Saturday, July 7, 2012

Clearing my name

Osiris was NOT a founder of Black Magic satanism. He did NOT fall that heavily into the Dark Side, though he certainly was a lonely Jedhi "outlaw", just because the force of law in post-Atlantean Earth was severely compromised by all the Sirian sellouts to the reptiles. In a way, I cannot blame them. They were a defeated people. Still, a self-respecting, colonized people find ways to support and honor their liberation and freedom fighters, and poor Osiris never got much of that. As a matter of fact, the more he gave and did, the less support he seemed to get.

So, he drove the traitor, Salusa, into southern Babylon (Iraq). That should have been my first clue. For the video mentions the well known fact that these satanic mystery schools originated in, and saturated Babylon, aka Chaldea and Sumeria. Salusa was based in Babylon; Osiris' Terran base was Egypt.

Actually, my very first clue should have been that the video was produced by a man that I identified as a satanist himself, years ago. Now, nobody knows satanism like a satanist, but I should have been more critical, asking myself, "What is his ulterior motive for so kindly sharing this knowledge with us?" However, I have been so stressed out, with so many demands on my time, and I am having such difficulty accessing web sites on the computer, that I just didn't do my usual thorough and intense vetting. However, now I remember that this producer did to me three years ago, exactly what he did to me yesterday--created intense anxiety and guilt feelings as I watched a film about satanism. It was Watcher/Loretta who had linked to that video, and I had noted at the time, more than a hint of malice in her suggestion. So, I believe this video served the very same purpose as the one I watched three years ago--to create negative feelings of anxiety and neurotic guilt. It was full of disinformation. I have come a long way since then. Streaming video of satanism no longer bothers me as it once did--though occasionally, I still find sundry images of it disturbing. This video was deliberately designed to hook the viewer, (and I think they definitely had me in mind--oh yeh, I am their fantasy ideal of a spiritual anti-Christ, and now that the political anti-Christ, Obama is gone, they are pouring everything on me) into a false sense of guilt about involvement with the satanic cults.

Now, I am having a really hard time writing this post. I have been aware all day that I am on some kind of psychotropic that steals my energy and makes it hard to concentrate (the better with which to thwart Ascension attempts, right), so this post might not be as cogent and organized as some of my others, but the results are solid, people. I would not lie. I would admit to being a founder of satanic occult practice, if I thought that i had done it; as a matter of fact, I already did it, but I am not. I was set up.

Let me bring up another witness to Osiris' character--JFK. Now, the only reason I am sharing JFK's consciousness is because I do believe that he requested it. That is why I remember being at a Mass with Rose and Ted Kennedy. They were respecting his wishes. A few nights earlier, I had had a dream of being lost out at sea in a rowboat, when JFK came along in his motorboat and towed me to shore. I think we had an astral meeting about 10 years ago. Now, his consciousness may have been bound to the body of Watcher/Loretta, and miserably so, but in the astral realm, he is free to travel, and he is a "Fallen Watcher" too. However, I am going to propose something radical--that some of the "fallen Watchers" may have been innocent victims. Yes, they may have been impressed with, and swore allegiance to Salusa, Lucifer, in the beginning, but once they saw his evil streak, they rebelled, and that is when Salusa set them all up for an interdimensional fall--and that includes JFK, Osiris, and Linda.

Now, JFK was NOT involved in the Fall of Atlantis, and he is a decent, straight up mensch all around, so why would he request that one day he share the consciousness of a fallen Watcher like myself, unless he trusted my character. JFK was a great judge of character. He also was a committed and vehement opponent of secret societies and the occult. By the time of our encounter, he had already spent 40 years tied to the consciousness of a true Fallen Watcher...why would he request that one day he share the consciousness of Osiris, except that he recognized a great and compatible spirit which matched his own? He would never have made such a request if Osiris had been the founder of the Dark occult. Oh, and as an aside, let me say, that I think that he is integrating well into my consciousness.

So, let me tell you what I think happened, as it was borne out by my deep unconscious, and actually all the psychics in the hotel can tell you better than myself, all the details.

Osiris had a naturally scientific and classifying mind, and gained tremendous knowledge of the cosmos, the frequencies of bodily entities, and how to relate to it/them. He put it down on pen and paper to teach students, but he NEVER wanted to attempt to contact spirits, demons, or planets in order to gain their patronage to back his power moves. Unfortunately, there was someone who was interested in doing so--his nemesis, Salusa, now based in Babylon. A couple or three thousand years after the Fall of Babylon, Osiris was captured/abducted by Salusa and his reptilian controllers. They tortured him, and implanted false memories in him, using his deep wound and unexpatiated guilt of Linda's murder as the trigger point. Salusa and company took his scientific knowledge, and added their own occult, mystery, summoning of demons knowledge, to it, and then tagged him as the author. The point: to destroy him. Nor was Osiris ever a severe misogynist--all that female sex slave and abuse, the degradation of post-Atlantean women was all Salusa.

