the emotional/psychological disorder that afflicts so many Greys--in that she is cold, manipulative and self-serving, and has difficulty with relating to others. Linda actually was the primary parental figure for my Martian hybrid children, and so the ones I have met or seen, have actually been very warm and engaging human beings. Again, I need to be with this daughter, to try to salvage her life. I have worked before with people with personality disorder caused primarily by lack of love and environmental support, and I think I can help her, AS A FATHER, setting down expectations of behavior. She is my child, she was never meant to suffer as she did, or be born in the body she was born in, and I will work with her tirelessly--as soon as I can see her.

The most important thing about this birth, though, is that Loretta, again, was the one responsible for the genetic manipulation of my ova and pregnancy. This is why she was constantly trying to get me pregnant in recent months. She wanted me to give birth to more reptilian Grey queens, to be used to control and bliss out Grey drones. The reading by Linda revealed that the KaBal has tried to fertilize other of my ova to be Grey queens, but none of them have matured--only this daughter, and the Grey fetuses I spontaneously aborted (and I stand fully justified now, in that abortion, even if I did suffer from neurotic guilt at the time). I have one abused, damaged child. THERE WILL BE NO MORE!

I am so emphatic about this, because now it is clear to me, why Faction 2 is so insistent that I be a female. THEY WANT ME TO CARRY MORE GREY CHILDREN FOR THEM! They are desperate for Grey queens--apparently drones are easier to create. You know, I have never understood why they force this femininity down my throat, when clearly, I am not feminine, and hate being in this woman's body that is forced on me. The bottom line is that they don't care how miserable, sick or weak I am--they are just looking for a uterus, in which to plug my genetically engineered ova. For that matter, if Faction 2 has its way, I could end up just like my sister--body dead, hooked up to a brain neural stimulator, while I lie in an oversized test tube, incubating Grey baby after Grey baby!

That is not going to happen. I have already determined that. I will commit suicide before that happens. My hatred for Faction 2, and their sick, perverted, vacuous eyed, reptilian implanted brains of the sickly, pasty White boys who are so eager to serve them, grows day by day. I no longer can allow myself to "love thy enemy", when doing so means unspeakable suffering, evil and tragedy. Just like Jesus misery did not end on the Cross, but extended into the interdimensional realm for decades, so my misery will not end, if I decide to just serve evil and transmute their negativity through some kind of sacrifice and/or service. No, this faction, and their designs on the human race is unspeakably vile and hateful, and if I go down, I go down fighting for my unborn children, my born children, all of humanity, and ultimately, the Greys themselves. Should I find myself pregnant, I WILL abort. I have done it before, and I will do it again.

In closing, let me just say that this is the tip of the iceberg of Loretta's malevolent actions towards me. Like I said, she has been my own personal devil, and she has interfered with my life on multiple levels, over and over again, causing serious problems at my jobs, and in my relationships, including undermining the relationship between my ex-lover and myself. She was the one who caused the crazed ward to run me over, which left me with a permanently impaired bad back. She was responsible for my multiple auto accidents. She had me raped while hiking in the mountains. She was the one who had me abducted, and turned the attention of Faction 2 my way. She is the one who had me incarcerated, and then raped while in jail. The list could go on and on. It is amazing I am still alive and kicking.

I do want to say that she did not do it all herself. She was in close partnership with my nemesis, Maurice Strong all along. This was why the financial reset took years to finalize, and had so many problems with sophisticated thievery attempts along the way. The entire time, Loretta was setting up back trapdoors so that Maurice Strong could divert the money, which they later would split. It was only Linda's constant efforts that kept the financial reset plans afloat, so that finally the Patriots succeeded. For the entire time that Loretta was my personal devil, she acted as Linda's personal "angel" and patron, undermining her own Ascension attempts at every step, all along the way, pretending to be beneficent and helpful.

So, it should be clear by now that Linda and I are the fulcrum point of the true new age...will it be a rebirth of humanity and high consciousness, or will it be another 12,000 years of evil. I am doing my part for the former--I really am, and now it's time to get back to the really hard work.

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