Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lucky for me, this software saves drafts of my posts as I write, because the freemasons (yep, I can spot them easily now) sitting behind me, wiped out my entire post as I wrote it. I have edited it a little, and added some more this morning (Whew! I thought that I was going to have to spend an hour or two reconstructing the whole post). So below is the post that contains the information that the freemasons were terrified of the world knowing, and intensely hostile to me, for sharing...

The room is shaking once again, and I just caught very definite hostile vibes from a freemason White man, who just stalked in and sat behind me. Murderously hostile--and I don't scare easily. It was not the first time tonight, but the level of hostility has definitely picked up, and I could very welll be murdered right here in this room, tonight, but I am not going to bed until I clear my conscience, and if I die, doing so, then at least Almighty God will know that my intentions are pure.

So getting back to the story--Osiris made a deal with the Red Dragons from Algol, in order to fight the Draconian reptiles, and this involved occult power. It is interesting that I kept seeing myself as a wolf during the Ascension attempt the other day, because according to this occult tradition, you call on demonic powers through sound, similar to howling. I am sure Osiris was a "lone wolf" Jedi by this time, and that would have been an appropriate venue for him. (I feel the pain attacking my heart implants again--Osiris was a deeply wounded, lonely and pained man at this point).

A couple of nights ago, I dreamed of ancient occult texts, and I now know that these refer to the ancient occult tradition that has passed on from Osiris, through the mystery schools of Babylon, Chaldea, Persia and the Jewish nation. There is a positive Jewish Qabal tradition, but this "Way of the Chariot" is very dark and satanic, which probably is why the Jewish teachers spent centuries protecting and obscuring the tradition. The Jewish element is important in my story, because King David, was placed under a powerful, crippling curse by these negative "Merkabah mystics" (probably from Syria, or actually Tyre and Sidon as it was called at the time). Remember, one of my incarnations was/is King David, and so I have been seriously handicapped by the occult curse placed on me in that Biblical incarnation--a curse brought into the world by an even earlier incarnation--that of Osiris. The curse was placed on the spirit or consciousness of the dead (interdimensional) King David by his son, King Solomon, who was a fallen apostate, who worked to trap spirits to serve him, and he had no qualms or compunction about doing that to his own father, whose consciousness, remember, was much wider than David's, but was that of the fallen Watcher, Osiris, who was the founder of Middle East satanic magic. A powerful consciousness to trap indeed, and I have been somewhat confined by the cosmic evil powers since the time of King Solomon. They cannot control me, but neither have I been able to totally break free.

I broke the curse today. I had asked at the front desk where I could get my hair cut, and they referred me to the fifth floor at the hotel across the street. Now, going to different floors in interdimensional hotels is very tricky business. It is like prison, with all the gangs marking their territory, and I wondered, "well, who is on the fifth floor?". Now, I know--it is the interdimensional Jews--and almost certainly, the dark side, interdimensional Jews. By crossing into their "territory", I broke their magic circle of protection, which they have used to control me, since I was incarnated as King David. I think this is having serious and positive repercussions, which I might go into when I have times...right now, I must clear my conscience.

For it was Osiris, who brought this dark side mysticism, this KaBal occult tradition of the Red Dragon, first to the Middle East mystery schools, and then later the south of Germany (Bavaria, etc) and south of France. The Knights Templar stole the dark side KaBal material from King Solomon's stables, and took it to Europe. In another incarnation, that of Jacque de Molay, I wrote the Voynich manuscript. That was not the worst I did though. With my usual competency, I ensured that this dark occult tradition would survive by exporting it to Scotland. Freemasonry has power in the USA today, because de Molay ensured its survival. I don't get much flak from this incarnation because de Molay endured horrible torture and death.

Another incarnation that I have recognized as belonging to this dark occult tradition of the Red Dragon KaBal is of a medieval Jewish rabbi, Antonio the Venetian. He wrote a book called "The Red Dragon", in which he explains how to make a pact with the devil, which contemporaries of the time then used. Especially sickening was to learn that Dr. Faustus was a real person and pedophile, who used his occult power to ritualistically abuse little children in black magic rituals. As much as I suffered from Satanism as a child, it pains me to no end to think that I, in any way, encouraged or facilitated the abuse of children by satanic acts.