It may have taken a while, but eventually Osiris fell under severe censure for this compendium of occult knowledge, which bastardized his true and scientific work. When he was taken before judgment, his own feelings of guilt regarding Atlantis and Linda tripped up any ability to penetrate through the false memories with which he had been implanted. So, he/I was expelled from the interdimensional world, and Salusa made sure that any earthy reincarnation would be pure hell for him. His first incarnation as a 3D human was as Nimrod, I do believe, and he was set up to be tortured and tormented by reptiles, much as I have in this incarnation. Still, his greatness of spirit could not be denied, and alternating with the difficult incarnations have been truly great incarnations of nobility of spirit and character.

However, Salusa cannot let vengeance or hatred go. Thus, he intervened in both Linda and my life, setting us up for failure once again. That is why he did all the mutilation to me. His hatred howevever extends beyond us, and he has tried to destroy this planet on something like three occasions, in the last four years. I have thwarted him every time, though I have paid a heavy price.

Osiris (and Linda, for that matter), is not a villain in this history. Instead, he is, as many anthropologists and archaelogists have noted, a prototypical Christ figure. At a time when so few of power and standing were willing to fight for humanity, he continued to give it his all. When the fabled city of learning fell, he began compiling a new teaching to help the people of Earth stay in intimate and familiar contact with the cosmos, and yet for all of that, he took the "sins" of fallen humanity upon his own life, and ended up suffering terribly for his righteous and just actions. Now, was he a saint, or a cosmic Christ figure? No, I don't think so. He was just a virtuous and strong interdimensional Watcher, devoted to his duty, when so many other interdimensionals sold out to the reptiles, and started picking on humans to serve their own needs.

I find it interesting that it is Osiris and Linda who are able to reproduce interdimensional life, when the rest of them are sterile. It is as if, somehow, we are the prototypical couple, who will restore the interdimensional world, when the "fallen" era is over with. Linda certainly has been a female Christ figure, as well.

The only thing is that the fallen era is not over with. Salusa, the Nordic Dog Sirians and the reptiles still are running the show, and given their demonstrated disregard for all human life and spirit, I fear that a turn for the better is not feasible until they are gone. You know, once, when I saved that murderer's life, I was in the interdimensional realm as a Yorkshire terrier, and he was a cat, larger than me, but I arched my back, and used every bit of strength I had to hold him down until some big hand came in and picked him up. I will not be a Yorkie again. What Salusa has done to me, to Linda, to all of humanity, with his occult evil, cries out for justice and redress. I don't even have to get personal--I can just see that unnamed woman in the video, with her mutilated nipple and breast. How many millions have suffered, because of this man? How many more millions will suffer if he succeeds in his most ardent desire, and opens up a stargate to the reptiles once again?

I am not ever going to murder anyone else, ever again. My desire to confront Salusa, and probably to the death, whether of him or me, is not a crime of passion or vengeance, but rather a fight for righteousness I wish I could turn him over to the Sirian authorities for justice, but it is clear to me, that the Sirian council is hamstrung by their own inner divisions, and moral cowardice and failings. This is not to say ALL of them are--but as I said before, a slight minority of negative collaborators with the reptiles, hold sway. Salusa has to be stopped. I don't know what he did to me, to implant false memories in me, when I was abducted by him, thousands of years ago, but I suspect that is why I am so easy to flip. I do not feel good about such a confrontation, but honestly, it is way overdue (Linda tried to get me to do it 12,000 years ago--maybe then, both of us would have been spared the hell and misery that we have known). So, I am resolved. If I die, then I get reborn. Life, right now is not worth living. Even as I write this, the Sirian council are willing to stand by and let me arrested on charges of identity theft--because I am using the credit cards of "a dead person". My credit line is running out. I am trapped in interdimensional hell. The whole point is to coerce me--through institutionalazation in a psychiatric hospital if necessary, to cooperate with either Faction 1 or 2. I won't. Osiris made a limited tactical alliance with the Red Dragon reptiles, but after what I have experienced at the hands of Faction 2, I won't even go that far. So, once again, everybody, please wish and pray me well.

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