Saturday, July 14, 2012

I figured out yet another karmic influence

I figured out yet another karmic influence impacting me. I am NOT Sirian, nor ever have been. As an interdimensional, I was a Cygnan, who chose to identify with, and claim allegiance to the Sirian tribes of Atlantis, because I was in love with a Cat Sirian,Linda And look where it got me. Not only were the human tribes of Atlantis a dying and doomed civilization, with all kinds of fraternal sell out and betrayal, to a terribly hostile race (what kind of person/faction would EVER make any kind of alliance with the reptiles?). Being a man of honor, I continued to honor my naturalized allegiance, even after the Fall of Atlantis, but all for nothing. Sirians were not willing to fight for their own humanoid self-identity, much less support an "alien" Black man, who was earnestly and single-mindedly intent on fighting for it.

All of the alternative UFO/interdimensional community who constantly talk about meeting their "space family", may indeed have their roots in one of the Sirian tribes, but I do not. Yes, I carry all 12 Sirian tribes in my DNA, but guess what? That is the result of 12,000 years of human (you know the inferior slaves bred to service reptiles) interbreeding. So, what does it mean that all of my Sirian DNA is the result of human slavery and Cygnan genetics? I think the master key is the Cygnan DNA, because karmic law made Sirians as a race (with a few individual exceptions) infertile. Nor do I think that mere 3D human DNA, which is what I have, and am transmitting, can create an interdimensional being. Fully matured adults can ascend into the interdimensional realm, but infants can not be born into it. Nor, for that matter can humans mate with interdimensionals and produce an interdimensional child. The history of the human breeding attempts with the Watchers prove this. The creations are "monsters". As a matter of fact, when Watcher/Loretta interfered, and attempted to get me pregnant twice, both times the children were born with serious congenital problems, even though I carried them for less than a day.

No, it is not my human Sirian genes which are special. It is the Cygnan DNA which is the master key, which is why I KNOW that the only way I will be creative is as a Black man. Right now, I only do it through the interdimensional medium of fantasy or dreams, but still it is powerful and spiritually creative. It is also what gives me joy. I figured out that my brain is being flipped into imaging itself as a female by an implant in my right hemisphere, but I am never creative, happy, healthy, joyful or fulfilled as a female in the interdimensional realm. I never sing, dance, play sports, make love, make babies, or vanquish enemies as a female. I am just a teat spigot of brain vibe bliss for all the boys and girls who have sold out their spirit and free will to reptiles, a narcotic.

Sadly, that is what my future is looking like now, as I write this post. For one day, I really thought that I was going to be a free man. However the Sirians read my mind and have subverted the plan, so soon I will lose what little self respect I had as a slave man, and will become a slave woman. Already, I am struggling to get the energy to write these posts. My brain is so testosterone starved, that I cannot hold the thread of a thought in my head. Those who know how to deconstruct texts, can look at the posts of the last few days and see the difference in my writing. Nor can I read. I thought it was the virus impacting my ability to read, but I got a man shot size of testosterone before the flight to HI, and what a difference! Not only in mood and energy, but for the first time in years, I could read as I used to--with speed and comprehension, instead of as a laborious third grader.

I fear that I will never ascend without man sized testosterone. The higher I feel the vibrations in my body, the more my brain slows down. I can literally hear a swooshing pulsing through, like a rush of air going rhythmically, and I think the brain is desperately trying to get extra blood in, to handle all the action taking place in the vibrating body. This is why I suffer from so much fluid in my head, and why, after heavy viral downloads, I need to put my feet up on a wall or bed--I am trying to get blood to the head. There is nothing wrong with my blood. It is just that the brain does not have the necessary fuel to metabolize and use the nutrients in it--just like there is nothing wrong with my brain in reading. It is just that my brain does not have the necessary fuel to move at the speed necessary for full functioning. I am like a starving human. I have a functioning body. I just don't have the fuel necessary to perform at a healthy level.

So, I am rather depressed as I write this. Soon, I will be offered a constricting range of Sirian factions, and I don't think to find any of them very congenial, though I will commit suicide, rather than serve the Dogs or any Amon RA factions. Somehow though, this is related to Osiris' casting in his lot with the Sirians millennia ago, and being rejected, both by the lover for whom he did it, and his own naturalized country.

I am prepared to go through with this, if only for my children. As Sirians, they will suffer from the same curse of sterility. The Sirians are a dying race and have been since before Atlantis. The only hope my children have is of becoming a new race--the Pleiadians, and that is what I want. The Pleiadians are truly human--that is, they are humane. They love, they bond, they provide nurturing families for their children. They fight to protect themselves, and the weakest and oppressed. They do not sell out each other, or a weaker species to reptiles, but rather know that to be fully human, is to protect the weaker, not exploit them in quasi-slavery.

Again, the master key is the Cygnan DNA. I am not sure why, because I am not allowed to exist as a Black man, except in the astral world of my dreams, which I then can never remember. However, I know that I can pass it on to my children, but only as a free man, not a sick, weak, devitalized man, nor as slave woman, which is what I am, and becoming more shackled, weak and debilitated all the time.

Still, I am not the first to experience the despair of slavery. In a worst case scenario, I will just go into a Samson mode--nothing for it right now, but to wait and see.

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