A final incarnation that I should mention--don't know why I never did, since she is one of the earliest prior incarnations that I identified--is that of Elizabeth I of England (just got a chuckle--Mary, Queen of the Scots was probably Linda). Now, it is common knowledge that John Dee and Francis Bacon used major occult techniques to serve the Queen. I will go so far as to say that I think the occult is the reason that England was able to defeat the Spanish Armada. For those who no longer know the basic outlines of history, the English throne to which Elizabeth ascended was weak, vulnerable and broke. The Spanish were the most powerful nation on Earth at the time, and they set out to conquer England, and they SHOULD have, but a storm wrecked their Armada at sea. I think Elizabeth I made a deal with "the devil" to win a battle which almost certainly would have been lost (and Spanish would be my first language, instead of my second). I think she offered that she and all her progeny would serve the reptilian overlords should they come to her aid. Elizabeth thought she was being smart. She was a hermaphrodite, and knew that she could not carry children...which probably was why she never married. However, you cannot fool the devil. To Satan's mind, her "progeny" was every sucessor who has sat on the English throne since, and even though her action may have saved a nation, the English monarchs have paid a terrible price in the curse enacted on them. It is deeply gratifying to see that Elizabeth II and her family have broken this curse, and it is my hope that no monarch, no head of state, no country, ever again fall under the curse which befalls those who have made a pact with Satan (whether it is "Red Dragon", Draconian or the vampire spiders of Orion).

Addendum added this morning:

More bad dreams--God, will these negative memorie ever end? I had a memory of being bitten by a satanic vampire as a child. Now, this was not a dream. The woman that did this to me was truly a vampire, and belonged to a family of satanic vampires with whom my family hobnobbed. I can still see their pale, bloodless faces. Anyway, she came into my bed at night, and bit me on the extreme upper cervical spine. Then she sexually abused me, once again, with anal penetration, by the fingers. Now, I would have been under five when this happened, so I guess the vampire bite was not fatal--it just left a lingering poison in my psyche, which continues to attract vampires to me, even though, I am thoroughly and completely repulsed by them.

However, I cannot complain as an innocent victim, for I helped bring in this satanic magic and ritual abuse of children into the world. The most important task before me now is to break free of it. For not all of Osiris' knowledge is evil. Apparently he was very much into using frequencies and sounds to contact and control the etheric and interdimensional world. His "sin" was in trying to control the universe to do his will, which is a grievous mistake. I myself, am now very proficient at understanding the frequencies of the cosmos, and have used my knowledge to help the Patrriots locate and disable hostile forces, both sentient and MACHINE (I suppose an argument could be made that the MACHINE is sentient). However, I have never used it for personal gain or vengeance. Indeed, I have saved the lives of both Salusa and Watcher/Loretta more than once.

That is a virtue that Osiris lost, along with his heart, when he murdered Linda. He became obsessed with vengeance and the attainment of power, and it was for this, that he lost his interdimensional power--probably at the judgment of his cosmic peers. It is really sad for me to think on this ruined life, because really, there is a "White Magic" available to higher consciousnesses--such as my own current ability to decode interstellar frequencies. As a matter of fact that is what the "Star Wars" movies with their romanticized version (remember the KaBal controls filmakers) of the Jedhi was all about.

I know that many Christians are leery of "White Magic", and I understand that. I have known too many demonically afflicted and satanic persons who claim that they practice "White Magic". The Christians and the great world traditions have got it right--the prerequisite for any action is Magic, but Love. This is where I am crippled, because the heavy (remember, I spent centuries in that incarnation) burden of Osiris' hatred and bitterness weighs down my consciousness. I try to let it go. Another realization that I had while watching the above-referenced video, was how deeply misogynistic Osiris really became after the Fall of Atlantis, and how his spiritual and writing gifts were able to negatively impact the entire trajectory of gender relations in the post Atlantis world.

I don’t think that Osiris was directly involved in the sexual abuse of female sex slaves himself, but the spirituality that he founded relied on the control, domination, use, and even enslaving abuse of others, and so the framework for the misogynism to escalate was inherent in this “Merkavah mysticism”. I saw a video still of an abused sex slave while watching this video. You can spot them by the neck slave collar and or tattoos that they wear. Her breast and nipple had been mutilated and removed. I think the same thing happened to Linda. Just as I was ritualistically castrated at Bohemian Grove, I think she was forcibly masectomized as part of a ritualized sex slavery act. You can imagine how distressing I find that, especially since I have picked up on the emotional pain that she has about her breasts.

Sometimes, I feel handicapped, because while I am so good at explaining things, I find it so difficult to convey the depth of my emotions, and that is what is happening, now. I have no words to describe how sick I feel about all the pain that I helped to bring into the world, and facilitate the depth of horror experienced by the person I love most. I know that Osiris is still deeply wounded, and it is his/mine own guilt that will not let Ascension take place. How can Linda really want me, after all this? Yet the alternative is unacceptable—I cannot continue to feed these negative occult KaBalists in any way, shape or form. I must bring forth the repressed Love deep within me…and soon.

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